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I can't be selfish, the U.S. economy needs me.
Genevieve Delatour, "An Ideal Husband"

Genevieve Delatour (previously Hudson), born as Eunice Mudge, is one of the main characters of Devious Maids. She is the rich, emotionally unstable boss of Zoila, and mother of Remi. For years she's survived off her looks, marrying many rich men and living a life of luxury, but this also comes with much heartbreak, which she would not have been able to get through had it not been for Zoila, who over time, has become her rock. Despite her cliché Beverly Hills herris appearance, there is more to Genevieve than what meets the eye: she has a heart, and simply wants the best for those she cares for.


Early Life

Born in 1953 as Eunice Mudge, her mother, Velma, was married to a man who ended up dying in the Korean War. Eunice grew up with a working mother, who finally eventually remarried. Eunice witnessed her mother date/marry numerous men throughout her childhood, one of which fathered her half-brother, Henri. Velma eventually stayed single and went back to working to take care of her children, doing everything she could to put clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. ("Minding the Baby", "The Visit") Since she was three years old, Eunice preferred to look for stylish, and cared more about her looks than anything else, something Velma didn't necessarily approve of, or think was 'cute'. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night") At the age of six, Eunice had a weight problem, and Velma would joke about her being "the butterball express", something her daughter did not enjoy. ("The Visit") It took until she was seven years of age for Eunice to learn that most mothers don't belittle their own children, and so she started feeling guilty that there was something wrong with herself. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night") At the age of sixteen, Eunice dented the fender of Velma's Pontiac, resulting in the latter paying $46 to repair the car, and from that day forward to believe her daughter was entirely unable to drive. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night") Genevieve has cousins in Oklahoma, a part of her family that she detests. ("The Visit")

Genevieve EL 112
Genevieve and her second husband. ("Getting Out the Blood")

That same year, Eunice decided to run away from home to Los Angeles to "reinvent herself", where she took the name "Genevieve", something she first heard in a romance novel. She also forced her brother to change his name to Henri, something Velma did not approve of, as she believed her children were not allowed to be ashamed of her, especially after all she went through for them. ("The Visit", "Long Day's Journey Into Night") Years later, after a previous failed marriage, Genevieve meets and marries Philippe Delatour, and together they have a son by the name of Remi. It can be assumed that it was during their marriage that Genevieve hires her maid, Zoila Diaz, who goes on to become a close friend of hers; Henri also visits during this time, and has a brief romance with Zoila. Genevieve inadvertently ruins things when she introduced Henri to his wife, Cynthia. As he is serial cheater, Philippe ends up buying her an expensive ring as an apology for sleeping with her nutritionist. She throws it at his eye and scratches his cornea, proceeding to give the ring to Zoila in case of a rainy day. Philippe's many affairs, including one with Genevieve's sister, results in the end of his and Genevieve's marriage. ("Wiping Away the Past", "Making Your Bed", "Walking the Dog") At some point in the 1980s, Genevieve accidentally joins a cult, mistaking it for an exercise class. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Genevieve EL 402
Genevieve's wedding to Peter Hudson. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

In the 1990s, Genevieve marries to another man - Peter Hudson - who was the youngest of all her husbands. He was in his late 20s while she was in her early 40s, and he was working as a junior executive (which she often mistook as "errand boy"). One night, while he was working, she chatted to his colleague Hugh Metzger at a party. He slipped something in her cocktail and she woke up in his bed the next morning, not realizing that what happened to her was rape. Her marriage to Peter soon ended due to Genevieve "cheating" on him; he walked out on her because of it, but she didn't realize he knew about it and couldn't fathom why he left, hence she was never able to get over him. ("Another One Wipes the Dust", "War and Grease", "Much Ado About Buffing") The last time Genevieve ever eats bread is in 1992. ("Suspicion") During her fourth marriage, both she and her husband were each having affairs, often never spending the night at home, thus meaning Zoila never had to make the bed in the morning. ("Whiplash") As two more husbands come and go, with her fifth husband turning out to be gay, Genevieve starts to become a careless mother to Remi. With no one else by her side, her maid, Zoila, starts to become her 'rock', as the only person she knows won't leave her. ("Walking the Dog", "Scrambling the Eggs", "Blood, Sweat and Smears") Genevieve went through menopause during the Clinton Administration - in the second term. ("Minding the Baby") At the age of six, Genevieve attempted to teach Remi how to ride a bike, but when he kept falling, she became so frustrated that she broke down into tears. Remi assured Genevieve not to worry about it, and for her to go inside; he'd learn how to ride by himself. ("Taking a Message")

In the year 2012, Genevieve sees Velma for the last time before cutting off contact with her; Velma believes it's because her daughter doesn't want her around her "rich and snobby" friends. ("The Visit") At one point during Zoila's time as Genevieve's maid, she is asked by her boss to provide her with shampoo whilst in the shower. To her surprise, however, Genevieve wasn't alone. After giving her the shampoo, Zoila spends the next hour waiting for Genevieve and the man to come out; all she can think about is that she's the one who has to clean the mess up. ("Pilot") At different points in her life, Genevieve has had plastic surgery, including the likes of her eyes, a lift, and filler. ("Since You Went Away") Genevieve starts developing a crush for her gardener, Abundio, since the first time he trimmed her hibiscus. ("Setting the Table") She briefly dates her poolboy, Jamal, who ends up breaking up with her when ashamed to introduce her to his friends. This sends Genevieve into depression, and leads her to trying to commit suicide by swallowing a bottle of pills. ("Pilot")

Season 1

The duty of the old is to help the young find love. And, since there are no old people around, it's up to me.
Genevieve Delatour, "Setting the Table"
Genevieve 101
Genevieve's suicide attempt goads her son into moving home. ("Pilot")

With Genevieve having attempted suicide via overdosing, Valentina summons Remi to the house so that he and Zoila can help convince her to come out from under the bed and get herself to a hospital, with her revealing to them that she was dating the pool boy Jamal and that he broke up with her because he was embarrassed to introduce her to his friends, having said that she looks like she's 40. However, it is Valentina herself who ends up convincing her employer that she has something to live for when she suggests that Remi stay at home and simply commute to school. Genevieve is thrilled, not even knowing how to start being depressed with her son around, and when he promises to stay with her she decides that she'll go to the hospital after all, though she wants to put her makeup on first to avoid scaring the nurses. Later, Genevieve tells Zoila about her new therapist, whom she claims is a genius because he could tell she needed to be on mood stabilizers within five minutes of meeting her. Zoila is surprised that it took him this long to figure it out and, with the rich old woman gone with her maid, Valentina takes the opportunity to flirt with Remi, who, to Zoila's chagrin, she has long since had a crush on. ("Pilot")

Genevieve 102
Genevieve agrees to help Valentina win over Remi. ("Setting the Table")

Remi has his friend Glen over and, when Genevieve makes embarrassing comments such as saying that she always thought Glen was gay, Remi reminds his mother of the rule they have where she doesn't speak when he has company. She proceeds to leave, allowing Valentina to approach Remi and bond with him over a shared love of old movies. Zoila hates this, wanting for there to be boundaries between her daughter and her employer's son, but Valentina actively disobeys her mother when she approaches Remi and his friends at the movies and ends up spending time with them. They don't know she's Remi's maid though, and so Zoila takes it upon herself to make sure they find out; she goes to Genevieve and points out how bored Remi must be outside of the frat house. Genevieve subsequently decides to host a party for Remi and his friends, wanting her son to have fun, and Zoila further points out that she doesn't have to worry about a caterer because she and Valentina can take care of everything. When Remi's friends see that Valentina is a maid, she is humiliated, and later Genevieve finds her crying. Knowing this kind of cry all too well, she surmises that Valentina is in love and, when she learns that Remi is the one she is in love with, she is thrilled. She decides that she will help the young couple to get together, but promises not to let Zoila find out. ("Setting the Table")

