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Nate is a minor character on Devious Maids.


Season 2

After being hospitalized following a "fall", Kenneth is visited by Rosie who warns him about Reggie trying to place him in a nursing home, and stating they need to stop him. However, having lost those he cares about most - Didi and Lucinda - Kenneth has given up all hope. A security guard soon arrives, Nate, who alerts Rosie that Kenneth is not suppose to have visitors. The maid states she was just leaving anyway, but before she does, she tells her boss not to worry and that they'll figure out something. She then leaves; watched by Nate as she does so. Later on, back at the Miller's home, Reggie receives a phone call from Nate, who reminds Reggie he was told to call if anyone came to visit Kenneth. Reggie comments that that seems to have been money well spent, to which the officer replies this "pretty, little, Mexican chick" stop by, but he didn't catch her name. Reggie states that that is okay, as he knows who he means, and then hangs up. ("You Can't Take It With You")

After Rosie joins forces with Didi and Lucinda, the three women return to the hospital where Kenneth is kept so they can take him home. Nate stops them, once again, telling Rosie that she is not allowed up there. Rosie reminds him that he said only Kenneth's family is allowed to see him, but Didi and Lucinda are his family. Lucinda and Didi introduce themselves and tell Nate that they are taking Kenneth home. "Not without authorization, you're not," Nate replies, "I'm calling Reggie." Rosie stops him, asking him how much Reggie is paying him. Nate doesn't reply. Rosie tells him that it is alright and that they're prepared to negotiate. Once retrieving Kenneth, the three gals leave with him, and walk past Nate who holds the diamond necklace Reggie gave Rosie while they were dating. Rosie thanks him for his help, but Nate replies, "No, thank you," and admirers his new gift. ("Proof")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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