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Michael Stappord is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. A successful lawyer in Beverly Hills, Michael was initially married to the equally successful Olivia Rice; however, he wanted nothing more than a child, and she couldn't provide him with one, eventually being driven into insanity. This is only added to when Michael leaves her for his new love Taylor, and the two of them get wrapped up in some legal binds upon the acquisition of their daughter Katy. Mystery follows them in and out of LA, but it is Olivia's plots that eventually get the better of the rich couple, for she is the one who hires a man to break up their marriage which then inadvertently leads to her ex-husband being murdered by the very same assailant.


Early Life

I gave you my heart once before, and you broke it.
Olivia Rice, "Pilot"
Taylor EL 106
Michael is seduced by his future wife. ("Walking the Dog")

At some point, rich and successful lawyer Michael Stappord marries the equally successful famous decorator, Olivia Rice; but, she is unable to conceive a child with him and so the marriage starts to unravel over twenty years. He proceeds to become involved in Adrian Powell's "hobby", which involves setting up his middle-aged rich friends with young, beautiful prostitutes. Michael is set up with one by the name of Taylor, and their lovemaking leads to the two of them inadvertently falling in love with one another. Their affair becomes long-term and ends with him divorcing Olivia in favor of this younger model. However, he feels awful about this and is thus submissive in his breakup, sacrificing, among other things, their beloved maid Lupe. ("Pilot", "Walking the Dog", "Hanging the Drapes")

Michael 109
Michael negotiates terms with Flora. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

After Michael's client, Philippe Delatour, rapes a maid called Flora Hernandez, she demands money from her attacker and Michael meets with her in order to negotiate terms. She believes the amount of money she's being offered to be too small, despite Michael assuring her of what a generous sum it is. She reveals to him that she is pregnant, and the father of her baby is "very close" to Philippe - therefore she expects more. Michael warns her to be careful because he's seen Philippe in action and he knows how dangerous he can be, but Flora points out that she has bills to pay and a grandmother to support. Ergo, she wants more money and isn't afraid of going to extreme lengths to get it. Unbeknownst to them both at the time, this conversation is being recorded, and a DVD copy of it comes under the possession of Adrian Powell. ("Scrambling the Eggs") Days later, Philippe murders the maid due to her deviousness, and confesses the whole sordid tale to Michael. As Philippe's lawyer, Michael is forbidden to tell another soul what has been revealed to him in confidence. ("Totally Clean")

Season 1

They're really not our friends. They're only nice to us because I'm a successful lawyer and you're my glamorous wife. Once they find out the truth, that is all going to change.
Michael Stappord, "Wiping Away the Past"
Michael 101
Olivia crashes Michael's birthday dinner. ("Pilot")

Michael and Taylor interview a new maid, Marisol Duarte, following the reluctant departure of Lupe. The beautiful blonde is initially hesitant to hire such a well-spoken newcomer, wanting her old maid back, but Marisol agrees to work on a trial basis, saying that if the Stappords are unhappy with her services after one week then she'll leave. Marisol later happens across a crying Taylor and wonders what's wrong. Taylor doesn't believe that Marisol would be able to understand the kind of problem she's having, but the maid disagrees, assuring her new employer that she gives excellent advice. Caving, Taylor admits that her problem stems from the first Mrs. Stappord, Olivia Rice; Marisol recognizes her name and knows her to be a famous interior decorator, hearing that everything in the household was personally selected by her prior to the divorce. Taylor wants to change things and make her home more to her taste, but Michael is worried that this might offend Olivia, hence her tears. Marisol assures her that in the grand scheme of things, she's still the winner, and an ex-wife's throw pillows hardly compare to the likes of good health and an adoring husband... which only confirms Taylor's suspicions that Marisol wouldn't understand her problem. At Michael's birthday dinner, Olivia drops in and makes a scene, throwing a crystal heart against the wall as a visual metaphor for how her heart was broken when Michael left her for a younger model. Taylor begs that her husband do something, but it is Marisol who steps in. She manhandles Olivia out the door, to the applause of the party guests, and this convinces Taylor that her new maid is worthy of a full-time position. Unbeknownst to her, however, Marisol is actually undercover, trying to exonerate her son of Flora Hernandez's recent murder. ("Pilot")

