Once More Unto the Bleach
Devious Maids 4x01
June 6, 2016
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"Once More Unto the Bleach" is the 40th episode of Devious Maids, as well as its fourth season's premiere.


Lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion.


Eva 401
Eva storms off of set, thanks to Peri.

Flora Hernandez - or rather, Eva Longoria playing Flora Hernandez - is chased through the "Powell house" but stops to compose a letter, leading to her brutal stabbing by an unknown assailant. Evelyn Powell - portrayed by none other than Peri Westmore - then enters the room to discover her maid dead, but filming has to cease when Peri oversteps her mark and kicks Eva by accident. It appears that Marisol's book, Coming Clean, is being made into a movie, and she is unhappy with how her vision is being constantly tampered with. Peri ends up bullying poor Eva to the point that she storms off of the set, declaring that Peri is the meanest person she has ever met, and she used to work on Desperate Housewives. Later, Peri appears on television with her husband-to-be(-again) Spence, who remembers nothing of the past 3 years. Rosie watches the interview from Genevieve's mansion, where she now works as the maid, and listens as Peri spouts off a bunch of lies about how Rosie tricked Spence into marriage by taking advantage of his alcoholism. She assures Genevieve that this isn't true, and so Genevieve, not being the biggest fan of Rosie's, gives her the week off to go and make things right. When Peri refers to Spence as "mister", he begins to remember that "Mr. Spence" was a nickname of his; Peri sees this as a problem and so proceeds to call Ben, while Rosie watches Spence from the window. She is suddenly grabbed by Jesse, who is working as the Westmores' butler, and, not wanting to get involved, he forces Rosie to leave on the grounds that Peri would have her arrested if she caught her there.

Spence 401
Spence's memories of Rosie return.

Ben then comes over, apparently acting as Spence's sponsor, and convinces Spence to let go of any returning memories because they could cause a slip in his sobriety. When Jesse hears the way Spence talks after his meeting with Ben, no longer interested in digging into the 3 years he missed, he surmises that something weird is going on, and so he goes to fetch Rosie. That night, a party commences in the Westmore house and Jesse helps Rosie sneak in with the caterers. She manages to get Spence alone, even kissing him, but he refuses to believe that she is anything other than the harlot who wrecked his family. That is, until she calls him "Mr. Spence" as she bids him goodbye. This triggers something; he tries going after her, but he slips, and when he hits his head his mind is suddenly refilled with memories of Rosie...

Adrian 401
The "paralyzed" Adrian can walk after all...

Evelyn is busy mourning the loss... of her house which exploded six months ago, as Adrian rolls into the club in his wheelchair. He makes his love for his wife known, while, judging by her facial cues, she harbors nothing but hatred in return. Later, she is out with Gail, who is overseeing the remodeling of the Powell mansion and asks if they have to install those ugly ramps for Adrian's wheelchair. This causes Evelyn to decide that she needs a confidante, and she ends up telling Gail that she still very much wishes to divorce Adrian, but she can't do it now that he's wheelchair-bound because then people would judge her harshly. She merely takes comfort in the fact that the doctor she's paying top-dollar for is optimistic that her husband will one day walk again; however, this comfort comes crashing down when she returns home and hears the terrible news. It appears that Adrian's injuries are permanent, though he's still healthy, meaning that Evelyn is stuck with her invalid husband for as long as they both shall live. She tries drinking her troubles away, asking politely if Adrian would mind killing himself when he comes to check on her, and he comes to learn of her desire to divorce him. He is glad to hear that she doesn't plan on doing so because he's in the chair, fearing what people may think, and Adrian declares his mission to make her fall in love with him again. His doctor proceeds to tell him that he's worried about Evelyn, recalling how upset she seemed when he broke the news to her, but Adrian assures that his wife won't leave him if he's in the chair, which is why he's paying the doctor so much to lie. It is revealed that Adrian can walk after all.

Zoila 401
Zoila can no longer bear working for Genevieve.

Zoila returns from New York, where she was visiting Valentina and Remi for the six months since she lost her unborn child, to Genevieve's house, having been the one to set her up with Rosie as a maid. She reveals that Marisol has a new job for her, but Genevieve wants her to come back, revealing that she hates Rosie and all her constant whining. Zoila refuses to snatch her friend's job away, and so Genevieve decides that she'll simply have two maids, to Zoila's apparent discomfort. Later, after having given Rosie some time off, Genevieve is cleaning the dishes herself, and Zoila tells her that she doesn't have to do her job for her just because of what happened. Still, Genevieve feels as though she should do something, but Zoila insists that she merely wants things to return to normal. This seems impossible though, for no matter what Genevieve tries it always seems to irk Zoila in some way. Finally, Zoila reveals that she finds it hard to be in this house and see Genevieve everyday after what she did; she says that Genevieve made the wrong decision in choosing her to live as opposed to her baby, and now she's sad all the time, wishing she'd died that day. After displaying some raw emotion, she decides that she can't be Genevieve's maid anymore, and she tries handing her employer back her keys before leaving them on the table and quitting.

401 05
The passing of the feather duster.

Marisol then sets her up with that other job, working in what used to be the Stappord house for a fashion designer who won't be there for another six months. Zoila takes comfort in the solitude, and later, while unpacking her new boss' boxes, she decides to have some fun and dress up a little. This means that, when the handsome neighbor Kyle shows up to drop off a bottle of wine, he mistakes Zoila for the new owner of the house, and she finds him charming enough to pretend that she is. Meanwhile, Genevieve commiserates the loss of Zoila at the same time that Rosie commiserates the loss of Spence. They decide to get through it together, with Genevieve passing over the feather duster as she declares that Rosie is officially her new maid.

