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You wanna talk about how unfair life is? That's great, 'cause I know all about that! You wanna hear what I've lost? How I've suffered? Of course not. 'Cause to people like you, I'm just the woman who opens the door.
Marisol Duarte, "Pilot"

Marisol Suarez (previously Deering and, as an alias, Duarte) is one of the main characters and titular protagonists of Devious Maids. A successful college professor, Marisol starts working undercover as a domestic maid following the tragic murder of Beverly Hills housekeeper Flora Hernandez, which her son is arrested for, despite allegedly being innocent. Using her wits and determination to make ends meet, Marisol succeeds in blending in as a house cleaner, and finds herself capable of uncovering whatever bloody secrets that the rich and uptrodden hide behind closed doors... more than once.


Early Life

I was only six when my mother died, but I didn't cry. When the doctors told me that I couldn't have any children of my own, I nodded, and called an adoption agency. When your father ran off with that waitress, I laughed and said 'good riddance'. My whole life I thought I could handle anything. But I'm not strong enough to lose you.
Marisol Suarez, "Taking Out the Trash"

Little is known about Marisol's origins, family and backstory. She was presumably born in Los Angeles. ("Pilot") Marisol is a very tough and resilient woman who almost never caves or breaks down when faced with life's hardest challenges. When she was six years old, her mother passed away. When she was unable to afford to go to Standford University, she got two jobs and a scholarship. As an adult, Marisol married and tried to have a child, only to be told by the doctors that she couldn't. She and her husband then adopted Eddie. ("Taking Out the Trash", "Another One Wipes the Dust") When Eddie was first adopted, he would have nightmares most nights. ("From Here to Eternity") At some point, Marisol's husband began cheating on her with a waitress, but she missed all the signs; that is, until she started snooping and learned the truth. Eventually, he ran away with his mistress and she was left to raise Eddie alone. ("Taking Out the Trash", "Anatomy of a Murder")

Marisol EL 107
Marisol's academic past is displayed. ("Taking a Message")

Marisol studied in college, and got a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 1997. Then, she received a Masters in English Literature in 1999, and became a specialist in Oscar Wilde studies, receiving a Ph.D. in 2003. Marisol became an assistant professor of English from June 2003 to July 2005, then from July 2005 to August 2007. From this date, she is promoted as associate professor of English until July 2012. Since this date, Marisol is a college professor, lecturing in English and Comparative Literature at the Rhonda Browner-Sherman School of Humanities, where she became the youngest professor in its history to be granted tenure. She also became the first woman to win the prestigious Scholastic English Foundation's Genius Grant. ("Taking a Message") Her other works on Henry James and George Bernard Shaw have also been successful in the academic world.[2]

In the beginning of the summer season of 2013, Flora Hernandez, a young maid who was dating Marisol's son, is shockingly murdered at a Beverly Hills social event. Eddie is found, dazed and confused, with the murder weapon in his hand. Marisol is informed by the police that her son has been arrested, and hires Ida Hayes as his defense attorney. Eddie, however, is eventually tried and convicted of the murder, and placed under arrest. The case is closed, but Marisol, convinced of her son's innocence, sets out to discover the truth behind Flora's death. She changes her last name to "Duarte" and decides to work infiltrated as a maid in Beverly Hills, with the alliance and advice of Ida. ("Pilot", "Setting the Table")

Season 1

In fact, I'm fairly certain you're not a maid. And I can't wait to find out what you're really doing here.
Adrian Powell, "Pilot"
Marisol 101
Marisol prepares to clean the room where Flora was murdered. ("Pilot")

Marisol attends the burial of Flora Hernandez, watching from a distance. As Flora's friends - Zoila, Valentina, Carmen and Rosie, four maids - leave after the ceremony, Marisol overhears them talking about a secret that Flora was keeping and shared with them, and that might have gotten her killed. One week later, Marisol auditions for a job as live-in maid for the Stappord couple, consisting of elite attorney Michael and his lovely second wife, Taylor. Taylor doesn't respond well to Marisol's attitude and finds it odd that she sounds so sophisticated, but they eventually hire her as a test. Marisol tries to engratiate herself to Taylor by giving her advice on how to deal with the problem of Michael's ex-wife, deranged decorator Olivia Rice, but it is to no avail. She then meets the other maids, and tries to ask them about Flora, but doesn't get much of a response, only that the people she worked for - the Powells - are weird. Marisol also offers to clean the room where Flora was murdered, in the Powell house. There, she meets the creepy Adrian Powell, who was having an affair with the victim. He takes an eerie liking to Marisol. Later, when the Stappords throw a dinner party for Michael's birthday, it is crashed by Olivia, who causes a scene. Marisol is forced to kick her out of the house, and in doing so, Taylor tells her she can work there for as long as she wants to. At the end of the evening, Adrian confides in Marisol that he's sure she's not really a maid, and can't wait to see what she's doing there. Marisol then visits her son in jail, and promises that she's working on getting him out of there. ("Pilot")

Marisol 102
Adrian is fascinated with Marisol... ("Setting the Table")

One morning, Marisol reads an article in the newspaper that states that her son maintains his innocence in regards to Flora's murder. When the other maids join her, Marisol asks them about the Powells, and learns that Flora never said anything good about them. As she leaves, Zoila warns her to stay away from them. However, at a social gathering, Marisol takes the opportunity to approach Evelyn and offer to clean their house. However, Evelyn requests that she ask for Taylor's permission... and the latter declines. Marisol informs Evelyn, and when Adrian finds out, he makes it his mission to get the Latina to work for them. He proceeds to intimidate Taylor, and therefore Marisol is able to go and clean for them. This leads to an intriguing Q&A session between a flirtatious Marisol and Adrian, in which they both ask questions at each other, to get honest answers. Marisol asks what Adrian's relationship to Flora was, and he says that she was his confidant, confessor, muse... and partner in crime. During the interrogation, Marisol finds the letter that Flora wrote before she was killed and skims through it, learning that the maid was raped. However, Adrian snatches it from her before she can properly read it. Marisol meets with her son in jail and asks him about his relationship with Flora. She then tells him about the note, unbeknownst to the fact that Adrian burns it in the fireplace. ("Setting the Table")

Marisol 103
The ladies who lunch. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Marisol goes shopping with Taylor, to prepare for a dinner party, and at the supermarket they run into Olivia. The latter apologizes to Marisol for the way she acted at Michael's birthday party, and Marisol accepts the apology, but urges her to apologize to Taylor as well. However, Olivia refuses to, and reveals that Taylor used to be a prostitute. Later, over drinks, Taylor explains to Marisol how she got into the sex trade business, and Marisol recommends that she tells Michael about Olivia's knowledge before the latter spreads it. Taylor requests that Marisol be by her side when she tells him. When they finally break the news to Michael, he decides that they all should leave to New York, an idea that doesn't please the women. Marisol later tells Michael that she can't move because of personal reasons, and suggests that she talk to Olivia and find out how she discovered the truth and what her intentions are. Later, Marisol stops by Olivia's with the pretext of bringing her some mail, and starts complaining about Taylor, hoping to engratiate herself to Michael's ex-wife. Olivia asks her in for tea, and Marisol tells Olivia that Taylor is terrified that she might tell people the truth, and that the Stappords want to move to New York. She then lies and tells the redhead that Michael is still in love with her and will probably want her back, so it's best for Olivia if they don't move. Olivia decides to write Taylor a letter to let her know she won't tell anyone. She then asks how Olivia found out about Taylor's past, and Olivia reveals that she was told by Evelyn Powell: apparently, Adrian hired Taylor to serve as a "gift" to his friends, a hobby of his... and he also hired Flora. Marisol tells Taylor, who is delighted, and she then asks her boss to explain to her what is going on with Adrian and his prostitutes. Taylor explains that he hires women to seduce his inebriated friends during intimate get-togethers, while the friends have no idea of what is going on, and then he simply disappeares when the time for love-making comes. Marisol is confused, and wonders what Adrian could get out of this... ("Wiping Away the Past")

Marisol 104
It's getting hot in 'herre'. ("Making Your Bed")

Marisol bursts into the office of her son's defense attorney, Ida Hayes, to break the news to her that Flora was working as a prostitute for Adrian Powell, and that during one of her sessions she was raped. Without a note and without credit cards having been used, however, they lack the evidence. Ida, still hopeful, takes the opportunity to comment that she thinks what Marisol is willing to do for her son is extraordinary. Later, Dante Penrose, a local coroner and friend of Adrian's, informs the latter that he will need him to host a gala for the benefit of the disadvantaged. Marisol offers to help, and when she leaves, Dante tells Adrian that he is also fascinated with Marisol. They both express interest in bringing her into their little "hobby", and while Adrian worries that she might be impenetrable, Dante is convinced that he can bend her. Marisol then rummages through Flora's old room and finds a pregnancy test. When Marisol meets with the girls at the park, she asks if Flora was pregnant, and while Zoila is mad at first because she keeps bringing up their dead friend, Rosie can't keep her mouth shut and then they all tell her the truth: Flora was pregnant with a rich man's baby, and she planned to extort him to keep it quiet. They told her it was wrong, but Flora didn't care. Ida retrieves the report on Flora's death, but it states that she wasn't pregnant. However, the report had been revised. Marisol recognizes the coroner as being Adrian's friend Dante, and the two of them realize that they need to get the original copy. At the benefit gala, Marisol purposefully spills a drink on Dante. She takes him to a bedroom and asks for his pants, so that she may remove the stain. She then takes the access key card to the coroner's office from his pants, but when she goes to give them back to the man, he locks the door behind her. He then offers her benefits in exchange for a few moments of pleasure. He comments that it's a little "hot" in there, and she demands that he get out of her way. When he doesn't, she sets the curtains ablaze with a candle, mockingly telling him that it is "hot" indeed. Dante is left to put out the fire while she leaves. Later that night, Marisol breaks into his office using the key card and discovers Flora's original report, which clearly states that she was pregnant at the time of death. She hands the report over to Ida, providing her with motive at last. ("Making Your Bed")

Marisol 105
Evelyn and Marisol talk about their respective sons. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Marisol walks in on Evelyn looking at old family videos featuring a young man. Evelyn looks depressed, and Marisol subtly offers to talk to her, but her kind offer is rudely declined. Meanwhile, Eddie and Ida meet with the A.D.A. to discuss the newfound evidence, the tampered report, but the latter tells them that the coroner maintains that it was a mix-up. Ida argues that it was a cover-up, because Flora was pregnant and that's called motive for murder. Eddie insists that he didn't have motive to kill Flora, but the A.D.A. brings up further new evidence that points otherwise. Ida meets with Marisol and reveals that Eddie proposed marriage to Flora, and she turned him down, so now it seems like he had motive. This proves to be another setback. Marisol meets with her son at the station and confronts him about the proposal and about not having told her. Eddie explains that he knew she'd be against it, and Marisol confirms this. The two of them end up engaging in a fight. Later, Evelyn asks for Marisol's opinion on two men's blouses that she bought, for she means to offer her son one of them. Marisol claims that she didn't know they had a son, and Evelyn explains that Barrett was killed 15 years before. Every year, on his birthday, the only day she and Adrian allow themselves to talk about him, they buy him a gift and discuss what he could have been like, as a coping mechanism. Marisol then confides in her boss that she has a son of her own, and their relationship is rocky. After Marisol realizes the effect losing her son had on Evelyn, she meets with Eddie again and tells him that, as strong as she is, she is not strong enough to lose him. Therefore, they have to get him out of there, but in order for that to happen they have to be absolutely honest with each other. Later, Eddie remembers overhearing a portion of a conversation Flora had over the phone, in which she claimed that something she did was on video. He tells this to Marisol. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Marisol 106
Rec room. ("Walking the Dog")