Michael 103
Michael considers leaving Beverly Hills. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Taylor goes shopping with Marisol to prepare for a dinner party and, at the supermarket, they run into Olivia. The latter apologizes to Marisol for the way she acted at Michael's birthday party, and Marisol accepts the apology, but urges her to apologize to Taylor as well. However, Olivia refuses to, and reveals that Taylor used to be a prostitute. Later, over drinks, Taylor explains to Marisol how she got into the sex trade business, and Marisol recommends that she tells Michael about Olivia's knowledge before the latter spreads it. Taylor requests that Marisol be by her side when she tells him. When they finally break the news to Michael, he decides that they all should leave to New York, an idea that doesn't please the women. Marisol later tells Michael that she can't move because of personal reasons, and suggests that she talk to Olivia and find out how she discovered the truth and what her intentions are. Later, Marisol stops by Olivia's with the pretext of bringing her some mail, and starts complaining about Taylor, hoping to ingratiate herself to Michael's ex-wife. Olivia asks her in for tea, and Marisol tells Olivia that Taylor is terrified that she might tell people the truth, and that the Stappords want to move to New York. She then lies and tells the old woman that Michael is still in love with her and will probably want her back, so it's best for Olivia if they don't move. Olivia decides to write Taylor a letter to let her know she won't tell anyone. She then asks how Olivia found out about Taylor's past, and Olivia reveals that she was told by Evelyn Powell. Marisol tells Taylor, who is delighted, and she then asks her boss to explain to her what is going on with Adrian and his prostitutes. Taylor explains that he hires women to seduce his inebriated friends during intimate get-togethers, while the friends have no idea of what is going on, and then he simply disappears when the time for love-making comes. Marisol is confused, and wonders what Adrian could get out of this... ("Wiping Away the Past")

Michael 106
Michael apologizes to Adrian. ("Walking the Dog")

Genevieve's business manager runs off with all her money, and her lawyer Michael explains to her that because he's in Brunei, he cannot be arrested because American jurisdiction does not extend to them. Remi is happy to still have his trust fund... until Michael breaks the news that he actually does not. When Marisol is snooping around the Powell house, she comes across one of Adrian's many DVDs which features Michael and Taylor having sex from when the latter was a prostitute. She is forced to abandon viewing due to the sudden appearance of Evelyn, and when she returns to continue collecting evidence, the DVD has been moved. Therefore, she decides to go in another direction: she makes martinis for Michael and Taylor and reveals to them that Adrian has a collection of DVDs of Taylor's sessions. Marisol offers to steal them, but she'd have to know where he keeps them stored. Michael keeps drinking, and Taylor asks them if he knew anything, but he doesn't respond and storms out. The women follow him to the Powell house, concerned, to find Michael beating up Adrian and demanding to know where the DVDs are. Evelyn shows up with a baseball bat, however, and intimidates Michael into stopping. She then takes Marisol to a room hidden at the end of a hallway where she sees a camera pointing at a one-way glass, on the other side of which is the bedroom where the prostitution sessions took place. On the walls are several shelves filled with an extensive collection of DVDs. Evelyn picks up the Taylor collection, on their way, Evelyn tells Marisol that she is fired. Later, Michael calls Adrian to apologize for how he acted, hoping for there to be no copy of the DVD where he and Flora negotiated terms for Philippe. Adrian assures him that he destroyed it ages ago, even though he's holding it in his hand as he says it. ("Walking the Dog")

Taylor 108
Awkward. ("Minding the Baby")

