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Mrs. Parker is a woman who was once conned by Tony Bishara. She appears in "You Can't Take It With You".


Early Life

At an unknown point, Mrs. Parker hires Tony Bishara (who went by another alias at the time) as her personal chef. However, what she did not know was her new employee was a con man, and when entering an affair with him, would soon be blackmailed by threatening to tell her husband. Mrs. Parker ended up giving the con man a total of eighty-thousand dollars, which would've been more had her husband not suddenly pass away. Following this, the con man decided to leave Mrs. Parker to find a new victim. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Season 2

Having done a background check on his bodyguard, Tony Bishara, Adrian Powell comes to learn he is a con artist, usually making his way through by scamming middle-aged, rich, married women, having them enter an affair and blackmailing them by threatening to tell their husbands. Adrian visits Mrs. Parker, a woman Tony once conned. He thanks her for agreeing to see him, as she pours him a cup of tea. She comments that Rick Dresden revealed they have a "friend" in common, and proceeds to ask what he's going by these days, to which Adrian reveals Tony Bishara, adding that he presented himself as a bodyguard. This humors Mrs. Parker, who reveals he told her she was a chef. "Tony knows how to cook?" Adrian asks, to which Mrs. Parker says not really, but that he was attentive and caring and looked at her with desire in his eyes, something her husband hadn't done in years, "And with that body of his, he could've served me Chinese takeout and I wouldn't have cared." "So you started an affair?" Adrian asks. Having a sip of her tea, Mrs. Parker states she is not a stupid woman, but Tony knew all the right buttons to push - that was his talent - and why she hates him. Rick speaks up, stating Tony soaked Mrs. Parker for eighty-thousand dollars, to which Mrs. Parker adds it would've been more if her husband didn't die, thus meaning Tony now didn't have any leverage; Adrian apologizes for her loss. Mrs. Parker asks if Adrian's going to tell his wife what he's learned, to which he asks how could he not. "I suppose you have no choice, but I implore you to proceed carefully. Women need to feel... beautiful and loved, especially those of a certain age. And when we've discovered we've been fooled... it can break us in ways men can't imagine," Mrs. Parker warns, something Adrian thinks about. ("You Can't Take It With You")

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