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Genevieve Delatour - Ex-Wife[1]
Remi Delatour - Ex-Stepson[1]
Velma Mudge - Ex-Mother-in-Law[1]
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Henri - Ex-Half-Brother-in-Law[1]
Cynthia - Ex-Half-Sister-in-Law[1]
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I've always been unlucky in love, so maybe after five husbands, what I need is... a wife.
Genevieve Delatour, "Grime and Punishment"

Lori meets an attractive Beverly Hills woman, Genevieve Delatour, at her therapist's office, and after bonding over champagne and past breakups, the two end up going on a date. She appears in "Grime and Punishment".


Early Life

As a lesbian, Lori greatly enjoys the perks of not having to date men; she doesn't have to put up with egos, or stupid things on television, and when she's with someone she gets twice the wardrobe. However, she breaks up with her most recent girlfriend and is unable to move on after two years, having to seek out therapy in order to get over it. She always shows up at the waiting room early in order to enjoy the complementary champagne. ("Grime and Punishment")

Season 4

Lori 410
Lori shows up for her date with Genevieve. ("Grime and Punishment")

Fellow Beverly Hills socialite Genevieve Delatour decides to go to therapy following the revelation that she was in fact raped by Hugh Metzger and, in the waiting room, she meets a Lori. She is there because she's getting over a two-year-old break up, which Genevieve can relate to, having carried a torch for her ex-husband Peter for twenty years. The two of them bond over the complementary champagne and when Lori hears Genevieve's full story, she calls Peter a real "a-hole" for leaving her after she was raped without bothering to hear what she had to say. Men behaving in such a way makes Lori glad she's a lesbian, which Genevieve is surprised to hear, though she soon understands the appeal when Lori lists off all the perks. Soon enough, Genevieve's appointment is ready, but she no longer needs it because chatting with Lori has been therapeutic enough. Later, Genevieve rehires her old maid/best friend Zoila, with the new rule that they're no longer allowed to meddle in each other's lives. This means Zoila does not question Genevieve's date with Lori. The rich woman points out that after all her failed husbands, maybe what she needs now is a wife, and Zoila is surprised by the news. ("Grime and Punishment")

Later Life

A year after their meeting, Genevieve and Lori are married. The latter and Zoila become close as Lori is handling Genevieve, instead of Zoila. However, Genevieve misses men and decides to cheat on Lori. Despite Zoila's effort to try to save their marriage, Lori ends their relationship and Genevieve is okay with it.[1]


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