Marisol realizes on her way to the store that she's forgotten her wallet, but when she returns to the Stappord mansion to retrieve it, she is shocked to discover Taylor and Michael making love atop the kitchen counter. They fall off in disgrace and try to apologize, ingratiating themselves in their maid's eyes by revealing that they're trying to get pregnant. Because of this, Marisol offers to take her boss to a fertility clinic she's familiar with, and Taylor is grateful for such an opportunity, having been worried that Michael might leave her if she's barren the same way he left his childless marriage to Olivia. Marisol assures her against this, knowing that Michael adores her, and, at the clinic, Taylor asks her friend how she knew of such a place. Marisol reveals that she herself found out she was infertile there, but it was okay because she and her husband simply adopted. This comes as a shock to Taylor because she thought Marisol had no family, and so the fake maid quickly fabricates that she had to give the child back after she divorced her ex. An apologetic Taylor then bumps into Joan Fisher, an old friend of Olivia who has no qualms in telling the first Mrs. Stappord that Michael is attempting to impregnate his new wife. Olivia is distraught and appears in the Stappords' kitchen, only to be warded off yet again by Marisol who is forced to break the old woman's heart all over again by revealing that she lied about Michael still having feelings for her. ("Minding the Baby")

Michael 110
Michael sheds tears over Olivia. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Taylor is pregnant and can't wait to share the news with absolutely everyone she knows, but Michael is worried about word getting out because of how Olivia might react. To avoid her having to find out the hard way, Michael pays his ex-wife a visit and amicably breaks the news that he's successfully starting a family with Taylor, to her dismay. Marisol, meanwhile, convinces her beautiful blonde employer to have a dinner party to announce the pregnancy officially, having an agenda that involves talking to her son's old catering colleague about something to do with Flora's murder. Taylor is at first hesitant by the amount of guests who end up arriving, but everything turns out for the best and the Stappords are able to joyously announce the good news to all their friends. The festivities are cut short however when Marisol spots something horrifying outside... Olivia Rice is hanging by the neck from a tree, attempting suicide due to Taylor's pregnancy. Everyone is shocked and Michael quickly works to have her cut down, crying over the possibility of his former spouse's death. Taylor is deeply saddened to see how much he obviously still cares for her. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Michael 111
Michael advises Taylor to keep an eye on Marisol. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Taylor is unhappy with the fact that Michael has been visiting Olivia so often in hospital, and so she goes to Marisol for some of her legendary good advice. The undercover maid suggests that Taylor go with her husband on these visits to prove her support; meanwhile, she's been setting up a "surprise" meeting between Michael, Remi Delatour and her lawyer Ida Hayes, all in her efforts to exonerate her son of Flora Hernandez's murder. The meeting does not go well and merely makes Michael suspicious of Marisol, for she didn't exactly try hard to keep Ida from entering his home. Taylor later discovers Marisol eavesdropping outside her husband's office, which she finds strange. She decides to follow her maid's advice and go to the hospital with Michael, to his joy, and while there she tells him of what she found Marisol doing, wanting to think nothing of it because of what a good friend Marisol has been to her since she was hired. He tells her to keep an eye on their maid... he believes she could have some sort of an ulterior motive for working for them. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Taylor 112
Philippe Delatour claims another victim, by mistake. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Curious about Philippe Delatour and his involvement with Flora's death, Marisol asks Taylor a few questions, knowing Philippe to be one of Michael'] most faithful clients. Taylor doesn't really know anything, only that Philippe pays Michael a grand wealth of money, and grows suspicious when her maid continues to press the matter. Because of this, Taylor decides to phone her husband and tell him the kind of things Marisol's been asking, leading in turn to Michael telling Philippe. With the latter's private investigators at his disposal, Michael is able to find out that Marisol's real surname is Suarez: she is the mother of the boy arrested for the murder of Flora Hernandez. This too is told to Philippe, who assures his lawyer that he's already "taken care" of the matter. Michael now knows that Marisol is in danger and confronts her with the truth, advising her to leave as fast as she can before Philippe's gunman can track her down. Taylor, awaking from the nap she took due the tire of being pregnant, also becomes wary of the truth about her maid, not caring so long as Marisol never lied about being her friend, which she didn't. She insists that she stay so that they themselves can protect her, but when she goes outside to retrieve Marisol's bags, Philippe's gunman confuses her with his target and Taylor is shot in the torso. She collapses to the ground, blood pouring from her wound, and Michael is devastated to find her in such a state. With her employer's life in critical condition, Marisol rushes away to phone an ambulance. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Michael 113
At his wife's bedside, Michael talks of the night Flora Hernandez was murdered. ("Totally Clean")

