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Lina is one of Gail's former maids, sent to her by Marisol as a part of her new maid-placement agency. She appears in "The Awful Truth".


Season 3

At her house, Gail complains to Marisol about the latest maid sent to her, stating she is at the wit's end with her. Marisol retorts she is sorry to hear that, and asks what is the problem... today. Gail tells her she will show her, and calls her maid, named Lina. The latter arrives, and Gail tells her it is very hot outside, so she asks her to water the boungainvillea out back. Lina agrees, then she asks Marisol how she is, as she is really pleased to see her. Gail answers she is fine, while her plants are melting as they are speaking. Lina agrees, then asks Marisol what she thinks about this hot weather. Gail forces her to leave, while Marisol says she seems friendly to her. Gail tells her this is the problem: Lina is too friendly, so she should not be having to make endless chitchat with her maid. Marisol says she will talk to her, and asks her to stop her pesky questions like "How are you?". Gail says no because she will look like a bitch, and she is not one. She adds she wants to feel comfortable in her house, so she asks Marisol to send her someone else. Later, Marisol comforts a now fired and crying Lina. Marisol tells her she promesses she will find her another job. Lina says she has never been fired before, and Marisol says it is not her fault but Gail's. Lina says she is the devil, and Marisol replies she would have said "difficult", but "devil" also works. Marisol goes with her to the door, and Lina leaves. After being rejected by Marisol, Jesse finds a crying Lina in her car in front of Marisol's house. He comes to talk with her, saying he saw her inside. He adds he can not help her but he heard about the woman she was working for. Lina says she is horrible, but Jesse asks her to tell him where this woman lives. Lina is quite confused by the question. ("The Awful Truth")

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