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The guitarist is one of the men who perform with Carmen at Alejandro's funeral. He appears in "Dangerous Liaisons".


Season 2

Following Alejandro Rubio's death, his ex-maid/ex-fiancee, Carmen decides to perform at his funeral, hoping to be discovered by someone high up in the music industry. One day, while rehearsing at the church, Odessa stops by to watch. She is clearly not happy with what Carmen is doing. While the singer sings, the guitarist starts to move forward. Carmen interrupts the rehearsal, not happy with the guitarist. She asks what he was doing and he says he was doing nothing, but Carmen corrects him, exclaiming that he was moving forward. She then says that he is only back up, so he needs to back up. They then take a break. As Carmen goes to talk with the Odessa, the guitarist talks with the rest of the band. After a while, they get back to rehearsing. The guitarist is later seen ready to perform at the funeral, but Carmen can't bring herself to do it due to guilt. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

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