This article is about the Devious Maids incarnation. You may be looking for the real-life person.
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I don't do heavy metal or discounts.
Michael Feinstein, "Look Back in Anger"

Michael Feinstein is a famous pianist who plays at Rosie and Spence's wedding. He appears in "Look Back in Anger".


Real-Life Biography

For more information about his life, see Michael Feinstein.

Fictional Biography

Early Life

During his life, Michael makes a name for himself by becoming a famous piano player. Because of this, he is nominated for a Grammy five times, though he does not ever win. During his career as a pianist, there are two rules he has enforced: he does not play Heavy Metal or do discounts for his performances. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 2

While planning for his wedding to Rosie, Spence hires the pianist, Michael Feinstein to play. Rosie returns to her and Spence's house and finds Michael playing the piano. Spence introduces his fiancee to the pianist, and says that he's kind of famous. Michael says he's not kind of famous because he has been nominated for a Grammy five times. Rosie is impressed and asks how many he won. This kind of saddens Michael and he says he does not like to talk about awards, meaning that he didn't win any of them. Spence reveals that Michael has agreed to play at their wedding. Rosie says that that is a wonderful gift. Michael turns to Spence, wanting him to tell Rosie the truth. Spence pulls Rosie aside, and the latter is furious that they are paying him. Spence asks if they can please not talk about money right now because it upsets him. Rosie says that what will upset her is if they go broke. Spence tries to calm Rosie down, saying that they will be fine. He says he will try to talk to Michael about a discount. Michael, overhearing their conversation, says that he doesn't do heavy metal or discounts. At the wedding, Michael plays and sings as Rosie walks down the aisle. His singing and piano playing is also used as a voice-over as everyone exits the church and Ty drives by, shooting at everyone. It is left unknown who is shot, but Rosie drops her blood-covered bouquet. ("Look Back in Anger")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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