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Oscar Valdez
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Carmen Luna - Ex-Wife
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I'm sorry, Oscar. It was wrong to leave you the way I did, but it was right to leave. I can't go back.
Carmen Luna, "Taking Out the Trash"

Oscar Valdez is Carmen's husband who arrives in Beverly Hills in hopes of bringing his estranged wife home by any means necessary. Things don't turn out in his favor though as Carmen, with Sam and Odessa's help, makes it clear that the marriage is over. He appears in "Taking Out the Trash".


Early Life

Originating from Puerto Rico, Oscar Valdez marries seventeen year old Carmen Luna in hopes of having a traditional Latin wife who would cook and clean and have his babies, but the babies never did come. Her only joy in life came from her singing and she wanted to turn it into a career but Oscar said no, and so, one night, while he was sleeping, she left her wedding ring on the pillow and sneaked out of the house, never looking back. She couldn't get a divorce because Oscar never would have agreed to that - that would have meant he failed - and eventually he tracks her down to Beverly Hills thanks to the help of her cousin. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Season 1

Oscar 105
Odessa comes to Carmen's aide against Oscar. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Oscar arrives at Alejandro's mansion in search of Carmen, who is able to convince butler Sam to send him away in order for her to buy time. Upon explaining her story, Sam and house-manager Odessa both agree that she must face him, and so Carmen finally invites him over to talk. He says how he often sees women come to Los Angeles wanting to be famous, only to wake up and realize they've wasted the best years of their lives. He doesn't want to see that happen to her, but she maintains that it won't, and when he asks her to come home with him, even having gotten her a job as a singer in a bar, she refuses. This makes Oscar very angry, and he ends up attacking his wife. Sam rushes in, trying to protect her, but only ends up getting knock out. As Oscar pins Carmen against the wall, Odessa threatens to call the police, only to be pushed aside. Oscar then tries strangling the life out of his wife, which is when Odessa saves the day by clubbing him around the back of the head... with her prosthetic leg. He ends up leaving in an ambulance stretcher, and seeing how bad this man truly was convinces Odessa to tell Carmen that perhaps should she be nicer to the good men, such as Sam. ("Taking Out the Trash")

It's later revealed that Oscar and Carmen got a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. ("Totally Clean")


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