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Immigration Officer
Immigration Officer (3.02)
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Immigration Officer
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The immigration officer meets Ernesto Falta at the boarder of Mexico, checking his passport. He appears in "From Here to Eternity".


Season 3

Immigration Officer 302
The immigration officer checks Ernesto's passport. ("From Here to Eternity")

At the boarder between Mexico and the United States, Ernesto Falta arrives on a bus. An immigration officer arrives on board, checking people's passports before they enter the United States. When checking Ernesto's, he questions what it is Ernesto plans to do in America; he reveals that he is there to see his wife. Once confirming Ernesto's passport, the immigration officer hands it back to him, and moves on to check the person's behind him. ("From Here to Eternity")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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