With a bullet in her stomach, Taylor is rushed through hospital with Marisol and Michael fast in her wake. The latter warns the doctors that his wife is pregnant and they promise to do all that they can to preserve the baby... but they can't. Taylor is left miscarried and Michael is utterly crushed by the news. After hearing about this herself, Marisol enters her employer's hospital room and begs Michael to tell her about Philippe, needing to exonerate her son. Michael refuses, pointing out that he's Philippe's lawyer and so nothing he tells the undercover maid will hold up in a court of law; all that would happen is he would be throwing away his legal license and Marisol still wouldn't be able to touch Philippe. However, a previously unconscious Taylor utters her husband's name, and she orders him to tell Marisol what she needs to know. Michael warns her against this, but she points out that Philippe killed their baby, and so he deserves what's coming to him. Adhering to this point of view, Michael asks Marisol where he should start, and so she requests that he tell her about the night Flora Hernandez was murdered. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

When we get settled in D.C., Michael says we can finally start talking about adoption!
Taylor Stappord, "Crimes of the Heart"

Following the death of Philippe and the subsequent exoneration of her son, Marisol quits her job as the Stappords' maid and returns to her work as an English professor at a university in California. However, while her cleaning career may be behind her, Marisol remains close with her former employers. Meanwhile, the Stappords decide to move forward with their lives, and Michael lands a job for a firm in Washington D.C., and so they rent out their home in Beverly Hills to Spence Westmore. Michael also promises Taylor that once they get settled, they can finally look into adopting a child. ("An Ideal Husband", "Crimes of the Heart")

Season 3

So you have to decide... Are you standing by me or not?
Taylor Stappord, "Cries and Whispers"

Sometime after moving away from Beverly Hills, Michael and Taylor take a trip to Mexico, for the former was working with an international media group. They run into a group of people who were friends with a local journalist that was recently murdered by the Gaviota Drug Cartel; they explain to the Stappords that the man's daughter, Violeta, is now in great danger since the cartel is now after her as well. Taylor agrees to smuggle the child across the border and back to the United States, and Michael, who was initially hesitant, finally agrees to as well. ("Cries and Whispers", "Suspicion") The couple and their new child (who they've renamed Katy) move back to Beverly Hills where they try to carry on with their lives, and in order to keep Katy's origins on the down-low, they claim she was adopted from an orphanage in Argentina. As of the late, the Stappords' marriage has been falling apart as well, and Michael starts to believe Taylor is having an affair, something that Olivia Rice uses to her advantage... ("Awakenings", "Terms of Endearment")

Michael 301
"I think tonight's the night." ("Awakenings")