Marisol informs Ida over the phone that Flora was using a DVD to try and blackmail someone, and that it must be somewhere in the Powell house. She searches around the house for it, and instead finds an empty DVD case marked "Taylor #3". She plays the disc inside the DVD player and finds that it's a sex tape of Taylor and Michael Stappord, from one of their sessions when she worked for Adrian. Evelyn interrupts Marisol, and comes to learn that she found the DVD. She tells this to Adrian, who worries that Marisol might have been looking for the DVD and might be trying to hurt him. He suggests firing her, since they know Marisol has had an agenda from the get-go, but Evelyn isn't willing to let the maid go, and challenges Adrian to keep his secrets from her. Adrian is convinced. Some time later, Marisol stops by the Powell house with the fake pretext of having forgotten her spare key there, and asks to take a look around the study. Adrian, delighted and intent on playing the game, allows her to, but Marisol is unable to retrieve the DVD, which has been moved. She then wises up to the fact that Adrian might be on to her. Therefore, she decides to go in another direction: she makes martinis for Michael and Taylor and reveals to them that Adrian has a collection of DVDs of Taylor's sessions. Marisol offers to steal them, but she'd have to know where he keeps them stored. Michael keeps drinking, and Taylor asks them if he knew anything, but he doesn't respond and storms out. The women follow him to the Powell house, concerned, to find Michael beating up Adrian and demanding to know where the DVDs are. Evelyn shows up with a baseball bat, however, and intimidates Michael into stopping. She then takes Marisol to a room hidden at the end of a hallway where she sees a camera pointing at a one-way glass, on the other side of which is the bedroom where the prostitution sessions took place. On the walls are several shelves filled with an extensive collection of DVDs. Evelyn picks up the Taylor collection, and Marisol notices several DVDs bearing Flora's name. On their way out of the Powell house, Evelyn tells Marisol that she is fired - another setback. Later, Michael calls Adrian and they discuss the existence of an incriminating DVD of Flora's. Adrian claims that he destroyed it and Michael is relieved, but we then see Adrian holding a DVD that reads "Flora #10", with a grin on his face... ("Walking the Dog")

Marisol 107
A new alliance is formed. ("Taking a Message")

Marisol comes back to the Powell house one day to apologize to Evelyn and ask for her old job back, but Evelyn states that good help must keep the secrets of the employers, and she didn't, so she isn't welcome back in their house. Later, Marisol meets with the girls and they are sympathetic regarding her losing her second job, so they give her an envelope with money to help her in what they think is a time of need. Marisol is touched and accepts, to keep up her cover, and later, whilst talking to Ida on the phone, she confesses that she feels bad over lying to the maids. Ida tells her to keep her eye on the prize, for they are so close to getting Eddie out of jail. Marisol then meets with Rosie to go shopping, and a former student of hers recognizes her and addresses her as "Professor Suarez". Marisol denies being said person, but Rosie is left suspicious. She does a little digging up and uncovers that Marisol is indeed a college professor. She confronts her about this, and Marisol lies at first, but Rosie begs that she tell the truth, because they are friends and she can help. Marisol then reveals her agenda, and Rosie is horrified to learn that she is mother of the boy who allegedly killed Flora. She leaves and, in the rush, she drops her bag and accidentally leaves her cell phone behind. Marisol is scared that Rosie might blow her cover, but she reads a message from Spence that reveals his affair with Rosie, and she then confronts her fellow maid and threatens to reveal the affair to Peri should Rosie tell anyone the truth about her. Zoila and Carmen come over, having been told by Rosie to do so, but, and even though they find the other two maids arguing, Rosie invents that Marisol doesn't want to keep the money they gave her. The other ladies tell them that's nothing to argue over and try to keep things normal, but Rosie isn't willing to. However, after Raul brings her some correspondence from her son and shares sympathy with her, for a mother shouldn't be without her child, Rosie thinks further about Marisol's situation and meets with her to tell her that she will keep her secret, and help her get her son back. She asks how she can help, and Marisol gets an idea... which is how Evelyn Powell gets a new maid. ("Taking a Message")

Marisol 108
The crazies who cook. ("Minding the Baby")

Marisol coaches Rosie on how to get to the secret room in the Powell house where Adrian keeps his raunchy DVD collection, and instructs her to go through the Flora collection and find the one she was gonna use to blackmail someone. The other girls come in to the diner to meet them, but Rosie and Marisol can't join them for lunch. Marisol is quick to make up a lie, and Rosie comments that she's very good at it. Marisol replies that she didn't use to be... Marisol then comes home to retrieve her wallet and finds the Stappords having intercourse on the kitchen counter, and an embarrassing moment ensues. Later, Taylor reveals to Marisol that she and Michael are trying to conceive, but Taylor is insecure about whether or not she can bear her husband a child, which is all he's ever wanted. Marisol offers to take her to a clinic to get her checked out. Meanwhile, Rosie works as Marisol's undercover agent at the Powell house, but she takes the Westmore baby with her, which proves to be a complication... until Evelyn grows to be found of the child. Rosie is able to watch through nine DVDs of Flora, but nothing in them came close to an assault. At the clinic, Marisol accidentally spills that she tried their treatments and eventually had to adopt a child when she couldn't conceive, but Taylor reminds her that in her interview she'd said she had no family. Marisol is forced to lie and say she had to give the child back. Taylor then runs into a friend of Olivia's, who claims to have had a falling out with the latter, and reveals her plans to get pregnant. The woman then calls Olivia to inform her... Marisol comes home to find Olivia in the kitchen, preparing a pot roast for Michael, hoping to know why exactly he wants to impregnate Taylor if he still supposedly loves his ex-wife. Marisol confesses that she lied to Olivia about Michael still being in love with her, and thus breaks Olivia's heart. She apologizes, but Olivia says that's not enough. When Rosie informs her "partner in crime" that she quit her job with the Powells because of Evelyn's strange liking to Tucker, Marisol tells her that Evelyn's fine, but Rosie calls her out for lying so much. She then apologizes, but Marisol confirms this... she's had to lie so much she doesn't even notice it anymore, and she's starting to worry about herself. However, when Rosie comes back to the Powell house to collect her pay, she notices an additional Flora DVD in the safe, and agrees to come back and work for Evelyn, per her request. She informs Marisol of this, who tells her how to get to the DVD... and she does. ("Minding the Baby")

Marisol 109
Marisol poses as Flora. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Marisol shows the DVD to Ida, her consultant, and it shows a conversation between Flora and Michael about legal matters. Apparently, Flora's rapist agreed to a settlement, to write her a check should she stay mum about the matter, but Flora isn't pleased with the amount of money offered to her. Michael claims that she doesn't have any proof, and Flora reveals that she is pregnant, and the baby's father is close to the rapist. Michael warns her to be weary of the man who assaulted her, for he is vicious, but Flora claims to not be worried. Marisol and Ida discuss over the two men apparently linked to Flora's murder: her rapist, and her baby's father. They wonder which of the two could have done the maid in. Marisol then has the idea of talking to Flora's grandmother, Mirta. She tries to visit the woman at her resting home, but Flora's cousin is there and refuses to let them talk, and forbids visitors for his grandmother. However, Marisol returns, under the pretext of visiting Mirta's roommate, and tries to inquire Mirta... only to come to learn that she is senile and mistakes her for Flora. Marisol pretends to be the deceased maid, and engages in a conversation with her "grandma", in which Mirta scolds her for not being as nice to Eddie as he deserves. Marisol wonders if Mirta thinks "she" loves Eddie, and Mirta confirms that Flora does, in her own way. However, he's never going to marry her if he finds out she's pregnant. Marisol wants to know more, and learns that Flora cheated on Eddie with a friend of his, and that's who the baby's father is. However, before she can get a name, Mirta drifts off, getting lost in her senility. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Marisol 110
Marisol interrogates a "friend" of her son's. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Marisol and Ida meet with Eddie in jail and question him about a possible friend of his with whom Flora may have had an affair. Eddie is confused, since he never introduced Flora to any of his friends, but then he remembers something... something that he doesn't want to tell his mother, only Ida. Marisol is aggravated, but doesn't have much of a choice, so she leaves them both to talk. Marisol then leaves Ida a message, asking her to tell her what Eddie said, and Taylor then comes home and announces that she's pregnant. They are all excited, but Michael's excitement wears off when he sees that Taylor wants to tell people. He worries Olivia might find out. Marisol meets with Ida at a later time, for Eddie is okay with Ida telling his mother what happened. Ida tells her that Flora met some of Eddie's clients... who bought drugs from him. Flora met Brad Valera, one of Eddie's co-workers at Beverly Cuisine Catering, and they sold drugs to the guests of the parties they catered to. Marisol is shocked; she goes to the point of questioning whether Eddie did kill Flora. Ida reinforces her hope, and sends her off to find Brad. Marisol tells her to let Eddie know that she won't be able to see him for a while. Later, Taylor comes home with baby clothes and Marisol suggests that she throw a dinner party to announce her pregnancy, and that she hire a catering company. When the time for the dinner party comes, Marisol interrogates Brad, the caterer, about Flora. Brad tells her that the slutty maid made out with a rich boy at one of the parties, as soon as Eddie turned his back. Marisol asks for a name, and Brad points her in the direction of one of the party guests: Remi Delatour. Marisol is surprised, but her surprise turns into absolute horror when she notices something else: the dangling body of Olivia Rice just outside their window, hanging from a tree. She rushes to get Michael's attention, and he runs outside to try and save his suicidal ex-wife. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Marisol 111
Peek-a-boo, I hear you... ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Taylor is upset over the fact that Michael keeps dedicating a lot of time to doting on his ex-wife, who is recuperating from her suicide attempt. She wants to speak with Marisol about it, but is unable to find her. Meanwhile, Marisol is out to have a secret meeting with Ida in the latter's car, where they discuss that they can't go to the D.A. with their story because there's no proof that Flora was pregnant with Remi's baby. The following day, Taylor finally finds Marisol, who tells her she had to meet with a friend to discuss some issues. Taylor tells her of her problem with Michael and Olivia, and Marisol suggests that she goes with Michael to the hospital to show support, as a sign of good faith. Taylor is thankful, and asks Marisol about her friend's issues, but the maid refuses to answer. Taylor points out that she tells her maid everything but she reveals nothing about her life in return, and Marisol claims that her life is not very interesting. Later, Marisol and Ida put on a show: Remi shows up at the Stappord house, blindsighting Michael, having been called there by a woman. Ida then shows up, introducing herself and revealing that she arranged for this meeting. She brings up the fact that Flora was pregnant with Remi's baby, and asks the young man if that is why he killed her. Michael demands that Ida leave, and when she does he has a meeting with Remi. Remi then meets with Ida to make a claim for his innocence, and Ida shows him Flora's DVD, hoping he might help her with the case. However, he says he can't help her and barges out. Ida informs Marisol that Michael should be receiving a call soon, and that she should overhear it. Things go exactly as Ida anticipated, but when Marisol tries to eavesdrop on her employer's conversation, she is caught by Taylor, who becomes suspicious. Later, when Michael and Taylor are seen at the hospital, after one of his visits to Olivia, he thanks her for supporting him, and she apologizes for not having done that from the get-go. He asks her what changed, and she explains that she had a talk with Marisol, who straightened her out. They both agree that she's smart, and then Taylor, rather nonchallantly, tells him that she caught Marisol eavesdropping. Taylor doesn't take this into much account, but Michael isn't pleased. He tells his wife to keep an eye on Marisol and not let her know that things have changed. Taylor asks if something has changed. He says, "Oh yeah..." ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Marisol 112
A view to a kill. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Marisol has lunch with the girls and a celebrity news reporter hits up Carmen with questions about Alejandro's sexuality. When Marisol and Rosie share this with Zoila, the latter reveals that she herself has some juicy intel on the Delatour family but would never share it with the media. She reveals that there was a family get-together in which Remi punched his father, Philippe, and whispered something to him. Marisol is suspicious. Meanwhile, Remi confronts his father about having murdered Flora, an accusation that Philippe rebutts. Taylor receives a phone call to be informed that the Delatours' engagement party will be hosted at the Powell home, and the Stappords haven't seen the Powells since the night Michael attacked Adrian, so the evening should prove to be awkward. Marisol asks why Philippe is important to Michael, and what Michael does for him, and Taylor doesn't know how to respond. She then calls her husband to let him know that Marisol asked questions about Philippe. Michael informs his client of this, and Philippe, rather quickly, hires a hitman to take care of Marisol, while Michael does some research on her. He comes to learn that she is the mother of Eddie Suarez, the kid who was jailed for Flora's murder, so there is no way they can buy her off. When Philippe says that he's taken care of the problem, and that Michael shouldn't worry, the latter does just this. He rushes home to warn Marisol that he and other people know the truth about her, and that she must leave for she is not safe there. Meanwhile, outside of the Stappord house, Marisol is already under the watchful eye and the gunpoint range of the hitman. However, she goes to pack her things and he is therefore unable to fire. Taylor notices Marisol packing up and wonders what is going on. As Marisol goes to take her luggage to the cab waiting outside, Michael tells his wife everything. Marisol comes back for her purse and to say goodbye. She apologizes for having had to lie to them, and Taylor asks if she lied about being her friend, which Marisol denies. Taylor tells her husband that Marisol is their friend and they have to protect her, but Michael has other concerns besides her safety. However, Taylor won't budge, and goes outside to get Marisol's luggage back... and ends up getting shot in the stomach by the sniper, who thought it was Marisol. The hitman makes a run for it and Michael and Marisol rush outside and are horrified to find Taylor lying in a puddle of blood on the ground, yet still conscious. Michael urges Marisol to call 911 and holds his wife in his arms, desolate. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Marisol 113
It's showtime. ("Totally Clean")

