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Kyle is a supporting character on Devious Maids. With his very birth believed to by a "miracle" by his nigh-barren mother, Kyle had to grow up with the overbearing Frances as not only his parent, but his roommate and apparent best friend. This relationship was put to the test during the course of Kyle's relationship with their "neighbor" Zoila, but ultimately his and Zoila's lies caught up to one another, and his commitment to his mother's mysterious cult proved too great to allow love to win out.


Early Life

Kyle was born to his mother Frances after a series of miscarriages that filled her with a terrible sense of loss and sadness. Him being born led to her dubbing him her "miracle baby", and the two of them developed and extremely close relationship over the years because of this. Kyle goes on to live in Beverly Hills with his mother as his roommate in a house that needs fixing up, and the two of them are often doing things together such as travelling. Places they've been include Oahu and Manchu Picchu. ("Another One Wipes the Dust") Frances started a cult known as "The Circle" which employs members as her "children", though Kyle, who ranks very high within the group, is her only actual son. They provided Ben, another member, with lots of drugs over the course of six months in order to help brainwash Spence Westmore. ("Once More Unto the Bleach", "A Time to Spill", "The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Season 4

Kyle 401
Kyle meets Zoila, and makes an incorrect assumption. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Zoila Diaz gets a job as a maid in the house next door to Kyle's, where the new owner is away for six months. Because of this, Zoila decides to have a little fun and dress up in some of her employer's things, meaning that, when Kyle comes over with a bottle of wine to gift his new neighbor, he finds Zoila in a red gown and tiara. He comments that he didn't know royalty lived there, proceeding to joke that now he can wear his cape without feeling embarrassed, and she laughs before he assures that he lives next door and doesn't just come to random homes and make fun of people's clothes. The two of them introduce themselves to one another, and Kyle tells Zoila that he'll be right nearby if she needs anything, before presenting her with the bottle of wine - a gift for the new homeowner. Zoila goes to correct him, for he appears to have made the mistake that she lives in this house as opposed to merely working in it, but then she thinks better of it and just accepts the bottle. It seems she finds Kyle charming enough to lie to him. ("Once More Unto the Bleach") Meanwhile, Peri Westmore is murdered and Frances lets Kyle believe that Spence Westmore is the culprit, giving Ben more drugs to have him confess to the crime, all to, in actuality, protect their funding from Hugh Metzger. ("Once More Unto the Bleach", "Another One Wipes the Dust", "Grime and Punishment")

Kyle 402
Zoila and Kyle grow closer. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Kyle shows up at "Zoila's" house to ask her out on a date and she accepts. Zoila has lots of fun, but then they return to his place where she comes to discover that he lives with his mother, Frances. Despite this disturbing her somewhat, Zoila really likes Kyle and wants to give it a chance, and so she decides to proceed into a dinner with her new boyfriend and his mother. As the dinner progresses, things only get worse as she comes to realize just how close they are; they even travel together. They want to show her the photo album and her contrived attitude make Frances realize that she's weirded out by how close she and Kyle are. She confronts Zoila about this in private, eventually revealing that the reason she loves her son so much is because he was her miracle baby, having been born after a long series of miscarriages that left her with a looming sense of loss and depression. This obviously strikes a cord with Zoila, having recently lost her baby, and Frances senses that she needs a hug, and so she gives her one. She says that she's right next door if Zoila needs another, before joking that it's time to give Kyle his bath. At the end of the night, Zoila assures Kyle that she's okay with he and his mother being close, and the two of them share a kiss. When she's gone, Frances surmises that her son really likes this girl, and so does she - a lot, actually. But... she doesn't like her for Kyle. She has "other plans" for him. Kyle appears disappointed. ("Another One Wipes the Dust") Kyle goes out of town on "family business" without telling anyone, despite having had plans with his mother. ("War and Grease")