Finding Katy in Evelyn's garden, Michael and Taylor introduce their adoptive daughter to her. In her living room, Evelyn is serving some tea to Taylor and Michael, saying she had no idea that they came back to town. They reveal they've been back for a while, but have been busy with Katy. Evelyn asks where they found her, resulting is a nervous glance between the two Stappords, and Taylor quickly answers Argentina, saying Michael had business there so they visited an orphanage. She adds they knew that Katy was their daughter at the first look. Noticing Katy is not talking at all, Evelyn asks if she is dumb. Michael says Katy has some emotional problems. The little girl gives a strange look to Michael, and Taylor adds she had a tough start in life but she is adjusting. Evelyn decides to give chocolate to Katy, and leaves the room. Taylor asks why Michael said emotional problems, and the latter one retorts why Argentina. Taylor answers they can't say the truth. Later, Blanca is hired by Taylor and Michael. On her first day at the job, Michael is screaming at Katy for ruining his paperwork. Moreover, Taylor and Michael must head to the book signing for Marisol, and Taylor does not want to leave Katy alone so she plans to bring her with them. Michael asks Blanca to watch over Katy, while he goes to talk privately with Taylor. While Blanca is preparing her snack, Katy tells her that she and her mom do not love her dad. Blanca finds that really strange. At the book signing party, Genevieve says to Taylor and Michael she is happy for them about having Katy, especially since they missed all the difficult parts since Katy is older. Michael assures they do not miss all the difficult parts, and he leaves. He then approaches Louie Becker and gives him some money to spy on his wife, believing her to be having an affair and thinking that tonight she will be with her lover, since he is leaving on a business trip to Boston. That night a bloody crime scene appears in the Stappords' living room. ("Awakenings", "The Talk of the Town")

Michael 303
Michael is intrigued by what Blanca is telling him... ("The Awful Truth")

After the bloody crime scene, Blanca is more and more suspicious of Taylor, especially because Michael is not coming back from his trip. Eventually, the maid discovers some strange paintings, which represent the crime scene, in Katy's bedroom. When Blanca confronts the little girl about the dead man on one of her paitings, Katy answers it is her daddy. That night, Blanca confront Taylor about the paitings, while the latter is preparing a snack. Blanca tells her Katy told her the truth about what happened that night, and it is on her paintings. Taylor retorts they are about anything. Blanca retorts Katy killed Michael, which explains why Taylor does not want to go to the police because she is protecting Katy. At this moment, Taylor calls Michael, and the latter enters in the room. Blanca is shocked. Michael says hello to the maid and asks if something is wrong. Taylor answers she is just surprised to see him because she did not know he came back. Then, Taylor gives an angry look to Blanca, who realizes her mistake. The next day, Blanca asks Michael if he was in Boston all this time. Michael confirms it, saying his trip got extended. He asks her if Taylor did not tell it to her. Blanca replies she has had a lot in her mind, and Michael asks her if there is something he needs to know. She tells to Michael there were some things that happened while he was away. Michael asks what kind of things, and the maid answers it has to do with Katy. She begins to say that the night he left, but she is cut by Taylor who enters in the kitchen. Taylor says she needs Blanca to run to the pharmacy, saying her prescription is ready. Blanca retorts she could go later. Taylor replies she has to do it now. Blanca gives a look at Michael, who says it is okay, and they will catch up later. After Blanca left, Taylor says to Michael they could go out to dinner as a family that night. Michael agrees, and Taylor tells him she will make a reservation. However, Michael is clearly suspicious of his wife. That night, Blanca is kidnapped. ("The Awful Truth")

Michael 304
Michael learns of Louie Becker's death. ("Since You Went Away")

Michael approaches Katy in her room in order to question her so that he can find out if there were any men in the house while he was away on his business trip in Boston. Katy reveals that there was, recalling the glimpse she caught of what Michael assumes is Taylor's lover on the night that he left, and so Michael confronts his wife about this. He starts by blaming himself for her loneliness, before revealing what Katy told him, and Taylor is disgusted that Michael would use their daughter to get information like that. She tells him that the man Katy saw was just the Thai food delivery guy, before assuring him that she loves him in spite of their strained marriage and that she would never have an affair. Later, Michael heads down to the country club in order to find Louie Becker, wanting to know if he found anything out on the night that he asked him to spy on his wife. However, it seems that Michael didn't hear the news - Louie was murdered and subsequently dismembered, with his body parts showing up all over Beverly Hills. ("Since You Went Away")

Michael 305
Genevieve is defended by her lawyer. ("The Talk of the Town")