Taylor is rushed to the hospital, and Michael informs the doctor that his wife is pregnant. Eventually, Taylor's life is saved by the experts, but her baby succumbs to the gunshot wound. Michael is devastated, and Marisol gives him her sorrows, but continues to ask further questions about Flora and Philippe's involvement in her death. Michael refuses to tell her the truth, because it would jeopardize his career and she still wouldn't be able to use the info against Philippe, but Taylor regains consciousness and tells her husband to tell Marisol... which he does. Later, Marisol sends out text messages to her three maid friends, telling them what happened to Taylor and calling them over to the hospital. There, she comes clean: she tells them that she's not really a maid, but a college professor, and that she's been posing as someone else to gather intel on Flora Hernandez and her death. They learn that she is the mother of the boy who was arrested for Flora's murder, that Rosie knew about it, and that Marisol thinks Philippe Delatour killed Flora. But she's gonna need their help to prove it... Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Marisol, Philippe asks the Powells to borrow their jet, but Adrian refuses it, and Philippe eventually slips up in his words and the Powells become aware that he murdered Flora, and decide to punish him together. Marisol tells Zoila to call Genevieve and say that her friends will help catering the party, and the four maids get set to bring down Philippe. At the Delatours' engagement party, hosted at the Powell house, the four maids arrange it so that Philippe follows Marisol to the bedroom where the sex sessions used to occur. On the other side, in the secret room, Rosie turns on the camera to witness the event. Marisol confronts Philippe about killing Flora, but is unable to get him to confess. He then advances on her to kill her as he did Flora, but Evelyn shows up with a security officer to throw Marisol out, because she doesn't want her in her house. Marisol is upset because nothing in the tape comes close to a confession, but what she doesn't know is that the Powells have their own little idea as to how to bring about justice for Flora's murder. Adrian fixes up a drink for Philippe, complete with a potent muscle relaxant, and before the murderer himself dies, Adrian lets him know that this is happening because of Flora. Evelyn witnesses everything, and the Powells then tell the police what happened as Philippe's body is taken: he confessed to killing Flora and jumped through the window, landing on the pool. The authorites question the Powells, thinking their story is flimsy, but the maids back it up, telling them they heard it too. The Powells are confused that they're helping them, but Marisol is pleased. Some time later, the maids all have lunch together at the park, and Marisol brings her son along, having now been released from jail. Their good fun is cut short, however, when ICE officers show up to take Rosie away... ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

Well don't get too attached to her, she's not going to be here much longer...
Opal Sinclair, "An Ideal Husband"

Following Philippe's death, Marisol leaves her job working for the Stappord's and goes back to working as an English professor at a university in California. Despite leaving her life as a maid behind, however, she remains close friends with her former employers. ("An Ideal Husband", "Crimes of the Heart") One day, at a bookstore, she meets a rich businessman, named Nicholas Deering, when they were both searching for a first-edition Du Maurier. They start talking and they hit it off. Then, they start dating. ("An Ideal Husband")

Marisol 201
Marisol realizes Opal does not like her... ("An Ideal Husband")

Three months after Rosie's arrest, we are shown the home of Nicholas Deering where he is seen admiring an engagement ring. His maid, Opal comes up behind him and asks what is that. Nicholas tells her that he intends on proposing to his girlfriend. Opal wonders what the girl will think of him after learning about his secrets. Nicholas tells the maid that she better not. Opal's son, Ethan comes into the room and announces his boss' girlfriend's arrival. Entering the room is none other than Marisol Suarez. The following day, Marisol arrives at Rosie's trial to be able to stay in the United States. She sits down next to her friends, Carmen and Zoila. The two women ask Marisol if anything happened the night before with Nicholas. The former maid exclaims that he proposed, and she then begins to show off her huge engagement ring. Carmen is surprised and tells Marisol it's not real, but Marisol states that it is. Zoila cracks a joke and the three women start laughing. Judge D. Daves yells out, asking why there are people laughing in his courtroom. Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila immediately go silent. Rosie ends up being released, but has to return to court in six months, pleading her case for asylum. The four friends are then reunited. Later on, Marisol is seen having some serious issues with Nicholas’s maid Opal. While Marisol is in the shower, Opal puts a pair of Dahlia's earrings on the nightstand so Marisol thinks they're from her husband-to-be. Marisol ends up wearing them to dinner, upsetting Nicholas. Marisol realizes that he didn't put them there, but it was Opal. She apologizes to her beau and Opal takes the earrings back. Later on, Opal informs her that after Dahlia’s suicide Nicholas was devastated, and he will never be able to love again - this is why she wanted her to see what Nicholas can be like. That night, Marisol confronts Nicholas and wants to know why he didn't tell her that Dahlia committed suicide. He claims he didn't want to scare her off because he blames himself. He says it is hard to talk about. Marisol makes him promise her there will be "no more secrets." Later, Ethan brags to Opal that Marisol helped him with his English homework, she tells him not to get too attached because "Marisol won’t be around much longer." ("An Ideal Husband")

Marisol 202
Marisol finds a note and becomes suspicious of Opal. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Marisol moves stuff into Nicholas' home. As she works on moving Dahlia's things out of the bedroom, Opal stops her, telling her that she must get permission from Nicholas. This infuriates Marisol as she is to be married to him, thus giving her the right to make some decisions. Opal reminds her that it is still Nicholas' house. Later on, as the rest of the movers arrive with Marisol's belongs, she has them put it all the bedroom. Nicholas soon arrives home and finds his master bedroom cluttered with Marisol's boxes. He asks his soon-to-be-wife the meaning of all this, and she informs him of what Opal said about permission. She also informs Nicholas that she just wanted to move Dahlia's things to the garage. Nicholas decides that it would be better to give it all away to goodwill the following day. After giving all of the stuff to goodwill, Marisol is seen strolling through the house with one of Dahlia's items that was left behind. Opal is furious as to why Marisol has it, so the ex-maid informs her own maid that goodwill left it behind. Opal's jaw drops and she runs upstairs to the master bedroom to see the closet. She breaks down into tears, screaming at Marisol that she had no right to get rid of Dahlia's belongings. Later, Marisol sits down with Zoila and Rosie and rants about Opal and how she wants to have her fired. Zoila advises against it. Finally, Marisol heads home and tries to talk to Opal, she reveals that she worked as a maid for six months so she respects her job. She apologizes for getting rid of Dahlia’s stuff without asking her. Opal begins crying and says that Dahlia took her in when she was nineteen and pregnant and she was her best friend. Marisol says that they should start over. Later, Nick is getting ready to leave on a trip for a week, he is a little nervous about leaving her alone with Opal that long. Marisol reassures him they will be fine and when he comes home they will be best friends. Nicholas jokingly says that that makes him even more nervous. The couple laugh, and then Nicholas leaves. Later, as Marisol is cleaning out the closet full of Dahlia's things she finds a letter that was left on the top shelf. It says, "Given all that you said I don’t care what you have to do, Dahlia. Get Opal out of the house. Love, Mother." This leaves Marisol terrified. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Marisol 203
Gossiping. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Marisol shows the letter she found to Rosie and Zoila. Dahlia's mom wrote the letter telling her daughter to get Opal out of the house ASAP, but her mom is dead so she can’t ask her what was wrong with Opal. That night, Marisol sits down with Opal’s son Ethan and looks through an old photo album. She discovers that Dahlia was friend with Evelyn. During Genevieve's luncheon, Marisol crashes and approaches Evelyn. Evelyn is shocked when she learns that Marisol is now in a relationship with Nick and no longer cleaning houses. Marisol questions Evelyn about Dahlia and Opal. Evelyn says that Dahlia never talked about Opal, but she did hear rumors after Dahlia died that Nicholas was having an affair with Opal. That night, Marisol finds Ethan still looking through the photo album. He says his mom went to the store to get stuff to bake Nick a cake, because he is coming home tomorrow. She begins quizzing Ethan about Opal and he reveals that he has no idea who his dad was, Opal said it was "better for everyone" if he didn’t know. The next day, Marisol is present at Alejandro's funeral. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Marisol 204
Marisol asks Nicholas if he is Ethan's father. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Marisol is convinced that Nicholas is Ethan’s father. Taylor encourages her to look at his financial records and see if he has any accounts set up for Ethan. If he is his father then he must have some sort of secret trust for him. Later, Marisol is trying to convince Nick that they should get a pre-nup, he doesn’t think they need one because he completely trusts her. She argues and forces him to call a lawyer, if she signs a pre-nup then she will get to see his financial records and know whether or not he has a trust set up for Ethan. Later, Carmen says to Zoila and Marisol that shas no intention of quitting her new job because Rosie says so. Zoila and Marisol head over and lecture Carmen, they tell her if she is a good friend she will quit her job at Spence’s and they will loan her a little money to survive off from until she finds another job. That night, Nick comes home and Marisol confronts him, she found out from her lawyer that Nick left Ethan $5 million. She calls him out and asks him if he is his son. Nick blatantly denies the accusation and announces he is sleeping in the guestroom tonight. He put two and two together and realized Marisol made up the entire pre-nup so that she could have access to his financial records. Opal confronts Marisol in the morning and wants to know why they were arguing about her last night. Marisol confesses that she thought Nick was Ethan’s father. Opal says that she met Ethan’s dad in a bar, and went home with him. According to Opal, Ethan’s dad was a monster and nearly raped her and that is why she hasn’t told Ethan who he was. Marisol is sorry for her. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Marisol 205
Marisol is confronted by Nick's jealousy. ("The Bad Seed")

