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Officer Ford is one of the policemen who arrest Carmen and Ty in "The Bad Seed".


Season 2

After Ty decides to throw a party, it gets out of control so Carmen calls the police. Forty minutes later, Officer Ford and Officer Kader show up. Carmen gets everyone's attention. She says that before anyone decides to mouth off, they officers have batons and are not afraid to use them. Officer Ford is upset by that. Ty approaches the officers and asks if there is a problem. Carmen responds, "Yes, they want all of your friends out of the house NOW!" As everyone starts to exit, Ty argues that it's not even 10 yet. Someone accidentally bumps into Ty and he spills his drink on Officer Ford. The officer asks what is in his cup and Ty lies saying it's milk. Officer Ford smells the drink and asks if the boy is 16. Ty lies and says he is 39. He then puts his arm around Carmen saying "The Mrs. will back me up on that." Carmen pushes Ty away and tells the officer that the boy is 17. Officer Ford holds up something and asks Ty to blow into it. Carmen tries to stop the officer. Officer Kader tells Carmen to step back. Ty says that this is a violation of his civil rights and that he is not doing that. Officer Ford then says "Then you're going to have to come with us." He and Officer Kader take out handcuffs. Carmen says that they're going to get him in trouble and asks the officers to put them away. Officer Kader tells Carmen to stay out of it. The maid then asks if the cops are deaf and she hits Officer Kader. He and Officer Ford are not amused, and Carmen and Ty are both arrested. Later, Officer Ford releases them when Spence bails them out. ("The Bad Seed")

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