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This priest is the one who oversaw the funeral service for Flora Hernandez. He appears in "Pilot".


Season 1

Priest 101
The priest oversees Flora's funeral. ("Pilot")

The day of Flora's funeral and a group of people, all dressed in black, are seen grouped beside the maid's coffin, which remains above the ground in the middle of a graveyard, ready to be lowered into the ground, as a priest stands at the head of the burial site, saying a few words in Spanish. As he reads from the Bible, the shot moves across the faces on the front row of the funeral's attendees, and we are shown multiple mourning and sad expressions, the first of which being that of Zoila Diaz, followed by her daughter, Valentina. Then Rosie Falta, and finally, Carmen Luna. All maids. All Flora's friends. And the camera moves away from them to reveal someone watching from afar, and we are shown that Marisol Duarte is watching the service alone, isolated from the crowd. The priest continues to talk as we see the coffin get lowered into the ground and the last thing we see before Flora is buried are the crying faces of her fellow maids. The screen goes black as the coffin goes underground. ("Pilot")

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