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This maid once worked for Marisol Suarez. When her boss' son, Eddie is charged with the murder of Flora Hernandez, the maid alerts Marisol of a call from the police, revealing just that. She appears in "Setting the Table".


Season 1

Maid 102
Marisol's maid tells her what happened, regarding her son. ("Setting the Table")

When Eddie Suarez is framed and arrested for the murder of Flora Hernandez, being found with a bloody knife at the scene of her stabbing, the authorities call his mother, Marisol Suarez. Her maid is the one to pick up the phone, and she proceeds to approach her boss in order to tell her that her son's been taken into custody. Thanks to this, Marisol heads down to the police station, learning of the crime at hand and possible consequences it poses for Eddie, and then goes on to hire a lawyer, forging an intricate plan in the process wherein she herself poses as a maid - this would most likely mean that her own maid's services were no longer required. ("Setting the Table")

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