Marisol 401
Marisol finds a way to get over Jesse.

Marisol goes to the head of the studio, Peter Hudson, to complain about Peri ruining her movie. Peter offers to discuss the matter over dinner, but she finds it completely inappropriate that she should have to go out on a date with him simply to make her voice heard. Later, she hears from Rosie that Jesse is working for the Westmores, and she wonders why he didn't call her when he returned to town. She proceeds to meet him for lunch where he reveals that he never left in the first place, having lied because he thought that Marisol was having trouble getting over him, which was further bolstered by the "sad emails" she sent him during the six months since he left her. She is completely insulted by this, assuring that she in fact is over Jesse and using the fact that she's dating someone new - Peter - as proof. She then contacts Peter and takes him up on his offer to have dinner with her, but he has a less than grand time when she can't stop obsessing over her ex-boyfriend and how he lied to and insulted her. When they return to her place, Peter just wants to leave, telling her that he's not interested in someone who's still hung up on her ex. She tries insisting that she isn't, but this is simply untrue, and Peter goes on to say that he thinks she's sexy, smart and a little bit crazy, which is exactly his type, but her obsession with Jesse is going to get in the way of that. Marisol doesn't think so, and hearing herself complimented in such a way compels her to kiss Peter passionately.

Carmen 401
Carmen is reunited with her daughter.

Carmen is lounging around the half-furnished Powell mansion when she is approached by Daniela Mercado, her cousin's daughter. She has a strong reaction to her appearance, which Adrian finds odd, and finally Carmen admits that Daniela is in fact her daughter. She was a teenager when she birthed her and gave her away to her cousin to raise as her own, and Adrian, bored of being in his wheelchair, decides to "sin-tillate" himself by enhancing Carmen's discomfort; he invites Daniela to stay with them, taking satisfaction in the awkwardness, but later Carmen tries getting her daughter to leave by telling her that Mr. Powell is a pervert who will try to sleep with her. Daniela sees through her lies and comes to realize why her mother doesn't really speak of Carmen - because she's kind of a bitch - and later Carmen is forced to apologize, defending that she doesn't want to see Danni end up like her. Like Carmen, Daniela wants to be a singer, and, while Carmen sees herself as a lousy role model because she's still a maid, Danni actually sees her as really brave because she had the nerve to chase after her dreams even at her age. They hug, despite Carmen earlier saying that she wasn't a hugger, and later the maid asks her daughter if she'd like to grab some dinner. Danni lies and says that she's going to bed, but in fact she is sneaking out to crash the celebrity party at Peri and Spence Westmore's house.

Peri 401 2
Devious Maids' one and only big mistake.

She is greeted by Jesse, who tries assuring the gatecrasher that celebrities are normal people like he or she, but then they turn to see Spence, who's been drinking all night following the return of his memories, force Peri up against a wall as he promises to make her pay for brainwashing him. He then storms off, but Jesse manages to make sure that he doesn't drive, which he reports to Peri. She doesn't care about Spence though, merely interested in finding Ben, and as she scours the upstairs of her house she ends up opening a door and seeing something that shocks her to her core. When Spence wakes up hungover the next morning, he discovers a trail of blood beside his bed... leading to the dead body of Peri Westmore, whose America's Choice Award has been gruesomely lodged into her throat. Looks like Beverly Hills has another murder mystery on its hands...


  • Shooting for "Once More Unto the Bleach" and "Another One Wipes the Dust" began on January 14, 2016 and ended on February 4, 2016.[2][3]
  • The line, "You are the meanest person I have ever met, and I worked on Desperate Housewives!" was pitched by creator Marc Cherry.[4]
  • A promotional trailer for the fourth season included a line by Peri stating, "We could get somebody better than Eva. Lucy Liu would nail this," in regards to Eva Longoria playing the murdered maid in Marisol's movie. However, the part mentioning Lucy Liu did not make the final cut of the episode.
    • In addition, another promotional trailer took a line where Daniela reveals herself as Carmen's cousin Josefina's daughter, cutting it to announce herself as Carmen's daughter. This is to make it clear to the audience who the character really is, rather than wait to have it explained in the episode.[5]
  • There is a shot of the post-explosion Powell Mansion. However, the house used in the shot is actually an edited version of the Delatour Mansion, not the Powells'.
  • Spence's memory sequence is modeled after Mike Delfino's death sequence in Desperate Housewives.[6]
    • This episode also happens to mark the introduction of James Denton (Peter Hudson), who portrayed the role of Mike Delfino as a series regular for the entirety of Desperate Housewives.
  • The line "Take care," by Peter after his date with Marisol, implying he didn't plan to continue seeing her, was based off of a situation with a writer friend of Curtis Kheel who was emailing a showrunner's assistant about about something completely unrelated but received a reply that ended with "Take care," thus leading her to believe she was fired.[4]
  • Along with James Denton (Peter Hudson), Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria made a cameo in the episode as the fictional version of herself. Longoria portrayed one of the leading protagonists, Gabrielle Solis, for the entirety of Desperate Housewives, and acts as an executive producer of Devious Maids.
    • The episode also introduced recurring guest star Ryan McPartlin (Kyle) who was meant to star as Valentine French, the mayor of the town of Oxblood, in Marc Cherry's next series entitled Red Blooded. However, ABC chose to not pick up the pilot for a full series order.


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