Genevieve 103
Genevieve rests after being attacked by a dog. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Zoila is ushered out of the house by Genevieve, who wants her to go pick up a jar of face cream, which means that Valentina is able to head over to Remi's college dorm and help him move the rest of his stuff. Zoila is shocked that Valentina did this and comes to realize that Genevieve helped set it up, sending her into a fury about how the two of them are now going behind her back. Genevieve champions the idea of young love, but Zoila remains steadfast in the belief that rich boys don't end up with maids. Genevieve realizes that this is because of something that happened in the past, and Zoila replies that "he" made promises to her, and she remembers every single one of them. She then says that Genevieve is to tell Remi that he can't see Valentina anymore, deciding that she and her daughter will be taking a few days off. Remi hears the fight and wonders what it's about, and Genevieve explains how, years ago, Zoila fell in love with her brother, Henri. She now has to go over and apologize, but she ends up at the wrong house and a loud dog startles her into falling into some bushes. Her wrist is sprained, but she is fine; however, at the hospital, Remi tells Valentina that the two of them should cool their relationship since it's causing so much tension between their mothers. When Genevieve is home, Henri calls to ask how she is doing; Zoila lies and says that she's not doing so well, so as to have an excuse to invite Henri over... ("Wiping Away the Past")

Genevieve 104
Henri may be Genevieve's brother, but she sees Zoila as her sister. ("Making Your Bed")

Henri arrives in Beverly Hills, to Genevieve's surprise, but she happily welcomes him while in the meantime he starts to get reacquainted with Zoila. Valentina starts to notice this, and so she goes to Genevieve and asks to know all about her mother's relationship with Henri. As such, when Zoila returns home, Valentina confronts her, concluding that the reason her mother won't let her be with Remi is because she fears that history will repeat itself. She wonders why she would end up with her second choice just because Zoila did, but Zoila assures that she loves Valentina's father, even if she might take him for granted sometimes. Valentina asks if her mother believes she ended up with the love of her life, and Zoila says that she did, and so Valentina requests that she let her end up with the love of hers. Zoila goes on to speak with Genevieve and tell her that she's decided to butt out of her daughter's love life. She then bursts into tears and says that if Henri comes back, she doesn't want to be there. She knows Genevieve doesn't want to hear that because he's her brother, but, as Genevieve points out, Zoila is her sister. ("Making Your Bed")

106 01
"It's time to find Husband #7." ("Walking the Dog")

Zoila returns along with Genevieve from Armani, only to learn from Valentina that the gardeners are refusing to work because their checks bounced. Genevieve finds this terribly strange, wanting to get into contact with her business manager Myron Moyer to see what's happened, but it seems he's skipped the country and taken all of her money with him, meaning she no longer has a cent to her name - she believes this to be the end of the world. Michael, as Genevieve's lawyer in this case, comes over and explains that Myron cannot be arrested because he fled to Brunei, with whom America has no extradition treaty. Genevieve isn't doing as good as a result; Zoila tries giving her an expensive ring that her employer gifted her ten years prior, but Genevieve refuses to take it, wanting to be smart and find a way to sort out her own finances. She decides to go to her ex-husband, Philippe Delatour, so that she can get money out of him, appealing to his sense of guilt after he cheated on her so many times. When she goes to visit, he is aware that she is broke and in need of money, and he offers her a million dollar painting... in exchange for one last sexual encounter. Genevieve refuses to debase herself just to pay a few bills, which Zoila is very proud of; the maid begins listing off ways Genevieve can be responsible for herself from now on, but this merely makes Genevieve want to bite the bullet and sleep with Philippe after all. With her finances temporarily sated, Genevieve still refuses to take Zoila's ring, though she does have another plan to regain her riches: she's going to do what she's always done. "It's time to find husband number seven." ("Walking the Dog")

108 01
Genevieve introduces her new fiancé. ("Minding the Baby")

Zoila and Valentina welcome Genevieve home, having learned that, while out on her cruise, she managed to secure a new fiancé: Alfred Pettigrove. He is 76 and rich, and Genevieve lied to him saying that she's 39. Zoila wonders if the man is stupid to think that this is her employer's real age, but then he enters the house, revealing himself to be blind. The maids aren't comfortable maintaining the lie over dinner, especially when Alfred announces that Genevieve has agreed to bear him a child, and Zoila asks her how that's supposed to work. Genevieve reveals that she'll pretend to find out she's barren and then adopt an orphan, but Zoila doesn't like the idea of a kid being brought into this. Genevieve believes herself to be a wonderful mother, but this is only because nobody's told her that Remi is really in rehab, and Valentina stops her mother from doing so when she almost throws this in Genevieve's face. Zoila later accidentally spills the beans when she reveals that Genevieve's father died during the Korean war in the 50s, and Alfred demands to know his fiancée's real age. Once he does, he leaves her, and Zoila tries apologizing to her boss but points out that it's for the best because Genevieve was lying about being in love with him anyway. However, Genevieve assures that she liked Alfred for more than just his money, while Valentina tends to the old man as he prepares to move out. Their conversation leads to Afred agreeing stay with Genevieve if they can use a surrogate to bear them a child... but he wants to use Valentina's eggs to make the baby. ("Minding the Baby")

109 04
Genevieve leaves Alfred, to care for her son. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Zoila is sat down by Genevieve, who's ordered sandwiches for the occasion. She proceeds to explain that Alfred has decided not to leave her and that the two of them are going to use a surrogate to bear them a child... but they still need eggs, and they don't want to use a stranger's. Zoila thinks that her employer is about to ask for one of her eggs, but in fact Genevieve and Alfred want Valentina's, and Zoila is even more disgusted. She refuses to allow Valentina to hear a word about this, but Alfred proceeds to convince her away. Zoila goes to Genevieve and orders her to talk Valentina out of it, but Genevieve wonders what the problem is, finally learning that Zoila fears the idea of her grandchild having her as a mother. Genevieve argues that Remi turned out beautifully, but Zoila points out that he's got problems that she can't even see, then finally admitting to her that her son has been using again and is in rehab. Genevieve realizes that she can't have another child while her existing one is in distress, and so she decides to go and visit him to show her support. Before she does, she talks Valentina out of the deal and Alfred says that he must leave her. He points out that she doesn't seem too sad to see him go, but Genevieve announces that it's not about her anymore. Meanwhile, Zoila decides to sell the ring Genevieve gave her to pay for Valentina's tuition. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Genevieve 110
Genevieve agrees to have dinner with her ex. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Valentina is worried that Remi might be mad at her as she, Zoila and Genevieve prepare to welcome him home from rehab. Zoila tells her daughter that if he's mad at her for doing the right thing then he's too stupid to love; luckily, when Remi returns along with his father Philippe, he approaches Valentina and he thanks her for saving his life, then kissing her. He and Valentina finally attempt a relationship, and when Valentina fears she'll only be seen as a maid to Remi, Zoila convinces her to quit working for Genevieve. Meanwhile, Philippe approaches his ex-wife and invites her out to dinner with him. Genevieve is suspicious of his intentions but ultimately agrees, though she does promise to stab him in the neck with her fork should he spend his time staring at a pretty waitress. The two of them, along with Remi and Valentina, later attend a party hosted by the Stappords who announce that they are pregnant. Celebrations are had, but this goes interrupted when Michael's former wife, Olivia Rice, is seen having hanged herself outside of his home, trying to kill herself. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Genevieve 111
Philippe and Genevieve announce they're getting remarried. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Genevieve is startled when Zoila arrives in the middle of the night, and the latter soon realizes that her employer has a man over. She wonders who it is she's sleeping with, and then she's shocked to discover that it's Philippe Delatour, her ex-husband who's also a serial cheater. Zoila reminds her boss of all that he put her through, only for Genevieve to reveal that it's too late because she's already fallen back in love with him. In order to prove that he's still his old self, Zoila has her friend Margo Grayson pretend to be dropping off some wine for him; she flirts a little and Philippe ends up giving her his personal number, just like Zoila knew he would. Genevieve and Philippe have an announcement to make though, and Valentina is the only one to cheer when the two of them reveal that they're getting remarried. Zoila refuses to toast because a toast is a blessing and she will not bless this man. She tells Genevieve about Margo, but later, Zoila is surprised to hear that Genevieve plans on going through with the wedding; she wonders how she's supposed to work there knowing that Philippe is hurting her friend, but Genevieve tells her to not care as much, leading Zoila to realize that her boss wants her to just shut up and do her job. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Genevieve 112
Evelyn is convinced to host the Delatours' engagement party. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Zoila has the maids over where they go about discussing the events currently taking place in their lives, but Zoila is called away by Genevieve who reveals she's found a gray hair. Zoila wonders what the relevance of this is, but she then states that it's in her wig, leaving her very confused. Later, Genevieve meets with Evelyn Powell, who she asks to host her and Philippe's engagement party, as they'd rather not have it at home with all the current family drama going on. Evelyn reluctantly agrees to host the party before going on to ask about her friend's sex life, wondering if the passion is still there or if things are merely comfortable, as she is currently experiencing problems in her own sex life with her husband Adrian. Genevieve explains that Philippe is insatiable, making Evelyn very jealous, and soon she starts working on dividing her and her husband's assets, believing she deserves better than Mr. Powell. Meanwhile, Zoila convinces Remi to leave for Africa without telling Valentina or Genevieve. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Genevieve 113
Genevieve's engagement party ends with a splash. ("Totally Clean")

