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Well, Kirsten and Kiersten are both actors.
Candace Sosler, "A Time to Spill"

Kirsten attends the Hamilton House Gala and is sat with Marisol Suarez and a couple other ladies as their husbands and boyfriends leave to talk business. She appears in "A Time to Spill".


Season 4

Kiersten 405
Candy introduces Marisol to Kirsten and Kiersten. ("A Time to Spill")

Kirsten attends the Hamilton House Gala where she is sat at the same table as Marisol Suarez, who was sent by her boyfriend to mingle with the other wives and girlfriends of his own friends. Candy introduces Marisol to herself, Kiersten and Kirsten, and the ladies go about talking for the majority of the night about rather superficial topics. As Kiersten goes on about the detailing of her Mercedes causing her to miss yoga, Candy can tell that Marisol would much rather be with Peter, but informs her that once he gets talking with the other guys then she is on her own. Marisol asks the ladies what they do for a living and Candy reveals that Kiersten and Kirsten are both actresses, which Kirsten explains is why they keep in shape. However, Kiersten admits she does it for her beau, Max, as he'd leave her in a heartbeat if she became chubby. Marisol is disgusted by how these ladies live their lives and begins to speak out about it, but at that moment Peter joins them where he reveals Candy is actually the chairperson of PHT Studios... and his boss. ("A Time to Spill")

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