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What does someone in your position make? A million a year? Less?
Evelyn Powell, "Sweeping with the Enemy"

Johanna is a retail worker who has Evelyn Powell arrested. She appears in "Sweeping with the Enemy".


Season 4

Johanna 404
Johanna busts Evelyn for credit card fraud. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

After losing all her money, Evelyn Powell begins staying with her friend, Marisol Suarez, and ends up taking her credit card so that she can go on a shopping spree to cheer herself up from her dire situation. The retail clerk, Johanna, totals up Evelyn's expensive purchase while Evelyn asks her what someone in her employment makes every year, wondering if it's less than a million since she herself needs to find a job. Before Johanna can answer, the total comes through and Evelyn attempts to pay with Marisol's credit card; correctly guessing that the white woman before her is not "Marisol Suarez", Johanna makes her suspicions known, but Evelyn assures that Marisol is a dear friend of hers who would be fine if she knew she was using her card. The word "if" makes Johanna unable to give the card back and, when Evelyn goes to take it from her, Johanna demands that the customer not touch her. Evelyn wonders what will happen to her if she does, and Johanna summons a police officer who proceeds to put Evelyn in handcuffs and escort her over to the station. Evelyn comments that that's not how she expected that to go. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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