As Genevieve continues the preparations for her wedding, word soon gets out that Remi has left for Africa, as Zoila delivers she and Valentina handwritten notes explaining his departure. They remain oblivious as to why Remi left without telling them, and Zoila continues to go along with the ruse of not knowing. Meanwhile, Philippe is now being suspected by Marisol Duarte as Flora Hernandez's killer, and so he wishes to flee the country with Genevieve, preferably Brunei where they lack an extradition treaty. They agree to have their engagement party at the Powells, then elope and leave for their extensive honeymoon. At the party, Zoila is among the maids who band together to expose Philippe, and so Zoila works to keep Genevieve away from her soon-to-be-husband(-again) as Marisol gets Philippe alone. During the party, Genevieve converses with Evelyn and Adrian some, and even gets a few words in to the crowd. Carmen "accidentally" spills a tray of drinks on her dress though, causing Zoila to take her aside to clean her up. She later becomes desperate to find Philippe as they need to get ready to leave, but remains oblivious to the fact that Marisol is currently confronting him, but when she fails, the Powells wind up murdering him themselves, but make it out to be suicide. Upon poisoning him, Adrian shoves him out the window where he lands in the pool, right before Genevieve who lets out a horrific scream upon the sight. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

Poor people have organs. Rich people need them. Why must the government always stand in the way of the small businessman?
Genevieve Delatour, "The Visit"
Genevieve 201
Valentina may not be afraid of her mother, but Genevieve sure is. ("An Ideal Husband")

After Philippe's death, Genevieve inherits all of his money, which solves her own money problems.[1] Three months later, Genevieve continues to mourn the loss of her ex-husband - the man she was about to remarry. Zoila delivers her boss the mail. She also tells Genevieve that she needs to get out and spend some of Philippe's money. As Genevieve goes through her mail, she's excited to get a letter from Remi. As she reads it to herself, she's stunned by something, but decides to not tell Zoila. She gets up and tells her that maybe she will spend some of Philippe's money. Genevieve ends up going to a bad part of Beverly Hills where she stops by a rundown motel. There, she visits none other than Valentina Diaz. It turns out that in the letter Remi sent his mother revealed that he and Valentina fought and broke up. The latter ended up returning home, and Remi wanted to make sure she was alright. Genevieve tells Valentina that she refuses to allow her to stay in that motel. Valentina tells her former boss that she's almost out of money, so she couldn't stay even if she wanted to. Genevieve tells her to pack up her things and to come stay at her mansion. The following day, Genevieve tells Valentina that Zoila is there to see her. After the mother and daughter hug, Zoila apologizes profusely, and then tells her daughter to go get her stuff and come home. Valentina informs her she isn't coming home, she is going to live with Genevieve. However, thanks to Zoila, Valentina is forced to move out. ("An Ideal Husband")

Genevieve 203
Genevieve has Zoila move in, after her husband leaves her. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

During Adrian's neighborhood watch meeting, Adrian's neighbors think it is absurd that he wants them to walk the streets, they don’t see why they can’t hire someone to walk the streets for them. Genevieve think they should throw a luncheon to combat the neighborhood crime. That night, Genevieve yells at Zoila for vacuuming too loudly, she needs sleep. Zoila confesses that she doesn’t want to go home because her house is empty. Genevieve says Zoila needs to have some fun and invites her to her luncheon tomorrow as a guest. The next day, Genevieve’s guests begin arriving at the luncheon, Zoila isn’t having a good time, thanks to Tanya. The next morning, Tanya stops by and apologizes to Zoila for being so rotten to her at the luncheon. She reveals that Genevieve told her about Pablo dumping her. Zoila is furious and calls Genevieve out for gossiping about her. Genevieve comforts her and tells her she will never leave her like Pablo and Valentina, and she invites Zoila to stay with her for a few days. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Genevieve 204
Genevieve learns that Remi is coming home. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Genevieve is getting Zoila dolled up. Pablo has called and wants to see her. Pablo reveals to Zoila that he is dating a woman named Helen from work and he is bringing Helen as his date to their godson’s graduation party. Genevieve informs Zoila she has to go to her godson’s graduation party. She encourages her to to go find a “handsome successful man” and show up with him on her arm to prove that she doesn’t need Pablo anymore. Later, a florist, named Dave Grant, arrives at Genevieve’s to deliver flowers from her latest admirer, he asks Zoila out and Genevieve persuades her to take him to her godson’s graduation to make Pablo feel bad that she is dating a successful flower shop owner. Zoila takes Dave to her godson’s graduation party, but Zoila finds a check for $1,000 in her date’s pocket from Genevieve. The florist confesses that the whole thing is staged and he isn’t a florist, he’s from an escort service, and Genevieve paid him to ask Zoila out. She heads home and doesn’t tell Genevieve she knows the truth about Dave the florist, instead she tells Genevieve that she wants to marry Dave and have a baby with him. Genevieve freaks out and confesses Dave is a male prostitute. She did it because she is scared Zoila is going to wind up old and alone like her. Zoila forgives her… but tells her the next time she pulls a stunt like this it will be the day that she dies. The next day, Genevieve receives a phone call from the Congo, she learns that Remi has come down with a virus and isn’t responding to treatment-they are sending him home on a plane. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Genevieve 205
Genevieve agrees to help Remi win back Valentina. ("The Bad Seed")

