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Hola, Rosie, yo soy Lois.
Lois, "Making Your Bed"

Lois is a friend of Peri's, who attends her and Spence's game night in the episode, "Making Your Bed".


Season 1

Lois and Cody arrives at the Westmore mansion for game night. Peri introduces them to her husband, Spence. The couple's maid, Rosie, stops by to offer red wine. Lois and Cody introduce themselves. Rosie and Lois hit it off, but Rosie is very cold to Cody, as he is currently having an affair with Peri. Later on, Peri, Spence, and Cody are playing charades against Lois and two of their other friends. Peri and Cody are unable to guess what Spence is trying to act out, and Lois announces that the time is up and that her team wins. Later on, Cody runs into Spence and asks where he can find Peri because he wanted to say goodbye. Spence searches for her throughout the mansion and finally finds her in their bedroom. She is talking with Lois, who says that "It's just a game of charades." Peri cries, saying that this proves what she's been saying the whole time -- Spence is a bad actor. This leaves Spence hurt and he leaves the two women to talk, not letting them know he overheard them. Cody asks if Spence found Peri, and he tells him that she and Lois are in the bedroom and that it is fine to interrupt. ("Making Your Bed")

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