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Miguel is a sweet boy and typically very polite.
Dr. Lang, "Night, Mother"

Miguel Falta is a supporting character on Devious Maids. When his mother, Rosie, left for America, Miguel got left behind with his grandmother, not understanding why he had to wait so long to be with her. With his father gone, at least for the time being, Miguel had no strong male role model until finally he and his mother were reunited by Peri Westmore and her husband Spence went on to become his stepfather, and now Rosie, Spence, Miguel and his new stepbrother Tucker are one big happy family... so long as they can escape major drama for long enough to be happy.


Early Life

He's young. He doesn't understand why I haven't brought him here yet.
Rosie Falta, "Pilot"

Miguel was born in 2007 to Rosie and Ernesto Falta. However, he never knew his father as Ernesto is soon thought to be murdered by a drug cartel, leaving Rosie as a single mother. Unable to find work in Mexico, and fearing the same cartel who went after her husband may go after her as well, Rosie decides to move to the United States to work as a maid, while Miguel goes to live with his grandmother. She makes a promise to Miguel to one day bring him to the States with her, but for the time being, she starts saving up money to pay for a lawyer. ("Pilot", "An Ideal Husband", "Terms of Endearment", "Proof")

Season 1

No, no, no. This is my idea. I get to rescue the little Mexican boy, not you.
Peri Westmore, "Getting Out the Blood"
Miguel 101
Rosie ends her heart-wrenching phone call with Miguel. ("Pilot")

Hands are seen dialing on a cell phone and the shot reveals Rosie, sitting in Tucker Westmore's nursery, putting the phone to her ear. Someone answers, greeting Rosie, and the maid replies that she would like to speak to her son. Later, tears come to Rosie's eyes when the person on the other line asks his mother where he can see her. Rosie tells her son that she's going to see a very smart man and he's going to find a way to bring Miguel to America. Miguel tells her, clearly crying himself, that he misses her so much, but Rosie deters him from crying, assuring him that the smart man will find a way for them to be together. Miguel says that he wants to be with her, but the crying Rosie tells her son that she has to go, instructing him to tell his grandmother to watch for the check that she sent. Her son assures her that he will do so, and Rosie blesses him, saying that she loves him a lot. "I love you, Mama," he tells her, and Rosie kisses the phone before hanging up, becoming almost hysterical in her tears. ("Pilot")

Peri 112
Peri reunites Miguel with Rosie. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Rosie continues to work towards getting Miguel into America, but in the meantime she embraces in an affair with her boss, Spence Westmore. She also has drama with her other boss, Peri, though, who she finally decides that she is done with, and is prepared to be with Spence officially. While he goes out to get a ring to propose, Peri meanwhile flies to Guadalajara and brings back Miguel herself. She re-introduces him to Rosie and the two happily reunite, to Peri's great satisfaction. Silence isn't kept though, as it soon turns out Peri had discussed this with Spence, who was against it because he wanted to go about it legally. Rosie is disgusted that Spence was going to keep her from her son, and ever-so-grateful to Peri. She promptly breaks off her engagement to Spence and continues to adjust to having her son back in her life. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Miguel 113
Miguel inadvertently exposes Rosie and Spence's affair. ("Totally Clean")

With Peri having brought Miguel to America, Rosie is forever grateful and serves her boss a delicious breakfast, all the while Peri is loving having Miguel around the house because he does whatever she says, such as fetching her phone. Peri has to leave because she's shooting a movie and Rosie still remains upset with Spence. He later proposes to her again as she's turning down the bed, wanting to divorce Peri and adopt Miguel so that he may live there legally, but Rosie refuses to humiliate Peri that way after what she did for her, and, although she loves Spence too, she sees being with him as immoral, going on to say that the reason it's called "doing the right thing" is because it's always very hard to do. The two of them profess their feelings for each other as they mutually agree to put an end to their affair; unfortunately, Miguel has answered the phone to Peri and brought it into the bedroom, meaning that she hears the end of her husband's conversation with their maid and is fraught with anger. She later has Rosie arrested by immigration. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