Valentina and Ethan are making out in a corner of Evelyn’s house. Genevieve barges into the house and informs Valentina she has to come to her house to see Remi. Valentina is shocked, she had no idea he was sick, or back from the Congo. Later, Valentina sees Remi and the first thing he does is apologize about Africa. He announces he wants them to get back together and “start all over.” Genevieve is really happy to see the young reunited couple. Afterwards, Valentina reveals to Genevieve that she is actually dating her poolboy Ethan. Genevieve is really upset about that. Finally, after she made her decision, Valentina pays Remi a visit and confesses to him that she is seeing Ethan, he understands and tells her that she “deserves the best.” Later, Remi gets out of bed and heads downstairs to Zoila and Genevieve. He begs Zoila to talk to Valentina and convince her to give him another chance, but Zoila informs him she doesn’t meddle anymore and there is nothing she can do. After Zoila leaves, Genevieve promises Remi that she will get Valentina back for him. ("The Bad Seed")

Genevieve 206
Valentina makes it clear that she chooses Ethan. ("Private Lives")

Genevieve is busy trying to get Valentina and Remi back together. Genevieve tells Remi that she will fix everything. Remi asks why she would do this for him. Genevieve states that she is not doing it for him, she is doing it for Valentina. The only thing standing in her way was Ethan. Once Genevieve found out that he had been wait-listed to a school on the east coast, Ethan has been accepted into Brown. And because everyone knows that long distance relationships don’t last then Valentina will have to end hers with Ethan. However, Valentina sees through Genevieve's manipulations. Valentina understands why Genevieve did it, but she made it clear to Genevieve that she’s going to live her own life so it’s best if the other woman simply backs off. After her chat with Genevieve, Valentina was happy to put the whole episode behind her while Ethan elected to let Remi have a piece of his mind. Meanwhile, Zoila has a date with a man named Javier. Genevieve and Zoila discuss the subject, and the former is warns her maid that if Javier is cooking dinner then he expects sex. After Remi's confrontation with Ethan, Remi tells his mother that the poolboy is a jerk and that Valentina deserves better. ("Private Lives")

Genevieve 208
Genevieve reveals she is in need of a kidney transplant. ("Night, Mother")

Genevieve returns home and finds Zoila passed out in the recliner with the vacuum cleaner on. She confesses that she was up late with Javier the night before. Genevieve comes to the conclusion that Zoila and Javier are serious and demand that she invite him over so that she can meet him, because she is like Zoila's sister. That night, Javier, Zoila, and Genevieve sit down for dinner. Zoila is annoyed when Genevieve shamelessly flirts with Javier all night. Zoila is really upset and she reveals to Javier the true age of Genevieve: 61 years old. The next morning, Zoila confronts Genevieve and asks her why she has been flirting with her boyfriend Javier. Genevieve fumes that Zoila is just jealous of her “ageless beauty.” When Zoila storms off Genevieve receives a phone call from her doctor telling her that her test results are in and she needs to come in to his office. Later, Zoila is with Javier and tells him she had a fight with Genevieve about what happened last night. Zoila adds Genevieve means a lot for her and she is worried because she left in the middle of their fight, and that's not like her. Finally, Zoila goes to see Genevieve. She asks her where she went this morning. The woman tells her Dr. Kimball needed to see her because there is a problem with her kidneys. She adds it seems the little buggers are starting to shut down, so she has to start dialysis. Zoila is really sorry for Genevieve, especially because it could be life-threatening for people of her age. Zoila replies she needs her to be okay and asks her to come out to dinner with her and Javier again. Genevieve agrees. ("Night, Mother")

Genevieve 209
Genevieve leaves for the spa, unable to bare her mother any longer. ("The Visit")

Genevieve is on a hunt for a kidney, unfortunately Remi isn’t a match. Zoila says she should get tested too, but Genevieve replies she knows how much Tequila Zoila put away on the weekends, and she prefers to does not want an abused kidney. Remi thinks they should contact their cousins from Oklahoma, but Genevieve refuses because she hates them and she does not want doesn’t want anything to do with them. Then, Remi suggest to call Henri but his mother says no and makes him promise not to call them. After Genevieve left the room, Zoila asks Henri's number to Remi, because if Remi promises to does not call him, Zoila did not promise something. After she called Henri, Zoila is shocked when Genevieve’s mom, Velma, shows up on her doorstep, but not as shocked as Genevieve. That night, Remi and Genevieve sit down for an awkward dinner with Velma. She reveals that Genevieve is a phony and her real name is Eunice Mudge; then she takes her false teeth out to get corn out of them. Disgusted, Genevieve storms out and orders Zoila to get rid of her mom. Later, Zoila heads back to Genevieve’s room and lectures her about the fifth commandment and honoring her mother. She reminds her that her mom isn’t going to be around forever and she should try to have a relationship with her. Later, while Velma is looking for the television remote, Genevieve says to Zoila she is right and she can't kick her mother out of her house because she will regret it. However, she adds she needs more time to figure out how to handle her, so she is going to the Four Seasons for a few weeks. Genevieve leaves the house, asking Zoila to take care of her mother. ("The Visit")

Genevieve 210
Genevieve is thrilled to have finally stood up to her mother... who then collapses. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Zoila pays Genevieve a visit at the spa, and informs her she has to come home and deal with her mom. Genevieve refuses to come home, she can’t stand to be in the same house as her. Zoila tells her this time she can stand up to her because she will protect her if Velma attacks her. Finally, Genevieve agrees to come home after her massage. Later, Genevieve and Zoila return home, and Genevieve gives her mom a long speech about treating her like crap her entire life and how she doesn’t need her negative energy. Zoila is commending Genevieve on finally standing up to her mom, and then Velma drops to the floor. She is rushed to the hospital, a few hours later Genevieve returns from the hospital in tears because her mom isn’t dead. She just has a minor heart problem. Genevieve is sad because she realized her mother won't ever being nice with her. Zoila tries to console her but Genevieve tells her Zoila is more a mother to her than Velma. Then, Zoila says Genevieve is going to stick by her mother and she is gonna give that woman the respect and dignity she refuses to give her, because that's how Zoila raised her. The next day, Velma is back in a wheelchair. Genevieve tells her Zoila helps her to pack for her trip back to Oklahoma. Velma teases her about her clothes, but Genevieve replies if Velma wants her to change she will do it because she decided to be a good daughter. Then, Zoila tells Velma Genevieve is going to push her because it will be safer for her. Genevieve and Velma begin their trip to the airport, while the old woman teases her daughter by saying she never know how to drive. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Genevieve 212
Genevieve learns they've found a kidney donor. ("Proof")

Genevieve visits Adrian, saying it is been ages and she feels awful about that because she likes him and Evelyn so much. However, Adrian asks her if her visit does not have another reason and Genevieve asks him if he would donate a kidney to her, she explains her situation and says she is asking her friends in order to find a donor. Adrian does not seem excited but Genevieve reminds him that he hit on her at Bermans' Christmas party a few years ago, so she thought they were close friends. Adrian tells her they are not that close and he is pretty fond of his kidneys so he won’t be giving her one. Later, Zoila heads to Genevieve’s house and finds her crying, she reveals that she can’t find a donor and the doctor says that she needs a kidney ASAP. She cries that she “doesn’t want to die just yet” because she still looks good. Zoila wants to get tested and see if she is a match, Genevieve finally caves and agrees to take her kidney if she is a match. Later, at his house, Remi receives a phone call from Dr. Kimball, asking where is Genevieve. Soon after, Remi gives the phone to Genevieve and the doctor tells to Genevieve they found a donor. Remi and his mother are really happy, and Genevieve asks who is the donor. The doctor reveals it is Pablo. ("Proof")

Genevieve 213
However, Genevieve later learns the donor has backed out. ("Look Back in Anger")

