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Miguel, are you suggesting that your stepdad might kill me if I don't give you an A?
Mr. Harrington, "Much Ado About Buffing"

Mr. Harrington is Miguel Falta's teacher, who he threatens when receiving a C+ on an assignment. He appears in "Much Ado About Buffing".


Season 4

Mr. Harrington 409
Miguel threatens his teacher. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Following a teaching lesson, Mr. Harrington sees his class off as they leave for recess; however, one student, Miguel Falta, chooses to stick behind. He confronts Mr. Harrington for an assignment that he received a C+ on, whereas he believes that he deserves an A. Mr. Harrington points out though, that Miguel missed a lot of questions; in retaliation, Miguel argues that things have been different since his stepfather wound up in prison. While Mr. Harrington does feel for the kid, he simply cannot give him an A just because things aren't going well at home. It's then that Miguel reveals that Spence was arrested for killing someone, and implies that he may do it again too. Mr. Harrington wishes for confirmation that he's really suggesting Spence may kill him just for not giving the boy an A, at which point Miguel wonders if the teacher really wants to risk it. The boy then leaves, leaving Mr. Harrington petrified. A call is later put in to Miguel's mother, Rosie, and it later turns out Miguel has simply been acting out just because she's not been paying him much attention lately. Rosie promises for this to change, but tells Miguel he will have to apologize to everyone. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

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