Miguel 201
A brief moment of happiness. ("An Ideal Husband")

Three months have passed, and since Peri called immigration on Rosie, she and Miguel have been held in a confinement center until their trial. Reggie Miller is hired as a lawyer, and finally the judge grants Rosie and Miguel permission to stay in America until six months later when Rosie will plea her case for asylum. After the judge decides to let Rosie stay in America, Miguel is seen with his mother when she is reunited with Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila. Later, Rosie is seen cleaning the outside of a house while Miguel plays with his toys. Miguel suddenly throws them to the ground and starts running towards someone. Rosie looks up and sees her son hugging Spence. Rosie is thrilled to see him, and she, Miguel, and Spence all embrace in a hug. ("An Ideal Husband")

Miguel 202
Miguel meets his mother's new employers. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Miguel and Rosie are driven by Reggie to the Miller house, where Rosie will become the new maid. Rosie and Miguel are meeting the new family she will be caring for. Kenneth had a stroke and doesn't speak-he's in a wheelchair. His wife Didi, who is less than half his age - and an ex stripper - spends the entire meeting bickering with his daughter Lucinda, they clearly despise each other. Didi asks Rosie if Miguel is her son and if he speaks English; Rosie confirms it, saying that Miguel learns new words everyday. Then, Rosie asks Didi if she has kids. The latter replies it could be a possibility if Kenneth gets better, but they have time. She teases Lucinda about her age, but the latter replies Didi has been arrested because she had ecstasy. Miguel asks Rosie what is "ecstasy", but his mother tells him he does not need to learn that word. Then, Didi accompanies Rosie and Miguel to their room. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Miguel 205
The fear of Lucinda is put back into Miguel. ("The Bad Seed")

Miguel is playing in Kenneth's house, and Lucinda is annoyed because he is making so much noise with his new toy. She is even more annoyed when she learns that her father brought the toy for Miguel. She tells him to “stop being so nice to people he isn't related to”. Later, Rosie heads out to the grocery store and leaves Miguel with Lucinda. He gets up out of bed and plays with his remote control car. When Rosie returns Lucinda announces that she spanked Miguel, and Rosie is livid. She tells Lucinda is she wants to beat children she should go have her own. The next day, Rosie accidently knocks the statue that Lucinda has been making down on the floor and breaks it. Lucinda walks in and thinks Miguel broke the statue. She forces Rosie to punish him so she yells at him in Spanish, little does Lucinda know she is actually talking about ice cream in Spanish and not really yelling at him. Later, Lucinda walks in the livingroom and sees Miguel playing with Kenneth, she rushes out obviously upset. Rosie follows her and asks what is wrong. Lucinda confesses that what her father did to her when she was 15. She doesn't understand why her dad wouldn't let her keep a baby, but he let Rosie move her kid in to the house. She reassures Rosie she doesn't have a problem with Miguel, she has a problem with her dad. ("The Bad Seed")

Miguel 208
Some language in the Miller house sets Miguel up for trouble. ("Night, Mother")

Rosie heads in to Miguel's school, and learns that Miguel had an incident. Miguel called one of the girls in his class a “gold-digging whore” when she tried to eat his cookie - something he obviously picked up from Didi and Lucinda. Then, Rosie tells Lucinda Miguel got some troubles at school because he said bad words he learned from her. Lucinda tells her it is not a good time for that, because something is going on with Kenneth's bank account and she tries to figure it out. However, Rosie insists and tells her she can't say those things in front of Miguel. At the same time, Didi is watching the scene. Lucinda tells to Rosie she is the employee and she can't tells her how to talk. Rosie replies if she is the employee she could leaves the house if it is not good for her son to be here. A smiling Didi discreetly leaves the room. Lucinda says to Rosie she means a lot for her, and she would never want to see her leave. She adds she'll try to watch her language. Later, Didi and Reggie talk to Kenneth and use Lucinda's argument with Rosie to their advantage. Kenneth decides to kick out his daughter. ("Night, Mother")

