Lurlene Neff
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Lurlene Neff
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Lurlene Neff is Christopher's deceased mother who he had cremated and kept in an urn. She appears in "Whiplash".


Season 3

Since her Lurlene's death, her son Christopher had her cremated and kept in an urn in his home. When moving in with Genevieve, Christopher brought Lurlene's ashes with him, but one day when the maids Zoila and Joy argued over cleaning the urn, Joy accidentally dropped it, releasing Lurlene's ashes everywhere. Zoila tried to help cover it up by filling the urn with the remnants from the vacuum cleaner, but when Christopher noticed the urn was more light than usual, he questioned the two maids. Zoila decided to take the blame for Joy, and so Christopher made it clear to her that Genevieve would be hearing about this incident. ("Whiplash")

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