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This reporter tells of the story in which Carmen Luna saves the day at Spence's party by stabbing one of the robbers who broke into the actor's home and were holding them all hostage. He appears in "Long Day's Journey Into Night".


Season 2

Following the home invasion during Spence Westmore's party, Carmen Luna is interviewed by a reporter after stabbing one of the robbers, forcing them all to flee. The reporter exclaims that this is the third home invasion in recent months, but that this time they were thwarted by the actions of quick-thinking housekeeper, Carmen Luna. The reporter asks how Carmen handled the gang of thieves, to which she reveals she stabbed one with a cake knife. The reporter comments that that is a bold move on her part. Carmen states she would've stabbed them all but they ran away like scared, little bunnies. "Amazing story, gang," the reporter exclaims, "Back to you in the studio." Carmen later shows this to Spence as it airs on TV. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

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