Miguel 210
Rosie uses Miguel to get in to see Kenneth. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

After Kenneth suffers from a fall caused by Reggie, Rosie takes Miguel to the hospital her boss is staying at to have him pretend to be Kenneth's grandson so they can get in to see him. She tells Miguel that when squeezing his shoulder, that's when he says the magic word. The two then walk to the nurse at the front desk, who asks how she may help them. Rosie states that they are looking for Kenneth Miller, so the nurse looks up his room, but sees family is only permitted. Rosie states that that is alright, that she and Miguel are family, but Nurse Kelly questions this. Rosie claims to be Kenneth's daughter-in-law, while Miguel is his grandson, but Nurse Kelly says they are not on the list. Rosie acts as if this was possibly a mistake, since she just wanted to bring Kenneth a drawing from his "grandson." She then squeezes Miguel's shoulder, causing him to let out a "Please." Nurse Kelly is touched by this, but when asking what Miguel drew, Rosie squeezes his shoulder once more, causing him to say "Please," again. Nurse Kelly finally agrees to let Rosie in to see Kenneth for a second, but states that Miguel will have to stay with her. Rosie says that that is okay, and that she trusts the nurse; Kelly then gives directions to the room, and Rosie goes. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Miguel 212
"You're gonna need a sword." ("Proof")

At Kenneth's house, Miguel is outside, dressed as a pirate and playing with a fake sword. Rosie approaches him and sits him down. She reveals that "someone", referring to Reggie, is stealing from Kenneth. "His treasure?" Miguel asks. Rosie confirms this. She goes on to explain that she needs to help Kenneth. The problem is is that the "bad man" who wants Kenneth's "treasure" will be angry, and he has the power to send the both of them back to Mexico. The news shocks Miguel. Rosie tells him that sometimes they need to do the right thing and not what is good for them. Rosie adds she knows how Miguel loves America so she asks for his permission to help Kenneth; Miguel agrees and gives her his pirate sword. Later, as Rosie leaves the Miller's home, she promises Reggie that she will not tell anyone what he has done, she just asks that Reggie not interfere with her and Miguel becoming citizens. However, this was all a lie told by Rosie. She ends up reuniting Kenneth, Didi, and Lucinda, ruining Reggie's plan. He then tells Rosie to pack her bags because he will see to it that she and Miguel are sent back to Mexico. ("Proof")

Miguel 213
Miguel takes part in his mother's wedding. ("Look Back in Anger")

After reuniting the Millers and ruining Reggie's plans of destroying the family and taking all of Kenneth's money, the vengeful lawyer throws out all of Rosie and Miguel's immigration files. Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila offer to take Rosie out for lunch, leaving Miguel under the care of Valentina, however, it turns out that Rosie's friends were taking her to a lunch for her, Spence, and Miguel. Rosie and Spence are left alone together and Miguel joins them. Rosie is surprised to see her son there. Spence says he couldn't do this without Miguel being there. Spence then glances at the young boy, and he hands Spence an engagement ring. Rosie asks if this isn't just to keep her from being deported. Spence says he already lost her once and he will not lose her again. He then proceeds to get down on one knee and propose. Miguel and Rosie's friends all watch as she accepts. At the wedding, Miguel is the ring-bearer. He stands next to Spence as Rosie walks down the aisle. He is also first to exit the church, and watches as Rosie and Spence walk down the steps. Everyone's happiness is cut short, however, as Ty arrives and starts shooting at everyone. Rosie drops her blood covered bouquet, leaving it unknown who was shot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

I guess he's trying to look cool in front of his father. He already looks up to you.
Rosie Westmore, "She Done Him Wrong"
Miguel 301
Reunions are had. ("Awakenings")