Marisol's book editor Kim Rampton comes over to go over her book, and Nicholas is shocked when he realizes Kim is a guy. He is clearly uncomfortable and decides to skip work and crash Marisol’s meeting with Kim. After Kim left, Nick announces that the book editor is clearly trying to have sex with Marisol, and that he makes Nick uncomfortable. Marisol thinks it is a ridiculous idea, and decides to have Kim over for dinner with them tomorrow so that Nick can see that he is harmless. The next day, Marisol, Nick, and Kim sit down to dinner. Kim reveals his wife is divorcing him because he slept with one of his writers on a book tour, and then announces he wants an "ethnic girl like Marisol", proving Nick was clearly right about him after all. Finally, Kim leaves and Nick and Marisol begin arguing. Nick shouts at Marisol if she wants to be alone with her book editor to have sex. Marisol is really confused, and asks him why they are not laughing, because they are both really ridiculous in this discussion. Nick confesses that "when he becomes jealous he is not himself". He also explains he does not want to relive this situation again. Marisol asks what does he mean by that, and Nick revealed Dahlia had an affair. Marisol tells him he should not be worried, because she will never be unfaithful. Then, Nicholas kisses Marisol so hard that he hurts her. She steps backward... shocked. ("The Bad Seed")

Marisol 206
Marisol and Carmen discover Dahlia cheated Nick with Opal. ("Private Lives")

Marisol is seen going to Nicholas' library and takes a book from the shelf. When she opens it, the first page said "To Dahlia, with all my love, Adrian". Just then, the light chandelier behind her goes off. Opal is seen fixing the chandelier as Marisol questioned her if Dahlia had an affair with Adrian or anyone else. Opal was pressured, and when Marisol said she knew Dahlia had an affair and only needed to know who it was with, Opal fell of her ladder. Later, Marisol visiting Opal in the hospital. Opal then threatened Marisol to tell Nicholas about what Marisol had said. Opal promised not to say anything if Marisol stopped bringing Dahlia up. Marisol then have Carmen over to go through Opal's things. Carmen was offended when Marisol thinks she could break locks, but quickly forgives Marisol. As they go through Opal's locked closet, they found a lot of Dahlia's pictures, leading them to think Opal had a lesbian affair with Dahlia. When Rosie and Zoila came by, Zoila expressed uncertainty about Marisol's theory. Zoila remarked that if Nicholas was aware of this, why is Opal still working at his house, which got Marisol thinking. Marisol is then seen with Carmen before her showcase and gave a luxurious earring to sparkle up for the night. Carmen questioned if Marisol told Nicholas about the affair yet, to which she replied it was something she had to talk to him directly. Carmen further questioned if she was going to confront him about not telling her, which she replied yes. Carmen jokingly stated "the elegant badass is back". Carmen expressed concerned that Marisol had also not been herself lately, to which she replied it's because she wanted the marriage to work so badly, that she was willing to turn a blind eye when something was off, but not anymore. When Carmen asked if she was going to confront Opal, Marisol said no. She said she was going to do this Opal's way, with her eyes open, her mouth shut and her claws behind her back. When Opal arrived at home, Marisol was putting some flowers inside a pot. When Opal entered her room, she sensed something and open the not-so-locked-anymore closet. Then, Opal got out to the room Marisol was in, about to confront her. Marisol smiles at her. ("Private Lives")

Marisol 207
"Either she goes, or I do." ("Betrayal")

Opal asks Marisol if she opened the top drawer of her bureau Marisol, when she took her things to the hospital. Marisol says she did not, and adds Opal could leave it unlocked by accident. She also tells the maid that she cant wait for Nicholas to get home because they have a lot to talk about. Opal hands Marisol a cup of coffee, mentioning that she used a new mix. Opal tells her boss to enjoy it and then leaves the room. Once she is gone, Marisol dumps it into the sink, not trusting the maid. When Nicholas comes back, Marisol sits down with him and tells him that she knows Dahlia had an affair with Opal, and wants to know why he didn't tell her. He says that it was embarrassing, and he and Opal were both devastated when she died, and they helped each other get through it. Marisol says it has been fifteen years, and it is time to send Opal on her way. She tells him that she can no longer live under the same roof as Opal. Nicholas reassures her that everything is going to be fine and he is going to take care of it. The next day, Nick surprises Marisol with a brand new house, then he informs her that Opal and Ethan are going to live in their old one. Marisol is furious, and can tell that Opal has something on him, she says either Opal goes or she goes. Later, Nicholas gives Opal a severance check, telling her he needs to let her go. Opal tells her boss that they had a deal, but Nicholas says that they need to finally move on. Opal realizes that Marisol is behind this. Nick says that he loves her and that she is threatening to leave if Opal isn't fired. Opal asks if Nick loves Marisol enough to go to jail. Nick says that if he goes to jail then he is taking Opal with him. ("Betrayal")

Marisol 208
Marisol and Nicholas are married. ("Night, Mother")

Marisol is receiving a phone call alerting her that Nicholas had been in an accident. Ethan simultaneously realizes his car is missing and puts two and two together, Opal gives him the “shh” signal as she rushes out the door to drive Marisol to the hospital. Later, Marisol is allowed to see Nick; the doctors reveal to her that Nick has to have a very dangerous surgery and remove bone fragments that are pressing on his aorta. Nick asks Marisol to marry him in the hospital in case he doesn’t survive the surgery. Zoila, Carmen, and Rosie arrive at the hospital to be there for Marisol. She confesses to them that she accepted Nick’s proposal, she didn’t know how to say no to him lying there in a hospital bed. Zoila tries to convince her to reconsider, she thinks Nick is evil. Rosie and Carmen agree to help her get ready for the wedding. Later, Opal receives a phone call from the police and asks Ethan to be her alibi when she meets with them for questioning. Ethan agrees to tell the police that she was with him all night, as long as she promises to move out and leave his life, he is tired of lying for her and covering for her, he is tired of carrying around her secrets. Opal shows up to the hospital with a bouquet for Marisol, who is in her wedding gown. She announces to Marisol that she is moving out tonight, but she wants Ethan to stay at the house, Marisol says that will be fine. The pastor tells Marisol it is time for the wedding and she heads in to Nick’s hospital room to say her “I Do’s.” As Marisol and Nicholas are wed, Opal cries, watching from outside the room. ("Night, Mother")

Marisol 209
Marisol confronts Molly for gossiping about her private life. ("The Visit")

Marisol is interviewing in-home nurses for Nicholas because he is coming home from the hospital soon. After she interviewed a woman named Ruth, Marisol talks with the next woman, Molly. The latter makes a good impression at Marisol; Molly appears to be funny but also really competent. Marisol decides to hire her. Later, after Molly prepared her room, she talks with Marisol while she is writing her book. Molly reveals she used to work for Shel Sumac who was nice when he was sobber. Marisol tells to her she seems to have worked for a lot of crazies. She adds that is sort of what her book is about: working for the rich and famous and seeing their insanity up close and personal. Molly says that sounds juicy but she should stop to bothering her. Marisol says there is no problem because she has someone in the house that she can talk to. Then, Marisol adds she had some problems with Opal, the woman who used to work there. Then, she reveals to Molly Opal's affair with Dahlia. Later, Carmen, Zoila, and Rosie head out to dinner together. They happen to be seated next to Molly, Marisol’s new nurse. Molly is sitting with her friends and telling them all about Molly and Nick’s relationship and how much scotch she drinks and she even snuck in and read Marisol’s book that no one has seen yet. Zoila pays Marisol a visit and tells her that her new nurse isn’t very loyal. Later, Marisol calls Molly out about snooping through her book and gossiping about her. Molly informs her she is a hypocrite, she wrote an entire book about people she used to work for. Marisol admits she is a hypocrite, but she is going to have Molly sign a confidentiality contract. Later, Evelyn, Adrian, and Tony pay Marisol a visit and bring her flowers since they heard about Nick’s accident. ("The Visit")

Marisol 210
Marisol learns her husband killed someone. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

In the hospital, Nick is popping pain pills. Marisol is worried because he takes too many pills, but she is also happy because he is alright. She tells Nicholas that Opal left the house so they will start their lives as a married couple. Then, two detectives comes to see Marisol, asking if they can talk to Nick about his accident. The woman asks her husband if he cans talk to the police about the accident, but thanks to his pills, Nick says, “I didn’t mean to kill him, he was right in front of me.” Marisol tries to ask him what he is talking about, but he is less than helpful. Marisol pays Nick a visit at the hospital the next day and tells him that he was rambling about killing someone when he was on his meds. Nick denies it, but Marisol isn’t convinced. Later, Carmen receives a phone call from Marisol. She asks her if they can meet for the breakfeast the next day because she wants to tell her what Nick told her. Carmen agrees. The next day, Marisol goes to Spence's house in order to discover why Carmen was not present at their breakfeast. She discovers Carmen is hung over again and she is lying on the ground. She helps her to wake up, when Spence enters in the room without his pants. Marisol asks her friend what happened the last night, and Carmen tells her she did not sleep with Spence. Marisol tells her she believes her but Rosie could not if she knew about this. Carmen agrees and tells her she won't drink with Spence anymore. She adds they had an amazing conversation because once "the liquor is poured, the walls come down and the secrets come out". Marisol thinks about that and asks Carmen if the same thing could happen with pain pills, and her friend confirms it. Then, Marisol heads to the hospital and tries to drug Nick so that she can get some information out of him about the person he supposedly killed. Nick tells her he doesn’t need any pills, so she brings him a glass of juice with pain killers in it. He is on to her and refuses to take the pills. He finally snaps at her and yells at her to “stop trying to drug him.” Marisol calls him out and says she knows Opal was blackmailing him, she begs him to tell her the truth. He continues to lie and says he isn’t a murderer, Marisol gives him back the wedding ring and says that she is moving out. He calls for her to come back but she storms out of his hospital room. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Marisol 211
Someone is about to die... ("You Can't Take It With You")

