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Nurse Kelly works at the front desk of the hospital, and is tricked by Rosie into allowing her to visit Kenneth, despite not being family. She appears in "Long Day's Journey Into Night".


Season 2

After Kenneth suffers from a fall caused by Reggie, Rosie takes Miguel to the hospital her boss is staying at to have him pretend to be Kenneth's grandson so they can get in to see him. She tells Miguel that when squeezing his shoulder, that's when he says the magic word. The two then walk to the nurse at the front desk, who asks how she may help them. Rosie states that they are looking for Kenneth Miller, so the nurse looks up his room, but sees family is only permitted. Rosie states that that is alright, that she and Miguel are family, but Nurse Kelly questions this. Rosie claims to be Kenneth's daughter-in-law, while Miguel is his grandson, but Nurse Kelly says they are not on the list. Rosie acts as if this was possibly a mistake, since she just wanted to bring Kenneth a drawing from his "grandson." She then squeezes Miguel's shoulder, causing him to let out a "Please." Nurse Kelly is touched by this, but when asking what Miguel drew, Rosie squeezes his shoulder once more, causing him to say "Please," again. Nurse Kelly finally agrees to let Rosie in to see Kenneth for a second, but states that Miguel will have to stay with her. Rosie says that that is okay, and that she trusts the nurse; Kelly then gives directions to the room, and Rosie goes. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

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