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The nurse is a woman who works at the mental hospital Adrian has been staying at. She appears in "Betrayal".


Season 2

At the hospital Adrian has been staying at, he lounges on a couch reading when the nurse visits him to bring him his medicine. Adrian comments that it is the blue ones so farewell afternoon. He then proceeds to take them. The nurse is clearly annoyed by having to see Mr. Powell. He then hands her the container the medicine came from. As the nurse is ready to leave, Adrian stops her. He hands her some money and the nurse comments that she is a nurse, not a waitress. Adrian tells her to go ahead and take it so she can buy some shoes that don't squeak. The nurse rolls her eyes and walks away. Adrian's maid, Valentina then arrives. Adrian greets her and asks if she brought his books. Valentina nods, and Adrian proceeds to ask if she brought the other thing too. Valentina confirms this and slips him a box. Inside are a bunch of brightly colored cookies. Valentina asks why she had to sneak them in, and Adrian tells her that the nurse said he couldn't have any processed sugars. He then makes a rude comment that she seems to enjoy a lot of it at home, hinting that he thinks she is obese. ("Betrayal")

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