Rosie is one of three who are revealed to have been shot during Ty's drive-by shooting, the other being the minister and Pablo Diaz, whose wound was utterly fatal. Rosie enters a coma, and throughout the next four months, Miguel and Spence are forced to move out of the home Spence had rented, and into an apartment. Spence also took a job working as a pornstar in a cable film. Rosie eventually awakens though, and so Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila all contact Spence, and he soon shows up with Miguel, resulting in happy reunions. Spence catches Rosie up on recent events regarding their living situation and his work status (albeit, not entirely.) Rosie soon hears from her nurse, Jerry, that the film Spence said he did was a pornography. At first, she's enraged by this, even going as far as comparing Spence to her first husband, Ernesto, but she finally calms down upon realizing he was just trying to take care of Miguel, and it was the only job he could get. Thusly, she apologizes, but threatens to make him end up in a coma if a sequel is ever made. ("Awakenings")

Miguel 302
Miguel shows his mother their new home. ("From Here to Eternity")

At the hospital, Rosie video chats with Spence and Miguel. They talk about the fact the apartment is small, but Rosie is convinced it will be enough for them. Then, Spence receives a phone call from his agent so he has to leave, but he asks Miguel to show to Rosie the apartment. Miguel obeys and more the tour is getting longer, more Rosie is horrified when she sees that the house is covered in Spence's dirty laundry, Miguel's toys, and the kitchen is disgusting. Rosie asks Miguel to show him the bedroom, even if Miguel is reluctant. She is horrified when she discovers the state of the bedroom. Miguel asks if he is in trouble, Rosie answers no but she adds that Spence is. Some days later, Rosie is arriving at the apartment with Spence and Miguel. She is really happy to see the apartment very clean. While Miguel goes to his bedroom, Rosie asks if Spence hired someone, who say he did not. Rosie tells him she is really impressed and they kiss each other. At this moment, Miguel comes back, asking Spence where Zoila put his Hot Wheels. Rosie does not understand, and Spence reveals Zoila cam to give him some pointers. He then tries to push Miguel back in his bedroom, but Rosie asks him if Zoila cleaned the apartment. Miguel reveals Carmen also helped. Rosie asks her son to leave, clearly angry at Spence. ("From Here to Eternity")

Miguel 304
Miguel comes up with a solution for everyone. ("Since You Went Away")

It soon becomes known that Miguel's father, Ernesto, is alive and well, and he wishes to reconnect with his son. Rosie and Spence bring Miguel to meet him where the entire situation is explained as best as it can be. Ernesto wishes to bring Miguel back to Mexico with him, however, something Rosie and Spence are against. In private, the two discuss the possibility of all of them going back to Mexico, but they realize this would not work either. Rosie doesn't want to give up Miguel, but she also knows she cannot forbid Ernesto from being in his life. Miguel ends up overhearing all of this and becomes depressed over it; Spence later finds him and explains that everyone wants Miguel in their life, but Miguel doesn't understand why they don't just share him. Spence promises to fix this, which he does. After talking things over with Rosie, the two of them meet with Ernesto and think it's best he stay in the United States so they can all have joint custody of Miguel; they'll be one big happy family. ("Since You Went Away")

Miguel 305
"Dammit!" ("The Talk of the Town")

Ernesto finds an apartment near his family and Spence lends him some furniture to use to decorate the place. Miguel is among them as they help Ernesto move in, and he witnesses the disdain that goes on between his father and stepfather. Soon he accidentally drops a cup, however, and blurts out the word "dammit". Ernesto lashes out at his son for this, exclaiming that it's a sin to swear. Spence tries to get Ernesto to lighten up on the boy, something Rosie is uncomfortable with because she thinks it's wrong for Spence to disrespect Ernesto in front of his son. Nonetheless, Ernesto wonders when the last time Miguel went to church was, and he is appalled to find out he hasn't been attending as of the late. He decides to take Miguel to church that Sunday, but this interferes with Spence and Miguel's routine ever since Rosie fell into her coma; they've been going to the park every Sunday to shoot hoops. Spence brings this up with Rosie, who agrees to talk it over with Ernesto. When meeting with Ernesto, he agrees to take Miguel to church on Saturday instead, but some lingering feelings remain between Miguel's parents. ("The Talk of the Town")

