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Gavin is the personal assistant of Peri Westmore. He drops off Tucker with Carmen after the baby's nanny is arrested for shoplifting. He appears in "Proof".


Season 2

After talking to Spence, who is in rehab, on the phone, the doorbell at the Westmore home wrings, and Carmen answers it. There, she finds none other than Spence's son, Tucker Westmore, and Peri's personal assistant, Gavin. Carmen asks who he is, and asks what that is, referring to Tucker. Gavin explains, and asks if Spence is around. Carmen lies and says he is at rehearsal; she then says she thought Tucker was with Peri in Rome. Gavin explains that the baby was, but his nanny was arrested for shoplifting. "Really?" Carmen asks. "If you knew what Peri paid us, you wouldn't be that shocked," Gavin replies, he then says that Peri's movie doesn't wrap up for another week, and until then, she needs Spence to take care of the baby. Carmen refuses, saying that she hates kids. "Well you don't have to love him, just keep him alive," Gavin exclaims. Carmen says she can't promise that, she then says that Peri has some nerve after suing for full custody. Gavin reveals that if Spence does this for her, she will reconsider the entire custody ruling. Carmen, feeling bad, finally gives in and agrees to watch Tucker until Spence gets back. Gavin assures the maid that she will do a wonderful job. Before he leaves, however, Carmen asks for Tucker's cage. Gavin is confused, but soon realizes she means his play-pin. He tells Carmen that he will send one over and then says good luck. Carmen thanks him, but Gavin says he was saying it to the baby, not her. He then leaves. ("Proof")

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