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Last night was awesome.
Hunky Guy, "War and Grease"

This hunky guy is one of the two who spent a night with Daniela Mercado in the Powells' mansion. He appears in "War and Grease".


Season 4

Hunky Guy 403
Daniela's company sees fit to leave. ("War and Grease")

Having gone out the night prior, Daniela Mercado returns home with two hunky guys who she spends the night with. In the morning, Carmen, Daniela's "cousin", comes to find her to tell her of a way that she can pay back the money she owes. However, this particular hunky guy is seen just ready to leave; he comments to Danni that the previous night was awesome. Before leaving, he greets Carmen, then proceeds to kiss Danni and tell her to text him. With that, he leaves. Carmen, while clearly unhappy that the guy spent the night, still congratulates Daniela for it. She reveals that she met him at a dive-bar and he offered her $20 to get a tattoo. While Carmen hopes that Danni didn't get through with it, it appears that she did; she got a tattoo saying "No Regerts". ("War and Grease")

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