This article is about the Devious Maids incarnation. You may be looking for the real-life person.
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Nancy O'Dell is a reporter who announces Spence and Peri Westmore's separation on the news. She appears in "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs".


Real-Life Biography

For more information about her life, see Nancy O'Dell.

Fictional Biography

Season 2

As Rosie finishes cleaning up after dinner in the Miller's home, the news reporter, Nancy O'Dell announces that longtime couple, Spence and Peri Westmore are calling it quits. Rosie's head pops up as she pays closer attention to the television her son, Miguel is sitting in front of. Nancy states that although the couple released a statement that the divorce will be amicable, rumors state that Spence may have cheated on Peri. Rosie turns up the volume. Nancy states that they will always keep the viewers updated on the details of the story, thus ending the news for that night. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

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