Miguel 306
Miguel tries to act cool in front of his father. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Due to the custody arrangement decided by Miguel's parents, he is taken to Ernesto's apartment to spend time with his father. Rosie can't help but hug her son goodbye... and doesn't let ago. This embarrasses Miguel in front of his father, who tries to make his mother stop, exclaiming that he isn't a baby anymore. The parents are a bit amused but also surprised; Miguel is obviously trying to look cool in front of his father. Rosie tells her son goodbye as he goes to his room in Ernesto's apartment to begin unpacking his belongings. Meanwhile, Rosie and Ernesto speak in private; Ernesto gives Rosie a flower to celebrate their wedding anniversary, which Rosie has forgotten. She continues to stay strong and deny her lingering feelings for Ernesto, but soon enough she is forced to break up with Spence because of them. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Miguel 309
Miguel makes some unwanted advances. ("Bad Girl")

Since Rosie and Spence's separation, Rosie has begun working as a live-in maid for the Stappord family, and so Miguel has come to stay with her. When cleaning Miguel's room, however, Rosie soon makes a shocking discovery among Miguel's belongings; she finds a pornography magazine. With Ernesto currently away on business in Mexico, Rosie has no one else to go to about this besides Spence. Spence takes Miguel to the park to talk to him about the magazine, and Miguel reveals that he has a friend from school who got it for him. Spence understands, but tells the boy that he's too young for this kind of stuff; however, he assures that he'll always be around for Miguel to talk to about "guy stuff". This brings up the topic of a girl Miguel has a crush on, and Spence advises Miguel tell her how he feels; she can't read his mind. Miguel then suggests Spence do the same with Rosie. Later on though, the girl Miguel has a crush on is revealed to be none other than Katy Stappord... who he tries to kiss. She's appalled, and shoves him away, threatening to kill him and dance in his blood. ("Bad Girl")

Miguel 310
Miguel whines for the bathroom. ("Whiplash")

As Rosie starts to grow suspicious of Taylor often leaving for the gym, she begins to suspect that perhaps her boss is going out to meet with a lover. One day, when Taylor goes out, Rosie decides to test her theory by following her boss. Getting Miguel, she has him get into the backseat of her car as she drives after Taylor. Miguel soon makes it known that he needs to use the restroom, however, despite Rosie assuring that he's a big boy and he can hold it. Eventually they make their way to a park where Rosie parks the car; she tells Miguel to use outside as a restroom while she goes to spy on Taylor. Soon enough, Rosie finds out what Taylor is doing; she's meeting with Spence. As it later turns out, Spence has been sponsoring Taylor in their addiction support group. ("Whiplash")

Miguel 311
Miguel's birthday is celebrated. ("Terms of Endearment")

With Miguel's birthday nearing, Rosie is given permission to host a party for him at the Stappord house while Taylor is out of town with Katy. In the meantime, Rosie has been rekindling a friendship with Spence while Ernesto has been out of town, but this is put to a stop when Ernesto returns from Mexico. Tensions rise once more between Rosie's first and second husband, but Spence refuses to not go to Miguel's party since he already promised the boy that he would. Meanwhile, however, Ernesto has been plotting with the cartel to kidnap Katy Stappord, so he has one member, Hector, infiltrate the party while dressed as a clown. From Miguel's perspective, all appears to be going well as the party commences, and everyone begins singing to the boy. Spence catches on to what the clown is up to though, upon seeing him taking pictures in Katy's room, and a fight breaks out. They make their way out to where Miguel is being sang to and soon Ernesto winds up in the might; the party is ruined. ("Terms of Endearment")