At her house, Genevieve pours some champagne for her and Zoila, saying she has a donor. Zoila is really happy for her, but when Genevieve announces Pablo is the donor, Zoila is surprised and says that he is just doing it because he is trying to win her back. She thinks she wants to be with Javier because she loves him. Genevieve tells her if she loves Pablo and if he loves her, she should be with Pablo so he will give her his kidney. However, Zoila discovers Pablo lied to her and she decides to be with Javier. Soon after, Genevieve reveals to Remi that Pablo changed his mind and he is not going to donate his kidney to her, because he called the doctors and told them he wasn’t going through with the surgery when Zoila broke up with him. Genevieve and Remi are really afraid for her future because her condition is getting worse. Later, Valentina tells everything to Remi about her internship and she asks him to come with her to New York. Remi refuses to leave because Genevieve is too sick and Pablo refuses to give his kidney. Remi asks Valentina to have her father reconsider giving up his kidney, but she says she won't because it is his decision. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

Genevieve 301
Genevieve celebrates her new kidney. ("Awakenings")

After Pablo's death, Genevieve receives one of his kidneys, and is completely healed. One day, Zoila heads out to Genevieve's kitchen, and she notices her boss is drinking some margaritas, saying she used to hate them. Genevieve confirms it, and adds she has been craving them, since she got Pablo's kidney. She asks Zoila to join her, but the maid says she wants to stay healthy. Genevieve jokes that it must be because Zoila became fat, adding everyone agrees on that. Zoila is saddened by the news, and confesses that she is pregnant. She adds no one knows because she doesn’t know if Javier is the father or Pablo. She hasn’t been able to do a DNA test because Javier has been away on business, opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas. She adds Javier gets back this week and she is going to do the test and find out. Genevieve promises to help her to find the truth. Later, Genevieve and Zoila are plotting – Zoila is going to rip out 10 strands of Javier’s hair to do the DNA test without him noticing. Zoila says she will distract him with her sex appeal, which Genevieve finds funny. Javier arrives at the door and Zoila hugs him. She kisses him, says she is really happy to see him and she manages to pull out some of his hair. Then, she gives them discreetly to Genevieve. However, she is missing two strands of hair, so Zoila pretends she wants sex, and succeeds to get the missing hairs from Javier's chest. Genevieve slip them in to an envelope. The next day, Zoila gets a phone call from Dr. Stevens for the DNA test results – she cries when she hears that Javier is not the father. She is pregnant with Pablo’s baby. Genevieve tells her the baby will still need a father, so she could just pretend it is Javier's baby. Zoila tells her she does not want to lie, even if it means she could lose Javier. Genevieve tells her she is really brave. At Marisol's book signing party, Genevieve congratulates Taylor and Michael for Katy's adoption. ("Awakenings")

Eventually, Genevieve discovers that one of her ex-husband is now a transexual woman. From that point, she decides to stop counting her as one of her ex-husbands, but as her ex-wife.[2]

Genevieve 302
Remi and Valentina get Genevieve's blessing over the phone. ("From Here to Eternity")

After getting in off the wait list and finally being accepted into medical school in New York, Remi shares the news with Valentina and promptly proposes marriage to her, with the two of them planning to be wed by the end of the week and then leave Beverly Hills together. They call Genevieve, who's currently away on a cruise, and share the good news with her; she is ecstatic and screams through the phone, which Zoila then grabs, hanging up. She is less enthusiastic about her daughter's pending nuptials, though she later comes around and gives her blessing for the union. However, Valentina and Remi decide not to get married quiet yet. Instead, they decide to be engaged for a while as they live in New York so that they can plan a big wedding in a year or so with all their friends and family. They proceed to leave and get settled in their new apartment. ("From Here to Eternity")

Genevieve 303
Genevieve comforts Zoila in a time of heartbreak. ("The Awful Truth")

Javier and Zoila arrive to ask Genevieve if she wants to be the witness of their wedding at the City Hall. Genevieve is really pleased by the news, but she refuses to let Zoila rush such a memorable occasion. She asks them to organize the wedding in her house. Javier is happy by the suggestion, and Zoila reluctantly agrees. Later, Genevieve introduces the caretaker she found for the wedding to Zoila: Joelle. However, the two women are really surprised when the chef reveals that she is Javier's ex-wife. Zoila complains about why Javier did not tell her he has been already married. She adds Javier is hiding something, just like her, so they should not get married. Genevieve replies they should, because now they're even. She explains Zoila has been feeling so guilty for weeks, letting Javier believe he is the baby's father. But now, Javier gives her a loophole, because as long he is keeping his secret too, Zoila is in the clear. Zoila is a bit shocked by what she said, adding that is sick and twisted... and kind of genius. Genevieve is pleased, seeing Zoila understands her point of view. The next day is the wedding day. Genevieve goes to talk with all the guest, including Zoila's maid friends: Carmen, Blanca, Rosie and Marisol. However, Genevieve discovers Zoila is ill-at-ease, because Javier admitted he was already married so they are no longer even. Zoila adds he was so honest and wonderful. She says she does not know if she can do this. Genevieve takes her in her arms, and tells her that she loves Javier, and Javier loves her. She adds she loves the $80,000 she spent on this wedding, so she orders Zoila to go and to get married. Eventually, Zoila joins Javier and the minister, and the ceremony begins. However, it is interrupted when Rosie faints after she discovered that Ernesto is still alive. Later, Genevieve finds a crying Zoila in one of her bedrooms. She understands Zoila told the truth to Javier about the baby, so Javier left her. Genevieve comforts her. ("The Awful Truth")

Genevieve 304
Dr. Neff confesses his love for his patient. ("Since You Went Away")

Zoila is cleaning when Genevieve arrives with a baby mobile, explaining she is converting the guest room into a nursery so Zoila cans stay there with the baby. Zoila is really touched. At this moment, Genevieve receives a phone call from Dr. Neff, her kidney specialist, who asks her to come at his office the next day. Genevieve thinks that something must be wrong with her new kidney. Zoila comforts her. The next day, the two of them are at Dr. Neff's office. The latter reveals that nothing is wrong with Genevieve's kidney; he just has fallen in love with her so he wanted to admit his feelings for her. Zoila thinks this kind of attitude is unprofessional, but Genevieve forces her to leave the office. Later, Genevieve is back and tells Zoila that Christopher will come for dinner. Zoila tells her to slow down, because she always do that and she end up getting hurt. During the dinner, Zoila keeps asking a lot of questions to the doctor. At a moment, Genevieve asks her to bring the next course. When she comes back, she hears that Christopher is asking Genevieve to go with him to Greece for the next six months. When her boss agrees, Zoila is so shocked that she accidentally lets the course falling on Christopher. Later, an angry Genevieve asks Zoila if she is happy about what happened. Zoila tells her she is sorry, and it was an accident. Genevieve asks her what is the problem if she goes to Greece, and Zoila explains she is abandoning her when she needs her the most. A crying Zoila reveals she is now alone, because even Javier left her, and she is terrified by her pregnancy. Realizing the problem, Genevieve tells her she will not go to Greece and she will stay to take care of her. Later, Detective Figueroa knocks on her door to inquire about the murder of Genevieve's former lover Louie Becker. ("Since You Went Away")

Genevieve 305
Genevieve is questioned about Louie Becker's murder. ("The Talk of the Town")