When Genevieve is approached for questioning by the police about Louie's murder, she hides in her bathroom as she waits for Michael, her lawyer, to arrive. It is revealed that she was having an affair with Louie, though she refuses to divulge much more than that. Later, Michael is watching the report about Louie on the news which is promptly turned off by Taylor, who makes the excuse that she doesn't want Katy accidentally listening to such an awful story. Her husband tells her about Genevieve, though he has no doubt she's innocent in the whole charade. He tries asking Taylor what she remembers about the night in question, but she insists that it was quiet, despite this being the night that Blanca was supposed to move in. She claims not to really remember and Michael asks if she's heard from Blanca since she moved back home; Taylor tells him that she has not and that she'd rather not discuss Blanca anymore because she wasn't a good fit for them and she'd just like to forget about her. Michael learns from Marisol that Blanca is missing and confronts Taylor about it, having discovered that his wife was giving their maid extra money, and he thinks that it was to keep her quiet. He knows she knows something about Louie's murder because he hired him to spy on her on the night that he died. She refuses to divulge a single thing, causing him to storm out to his hotel until an unknown point in time. ("The Talk of the Town")

Michael 306
Michael makes amends with his daughter. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Taylor is rushed into the hospital after Marisol finds her passed out from an overdose which the doctors think was an attempt at suicide. Michael is devastated and Marisol promises to get a new maid to him as soon as possible so as to ease the stress in his home, and in return she asks that he make a promise to her - whatever it was that made Taylor do this, he is to make sure it never happens again. When back at home, Michael tries telling Katy to go to bed, only for her to want to stay up and extra five minutes so that she can finish a "get well soon" card for her mother. Michael allows this while he goes and prepares her room for bed time; as he's moving her stuff around, he is shocked to discover the bottle of anti-depressant pills that Taylor overdosed on, and he confronts his daughter with them. She reveals that she put them in Taylor's glass because she was sad and she thought the pills would make her happy again. This causes Michael to yell at her and, the next morning, she runs away, thinking that her father does not want her anymore. She is discovered by Evelyn Powell, who brings her home and tells Michael that, while they may be difficult at times, children are a gift to be cherished because one never knows when they might lose them (she speaks from personal experience). Michael apologizes for how he acted towards Katy, and she ends up asking him if he's going to call her Katy forever. He says that he will, because that's her name now. Soon, there is a knock at the door and Michael answers it to Rosie, the new maid. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Michael 308
The Stappords' marriage dissolves after Blanca's death. ("Cries and Whispers")

Following Blanca's "suicide" and "confession" over the murder of Louie Becker, Taylor returns home from the hospital. The Stappords' new maid Rosie tries eavesdropping as her bosses speak with the police, a talk which gets Taylor very upset and causes her to go lie down for a while. She remains very sad about Blanca's death, which is worsened when Michael shows up with the deceased's necklace, revealing that Rosie gave it to him because she discovered that Katy found it on the night that Blanca initially disappeared. The clasp is broken, which suggests foul play. In spite of Michael begging his wife to be honest, she claims she has no idea how the necklace got there, and she says in all genuineness that while she and Blanca never got along she never ever wanted anything bad like this to happen to her. Later, Taylor is in front of the mirror when she notices someone sneaking around outside; she alerts Michael who discovers it to be none other than Rosie's husband, Ernesto, who claims he was worried about his wife's safety since she thinks that Blanca was murdered. Taylor snaps that this isn't true - that Blanca killed herself - and later Michael asks her who she thought the man outside was. He continues to pump her for information which finally makes her snap and exclaim that she wants to tell him things, but that would make him an accomplice to her crimes and then they would both go to jail were these crimes to be exposed, leaving Katy parentless. She tells Michael that he will have to make her peace with her secrecy, but he can't, and the next morning Taylor cries in Rosie's arms as she reveals that her husband left her. ("Cries and Whispers")

Michael 309
Marisol and Michael discuss Taylor's affair. ("Bad Girl")

