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This party goer attends a celebration hosted by the Powells in honor of Marisol's new book, Coming Clean. She appears in "Awakenings".


Season 3

Party Goers 301
The rich women are bitching about their maids. ("Awakenings")

At a party hosted by the Powells, in honor of Marisol's new book, Coming Clean, this particular party goer, along with some other folk, wish to have their book signed by Marisol herself. As the party goer waits in line to have her book signed, Gail Fleming stands ahead of her. Marisol asks who she wants the book made out to, and Gail reveals that it's for her own maid, Elina, and that she wants her to read about the woman who cleaned the foyer with a toothbrush because she's hoping she'll take the hint. The party goer, along with another, each laugh at this remark; however, Marisol is a bit offended. One of the party goers turns to Gail, making a joke that if her maid can read English then she'll give her $5,000 for her sight on scene. Marisol admits that's offensive, but Gail states that she must know how hard it is to find good help, stating that that's what her book is about. However, Marisol replies that that's not what it is about. Another of the party goers comments that she'd like a maid that wouldn't steal for her, and the first states she'd settle for one that just isn't stupid. "Well if they weren't stupid they wouldn't be maids," Gail exclaims, causing the party goers to laugh. However, Marisol has had enough of this, and defends all of the maids out there and who work hard to make people's lives easier. After telling them all off, she leaves, exclaiming to Evelyn that even though it's all been lovely, she thinks she's at the wrong party. ("Awakenings")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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