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Kelly is a minor character on Devious Maids. She works as a maître d' at Osteria Morano, one of which Genevieve Delatour frequents often.


Season 3

TBA ("Terms of Endearment")

Season 4

I'm sorry, one of our regulars has requested we not serve you.
Kelly, "War and Grease"
Kelly 403
Kelly refuses to seat Marisol and Peter. ("War and Grease")

When war breaks out between Marisol Suarez and Genevieve Delatour, Kelly becomes involved when it turns out that the restaurant she happens to work as a maître d' for is one Genevieve frequents often. Marisol arrives at the restaurant for a date with her boyfriend, Peter Hudson, but Kelly claims the reservation isn't listed. Marisol argues that she called the restaurant in advance the day prior, but Kelly still refuses to seat the two, even when it appears there's tables available. Another couple then makes their way in, without a reservation, and Kelly hands menus to another server to seat them. Marisol calls Kelly out on this, but she apologizes stating that one of the restaurant's regulars has requested they not serve her. The look over to see Genevieve sat at a table for two, and Kelly turns to Marisol, exclaiming that she thinks it's shameful what she is doing with Genevieve's husband. Marisol argues that Genevieve and Peter are divorced, and she and Peter go to confront Genevieve about this. ("War and Grease")

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