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Mrs. Anderson, along with her husband, are shown a home by the realtor, Sebastien Dussault, where they find a half naked Carmen, who has been living in said home. She appears in "Awakenings".


Season 3

Mrs. Anderson 301
Mrs. Anderson is not so pleased by her busband's latest discovery. ("Awakenings")

While in the middle of an unhappy phone conversation with Marisol, Carmen heads downstairs in the home she has been currently staying in, that was allegedly rented for her by her lover, the real estate agent Sebastien Dussault. Once getting downstairs, she notices a stack of papers on the counter, and then looks up to see a man, looking at her half-naked self. She questions who he is, shocked, and he reveals himself as Herb Anderson. Carmen asks why he is in her house, but before he can reply, Sebastien walks in with Herb's wife, wanting to show her the top-of-the-line kitchen. The two are both shocked as well to see Carmen, and Mrs. Anderson turns to her husband for an explanation. "I just found her here, I swear," Herb exclaims to his wife. While Herb and his wife bicker a bit, Sebastien goes to speak to Carmen alone, exclaiming that he thought she had an audition. She reveals he moved it, and so Sebastien turns to the Anderson couple, and suggests they check out the garden. Mrs. Anderson goes to do so, and drags her husband along, who stares at Carmen. ("Awakenings")


  • Even if they are both played by the same actress, Mrs. Anderson and Reese are not the same character.[1]


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


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