At lunch, Rosie shows Marisol and Carmen the necklace that Reggie brought her. Rosie says that Reggie bought her the necklace because she refuses to sleep with him. Carmen and Marisol ask why she refuses, and Rosie tells her that Reggie is embezzling Kenneth's money, and that he manipulated his uncle into kicking Lucinda and Didi out and later put Kenneth in the hospital. Rosie plans to find proof he is stealing the money so that she can turn him in to the cops. Later, detectives arrive at Marisol's house, they are investigating Nick's hit and run. She shows them a security tape showing that he left the driveway at 9:05. They reveal to her that the hit and run was deliberate because there were no break marks. Later, Marisol is ready to leave Nick's house. However, she remembers what the detectives told her and she decides to re-watch the security tape from the night Nick had his accident. She realizes that Opal left just minutes after Nick the night of his accident. Then, Marisol calls Opal and asks her to come over and tell her everything, and she won't get the police involved. Later, Opal arrives at Marisol's, and Marisol demands she tells her who Nick killed. Marisol adds she must know the truth because it is how she blackmailed Nick, so she must have a proof. Then, Opal begins to say she had a wonderful life in this house with Ethan. She had the impression this house was their house, until Marisol came there and ruined everything. Marisol tells her she has two seconds to tell her the truth or she will call the police. Opal pulls a gun on Marisol, saying she kept taking everything she had. Marisol is afraid and and she begs the crazed maid not to kill her. At that moment, Ethan walks in and asks his mom what she is doing. Opal tells him Marisol knows she ran over Nick, but Ethan wrestles the gun out of Opal's hand. Then, Ethan asks Marisol to bring him a big red book, and she agrees. The young boy takes Nick's emergency money out of the book and says he has to leave town because he has gotten into some trouble. Marisol asks Ethan why Nick let Opal live in his house, and Ethan confirms his mother has something on him. He also reveals the truth about Dahlia's death. Then, Ethan leaves the house. Marisol says to Opal she is going to call the police. She takes the gun to the kitchen and begins to call the detectives. Opal sneaks in behind her and grabs the gun off the counter and shoots herself in the head. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Marisol 212
Marisol discovers Nicholas' secret. ("Proof")

The next morning after Opal's death, Carmen and Rosie head over to Nick's house in order to comfort Marisol. Nick arrives and apologizes to Marisol for having to see Opal kill herself. Marisol reveals that she knows Opal pushed Dahlia off the bridge, and that Nick must have killed someone too or else he wouldn't keep the secret. However, Nick is more worried about where Opal’s apartment is. Nick rushes off to figure out where Opal was living so he can get a watch back that he let her borrow. Marisol asks him if he will tell her the truth but Nick replies it isn't what she thinks and he leaves. Rosie and Carmen go with Marisol and the latter tells them all he would talk about was Opal's apartment, probably because she had a physical proof of what he did. Marisol says she needs to get to the apartment first. Later, at Opal's apartment, Marisol tries to find a proof of what did Nick but the landlady comes in, asking who she is. Marisol says she is trying to find something. Then, Marisol kicks the landlady out of the apartment, saying she will return the keys when she finishes. The next morning, Nick arrives at the apartment, and finds Marisol sleeping on the couch. Marisol says she tried to find an evidence of what he did and Nick replies she clearly did not find it, judging by the condition of the room. Then, Nick asks Marisol if he were to confess to doing something on accident if she would still love him and forgive him. Marisol tells him she does not know if she still loves him or not because she does not know him. Nick decides to leave the apartment. Marisol warns him that whatever Opal had on him, she will find it. Nick says that she will "wish she hasn't". Later, Marisol decides to return the keys to the landlady. The latter realizes there is a little silver key which is not one of her keys. She reads "Beverly Pacific" on it, and Marisol realizes it is the key of Opal's safe-deposit box, and she probably put the evidence there. She takes the key and she leaves. Later, Marisol has Carmen do her make-up so that she looks like Opal. Then, she heads to the bank to open Opal’s safe deposit box. All that is in the box is a yellow envelope. She opens the envelope and finds a bloody piece of fabric and a newspaper clipping. She reads the article and she says "Oh my God!": the article is talking about the death of a seven years old boy after hit and run... ("Proof")

Marisol 213
Marisol finally confronts Nicholas about what he did. ("Look Back in Anger")

Carmen, Zoila, Rosie, and Marisol are heading to lunch. They arrive at the restaurant, and there is a sign on the door that says "closed for private event". Inside, the girls find Spence waiting for Rosie in a room decked out in flowers. The girls leave the room while Rosie goes with Spence, asking if she wants to marry him. She agrees. Then, Marisol goes to the police station, hoping Nicholas will be arrested. However, the cops tell her they do not have a evidence so he will not. Later, Marisol barges in to Nick’s house and smacks him across the face. She knows that he was the hit and run driver that killed Adrian and Evelyn Powell’s son years ago when he was riding his bike. Nicholas says he hates himself for that, but he told nothing to her because he was afraid of losing her. Marisol tells him that he needs to go to the Powell’s and apologize to them and go to the police and turn himself in before she will even consider forgiving him. Later, Marisol and Nick head to Adrian and Evelyn’s house. Nick admits it was because Barrett died that he stopped talking to them, but because he killed him. Then, he confesses what happened to the Powells. Evelyn and Adrian are heartbroken. Adrian takes the Mayan knife, bought by Evelyn for their 25th wedding anniversary, and tries to stab Nick, pushing Marisol on the ground who tried to protect her husband, and misses. Evelyn tells Nick that the only reason he is still alive is because she believes a harsher punishment awaits him. Then, Marisol and Nick leave in order to go to the police station. The next day is Rosie’s big day, and her three friends help her get ready. Rosie doesn’t know if she should marry Spence, because she doesn’t think she will be as happy with Spence as she was with Ernesto. However, her friends tell her she should not compare Spence with Ernesto, and her marriage will be happy because Spence loves her so much. After the wedding, Rosie and Spence and all of their friends and family follow them out of the church to see them off. Everyone's happiness is cut short, however, as Ty arrives and starts shooting at everyone. Rosie drops her blood covered bouquet, leaving it unknown who was shot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

Marisol 301
Marisol champions the maids against Gail and her friends. ("Awakenings")

During the shooting, three people are shot: Pablo Diaz, the minister and Rosie who falls into a coma. Some time later, Marisol divorces Nick. When Rosie wakes up at the hospital, Marisol, Carmen and Zoila are present, telling her that she has been in a coma for the last four months. They also tell her that Pablo has been killed, and Marisol explains her book was just released and it became a best seller. Carmen rants that now Marisol is quite absent now and that she became Evelyn's best friend. Marisol points out that Carmen has been dating a married man, who "got her holed up" in a big house that he rented for her. Later, Marisol heads out to lunch with Evelyn and Gail, who congratulate her for her latest interview. Gail asks the two others women if they want to go shopping with her after the lunch. Marisol is not really sure because Carmen began to call her "frivolous". Evelyn scoffs that she can’t listen to Carmen – Marisol is successful now and Carmen is just a maid, so she is probably jealous. Marisol does not know what to think. Then, she asks Marisol if her "maid friends" will be coming at her book signing party. Marisol answers she does not know and asks if she cans go back to her later. The next day, Marisol heads out to lunch with Carmen, Zoila and another girl. The latter introduces herself as Blanca, a young maid who wants to go to college part time, but she is broke. Marisol tells her she will recommend her to the Stappords. Later, Carmen calls Marisol, learning she did not invite her "maids friends" to her book signing event. Carmen is offended. At the party, Marisol is signing some books. Gail is insulting the maids. Marisol is really offended, telling them their social position does not make them better than their maids. She leaves the party and goes to the hospital. She finds Carmen and Marisol apologizes for her recent attitude. Carmen reveals that she left Sebastien and Marisol invites her to move in to her guest room. ("Awakenings")

Marisol 302
Marisol is reluctant to have Carmen represent her new maid placement agency. ("From Here to Eternity")

At the hospital, Marisol announces to her friends that now her book is done, she is starting a placement agency for maids. Zoila, Rosie and Carmen congratulate her. Then, Marisol gives 10 bucks to Rosie because she won a bet about why Zoila is fat. At Marisol's house, Carmen meets Alma the living room. Marisol tells her it is one of the maids she tries to place. Then, Carmen asks Marisol if she could find her a job. Marisol is quite surprised but eventually agrees, even if Carmen has a lot of requirements. Later, Marisol visits Taylor. She says that she just came to drop off some paperwork for Michael about her new company, hoping he would handle the legal stuff. Taylor is unable to say when Michael will be home, but she promises to tell him that she stopped by. That night, Carmen asks if Marisol found her a job. The latter tells her it will take time. At this moment, Alma visits Marisol, revealing she found her a job. Carmen urges Marisol to find her a job, saying she is her friend so she has to be the first. The next day, Marisol receives a phone call from Thurston Howell III, a very rich millionaire who wants to hire a Puerto Rican maid. Marisol advices him to hire a maid named Ruth Rodriguez, and the phone call is ended abruptly. Later, Carmen confronts Marisol, revealing she asked Jerry to pretend to be the millionaire. Marisol tells Carmen she is bad maid, and Marisol needs a good reputation to get success, so if Carmen is bad at her job, it will reflect on her. Carmen understands and tells her she will find a job herself. The next day, Blanca visits Marisol, telling her she has to quit because Taylor was "asking a lot of her". Marisol advices her to ask something in return, so the problem could be an opportunity in disguise. That night, Adrian calls Marisol, asking a new maid since Valentina is leaving. He tells her he will accept anybody, and Marisol decides to recommend Carmen. ("From Here to Eternity")

Marisol 303
Marisol decides to hire a male as a maid. ("The Awful Truth")

