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Kim Rampton
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Kim Rampton is Marisol's book editor. He appears in "The Bad Seed".


Early Life

When Kim was in high school, a lot of students made fun of his name, because it sounds like a girls' name. It was a difficult time in Kim's life. Years later, he became a book editor and he married a blue-eyed blonde from Minnesota, named Ingrid. Some time later, on a book tour at Chicago, Kim had sex with the writer he represented. His wife learned of this, and decided to end up their marriage. ("The Bad Seed")

Season 2

Marisol’s book editor Kim Rampton comes over to go over her book, and Nicholas is shocked when he realizes Kim is a guy. He is clearly uncomfortable and decides to skip work and crash Marisol’s meeting with Kim. After Kim leaves Nick announces that he is clearly trying to have sex with Marisol, and that he makes Nick uncomfortable. Marisol decides to have Kim over for dinner with them tomorrow so that Nick can see that he is harmless. The next day, Marisol, Nick, and Kim sit down to dinner. Kim reveals his wife is divorcing him because he slept with one of his writers on a book tour and then announces he wants an “ethnic girl like Marisol”, Nick was clearly right about Kim after all. Finally, Kim leaves and Nick and Marisol begin arguing. ("The Bad Seed")

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