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Gloria is a worker at a local Farmer's market that Zoila regularly goes to. She appears in "Private Lives".


Season 2

One day, Zoila goes to a Farmers' market where she greets one of the workers, Gloria. Zoila says she is making chilaquiles and wonders if Gloria has a certain ingredient. The worker says she'll check in the back. Meanwhile, Zoila meets an Argentinian man by the name of Javier Mendoza. After a bit of conversing, Javier shows Zoila a cookbook. Zoila thinks that Javier thinks of himself as some expert because he read the cookbook. Javier then tells Gloria to put the book on his tab, as he is buying one for his "pal". Gloria nods, confirming that she will. Zoila says to Javier that he does not have to do that, but the Argentinian man says that she should really read it because she could learn something from it. He then walks away. Zoila looks over the back of the cookbook and is shocked to see Javier wrote it. ("Private Lives")

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