Michael Stappord arrives after Detective Figueroa. When the latter questions Genevieve, Zoila is shocked to hear that she had an affair with Louie Becker, but even more shocked when Genevieve refuses to say why their relationship ended badly. Genevieve tells the detective that Evelyn Powell had a strained relationship with Louie as well. Later, Zoila confronts Genevieve and asks her to tell her what happened with Louie. Genevieve still refuses to answer, because it is too awful. However, Zoila convinces her to talk, and Genevieve explains she did a sex tape with Louie, and they were doing the blooming orchid. Zoila is shocked, but Genevieve adds that Louie showed the video to his friends, so was furious when she found out. Zoila tells her she should tell it to the police, but her boss refuses because if people find out, she will be a laughingstock and Christopher could not forgive her. Then, she forces Zoila to promise she will never talk about the sex tape. Later, Zoila calls Carmen, asking details about the blooming orchid. Carmen wants to know why she is asking that, and Zoila reveals Genevieve did it. Carmen begins to explain the position to Zoila, but she has to hang out when she hears Evelyn shouting her name. Unbeknownst to Zoila, Carmen reveals to Evelyn that Genevieve did a sex tape. This comes out at her lunch with Dr. Neff; Evelyn releases the sex tape and everyone at the club sees it, to Genevieve's humiliation. Luckily, Christopher is less judgmental. That night, Genevieve admits to Zoila she spent the afternoon at the police station because she had nothing to hide anymore. The two women begin to argue about Zoila spilling her secrets which turns into a bigger argument about what happened with Javier; eventually, Genevieve decides that she will be going to Greece with Christopher after all. ("The Talk of the Town")

Genevieve 307
Zoila summons Genevieve home from Greece. ("The Turning Point")

Unable to stand her sister Reina any longer, Zoila sends for Genevieve's return from Greece so that she can take care of her following her injury. When Genevieve is back at home, she is shocked to discover Zoila's condition, but the latter explains she is fine. However, Zoila is worried about the fight they had before she left, but Genevieve assures her that that is water under the bridge, adding she could not bear the thought of her suffering there all alone. Zoila explains she needs help to get Reina out of the house. Genevieve tries taking Reina out to lunch, but the latter sees what is happening and manipulates the kind old woman into hiring her. When Reina comes back, she tells Zoila that Genevieve gave her a job as her new personal shopper instead of asking her to leave. Zoila confronts her boss, and tells her that she was manipulated by Reina, but Genevieve points out that Zoila did the same thing to get her home from Greece. Eventually, Genevieve recalls how Zoila always said Reina was a bad sister... but maybe it's the other way around. Later, Zoila tells Reina that she is taking Genevieve to the restaurant that night. Zoila adds that they will be very long so Reina should not wait on them. When Zoila and Genevieve come back, they discover a naked man with Reina. The latter is shocked that they are back so soon. An angry Genevieve asks Reina to leave the house. Reina realizes her sister tricked her, which the latter confirms, and she proceeds to storm out. ("The Turning Point")

Genevieve 308
Christopher doesn't approve of Zoila and Genevieve's closeness. ("Cries and Whispers")

Genevieve has a big announcement – Christopher has returned from Greece, because he cares deeply about her. Then, Genevieve reveals he is moving in to the mansion with her and Zoila, because he rented out his house when he went to Greece. Zoila thinks that it is a horrible idea. At his moment, Christopher barges in the door with his suitcase. At a moment of the night, Zoila is woke up because Christopher and Genevieve are making love. Christopher keeps repeating "Oh la la" during the sexual act. The next morning, Zoila asks Genevieve if there is a chance that "Oh la la" will stop. Genevieve reveals she wishes because it drives her insane too, but she refuses to talk about it with Christopher. Later, Zoila brings a soup to Christopher, and the latter says "Oh la la" when he eats it. Zoila tells him that he says "Ooh la la" a lot, which is ridiculous. Christopher does not believe it, because everybody loves it especially Genevieve. However, Zoila admits Genevieve is crazy about him, so that is why it is hard for her to admit she also finds it ridiculous... in every single context. Christopher understands Genevieve told her about their sex life, and he leaves the room upset. Zoila realizes she made a mistake. That night, Zoila hears Genevieve and Christopher arguing about the fact that Genevieve told everything to Zoila, because they are too close. The next day, Zoila tells Genevieve that Christopher he may be right about them, and announces she will move back to her old house. Genevieve asks her if she will be okay on her own, but Zoila reassures her. Genevieve is saddened by the news, and the two friends share a hug. ("Cries and Whispers")

Genevieve 309
Genevieve tells Zoila that she needs help while she's pregnant. ("Bad Girl")

Zoila is struggling to find anything in the kitchen because Dr. Neff is moving everything around, as well as re-cleaning things she's already cleaned. She finds this incredibly insulting and so goes to Genevieve about the issue, but Genevieve ends up taking her boyfriend's side because Zoila's not exactly at her best while pregnant, to Zoila's chagrin. She tells the girls at lunch about how she plans to go into Genevieve's house on her day off and clean every inch of it, thus proving what a good maid she still is. However, when she goes to do this, she meets Joy, Dr. Neff's maid who Genevieve suggested should come in on Zoila's days off so that they don't find out about each other. Genevieve and Neff are confronted about this, but Genevieve assures her maid that, despite what she thinks, she's not betraying her because she needs help while she's pregnant. Zoila has many issues with this but eventually comes to accept it. Later, when she's done sweeping, she asks Joy to get down on her knees and scoop up the dirt, which she can no longer do. Joy agrees to do this... but also ends up sweeping what Zoila's already swept. She isn't there to help; she's there to win. ("Bad Girl") Zoila tries to impress Neff while Genevieve is over in New York visiting Valentina and Remi. When Zoila phones her, she tells her to kiss the kids on her behalf. ("Whiplash")

Genevieve 311
Christopher proposes, giving Genevieve an ultimatum. ("Terms of Endearment")

Joy approaches Zoila and asks to borrow $100, explaining that Dr. Neff's check bounced because he's broke and he's using Genevieve for her money. Zoila discusses this with the girls, wanting to stay out of it, but they agree that they'd like to know if they were dating a leech. When it looks like Neff is about to propose to Genevieve, Zoila runs into the room to interrupt, making up the excuse that she's going into labor. The three of them - she, Neff and Genevieve - go to the hospital where Zoila admits to her boss that she's faking, then telling her about Neff's financial situation. Genevieve fears that the rumor might be true and, when Neff proposes again, she confronts him about it. He tells her that the reason he's low on funds right now is because he just made a large donation to the hospital and had to move some things around - but he's still rich. This is a great comfort to Genevieve, though he wonders who told her this lie in the first place. He assumes it was Zoila and, as such, demands that Genevieve make a choice between him and her maid, considering the latter is constantly trying to undermine their relationship. Genevieve ends up making the wrong choice and fires Zoila in favor of her new fiancé. ("Terms of Endearment")

Genevieve 312
Genevieve kicks Dr. Neff out of her house after learning of his treachery. ("Suspicion")

Genevieve is having trouble clicking with Joy, even driving her to tears with the kind of playful banter she used to exchange with Zoila. She tries taking her to lunch to win her over, only for Joy to break down in tears yet again, claiming that she doesn't deserve any kind of nice treatment because she lied to Zoila about Dr. Neff being poor as a part of his scheme to drive her away. Genevieve is shocked and subsequently kicks Neff out of her house. He suggests couples' therapy, but she points out that therapy is for couples who want their relationship to work out, while she has no longer has any interest in being with him. He can't believe she's choosing her maid over him, but she claims that she's choosing her friend over him. She meets up with Zoila later and tries convincing her to come back, but Zoila is still deeply hurt over how Genevieve tossed her aside. As such, Genevieve suggests that the two of them go to couples' therapy, not wanting to give up on this relationship. ("Suspicion")

