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Myron Moyer
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Myron Moyer is Genevieve's former business manager. He ends up betraying her by stealing all of her money and moving to Brunei so he is unable to be arrested. He is first mentioned in "Walking the Dog".


Season 1

Myron Moyer, the business manager of Genevieve Delatour manages to steal all of her money. After doing so, he quickly evacuates the USA and goes to Brunei, a country with no extradition treaty with the U.S. This way, he cannot be arrested and is able to spend all of Genevieve's money without a care in the world. ("Walking the Dog")

When Philippe discovers Taylor was shot instead of Marisol, he tells Genevieve he wants to be alone with her and adds that he wants to visit Brunei. Genevieve tells Philippe that that is where Myron ran off with all of her money. ("Totally Clean")

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