I Saw the Shine
Devious Maids 4x08
July 25, 2016
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Flash sideways
0.87 million[1]
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"I Saw the Shine" is the 47th episode of Devious Maids.


Carmen finds herself caught in the middle of the Powell household. Genevieve continues to meddle with Marisol’s love life. Shannon makes a confession that puts Rosie one step closer to finding Peri’s real killer. Zoila and Kyle both receive unpleasant surprises.


408 01
Evelyn empathizes with her maid.

Carmen helps Evelyn move some things around the mansion as she splits it down the middle, designating one side for herself and the other for Adrian, deciding that Carmen shall be used as an intermediary so that they don't have to actually speak to one another. This soon falls apart when Adrian reviews some security footage and realizes that Evelyn got back into the house simply by punching in the gate code, meaning Carmen must have given it to her; as such, Adrian fires Carmen, who then points out to Evelyn that keeping her around would really annoy her husband, and so she is re-hired to work solely in Mrs. Powell's half of the mansion. However, Adrian has already hired a maid to replace her and clean his half - Daniela, who's apparently back from Puerto Rico and is insanely furious with Carmen due to how they left things. She reveals that she found out who her father was and that he died never knowing that he had a daughter, which devastates Carmen and causes Danni to announce that she is nothing to her. Evelyn later finds Carmen crying over the loss of Lucas, who she sees as the only man she ever truly loved, and Evelyn reveals that she felt the same way about Adrian when she thought he died in the explosion, and thus she is able to empathize with and comfort her maid. She comments that moving on is easier when your first love turns out to be a real son of a bitch and, indeed, right now Adrian is visiting his private investigator Rick Dresden, wanting him to dig up some dirt on James Hamilton. Carmen later re-approaches Danni and tells her about her father, even giving her a ring that once belonged to him. When Carmen is gone, Danni calls her father, who's apparently still alive, and tells him not to fly out to Beverly Hills because Carmen doesn't want to see him.

Rosie 408
Rosie and Spence remarry.

Rosie meets with the girls and reveals to them that Spence isn't Tucker's father, and she worries about having to tell him so that she can learn who the real father is: presumably some guy Peri was having an affair with. Shannon, meanwhile, bemoans Ben's disappearance, and hears from Frances that he relocated to Malaysia; she wonders how she's supposed to become a star with her manager gone, but Frances assures that The Circle still intends to make her just as famous as Peri. The Circle is indeed very well-connected, as Rosie finds out when she sees the Joynetcis book under the possession of a prison guard and realizes he's been spying on her. Obviously she can't tell Spence about Peri's big secret with him around, and so she proposes so that the two of them may be granted a conjugal visit. Later, prior to the wedding, Shannon visits Kyle who tells her that The Circle will never make her a star and that she's being played, to her disappointment; her former brother-in-law proceeds to his prison wedding to Rosie, and when they're finally alone, conjugally, Rosie cannot bring herself to tell her husband the truth about Tucker because knowing that he still has his son - along with she and Miguel - are all that's allowing him to hold onto hope. Rosie tells this to Marisol, who points out that Peri wouldn't have told Spence about her affair anyway, and Rosie realizes that maybe she confided in Shannon. As such, she approaches her with all that she's learned and Shannon reveals that Peri was raped by some "big wig" in the film industry, though she declined to reveal the identity of her attacker.

408 03
Jesse wants Marisol back.

Marisol goes to return Jesse's underwear, with him having left them at her place after they had sex, only to end up having sex with him again when he reminds her of how much of a jerk Peter acted towards her. Jesse later acts as Genevieve's person trainer and reveals to her, while declining her attempts to seduce him, that he recently slept with his ex. Marisol, meanwhile, meets Peter for lunch and realizes just how sorry he is for how he treated her, even wanting to whisk her away to Hawaii; she is able to forgive him, hoping that this justifies what she did with Jesse, whom Genevieve learns from Zoila is the ex-boyfriend of Marisol. This causes her to realize that Marisol recently cheated on Peter, and Jesse debates whether or not he and Marisol should admit this to their respective partners. Marisol thinks not, wanting to reconcile with Peter, but Jesse goes on to tell the truth to Daniela upon her return. He is surprised that she doesn't much care, having cheated on him too while she was out of town, for she does not see their relationship as exclusive. At the same time, Peter is approached by Genevieve, who tells him that she heard a rumor about Marisol getting back with Jesse. Peter wastes no time in telling her that the rumor is untrue, but still she manages to get under his skin and force him to be paranoid in his recently patched-up relationship with Marisol. That night, when about to take her to dinner, he wonders if anything happened while he was away, asking if they're good; she assures that they are indeed "good", though later Jesse turns up and wants to properly get back together with her. She refuses, but Peter's assistant Derek witnesses the meeting and reports back to his boss, whose plans to propose are put on hold as he flies into a rage.

Fiona 408
Zoila's employer comes home...

Zoila wants to break up with Kyle, having briefly discussed her sexual fantasy about Adrian to Rosie at the same time that Rosie warned her that Kyle and Frances are involved in a cult; however, when Zoila tells Kyle that the romance in their relationship has faded, he takes this as a sign that he needs to step up his game, and not that she wants to end things with him. While going to meet with Genevieve, Zoila bumps into Adrian and refuses his offer to meet up later, still finding it very awkward. She tells Genevieve about her situation with Kyle and, to avoid breaking his heart, Genevieve suggests that Zoila get him back together with his mother so as to soften the blow. As such, Zoila goes to see Frances and tells her she'd like to break up with Kyle, which Frances is enthusiastic about, but Kyle won't return to her unless she blesses his relationship with Zoila, for he is still mad about that. To create an excuse for Kyle to talk to his mother, Zoila instigates a "crisis" by setting the curtains ablaze with one of Frances' many candles; they make up a story for Kyle about how Zoila saved Frances' life, and Frances blesses the relationship, with Zoila suggesting that Kyle move back in with his mother so as to preserve the romance they've been lacking. All seems to be going according to plan, until the firefighter wants to take a look at the attic and Kyle and Frances act all shady about it, not allowing him to do so. Kyle later checks out the attic himself, then telling his mother that he doesn't wish to return to The Circle; however, he's already too far involved, and she needs him to dispose of Ben's corpse. Meanwhile, Rosie tells Zoila about Peri's rape and says she needs to find Peri's confessional video, which Zoila believes might be in Frances' attic, since she and Kyle are so secretive about it. She agrees to snoop around, right before she's startled by the unexpected arrival of her employer, Fiona Gladhart.



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