Gail complains to Marisol about Lina, who is her latest maid. Apparently, she is too friendly, so Gail feels uncomfortable and she wants her to leave. Marisol says she can not send more maids if Gail does not pay for any of their work. Gail says she will pay her when Marisol will find someone she likes. Later, at a wedding shop, Zoila is presenting some wedding dresses to Rosie, Carmen, Marisol and Blanca. At a moment, Marisol says she found a new family for Blanca to work for. The latter says she worked everything out with Taylor so she is fine now. She leaves the shop; but Marisol is not convinced by what she said. At her house, Marisol auditions maids, and she calls Jesse. Realizing it is a man, she asks him why he would be a maid. Jesse replies it is kind of sexist that the boys are not allowed. Marisol is irritated and forces him to leave. Later, Marisol calls Gail with her phone, saying she found another housekeeper for her. Gail says the man she sent is already arrived. Realizing she is talking about Jesse, Marisol goes to Gail's house. She asks the man what he thinks he is doing, adding she did not send him, so he cannot represent her business. At this moment, Gail asks her why she did sent him before. Jesse says it was Marisol's idea to send him, and a happy Gail says it is time she give to Marisol her check. Reluctantly, Marisol does not say the truth about Jesse to Gail. Later, Marisol gives a check to Jesse, saying that it should cover his work for the day. However, because she still does not trust him, she refuses to hire him. Jesse explains why he wants to work as maid. He tells her his hard past as a soldier, and the horrible things he saw in Afghanistan. Eventually, Marisol is affected by his story, and agrees to hire him. The next day, Marisol is present at Zoila's and Javier's wedding, including when Rosie faints after she discovers that Ernesto is alive. Then, she, Carmen and Zoila force Ernesto to leave the ceremony, saying Rosie needs time before being able to talk with him. ("The Awful Truth")

Marisol 304
Gail is confronted for her improper disposal of the severed hand. ("Since You Went Away")

Marisol calls Gail because she still has not received a check for Jesse's services. However, she eventually finds it in her big mess. Later, Rosie, Carmen and Zoila are with Marisol at her house. They make a pact: no more weddings, because bad things happen at weddings. Then, Carmen reveals Blanca quit and left town, without saying goodbye. Everyone is surprised because it does not sound like her, and Marisol decides she will call her. She tries to do it that same night, but she has no answer from Blanca. At this moment, Jesse visits Marisol and tells her he found a severed hand at Gail's. He explains that Gail asked him to move the hand to dump it on the Powells' lawn. Marisol is shocked, and says it is a crime scene so the cops need to catch whoever is doing this. She tells Jesse to leave the hand exactly where is it, however the latter took it with him and show it to Marisol. The next day, Marisol goes to Gail's house to force her to call the police. At first, Gail refuses because she does not want to be "a social pariah", but Marisol forces her, saying if Gail does not call the police, she will do it and says that she tried to pawn the hand off on the Powells. Gail reluctantly agrees to do it. Later, when Jesse visits her, Marisol tells him everything will be fine now, but Jesse tells her that Gail fired her. Marisol retorts she will find him another job, and Jesse notices how messy is Marisol's office. He suggests her to hire a maid, and Marisol agrees. Later, Gail calls Marisol because she needs a new maid. However, Marisol tells her she will not send her another maid, and that she is done with her. She also reveals that she hired Jesse, and she gives a look at her new maid. The latter is drying the sweat on his face with his shirt, revealing a part of his muscled chest. Marisol is watching him, and nibbles her lip with desire. Later, Marisol calls Taylor to tell her she is sorry about Blanca, but also that if Taylor needs her she still cans count on her. ("Since You Went Away")

Marisol 305
Marisol finds Taylor after her drug overdose. ("The Talk of the Town")

Marisol wakes up, but she is soon embarrassed when she discovers that Jesse is cleaning her panties. She tells him she will do it herself. Later, Marisol visits Evelyn to see how Carmen is working out. Evelyn tells her she has to leave, but she cans find Carmen at the poll house. Marisol goes to the building and sees Carmen, dressed as a dominatrix, whipping an all fours Adrian. Later, Marisol asks Carmen to come at her house, and she confronts her about what she saw. Carmen explains she agreed at first because Adrian pays her extra, but she says she will stop. Marisol says it is a good thing because employers and employees need to have boundaries. At this moment, Carmen confronts her about Jesse, and how sexy he is. Marisol reluctantly admits Jesse is gorgeous and each time, she has to remind herself to look in his eyes and not in his chest. At this moment, Jesse interrupts them, and reveals he is cleaning the air vents, so he cans hear everything. Marisol shamefully breaks down. The next day, Zoila, Rosie, Carmen and Marisol are taking a coffee at a café. Zoila asks why they are going to Marisol's house, but the latter reveals she is avoiding her maid, because of what happened earlier. Her friends tells her she should ask out. Marisol refuses and says she will just have to apologize. Later, Michael visits Marisol, pretending he needs to know if there is a way to contact Blanca because Katy misses her. Marisol reveals that Blanca has a sister, and asks Michael is everything is ok with Taylor, because she did not get along with Blanca. Michael did not know that, and he takes the number of Amelia that Marisol gives him. That night, Marisol tells Jesse that she apologizes after what she said about him with Carmen. Jesse reassures her there is no problem, before adding that he thinks she is really hot too. The next morning, Marisol visits the Stappords to suggest them to hire a new maid. When Katy opens the door, Marisol discovers an unconscious Taylor on the couch. Marisol calls 911, asking them to hurry. ("The Talk of the Town")

Marisol 306
Things get hot and heavy with Marisol and Jesse. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Marisol is at the hospital with Katy. When Michael arrives, she reveals that Taylor is alive. However, she explains to Michael that they are running a psych evaluation on his wife, because they think she tried to commit suicide. Michael tells her they had a big fight, and he asks Marisol to take care of Katy for the day. She agrees. At the Stappord house, Marisol takes care of Katy, when Jesse calls her. He thinks she is still avoiding him, but Marisol explains she is taking care of her friend's daughter, because Taylor is at this hospital. That night, Marisol discovers that Jesse cooked her dinner. She asks him to stay with her, because she needs to talk. After a moment, a drunked Marisol tells Jesse that she does not believe Taylor tried to kill herself, even if her marriage was on the rock and if Katy is creepy. Then, she kisses Jesse, who is embarrased and leaves, even if Marisol did not want to. Later, Carmen asks help from Marisol, after Adrian was sent to the hospital and because he was blackmailing Carmen to continue their sex sessions. However, Marisol confesses that she kissed Jesse, and then he ran out of the house. She freaks out and can’t believe that she is a predator, just like Adrian. Carmen asks what she will do with the real Adrian, and Marisol tells her she has an idea. Later, Carmen and Marisol visit Evelyn and tells her everything about Carmen's and Adrian's sex sessions. Evelyn wants to fire Carmen, but Marisol points out that it is wrongful termination, so Carmen cans sue Evelyn for millions, and the case could drag on for years. Evelyn eventually agrees to keep Carmen. Later, at her house, Marisol tells Jesse that she apologizes for their kiss. Jesse retorts that he left because he was trying to be a gentleman. He explains it is because Marisol had been drinking, and he wanted their first time together to be when she was sober. They kiss each other, and they begin a sexual moment in the kitchen. Later, Marisol sends Rosie at the Stappord's to be their new maid. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Marisol 307
Jesse quits his job for Marisol so that they can be equals. ("The Turning Point")

After a whole night of sex, Marisol and Jesse are kissing in bed. She reveals she has to go to a charity fund-raiser party that night. Jesse tells her he will go with her, because he wants to spend more time with her, to prove that what they have is more than just sex. Marisol is even further surprised, because she thought he would want to keep these things casual, but she accepts. At the party, Marisol and Jesse meet Gail, who is surprised to see them as a couple. Marisol explains her they are just starting so everything is new. The next day, Zoila, Marisol, Carmen and Rosie are together at a café. The latter tells her friends that she thinks the Stappords are lying about Katy's origin, but Marisol and the others do not believe her. Later, Sandra visits Marisol. She reveals Gail told her about her business, and how much Marisol enjoys her maid, so she would like to enjoy someone too. However, after some questions, Marisol is suspicious about Sandra, and asks her what she thinks she is selling. Sandra replies with "sex", going on to ask if Marisol is indeed a madam. Marisol is shocked. Later, Marisol confronts Gail about her meeting with Sandra. Gail tells her she said that Marisol is buying sex. She explains she said that because she thought Marisol was paying Jesse for sex. Marisol is shocked. Then, Gail asks her if they are not having sex, and Marisol confirms that they are. Gail asks her if she thinks Jesse would be interested in her if he was not paid. After a silence, Marisol says she believes it. Gail retorts they will not have a future together because, as long Marisol is holding the purse strings, they are not equals. Marisol comes to talk with Jesse, explaining she also wants more than sex and she wants to see where it will go. However, Marisol tells him he is fired, because she does not want to think of him as her maid. She adds she also does not want Jesse to see her as his boss because they are more than that. Jesse tells her he quits, and they kiss. ("The Turning Point")

Marisol 308
The girls agree that Blanca is being framed. ("Cries and Whispers")

Marisol, Carmen, Rosie and Zoila are watching the news, which reveal that Blanca's body has been found by the police. The reporter says that the police think Blanca killed herself, because they found a confession so they think she is the one who killed Louie Becker. However, Marisol and the others think that Blanca has been killed and framed. At her house, Marisol is working. However, Jesse notices she can not focus because she still thinks about Blanca. Marisol reveals that she thinks Blanca is innocent because she acted so normal, and she does not see her doing those gruesome things. Jesse points out that, under the right circumstances, good people can be really capable of bad things. The next day, Marisol meets Richard Atwood, her potential client. The latter keeps flirting with her, even when Marisol tries to make him stop. When he takes her butt in his hands, Jesse catches him and freaks out: he drags Richard out of the house, and shouts that he is going to kill him if he comes back again. Marisol is in total shock. Later, Marisol explains to Carmen what Jesse did. Carmen thinks it was hot, but Marisol does not think it was a good thing. Carmen explains he was just trying to protect, so he deserves a second chance. That night, Marisol and Jesse are out for their dinner, and she confronts him about what happened. Jesse tells her he is sorry. At this moment, a woman named Amber interrupts them and begins to flirt with Jesse. Marisol does not appreciate and, when Amber takes Jesse's butt in her hands, she kicks her away quite violently, just like Jesse did with Richard. Later, Marisol and Jesse head home after their date. Jesse confronts her about what happened, but Marisol says she just "lost control for one second". Jesse reassures her because they both had moments, and it happens. Marisol explains she is like that, because she always had bad luck with men. Then, she goes to take a shower, and tells Jesse to hurry up to join her. ("Cries and Whispers")

Marisol 309
Marisol's poor luck with men comes to affect her greatly. ("Bad Girl")

