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Jose is the husband of Rita, and a friend of Zoila and Pablo Diaz. He appears in "Crimes of the Heart".


Season 2

After their son, Tito graduates, Jose and his wife, Rita decide to throw him a graduation party. They invite Zoila and Pablo. However, Pablo informs them of his and Zoila's separation, and asks if he may bring his new girlfriend, Helen. Jose and Rita allow him. At the party, Pablo and Helen talk with Rita and Jose. Helen says that it was nice meeting them and then excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She hands Pablo her drink and walks away. Pablo thanks his friends for allowing him to bring Helen, especially since it probably put them in an awkward situation. Jose informs his friend that it was alright and that he feels bad about the separation. Rita asks how Zoila's doing. Pablo says that she is not doing so good because when he told her he was dating Helen, she was devastated. At that moment, Zoila walks in, bringing with her a date: Dave Grant. The couple walk past Pablo, Rita, and Jose and Zoila is smiling and waving at people. Rita comments that she seems to have bounced back. Pablo is a bit jealous. ("Crimes of the Heart")

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