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This minister was going to perform the wedding ceremony of Zoila Diaz and Javier Mendoza, but the marriage was called off at the last minute. He appears in "The Awful Truth".


Season 3

After Zoila walks down the aisle during her wedding, the minister begins the ceremony, starting with that they have all come together to celebrate the union between Zoila and Javier. He goes on the marriage is built on trust and honesty, and that marriage is about publically proclaiming everlasting love for one another forever, all in the eyes' of God. The minister begins reading a section of the bible about love, but while doing so, one of the guests of the wedding, Spence, looks up and sees his wife's, Rosie's, supposedly deceased first husband, Ernesto. The wedding is interrupted when everyone else starts to notice him as well, and due to the shock, Rosie ends up passing out. The wedding is put on hold while Spence tends to his unconscious wife, but Zoila is alerted that the minister will need to leave soon. She ends up not getting married at all though when having second thoughts about hiding the paternity of her child from Javier. ("The Awful Truth")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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