Kyle 404
Kyle abruptly dumps Zoila. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Zoila sees that Kyle has returned home from his trip and goes to see him, only for him to be under the impression that their romance fizzled out because they didn't talk for the entire time they were away; he then presents her with a scented candle - a parting gift to commemorate their brief time together - and Zoila, taken aback, tells her now ex-boyfriend that he just made it very easy for her to get over him. She proceeds to have lunch with Frances who points out that there are plenty of other eligible fish in the sea, then trying to set Zoila up with the recently separated Adrian Powell. She later ambushes the two of them into having a date with one another, though Zoila has no interest in Adrian because she believes him to be racist and classist. Adrian proceeds to drive her home and walk her to her door, expressing an interest in seeing her again, but Zoila makes clear that the interest isn't mutual; however, he loves a challenge and plants a kiss on her anyway, to her shock. Frances watches from the window of her house and says how she knew those two would hit it off; Kyle watches too, seeming quite disheartened about the whole thing. He comments how everyone seems to be living "happily ever after", though says it in such a way that suggests that he himself does not fit into this category. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Kyle 405
"Mother" has Kyle relay her disappointment in Ben. ("A Time to Spill")

Kyle approaches Zoila and makes up some flimsy excuse for dropping by so that he can ask her about any visitors she's had lately, having seen her with Mr. Powell. Zoila realizes this and, later, when Adrian returns to ask her to a gala, she ends up saying yes while distracted with making sure the both of them are in the view of Kyle, so as to make him jealous. While at the gala, however, Adrian learns that Zoila is a maid and proceeds to drive her home where she explains her situation to him, and he gallantly agrees to keep her secret out of sympathy and even goes on to hug her in a continual effort to antagonize Kyle's jealousy. Later, Kyle goes to Zoila and apologizes for breaking up with her, proceeding to start to make things right with a passionate kiss. There is one condition to the restarting of their relationship though: they cannot tell his mother. Later still, Kyle is approached by Ben, having supplied him with drugs for Spence Westmore which were used to make him confess to Peri's murder, but today he supplied him with a placebo because he got Spence addicted and it was starting to look suspicious. Kyle tells Ben that Frances, whom Ben also refers to as "mother", is disappointed in him, for he is currently letting down "The Circle". ("A Time to Spill")

Kyle 406
Kyle finally stands up to his mother. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Zoila and Kyle make love at his place for a change, though she is confused as to why they're still keeping things a secret from Frances. The need to keep this secret goes to ridiculous lengths when Frances returns home early from her trip, wanting to talk to her son about Ben - who she later berates heavily for disappointing her - and Zoila is forced to climb out the window and onto the ledge, which she ends up falling from. She tells the girls, and Rosie suggests that she could make Frances find out by accident, which Zoila doesn't think is the worst idea. She later invites Adrian over and requests that he make lunch plans with Frances only to then swiftly cancel so that she can catch Kyle and her in the act. Adrian loves the idea and agrees to help, though he is confused as to why Kyle would fear Frances. Later, Adrian carries out the plan and cancels on Frances at the last minute, meaning she returns home to discover Zoila in bed with her son. Zoila is certain that Frances won't really care that she and Kyle are seeing one another again, but suddenly the old woman turns cold and makes clear that Zoila is no longer welcome in her house. Kyle tries defending his mother to Zoila but she tells him that if he cannot stand up to her then the two of them are over, to Kyle's fear. As such, he proceeds to tell his mother to "go to hell" when she argues that Zoila is changing his personality and luring him away from she and The Circle; Zoila is happy to hear that Kyle "broke up" with his mother, though less happy to hear that he wants to move in with her because he has nowhere else to go. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Kyle 407
Zoila starts to resent having Kyle around. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Kyle is now living with Zoila but she begins to realize can do nothing for himself, like make the bed, since it seems his mother did everything for him up until now. Later, when she returns from a difficult confrontation with Genevieve, she is annoyed by all the mess Kyle is producing. She goes on to meet Adrian for drinks to complain about it all but this culminates him him convincing her to ultimately forgive Genevieve for what she did prior to Zoila leaving her employ, which she does. Meanwhile, Rosie, having followed Shannon to the home of Frances so that she can figure out where The Circle has all its meetings, knocks on Zoila's door so that she may speak to her friend. However, Kyle answers instead, knowing who she is because his mother was out to get her. He tells her that Zoila isn't home. Zoila later returns to Kyle though and is happy to see that he's cleaned the house, even going as far as to make the bed. He tells her about Rosie stopping by and, with her being a maid, he wonders how Zoila became friends with her, since he's still under the impression that she's rich. Zoila says that she's her friend Genevieve's maid, which is true, though this is later forgotten when she grows further impressed with Kyle's new behavior, which him even throwing his clothes in the hamper instead of leaving them lying around. However, when the two of them start to have sex on the made bed, Zoila suddenly pictures Adrian in his place and has to stop, worried about what this might mean. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Kyle 408
Kyle and his mother get back together. ("I Saw the Shine")

