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John Scott is a director for the show that Spence plays a character in, Love Affairs. He appears in "You Can't Take It With You".


Season 2

Having become an alcoholic, Spence comes down with a massive hangover the day he is suppose to be onset to film for Love Affairs. At the studio, the director, John Scott is upset because if Spence doesn't show up soon then they won't be able to finish filming on time. A hungover Spence soon arrives, however, accompanied by Carmen to announce his arrival. John is clearly annoyed, and orders wardrobe to get him ready. As they do so, he approaches Spence and can tell something is off, but Carmen claims that since he is such a good actor, he refuses to get out of character, thus excusing his current state. John obviously doesn't buy it, but also doesn't care as he orders everyone to get ready; Spence gets into bed, as his character is currently in a coma. Once everything is set up, John finally calls "action", thus beginning the filming of the scene. However, the scene is interrupted by a snoring Spence who has fallen asleep, thus having to stop filming. John orders for someone to get him coffee while he tries to wake up the hungover actor. ("You Can't Take It With You")


  • The name of this character refers to John Scott, the director of the episode where this character appears.

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