Marisol meets with Taylor when finding out that Michael has left her, but as she tries to figure out what's going on, Taylor snaps at her former maid, wishing for her to just be supportive instead of snooping for information. Marisol later leaves Michael a message, wishing to speak with him, but then finds Jesse taking a break from his job-hunt. She wants to help him, but he refuses to mix business with pleasure. Marisol still takes one of his resumes anyway, and eventually ends up at the Elswood Country Club where she hands in Jesse's application. It goes rejected though, for it turns out Jesse has already worked at the country club but was fired due when another employee - Louie Becker - reported him for breaking club rules. Marisol is left shocked. She later meets with her friends where she brings up this revelation; she doesn't want to believe Jesse's a killer, but owes it to Blanca to find out. She goes to Jesse's place to cook him chicken... but forgets the chicken. She has him run out to a store 40 minutes away, and in the meantime she begins snooping around his home. As she looks around, she comes across a box underneath his bed and discovers his gun. Jesse arrives home just as Marisol does so and she raises it up at him in fear. Jesse is forced to calm her down, and he explains to her when questioned that Louie spread lies about him because he caught him getting handsy with some women. Marisol lowers the gun and Jesse is appalled she'd jump to such conclusions; he proceeds to kick her out, ending their relationship. Michael later shows up at Marisol's house, as per her request; he wants Marisol to be keeping an eye on Taylor because he knows she's been having an affair for quite sometime. ("Bad Girl")

Marisol 310
Olivia makes some questionable statements. ("Whiplash")

Marisol visits Jesse, trying to make it up to him for how she acted, but he has no interest in taking him back. Alas though, he needs a job, so he agrees that she can begin making it up to him by writing a good recommendation. Rosie, meanwhile, has started becoming suspicious of Taylor, so she meets with Marisol about it. Marisol doesn't think Taylor could have killed anyone, but Rosie suspects that maybe her lover did; it's his identity that is still questioned. When Marisol returns home, she is shocked to find Olivia Rice roaming her house; apparently, she is who Jesse wants to work for and, ever-fearful of Olivia's raving lunacy, Marisol convinces Olivia that he wouldn't be a good fit for her. Jesse is furious about this but Marisol tries arguing that Olivia is crazy and that they don't need that kind of drama in their lives. This causes Jesse to realize that she still thinks that they could get back together, and so he makes it abundantly clear that that isn't the case. Feeling foolish, Marisol meets with Olivia and champions Jesse, making up some story about how she was jealous and feared she and her ex-boyfriend starting up an affair. Olivia is somewhat touched by this but assures Marisol that she needn't worry anyway because she's already seeing someone: Michael. She says how "the whore" (Taylor) is finally getting a taste of her own medicine because her whole life is falling apart. "I couldn't have planned it better myself," Olivia stresses, and Marisol grows concerned when she states that Blanca was murdered, with everyone but the maids believing that it was a suicide. Marisol meets with Rosie again, the former of which is now quite suspicious of Olivia for calling Blanca's death a "murder". She thinks Olivia may be playing a key role in what's going on. ("Whiplash")

Marisol 311
Marisol and Jesse officially part ways. ("Terms of Endearment")

Marisol has Michael over to discuss the fact that Olivia said the two of them were seeing each other again, which Michael confirms is true. Marisol grows very candid in her disapproval of the relationship, thinking that Olivia had something to do with Blanca's death, but Michael tells her that one day she's going to regret saying these things. She tries going to Olivia's house to snoop, but she is found by Jesse, who tells her that Olivia can't have murdered Blanca because she has cancer, meaning she's been too busy fighting for her own life. Marisol relays this to the girls, suspecting that Olivia is probably milking this cancer thing for everything's it's worth. This is confirmed when Jesse begins to find something suspicious about Olivia and so he does some of his own snooping. He finds a burger wrapper and some sketchy results in her internet history that confirms their suspicions. He shows this all to Marisol who then phones Michael with the truth; this causes him to leave Olivia and, with her seeming very upset, Jesse decides to follow her to where she goes next. As it turns out, she's headed to Marisol's place... with a knife. She attempts to kill Marisol for ratting her out, and in the process reveals that she hired someone to seduce Taylor so that the Stappords' marriage would be wrecked, though she has no idea what happened to Blanca. As she's about to stab Marisol, Jesse dives in the way, and Marisol is able to concuss the crazy old woman and have her hauled away under a psych evaluation. Jesse, in hospital, concludes that he came to Beverly Hills looking for a quiet life but since arriving he's had anything but; as such, he's going home to Seattle to be near his family. ("Terms of Endearment")

Marisol 312
Rosie and Marisol make a discovery. ("Suspicion")

When being fired as Genevieve's maid, Zoila seeks out Marisol's placement agency to get a new job. Marisol places her with Gail Fleming, which goes anything but well. Rosie has found stains on the couch in the Stappord house, leading her to believe that it's blood. She goes to Marisol about this, who reveals that if she pours Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain then she'll know it's blood because it'll bubble. Rosie returns to the Stappord home only to find Taylor has changed all the furniture though (staying one step ahead, as Rosie already questioned her about the stains.) Marisol and Rosie both find this very suspicious, and so Marisol goes to meet with Taylor in hopes of getting her to let up by getting her drunk. Rosie, meanwhile, tries to get in touch with Spence because since he was her sponsor he may know some about her affair. As Taylor and Marisol go out, Taylor sees right through Marisol's attempt to pump her for information, and storms away from their get-together. Marisol decides to put a Plan B into action and heads to Kivnik's warehouse which is where Taylor's old couch has been sent. Whilst Rosie deals with other matters at hand, Marisol is able to retrieve the couch and get a hold of some Hydrogen Peroxide. She pours it on the couch, and sure enough, it bubbles up. The couch is blood stained, and Marisol is now closer to discovering what it is Taylor is hiding, as well as cracking the Louie Becker murder case. She calls Rosie down to her to reveal all of this. ("Suspicion")

Marisol 313
Taylor confesses everything to Marisol. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

The girls are coming close to cracking the murder case, but this is put on hold as Carmen arrives to announce that she and Sebastien are getting married. Marisol is not so approving of this, which results in an argument between the two gals. Carmen, however, begins to feel Marisol may be right, while Marisol is meanwhile trying to figure out what Taylor is up to, especially after she has Michael taken in by the police. Initially Marisol is thrown out by Taylor, but she comes back when she knows Taylor will be unable to alert the police about her. Finally, the blonde confesses to everything: she and Michael had just adopted Katy and moved back to town, but things were falling apart in the Stappord family. Taylor felt lonely so she sought out comfort in a man... Sebastien Dussault. Marisol realizes that Sebastien is the killer and does her best to warn Carmen, who meanwhile has figured out at the same time when finding her missing dress. Marisol leaves Taylor to go the Powells where Evelyn and Adrian are in the midst of arguing over their upcoming divorce; Sebastien then arrives with Carmen in tow, holding everyone at gunpoint. He takes Marisol, Carmen and the Powells hostage, using Adrian's sex handcuffs to keep them all bound. He wants the Powells to give him a large sum of money so that he can flee town and no one will get hurt, so Adrian calls up Michael, who has just been released. Michael brings over some of Adrian's money and winds up part of the hostages, and Marisol and Sebastien both explain the night of Louie Becker's murder, and how Sebastien killed him to stop him from spilling the beans, and then later on Blanca. Michael is killed for threatening Sebastien, but Marisol is then able to slip out of the handcuffs while Carmen distracts Sebastien; she knocks him out and frees everyone. They all get out of the house and call the police, but the gas has been turned on. Adrian, meanwhile, goes back for a picture of his son, right as the house explodes. Marisol, Carmen and Evelyn are thrown backwards with Evelyn calling out in terror for her missing husband. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

I happen to think you're sexy as hell, and smart... and a little bit crazy, which is exactly my type. But I'm not gonna date somebody who's hung up on their ex.
Peter Hudson, "Once More Unto the Bleach"
Marisol 401
Marisol takes on another new lover. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Six months have passed and Marisol's book, Coming Clean, is now being made into a film. Things aren't going as they were intended to, however, and so Marisol goes to the head of the studio, Peter Hudson, to complain about Peri Westmore (who plays "Mrs. P") for ruining her movie. Peter offers to discuss the matter over dinner, but she finds it completely inappropriate that she should have to go out on a date with him simply to make her voice heard. Later, she hears from Rosie that Jesse is working for the Westmores, and she wonders why he didn't call her when he returned to town. She proceeds to meet him for lunch where he reveals that he never left in the first place, having lied because he thought that Marisol was having trouble getting over him, which was further bolstered by the "sad emails" she sent him during the six months since he left her. She is completely insulted by this, assuring that she in fact is over Jesse and using the fact that she's dating someone new - Peter - as proof. Marisol is next seen setting Zoila up at her new job at what used to be the Stappord house, and then she contacts Peter and takes him up on his offer to have dinner with her, but he has a less than grand time when she can't stop obsessing over her ex-boyfriend and how he lied to and insulted her. When they return to her place, Peter just wants to leave, telling her that he's not interested in someone who's still hung up on her ex. She tries insisting that she isn't, but this is simply untrue, and Peter goes on to say that he thinks she's sexy, smart and a little bit crazy, which is exactly his type, but her obsession with Jesse is going to get in the way of that. Marisol doesn't think so, and hearing herself complimented in such a way compels her to kiss Peter passionately. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Marisol 402
Genevieve declares war against Marisol. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Marisol gets a delivery of flowers from Peter, who didn't know what kind she liked and so decided to get them all; she finds this very sweet and gives him a call to thank him, only to interrupt him when he's absolutely swamped thanks to Peri's death - as well as the resultant death of her film. Genevieve, when watching Miguel for Rosie, sees Peter talking about the murder on TV, revealing that he is in fact her third husband. She believes that seeing him like this could be a sign that the two of them are meant to get back together and so she goes down to the studio and flirts with him in an attempt to invite him out to dinner. He can't go, already having plans with Marisol, and Miguel suggests that Genevieve just share "dessert" with him instead. She takes this as innuendo and gets a fantastic idea. Later, Marisol and Peter return to the latter's apartment from their date and Marisol is surprised to learn that Peter never read her book. Their discussion comes to an end when they open the door and find Genevieve naked on the couch, with Marisol surprised that she and Peter even know each other. The next day, Genevieve goes to Marisol's house and points out that the two of them are friends, and friends don't date friend's exes; therefore, she requests that she stop seeing Peter, and Marisol requests in turn that she be allowed some time to think about it. She tells Peter about Genevieve not wanting them to be together and he expresses surprise that she's giving up without a fight, having stayed up all night to read her book and now knowing that to be very out-of-character of her. Touched by this, she decides to stay with him and pays Genevieve a visit to break the news to her in person. While Genevieve seems to take it well, as soon as Marisol is out the front door she declares that this means war. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Marisol 403
Amends are made. ("War and Grease")