Genevieve 313
A very important decision has to be made... ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Genevieve and Zoila attend a couples therapy session, but its legitimacy is skewed when Genevieve flirts with the therapist so as to get him to take her side. Zoila berates her for this back at the mansion, accusing her boss of selfishness, and decides to return to therapy immediately when she learns that Genevieve has been meeting with Javier behind her back. Genevieve insists that she's been trying to get him to take Zoila back, but Zoila doesn't care; on their way up to the therapist's office, the elevator becomes stuck and, to make matters worse, Zoila's water breaks. She tells Genevieve that she's going to have to deliver this baby, but Genevieve refuses, using her heels to pry the elevator doors apart so that she can climb out and get help. Zoila is brought to the hospital and admits that Genevieve was amazing today, taking back what she said earlier about her being selfish. She tells her boss that she loves her, and Genevieve reciprocates the feeling. However, there is a complication in the birth, and Zoila begins crashing. Genevieve, who's just finished phoning Valentina and telling her that her baby sister is on the way, is then approached by a doctor and asked who should be prioritized in the pending surgery - Zoila or her baby. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

Genevieve 401
Zoila can no longer bear working for Genevieve. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Zoila returns from New York, where she was visiting Valentina and Remi for the six months since she lost her unborn child, to Genevieve's house, having set her up with Rosie as a maid. She reveals that Marisol has a new job for her, but Genevieve wants her to come back, revealing that she hates Rosie and all her constant whining. Zoila refuses to snatch her friend's job away, and so Genevieve decides that she'll simply have two maids, to Zoila's apparent discomfort. Later, after having given Rosie some time off, Genevieve is cleaning the dishes herself, and Zoila tells her that she doesn't have to do her job for her just because of what happened. Still, Genevieve feels as though she should do something, but Zoila insists that she merely wants things to return to normal. This seems impossible though, for no matter what Genevieve tries it always seems to irk Zoila in some way. Finally, Zoila reveals that she finds it hard to be in this house and see Genevieve everyday after what she did; she says that Genevieve made the wrong decision in choosing her to live as opposed to her baby, and now she's sad all the time, wishing she'd died that day. After displaying some raw emotion, she decides that she can't be Genevieve's maid anymore, and she tries handing her employer back her keys before simply leaving them on the table and quitting. Genevieve commiserates the loss of Zoila at the same time that Rosie commiserates the loss of her husband Spence to Peri Westmore. They decide to get through it together, with Genevieve passing over the feather duster as she declares that Rosie is officially her new maid. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Genevieve 402
Genevieve decides to surprise Peter... and his date. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Rosie wakes Genevieve early to tell her the good news about Spence regaining his memories, but then they see on the news that Peri Westmore has been brutally murdered and Spence is the prime suspect, and so Rosie leaves her son Miguel in Genevieve's care while she goes to see her beloved. Genevieve sees her ex-husband Peter Hudson, now the head of a movie studio, on the television and thinks it's a sign that the two of them are meant to get back together, and so she heads over to the studio itself in an attempt to flirt with him. It seems the chemistry is still there, even if he's too busy to have dinner with her, and Miguel, who Genevieve decides to take under her wing, suggests that she just share "dessert" with him. Taking this as innuendo, Genevieve wakes naked in Peter's apartment, leading to an awkward moment when he returns home along with Marisol, with whom he's on a date. Genevieve meets with Marisol and points out that the two of them are friends, and friends don't date friends' exes; as such, she'd like her to stop seeing Peter but, after realizing just how great he is, Marisol realizes that she cannot do it and she pays Genevieve a visit to tell her in person that she has no intention of backing off. While Genevieve takes it well at first, as soon as Marisol is out of her house she tells her that this means war, before slamming the door in her face. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Genevieve 403
Marisol fights Genevieve's fire with fire, instigating a truce. ("War and Grease")

Marisol takes Peter to her favorite restaurant for a date only to be told that, thanks to Genevieve, she can no longer eat there. Genevieve herself has a table and invites Peter to join, pretending Marisol is invisible, and as they leave the restaurant Peter encourages his girlfriend to just ignore his ex-wife's attacks... at which point Marisol's car arrives with the word "WHORE" branded across the windshield. Marisol later meets with the girls; apparently Genevieve is friends with her waxer as well and so she just got a "revenge wax", to the horror of Zoila and Carmen. While Carmen thinks Marisol should start getting even with Genevieve, Zoila reveals that the reason she wants Peter back so badly is because she never got over him after he just left her out of the blue with no explanation or goodbye. This confuses Marisol, who later learns that Peter left because he found out Genevieve cheated on him. He continues to suggest that Marisol simply ignore Genevieve but, with her maids getting fired from their jobs, Marisol can no longer do that, and instead decides to take Carmen's advice and fights fire with fire. One of the maid's sisters, Astrid, has just started working at Genevieve's salon. Marisol sends her regards when she has Astrid take control of Genevieve's hair and dye it green, to the old woman's horror, and then Genevieve shows up at Mariol's house to tell her that she crossed a line. Marisol reveals that Peter knows Genevieve cheated on him and points out that he would never get back together with her, proceeding to wonder why Genevieve is acting so desperate anyway since men have always come and gone in the past and she's been fine. Genevieve says that she had Zoila then, who was her constant, and without her she feels lost. Marisol expresses her sympathies, assuring that Zoila just needs time, and a truce is called on the "war". ("War and Grease")

Genevieve 404
Genevieve finds a new best friend, who gives her something special... ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Genevieve has her hair fixed by her new hairdresser, Fabian, and reveals that she's been depressed ever since her housekeeper/best friend, Zoila, left her life. Fabian encourages her to befriend her new maid Rosie. Genevieve tries to do just this by inviting Rosie to dinner, but right now Rosie must go and visit Spence in prison, promising to dine with her employer the next night. However, as she's snooping around her other employer Shannon's bedroom, she has to hide under the bed when Shannon returns home unexpectedly, proceeding to have sex with Ben while unknowingly atop Rosie. Rosie hears Ben mention something called "The Circle", nearly getting caught when her phone goes off because Genevieve is on the other end. Being trapped under the bed means Rosie misses her dinner plans, and Genevieve, who went to a real effort to make things nice for her maid, is crushed. She decides to call someone else over and when Rosie returns home to apologize, Genevieve has already found a new best friend in her "hair magician" Fabian. Later, Genevieve and Fabian continue bonding and he wants to introduce her to her friends, convincing her to read a book about "The Circle". It appears to be some sort of cult. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Genevieve 405
Rosie is helped to uncover the next layer of the mystery: a cult. ("A Time to Spill")

Fabian and Genevieve return home from the ballet and he asks her if he read that book her leant her yet, and, to his disappointment, she reveals she hasn't gotten around to it yet. He forgives her though, wanting to see her again at some point during the week, and their interaction ends with him passionately kissing her. Naturally, she is shocked, having assumed that Fabian was gay, and later she brings this matter to the attention of Rosie, who made the same assumption. Genevieve wonders if it's possible that she's so beautiful that she turned Fabian straight, but Rosie doesn't see that as viable, then pointing out that the only thing that matters is whether or not Genevieve is attracted to him. She is not, and so later, when she is on a "date" with Fabian, she makes clear that she believed their relationship to be just friendly. He says that it was, at first, but it's since evolved into a romance; he doesn't see himself as gay, but rather, sexually fluid, for each human being is a special soul worthy of love. Genevieve isn't interested in having a relationship with him, but he believes that if she read that book he gave her she'd get it. She reveals that she tried to read it and found it boring, which he finds incredibly insulting; he says that the reason the ideas of "The Circle" didn't resonate with her is because they're new, and she's old, and then he storms out. Genevieve goes on to try and get rid of all mementos of her relationship with Fabian, catching up with Rosie in the process, and Rosie reveals that she's been investigating a mysterious man named Ben who's involved with something called "The Circle". It's then that Genevieve shows Rosie the book Fabian gave her, which she believes is the work of some sort of cult. ("A Time to Spill")