Miguel 313
Miguel cries for Ernesto not to go. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Ernesto is found out by Rosie for the shadiness he's been up to since his return; however, he's not a bad guy, for he just wants to protect his family. He has decided to pack up his belongings and return to Mexico to face the drug cartel once and for all. Before doing so though, Rosie insists he say goodbye to Miguel, stating that he owes his son that much. And so he does; Ernesto stops by Miguel's school where he speaks to his son in between the gated fence. He shares that he's done some bad things and that now he has to go and make them right. While Miguel believes in his father, he doesn't want to see him leave. Ernesto insists that he has no choice, and he tells the boy goodbye despite his cries for him not to. Ernesto is forced to ignore his son as he calls out "Papa." ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

Miguel 402
Miguel acts as Genevieve's servant. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Over the course of six months, Rosie has acquired a job working for Genevieve Delatour, and so she and Miguel move into her mansion. Following the discovery of Peri Westmore's gruesome murder, Rosie decides to go visit Spence, and so Miguel is left under Genevieve's care. When alone, they see on the news that Peter Hudson announces the closing of production for Peri's latest film, but Genevieve recognizes Peter to be none other than her third husband. Genevieve believes this to be a sign that she and Peter are meant to get back together, and so she gathers Miguel to go down to his studio and meet with him. Peter doesn't seem to want to go out with Genevieve though, and so Miguel suggests she bring him dessert. While not meaning any innuendo, it still gives Genevieve an idea. This also doesn't blow over well, for it turns out Peter has been going out with Marisol Suarez. Marisol later visits Genevieve, where Miguel is seen acting as his mom's boss' personal servant, opening the door and announcing Marisol's arrival. Genevieve comments that he's even an excellent driver. At the end of Marisol and Genevieve's talk, however, war is waged between the two women. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Miguel 409
Miguel admits to only acting out in order to get Rosie's attention. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Rosie remains tied up in her efforts to free Spence while Miguel acts out in school, threatening his teacher by saying that his imprisoned stepfather may kill him, and Rosie proceeds to receive a phone call warning her of her son's behavior. She believes it may be due to Miguel looking up to Spence and therefore thinking it's "cool" to be a criminal and so, during their next conjugal visit, she requests that Spence show Miguel that prison is not cool, and he suggests enrolling the boy in a program designed to scare kids straight. This fails due Miguel actually seeming quite taken with prison upon his visit, with even Kill Face failing to appear threatening when he grows distracted by the child's gummy bears. However, Spence soon learns that Miguel isn't acting out because he thinks criminal life is cool, but rather, because he feels Rosie has been ignoring her due to her ongoing investigation into Peri's murder. Spence feels bad for his stepson and informs Rosie of his feelings, meaning she's able to promise to pay more attention to him in the future. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Tucker 410
Spence is welcomed home from prison. ("Grime and Punishment")

The drawn out mystery of who killed Peri Westmore finally comes to a close as Rosie successfully discovers the true culprit, with the help of her friends, to be none other than Gail Fleming. Manipulating a confession out of Gail, the killer is carted away, and Spence is finally able to be released from jail. Though a detour is made first, that being Spence spends some time in the hospital in order to heal a gunshot wound, he finally returns home where he is welcomed with open arms by both Miguel and Tucker. The two boys appear to be getting along quite well, and Rosie has the butler, Jesse, escort the two boys to the kitchen so that she can have a word alone with Spence. She tells him that she knows he looks at Tucker as his baby boy, but that he's soon going to be a big brother. Miguel too. Spence realizes that Rosie is pregnant, and the two embrace. One year later, Rosie is revealed to be the mother of Miguel and Tucker's new little sibling. ("Grime and Punishment")


  • In an early script for the series' premiere, Miguel was left in Mexico under the care of his aunt Maria and grandmother, instead of just his grandmother.[1]
  • According to Grant Show (Spence Westmore), the reason behind Miguel's original actor, Octavio Westwood, later being replaced was due to him being too young, not really wanting to be on set, and being very hard to keep in one spot.[2]


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