Marisol takes Peter to her favorite restaurant for a date only to be told that, thanks to Genevieve, she can no longer eat there. Genevieve herself has a table and invites Peter to join, pretending Marisol is invisible, and as they leave the restaurant Peter encourages his girlfriend to just ignore his ex-wife's attacks... at which point Marisol's car arrives with the word "WHORE" branded across the windshield. Marisol later meets with the girls; apparently Genevieve is friends with her waxer as well and so she just got a "revenge wax", to the horror of Zoila and Carmen. While Carmen thinks Marisol should start getting even with Genevieve, Zoila reveals that the reason she wants Peter back so badly is because she never got over him after he just left her out of the blue with no explanation or goodbye. This confuses Marisol, who doesn't think Peter to be a cruel person, and later she asks him about it in bed, with him revealing that Genevieve cheated on him prior to his leaving and he was young and stupid and part of him wanted to hurt her as much as she had hurt him. He continues to suggest that Marisol simply ignore Genevieve but, with her maids getting fired from their jobs, Marisol can no longer do that, and instead decides to take Carmen's advice and fights fire with fire. One of the maid's sisters, Astrid, has just started working at Genevieve's salon. Marisol sends her regards when she has Astrid take control of Genevieve's hair and dye it green, to the old woman's horror, and then Genevieve shows up at Mariol's house to tell her that she crossed a line. The two finally sit down and talk things out though, with Genevieve expressing that she's extremely lonely with Zoila. Marisol expresses her sympathies, assuring that Zoila just needs time, and a truce is called on the "war". ("War and Grease")

Marisol 404
Marisol gives Evelyn a job. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Marisol is on the phone trying to score a meeting with Cece Sheffield when Evelyn awakes in need of breakfast, revealing that she can't go out because she no longer as any money. Taking pity on her, Marisol gives Evelyn her credit card to buy some food, only for her to then return home to find that Evelyn has replaced all of her furniture. She tells her that she's going to have to take it all back and get a job, retracting her credit card, and later, after Evelyn tries to join in on a meeting with all the maids, Marisol asks her if she's had any luck. Evelyn of course has no interest in entering the world of work, and so Marisol offers to arrange a meeting with a career counselor, but Evelyn then steals her credit card and sneaks out to do some shopping. Marisol, meanwhile, goes to Adrian to try and get him to allow Evelyn to have access to her money, but he refuses to relinquish control, leading Marisol to realize the extent of the cruelty he's been inflicting upon his estranged wife. Evelyn tries paying for clothes with Marisol's credit card only to end up being arrested for fraud, meaning Marisol has to reschedule her meeting with Cece so that she can bail Evelyn out of jail. Evelyn acknowledges just how far she's sunk and considers giving up and just going back to Adrian, but Marisol won't allow this, insisting that they'll figure something out. Finally, she has her meeting with Cece; however, Cece refuses to hire any maids because she doesn't want strangers in her home. Evelyn then talks to her, saying how everyone was gossiping about her dusty mess of a mansion following her last party and, feeling embarrassed, Cece decides that she will hire some maids after all. Marisol is impressed with Evelyn's strategy in landing her a client and, against her better judgment, decides to offer her a job working for the agency. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Marisol 405
With production resuming for her film, Marisol is asked to write the new script. ("A Time to Spill")

Marisol is invited to the Hamilton House Gala by Peter but she can't go because she's meant to be managing her employees who are working the event; Peter suggests that she have her new assistant Evelyn manage the employees, which Marisol can't envision going down well considering how hard it's been to get Evelyn to do her job thus far. Still, she orders Evelyn to do what she asks, despite Evelyn not wanting to attend because she fears humiliation. Jesse later pays Marisol a visit, revealing that Carmen is in fact Daniela's mother. She then meets with the girls and also learns Zoila has been pretending to be a rich homeowner. The reverend, James Hamilton, is happy to see Marisol is attending the event as a guest, though Marisol has her work cut out for her with Evelyn as she has to berate her into putting on a uniform in order to prevent her from socializing while she's meant to be working. Evelyn is disgusted to have polyester touch her skin, while Marisol is disgusted to be seated at a table with all the other wives and girlfriends while Peter talks business with Hugh Metzger and the likes. Marisol ends up drunkenly accusing the other women of being vapid and wasting her lives, unaware that one of these women, Candy, is in fact Peter's boss. Fortunately, Peter is able to smooth things over with her and proceeds to reveal that the reason he didn't want her involved in his discussion with the other men is because he didn't want to get her hopes up, but that doesn't matter now because Hugh Metzger wants to reopen production for her film and direct it himself, and he wants her to write the new script. ("A Time to Spill")

Marisol 406
Peter's decision jeopardizes his relationship with Marisol. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Marisol meets with Hugh Metzger and Trey to discuss the outline she wrote for her film, and she grows unhappy with the changes they insist on making such as changing the setting to that of Miami or introducing a "maid locker room" sequence. She goes to Peter with her concerns after he tells her that they said she was being difficult, and he assures that he will have her back if they try to make a change that's too drastic for her to handle. When another meeting is held, Hugh and Trey insult the lead character of Maria - based on Marisol - which Marisol finds hard to not take personally, especially when they say that no woman would do what she did and come up with the idea that she's actually a man in disguise. The three of them go on to meet with Peter who sides with Marisol as promised, but then Hugh states that he is unhappy with the choice of screenwriter and wants a change. Marisol is very insulted, though she likes the idea of getting a new director; however, Peter chooses Hugh over her because he makes the studio millions and he wouldn't be able to explain himself t the shareholders if he chose any differently. He tries amending things with his girlfriend before heading to New York but she points out that resolving this argument will take a long time, requesting that he stay. He can't do that, for apparently his work takes priority over her, and so she decides that it's good that he's going because she needs the time alone to think about things between them. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Marisol 407
An old flame is reignited. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Marisol meets with Jesse, who is planning to start his own business centered around fitness. Both of their relationships are on the rocks, and Jesse proposes that they have dinner as friends to discuss business. Not wanting things to be awkward, Marisol plans to make her dinner wish Jesse into an accidental double date with Evelyn and James, the former of whom understands why Marisol doesn't trust herself around Jesse upon seeing his fitness poster, which she confiscates. Marisol later meets with Carmen, who needs advice on how to push men away; Marisol is of course insulted. Later, Marisol and Jesse are out to dinner when Evelyn and James show up "unexpectedly", with Jesse and the reverend proceeding to hit it off. However, Evelyn has to leave with James due to other priorities, meaning Marisol and Jesse get into an argument when alone about her always jumping to crazy conclusions and him lying about moving back home. Marisol returns to her own home where she and Jesse settle their differences. He reveals that he never thought he wasn't good enough for her because of how great she is, spurring her to kiss him passionately. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Marisol 408
Marisol makes her choice, but was it too late? ("I Saw the Shine")

Marisol goes to return Jesse's boxers, with him having left them at her place after they had sex, only to end up having sex with him again when he reminds her of how much of a jerk Peter acted towards her. Marisol later meets Peter for lunch and realizes just how sorry he is for how he treated her, even wanting to whisk her away to Hawaii; she is able to forgive him, hoping that this justifies what she did with Jesse, whom Genevieve learns from Zoila is the ex-boyfriend of Marisol. This causes her to realize that Marisol recently cheated on Peter, and Jesse debates whether or not he and Marisol should admit this to their respective partners. Marisol thinks not, wanting to reconcile with Peter, who is meanwhile approached by Genevieve, who tells him that she heard a rumor about Marisol getting back with Jesse. Peter wastes no time in telling her that the rumor is untrue, but still she manages to get under his skin and force him to be paranoid in his recently patched-up relationship with Marisol. That night, when about to take her to dinner, he wonders if anything happened while he was away, asking if they're good; she assures that they are indeed "good", though later Jesse turns up and wants to properly get back together with her. She refuses, but Peter's assistant Derek witnesses the meeting and reports back to his boss, whose plans to propose are put on hold as he flies into a rage. ("I Saw the Shine")

Marisol 409
Marisol helps Genevieve realize she didn't have an affair, but was raped. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Marisol goes to see Peter in his office but learns from Derek that he's gone to Hawaii without her and has no interest in talking to her because he knows she cheated. Not able to understand how he found out, Marisol visits Jesse to ask if he told anyone and, after being hurt initially, Jesse eventually realizes that he made vague reference of their affair to Genevieve Delatour, whom Marisol correctly assumes went to Peter and told him everything in an attempt to break them up and win him back. As such, she goes to Genevieve when she's in the middle of hosting a book club, confronting her in front of all the socialites in attendance. Genevieve acts sweet in response, which Marisol outs as a cover she uses to stop people from realizing that she's just a self-absorbed, petty and ruthless bitch, claiming that that's why she'll end up alone. Marisol later orders Chinese food to ignore the current drama going on in her love life, and so Evelyn joins her as she is currently battling drama of her own with Adrian and James. Genevieve, meanwhile, is very hurt by Marisol's comments but, upon hearing Rosie's advice to Miguel that he needs to apologize to the people he's hurt, she comes to realize what it is she must do. As such, she turns up at Marisol's and says she's sorry, explaining that she gets a little crazy when it comes to Peter because she never wanted to break up with him, having only cheated on him by accident. As such, it soon becomes established that Genevieve had been drugged and raped by Hugh Metzger, who seems to have done the same to Peri Westmore... ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Marisol 410
Peter proposes to Marisol, and she accepts. ("Grime and Punishment")

Marisol meets with the girls for coffee where she reveals to Rosie that someone she knows had been raped by Hugh Metzger, and suggests he may be the same man who raped Peri, and is possibly her murderer. While Rosie goes to further investigate, Marisol has baskets of flowers delivered to Peter's office in an attempt to apologize for her affair, but he still finds himself unable to forgive her, continuing to push her away instead. As it turns out, while Hugh raped Peri, he still didn't murder her, but when Zoila gets ahold of Peri's tape for The Circle, Marisol and Rosie watch and find out that Hugh's daughter tried to keep her quiet about the rape, leading them to believe she must be the killer. Upon researching Hugh's daughter, they come to realize that it's none other than Gail Fleming, and so Marisol and Carmen help set her up at her engagement party to Adrian for Rosie to meet and score a recorded confession out of her, where she is promptly arrested by the police, thus getting Spence exonerated. Peter, meanwhile, has spoken with Genevieve and realizes that he cannot let Marisol get away, and so he proposes marriage to her, which she accepts. A year passes and Marisol is supposed to be marrying Peter, but Evelyn arrives in the chapel where she calls the maids aside, revealing that Marisol was meant to be right behind her but now she isn't. As the maids leave to investigate, they find a smashed window dripping blood, leading them to believe foul play was involved. ("Grime and Punishment")

Marisol then proceeds to wake up, having dreamed the entire wedding and kidnapping, and goes on to marry Peter for real.[1]


  • Marisol is described by Evelyn as being 5'6" and 120 lbs, as well as "vaguely ethnic". ("Totally Clean")
  • Marisol is allergic to roses. ("The Visit")
  • Marisol alphabetizes her skincare products. ("The Visit")
  • In an early script for the series' premiere, it was Marisol's husband who was framed for Flora's murder, not her son.[3]
  • Marisol has formally met with every main character except Sam and Daniela.
  • Originally, the storyline for the fifth season would reveal that Marisol had faked her kidnapping due to events tying to a much bigger mystery that involved new characters and secrets.[4]
  • In the past there had been multiple discussions about introducing Marisol's first ex-husband and her father, respectively. Ultimately, they were never able to find the right story for the two characters.[5]


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


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