Genevieve 406
Genevieve tries infiltrating the cult. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Rosie summons Fabian to the Westmore house in an attempt to join "The Circle", though he refuses to have her because she isn't rich or famous, telling her that the people who join include the likes of Peri Westmore. She proceeds to have Genevieve try and join them so that she can help her learn the truth behind Peri's murder, at first trying to trick her into it and then learning that her employer would be happy to help as a spy, and later Genevieve tells Fabian that she read his book and wants to join The Circle. He is excited by this, though first he has to film her doing a lie detector test as a part of the initiation, asking her things such as her real age and weight, and Genevieve later tells Rosie that the test practically broke her. Rosie realizes that there must be a recording somewhere of Peri doing the same test, meaning her secrets were on video, and Genevieve's video is subsequently given to Frances - the cult's leader - who is very happy to have her as a new member, having never thought that they could get someone as high profile as she. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Genevieve 407
All is finally forgiven... ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Genevieve is happy to learn from Rosie that Zoila was worried about the prospect of her joining a cult, and so she formulates a plan to get her previous maid to swoop in and rescue her. Adrian later meets with Zoila though decides to leave so that she can talk to Genevieve, who keeps trying to call her; first, however, he arranges to have drinks with her later that evening. When Zoila finally answers her phone, she is shocked to hear that Genevieve is getting married, rushing over to the Delatour mansion where she learns that her former friend plans on marrying Fabian, a gay man from the cult she's in. Zoila doesn't believe that Genevieve could be so stupid as to actually go through with it, and then realizes that this is all a trick to get her to return. She vows never to forgive Genevieve for what she did. She goes on to meet Adrian for drinks though, and, when he asks what happened between she and Genevieve, she explains that she lost a baby and blames her former employer for making the wrong choice. Adrian understands completely, having blamed Evelyn for the death of Barrett, but ultimately convinces his friend that it's better to let go and forgive than to hold on to your anger and simply be miserable. As such, Zoila returns to Genevieve and tells her that she's decided to forgive her, and Genevieve is utterly overjoyed to be reunited with her best friend. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Genevieve 408
Genevieve unveils Marisol's brief affair to Peter. ("I Saw the Shine")

The incredibly handsome Jesse is hired to be Genevieve's personal trainer and she attempts to seduce him a little, only to be declined due to his love life being such a mess at the moment. He explains that he was recently dating someone who went out of town and then he proceeded to have sex with his ex. Genevieve understands, and later she meets Zoila for lunch, giving her some advice on how she could go about breaking up with her new boyfriend Kyle. She then mentions Jesse, who Zoila knows to be the ex-boyfriend of Marisol, and Genevieve realizes that Marisol must be the ex Jesse recently slept with - meaning Marisol cheated on Peter. Wanting to throw a spanner into the works of her rival's relationship with her former husband, Genevieve goes down to Peter's office to tell him that a "little birdie" informed her of Marisol and Jesse getting back together. Peter assures that her little birdie is wrong, but still Genevieve is able to sow his mind with doubt, making him paranoid that perhaps Marisol really did cheat on him. ("I Saw the Shine")

Genevieve 409
Marisol helps Genevieve realize a trauma she's suffered. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

While Rosie worries about a problem Miguel is having at school, Genevieve is busy planning the next meeting of her book club, during which only one member actually wants to talk about the book while all the other ladies simply want to gossip and drink during the day. They get more than they bargained for when Marisol turns up, knowing that Genevieve told Peter about she and Jesse, and a confrontation ensues in front of everyone. Genevieve acts sweet in response, which Marisol outs as a cover she uses to stop people from realizing that she's just a self-absorbed, petty and ruthless bitch, claiming that that's why she'll end up alone. Genevieve is very hurt by these comments and goes to Rosie for assurance that what Marisol said isn't true; however, Rosie is too busy convincing Miguel to apologize for those he wronged if he wants to make things right at school, which Genevieve takes onboard for herself. As such, she turns up at Marisol's and says she's sorry, explaining that she gets a little crazy when it comes to Peter because she never wanted to break up with him, having only cheated on him by accident. Marisol wonders how that works and Genevieve explains that she blacked out after half a cocktail while talking to one of his colleagues at a party, and the next thing she knew she was waking up in his bed. Marisol says that one doesn't black out after half a cocktail, theorizing that perhaps this man slipped something into Genevieve's drink, which Genevieve herself always wondered about. Marisol tells Genevieve that what happened to her was rape. Genevieve never thought of it this way because nobody called it that back then; and besides, nobody would believe her if she claimed such a big Hollywood name raped her. Marisol believes her though, and won't breathe a word, though she does wish to know who the rapist was. Genevieve reveals it was Hugh Metzger. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Genevieve 410
Genevieve decides that, after all her husbands, she needs a wife. ("Grime and Punishment")

Genevieve decides to go to therapy following the revelation that she was in fact raped by Hugh Metzger and, in the waiting room, she meets a fellow Beverly Hills socialite by the name of Lori. She is there because she's getting over a two-year-old break up, which Genevieve can relate to, having carried a torch for Peter for twenty years. The two of them bond over the complementary champagne and when Lori hears Genevieve's full story, she calls Peter a real "a-hole" for leaving her after she was raped without bothering to hear what she had to say. Men behaving in such a way makes Lori glad she's a lesbian, which Genevieve is surprised to hear, though she soon understands the appeal when Lori lists off all the perks. Soon enough, Genevieve's appointment is ready, but she no longer needs it because chatting with Lori has been therapeutic enough. Later, Peter meets with Genevieve who wants to relay what an "a-hole" he is. While she finally accepts that things are over between them, she thinks it's wrong of him to toss Marisol aside the way he did with her, which he is currently doing, and convinces him not to let go of another great love. Later, after Spence's name is cleared and Zoila is fired by her new boss Fiona, Genevieve's old maid returns to her in need of her job back, and Genevieve is only too happy to oblige. She gives her her keys back, and makes her promise to hold onto them. However, they set a new rule that neither of them can meddle in one another's lives anymore, meaning Zoila does not question Genevieve's date with Lori. The rich woman points out that after all her failed husbands, maybe what she needs now is a wife, and Zoila is surprised by the news. ("Grime and Punishment")

Later Life

A year after their meeting, Genevieve and Lori are married. However, Genevieve is still as lonely and delusional as she used to. As she misses men, Genevieve decides to cheat on Lori, despite Zoila trying to save their marriage. Eventually, Lori ends their relationship and Genevieve is okay with it, while Zoila is saddened because she was close to Lori.[3]

Family Tree

(including Henry's dad)[4]
Velma Mudge
Father †
HenriSisterGenevieve Delatour
Philippe Delatour4 Ex-Husbands
(including Peter)
2 Ex-Wives[2]
(including Lori)[3]
Flora Hernandez
Remi Delatour
Valentina Diaz
Grandchild †Grandchild[5]


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage, and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Genevieve and Philippe are divorced
  • Remi and Valentina are engaged
  • Remi and Flora have never been married


  • Marc Cherry had originally intended for Genevieve to have killed Flora, but this was changed when Susan Lucci was cast in the role.[6]
  • Throughout the series, it's mentioned frequently that Genevieve has been married multiple times, but more specifically, that she has been married both five and six times to different men. Though it has been noted by writer Curtis Kheel as a goof, the official number of marriages Genevieve has had still remains unclear.[7]
    • Eventually, it was announced that one of Genevieve's ex-husbands is now a transexual woman, explaining why Genevieve stopped counting her as a "ex-husband".[2]
  • In an early script for the series' premiere, Genevieve and Remi's surname was "Delacourt".[8]
  • Genevieve has formally met with all of the main characters with the exception of Peri, Spence, Sam, Nicholas, Opal, Tony, Sebastien, Ernesto, and Daniela.


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