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R. Morris is a teller at Opal's bank, Beverly Pacific. He appears in "Proof".


Season 2

Following Opal's suicide, Marisol is more determined than ever to find out what it is Nick is hiding from her. She gets the key to Opal's safe deposit box, so she has Carmen disguise her as the deceased maid. Once arriving at the bank, she looks around at the three tellers. Two are young, while one is old and does not have very good sight. She goes to him. She tells the teller that she'd like to get into her safe deposit box. The teller tells her that that'd be fine, but he just needs to see an ID. Marisol pulls out Opal's ID. It appears blurry to the teller, so he asks if Marisol would take off her sunglasses. She does so, but the picture still appears a bit blurry. He approves it, and comments that she is prettier in person. Marisol thanks him, and they proceed to go to the safe deposit box. The teller takes out the box and leaves Marisol alone, telling her to ring the bell when she's done. Marisol then looks in the box, and finds a piece of bloody cloth and a newspaper article about a seven year old boy killed in a hit and run. ("Proof")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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