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Mr. Jay is Renata Rubio's lawyer. He appears in "Dangerous Liaisons".


Season 2

Renata, Alejandro's aunt, is arrived at her nephew's house with her lawyer, Mr. Jay. She is crying for her dead nephew, while Mr. Jay is talking with Carmen and Odessa. Jay tells them Renata wanted him to thank them both for taking such good care of her nephew. He adds Renata is having a rough time, because Alejandro was all the family that she had left. The two women say they are sorry for her. Then, Odessa asks Mr. Jay if he is Renata's lawyer, which he confirms. He says came out from Miami to help her settle the estate, because Renata's had some pretty tough decisions to make. Odessa replies: "Like what?", and Jay says Alejandro left most of his money to charity, and his aunt only got the house and she can't afford to maintain it, so it is gonna be sold. Odessa and Carmen are shocked. The blonde asks Jay if they can at least stay here while they try to sell the house. However, Jay reveals they already have a buyer, he's paying cash and he's gonna need them out by Friday. Carmen is not happy by this, saying: "That's four days from now". Jay tries to calm Carmen and Odessa, because it is a difficult situation for everyone. Odessa replies it is most difficult for the people getting kicked to the curb. Jay says he is sorry, but there's nothing that he cans do. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

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