Zoila now wants to break up with Kyle, but when she tells him that the romance in their relationship has faded, he takes this as a sign that he needs to step up his game, and not that she wants to end things with him. He even buys her flowers which Shannon thinks are for her when she goes to see him. He tells her that The Circle will never make her a star and that she's being played, to her disappointment. Later, Zoila goes to see Frances and tells her she'd like to break up with Kyle, which Frances is enthusiastic about, but Kyle won't return to her unless she blesses his relationship with Zoila, for he is still mad about that. To create an excuse for Kyle to talk to his mother, Zoila instigates a "crisis" by setting the curtains ablaze with one of Frances' many candles; they make up a story for Kyle about how Zoila saved Frances' life, and Frances blesses the relationship, with Zoila suggesting that Kyle move back in with his mother so as to preserve the romance they've been lacking. All seems to be going according to plan, until the firefighter wants to take a look at the attic and Kyle and Frances act all shady about it, not allowing him to do so. Kyle later checks out the attic himself, then telling his mother that he doesn't wish to return to The Circle; however, he's already too far involved, and she needs him to dispose of Ben's corpse. ("I Saw the Shine")

Kyle 409
The truth is out, but Zoila begs Kyle to help her outflank The Circle. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Kyle visits Zoila, whose boss has returned, and she is forced to make him leave so that he doesn't learn the truth about her. Later, to celebrate the fact that they're no longer fighting, Kyle and Frances go out to dinner together, during which time Zoila searches their attic for the videos the members of The Circle record prior to joining, so as to find evidence of who really killed Peri. However, all she finds is the empty spot where Ben's corpse used to be and the locked cabinet that she has no time to search because Kyle and Frances arrive home early. Before they enter the house, Frances asks if Zoila has broken up with Kyle yet, annoyed to learn that she hasn't, and is even more annoyed when she finds Zoila waiting inside in a maid's uniform, pretending to be partaking in some sort of sex game for Kyle as an explanation of her being there. She soon leaves, but Frances approaches her the next day at her house and learns that she is actually the maid of Fiona Gladhart, having been perpetrating a ruse for the entire time she's known her. She relays this to Kyle, informing him that Zoila isn't rich and doesn't own the house next door, and he confronts her about it. She confronts him in turn about The Circle, begging that he give her Peri's video, but he refuses to betray his other. However, Zoila gets him to question Frances about the innocence of Spence Westmore. She maintains that Spence is guilty of murdering Peri and forces her son to choose her over Zoila, then saying that Zoila has infiltrated The Circle and that they must skip town before everything they've worked for is ruined. They proceed to pack up everything and leave in the middle of the night. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Not wanting Zoila to think he's a bad guy and feeling genuinely bad for the way they ended things, Kyle decides to prove himself by mailing her the USB containing the video of Peri being interviewed by The Circle and confessing her secrets, along with an apology note. Thanks to this, the real killer is found and Spence Westmore goes free. ("Grime and Punishment")


  • No official last name has been given to Kyle and Frances.[1]
  • Kyle's relationship with his mother has been described as "a little bit of homage to Laurence Harvey and Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate".[2]


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.



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