Marisol, having heard that the Stappords split up, leaves Michael a message asking to meet with him, and later he shows up at her house to discuss Taylor. He knows that the two of them have always been close, and so he requests that his former maid keep an eye on his wife and make sure that she's alright, for he believes she's in over her head in ways he doesn't even know. Marisol tells him from personal experience that when you have something good you shouldn't just throw it away, but Michael reveals that it's a bit more complicated than that because he believes that Taylor is having an affair, and he thinks it's been going on for months. Marisol, shocked, wonders who this affair is with, to which Michael replies that she'll have to ask Taylor. ("Bad Girl") Michael has Katy with him in his hotel room for the weekend, now sharing custody of her. Following his separation from Taylor, Michael starts reconnecting with his ex-wife, Olivia Rice. He shares with her that he believes his old maid, Blanca, to have been murdered. ("Whiplash", "Terms of Endearment")

Michael 311
Olivia's deviousness comes back to haunt her. ("Terms of Endearment")

Again, Marisol has Michael over to discuss the fact that Olivia said the two of them were seeing each other again, which Michael confirms is true. Marisol grows very candid in her disapproval of the relationship, thinking that Olivia had something to do with Blanca's death, but Michael tells her that one day she's going to regret saying these things, due to the fact that Olivia has cancer. Marisol suspects that Olivia is probably milking this cancer thing for everything's it's worth, and indeed she's seen using it to get decent lunch reservations. She meets with Michael and requests that he move in with her and, feeling sorry for his ex-wife, he accepts the offer. Olivia returns home to her maid Jesse and tells him to prepare for Michael moving in, at which point he discovers a burger wrapper in her trashcan. Remembering that when his own father went through chemo he didn't have an appetite, Jesse goes snooping through Olivia's things and finds conclusive proof that she is faking cancer. He shows this to Marisol who then phones Michael with the truth; this causes him to leave Olivia and, with her seeming very upset, Jesse decides to follow her to where she goes next. As it turns out, she's headed to Marisol's place... with a knife. She attempts to kill Marisol for ratting her out, and in the process reveals that she hired someone to seduce Taylor so that the Stappords' marriage would be wrecked, though she has no idea what happened to Blanca. Eventually she is arrested and placed under a psych evaluation. ("Terms of Endearment")

Michael 313
Michael is killed by his wife's lover. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Katy is with Michael in his hotel room and so Taylor comes to get her, only for Michael to say that she's too dangerous for their daughter to be around because he believes that she is an associate of whoever killed Louie and Blanca. He slams the door in her face, making her distraught, and later Marisol pays Michael a visit because she shares his suspicions. He recalls that Katy saw the man Taylor was sleeping with and they try summoning her into the room so that she can perhaps reveal something about the killer; however, at that moment, police barge in and arrest Michael. It seems that Taylor told them that he is the real killer, so as to get Katy back in her custody. Luckily for Michael, the airline confirms that he was indeed on a flight to Boston on the night of the initial murder, but it's already too late to arrest Taylor for anything because she's fled along with Katy, having decided to devote herself to a life on the run after revealing that Sebastien Dussault is the killer. Michael is phoned by Adrian while at the police station, needing money, and when Michael brings it to him he asks too many questions; as it turns out, Sebastien is holding the Powells, Marisol and Carmen hostage, and he soon drags Michael into it as well. It turns out that Olivia paid him to seduce Taylor so that the Stappords' marriage would be wrecked, but Michael hired Louie to spy on him and a struggle led to the latter accidentally dying. Sebastien then killed and framed Blanca because she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Michael is just disgusted that this man slept with his wife and promises to kill him when all this is over. However, Sebastien shoots him directly in the heart, killing him instantly, and says that he doesn't think he will. Michael's body later burns along with the rest of the Powell house, though luckily his murderer is killed in the process. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Eventually, Taylor discovers Michael was killed by Sebastien. She feels a mix of shock, sadness and guilt, but she chooses to keep focusing on Katy.[1]



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