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Joelle Canisell
Joelle Mendoza
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Javier Mendoza - Ex-Husband
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Joelle Canisell (previously Mendoza) is Javier's ex-wife. She appears in "The Awful Truth".


Early Life

Sometime in her youth, Joelle worked as a chef in a restaurant ran by Javier Mendoza. The two eventually entered a relationship, and subsequently got married. However, their marriage failed after a mere three months, and they got divorced. ("The Awful Truth")

Season 3

In her kitchen, Genevieve is sampling some wedding meals while a chef is preparing them. When Zoila arrives, Genevieve tells her she found the caretaker for their wedding. Zoila immediatly corrects her, by saying it is her wedding not Genevieve's. The latter agrees but soon introduces the chef to Zoila: Joelle. The latter salutes Zoila and congratulates her for her upcoming wedding. Genevieve adds Joelle was available at the last minute, and her crab cakes are delicious. Zoila tells to Joelle she is sure she is great, but she can not hire a caretaker without her fiancé, especially because he is a chef. Genevieve adds that is the best thing, because Joelle used to be Javier's sous chef at his restaurant, so he will necessary approve her. Zoila seems happy by the news, while Joelle's happy face becomes a surprised face. She asks if they are talking about Javier Mendoza, and Genevieve confirms he is the groom. Joelle becomes immediatly embarassed and says the women should hire someone else. Genevieve and Zoila are surprised and the latter asks why. Joelle answers she does not want to go into it, but Zoila asks her if she has a problem with Javier. Joelle answers they got along very well but, seeing Zoila is still asking what is the problem, she reveals she is Javier's ex-wife. Genevieve and Zoila are surprised by the news, and the latter tells her it is not possible since Javier has never been married. Joelle retorts Javier did not tell it to Zoila, saying it is ankward. She adds she should go, and Genevieve asks her if she could leave the crab cakes. ("The Awful Truth")




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