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Natasha Jones
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Reggie Miller - Second Cousin
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Natasha Jones is Lucinda's daughter that she was forced to give up for adoption. She appears in "Private Lives".


Early Life

When Lucinda was 15, she fell in love with a boy and she got pregnant. Kenneth was really angry and made her give the baby up for adoption. She doesn't understand why her dad wouldn't let her keep a baby. After being placed in an adoption agency, the baby was adopted by a nurse in Reseda. She named the baby Natasha and she spent 20 years working "her ass off" to give her an education. ("The Bad Seed", "Private Lives")

Four years before Rosie becomes the Millers' maid, Natasha wanted to know where she came from. She hired a private detective, who tracked Lucinda down. But, when Natasha came to the Millers' house and asked to meet her biological mother, Kenneth told her Lucinda didn't want anything to do with her, and he rejected her. After that, Natasha began to hate Lucinda, thinking she did not want to see her. Some times later, Natasha found a work as waitress in a restaurant. ("Private Lives")

Season 2

After all of the nice things Lucinda has done for Rosie, the maid decides that she wants to help her boss. While at dinner with Reggie, Rosie tells him that she would like to help Lucinda find her daughter. Reggie doesn't think that it is a good idea because it can bring back some bad memories between Lucinda and Kenneth, however, Rosie soon changes his mind. Reggie finds out that Lucinda's daughter is a woman named Natasha Jones. Rosie tracks her down at a restaurant where she asks the girl if she was adopted. Natasha says she is and wonders why Rosie asked. Rosie is next seen uniting Natasha and Lucinda. Natasha hits her mother upon first meeting her. According to the younger woman, she tried contacting her birth mother four years ago and was told back then that she wasn't wanted by Kenneth. Lucinda was able to convince her that she never knew about the earlier incident and the two women managed to have the loving reunion they were always supposed to have. But Lucinda was ready to give up her anger at her father. She nearly killed her old man and would have gladly done it in front of Didi if hadn’t been for Rosie. Rosie said the one thing that could calm down her boss’s daughter. She told her if she went to jail then she would have lose out on her new found relationship with her daughter. ("Private Lives")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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