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The male nurse tends to Kenneth Miller in the hospital after his fall, caused by Reggie, and to Nicholas Deering after a hit and run accident. He appears in "Long Day's Journey Into Night".


Season 2

After a fall caused by Reggie, Kenneth ends up in the hospital where he starts being tended to by a male nurse. After using Miguel to trick a nurse into allowing her to visit, Rosie shows up in the hospital room while the male nurse tends to Kenneth. She asks the male nurse why there's a lot of tubes connected to Kenneth when all he did was fall; the male nurse replies that he was pretty agitated when they brought him in, and that he was already arguing with the man who brought him in (Reggie), and they had to sedate him just to calm him down. "Whose idea was that? His nephew's?" Rosie asks, realizing what's happening. The male nurse confirms this, before leaving Rosie alone with Kenneth. Later on, he brings Nicholas Deering back from a walk to his room, where Marisol waits for him. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

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