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You're a good person. That's why I fell in love with you.
Spence Westmore, "Totally Clean"

Rosie Westmore (previously Falta) is one of the main characters and titular protagonists of Devious Maids. Having immigrated from Mexico, Rosie seeks out a new life for herself after her husband, Ernesto's, supposed murder, leading her to take a job as a maid and ultimately fall in love with her employer, Spence Westmore. However, the path to being together isn't an easy one, for Rosie and Spence are continually faced with obstacles, whether they be in the form of Rosie's American citizenship or Spence's vengeful ex-wife, Peri. Despite everything though, Rosie manages to trudge through the hardships, with the love of her son and the support of her fabulous group of devious maids.


Early Life

I remember the day he died. I was making dinner when la policía knocked on my door. They told me Ernesto was dead... killed by a drug cartel.
Rosie Westmore, "The Awful Truth"
Rosie & Ernesto EL 303
Rosie and Ernesto's wedding photo. ("The Awful Truth")

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Rosie grows up in a poor family without much money to get by on. ("Pilot", "Look Back in Anger") She is also very religious ("Making Your Bed") As a child, Rosie would sometimes have nightmares, but her grandmother gave her a Virgen of Guadalupe statue. She was told that the statue would watch over her and keep her safe. ("Suspicion") Growing up, her favorite treat was mango lollipops, and she would often play the game Papas y papas. ("The Turning Point") At some point, her grandmother had a stroke, but learned to walk again after her doctor had her go through physical therapy. ("Dangerous Liaisons") She eventually meets policeman Ernesto Falta, but when they start dating, Rosie forces him to take things slow. It takes numerous dates before she even lets him kiss her. ("Setting the Table", "Awakenings", "The Turning Point") On the night they get engaged, Ernesto's grandmother uses her recipe to make them guacamole. ("The Turning Point") They eventually marry, and together the two have a son who later goes on to be known as Miguel. ("Pilot")

During the time she and Ernesto were together, Rosie would not work, but they would still share any housework that needed doing; she was always able to count on him. ("From Here to Eternity", "Cries and Whispers") One day, however, while making dinner, Rosie receives a call from Ernesto's corrupt partner, Caesar, revealing that Ernesto was murdered by a drug cartel. A body was never found though, but Rosie was believed to now be left as a widowed, single mother. As it turns out, however, Caesar was really corrupt, and Ernesto was secretly working with said cartel. ("An Ideal Husband", "The Awful Truth", "Since You Went Away") Unable to find work in Mexico, and fearing the same cartel who went after her husband may go after her as well, she moves to the United States to work as a maid, while Miguel goes to live with his grandmother. ("Pilot", "An Ideal Husband") She makes a promise to her son to one day bring him to the States with her, but for the time being, she starts saving up money to pay for a lawyer. ("Pilot")

Sometime after moving to the United States, Rosie gets a job working as a maid for an 80 year old lesbian. One day, she asks Rosie to give her a bikini wax, and despite being disgusted at first, Rosie ends up doing so after being offered a raise. ("Hanging the Drapes") She eventually starts working as a maid for Hollywood couple, Peri and Spence Westmore, and also befriends fellow local maids, Carmen Luna, Zoila Diaz, and Flora Hernandez. Flora eventually tells Rosie and their other friends of her plans for success, and how she wants to have a rich man's child and then blackmail him. Despite not approving of this, Rosie and the other maids agree to keep it a secret, but in the summer of 2013, Flora turns up dead, thus only leaving Rosie and a few others knowing the truth about her background. ("Pilot", "Totally Clean")

Season 1

If you try to make your marriage work and it doesn't, then maybe we can talk about the future. But I need to know you tried, okay?
Rosie Falta, "Scrambling the Eggs"
Rosie 101
"He called me 'mama'!" ("Pilot")

Rosie attends the funeral of her friend and fellow maid, Flora Hernandez. As she leaves the graveyard, she tells her friends, Carmen, Zoila, and Valentina that they should go to the police with what they know about Flora's murder, but she is warned against it. Later on, she asks her bosses, Peri and Spence Westmore for a day off so she can meet with a lawyer over the matters of bringing her son, Miguel to America; however, Peri does not allow it, as she needs Rosie to babysit her son on the only days that the lawyer is available. Rosie has lunch with her maid friends where they welcome Marisol Duarte to their table, and become quick friends. Things go well until Marisol brings up Flora's murder, leading to the other maids making up excuses to leave. Once she returns to the Westmore mansion, Rosie calls her son in Mexico, and is sent to tears when he doesn't understand why they can't see each other. Peri discovers her maid's state and tries comforting her before telling her to look after her son while she goes to get a facial. The next day, Brenda Colfax arrives to interview Peri. Rosie sees this as an opportunity for revenge, so during the middle of Peri's interview, Rosie barges in with Tucker and says on TV that he called her "mama". An embarrassed Peri gives Rosie the day off to see her lawyers while she tries to get her son to talk. ("Pilot")

Rosie 102
Rosie discovers Peri's affair. ("Setting the Table")

Rosie and her friends run into Marisol one day while she's reading a newspaper article about Flora, and the maids discuss whether or not they believe her alleged murderer to be innocent. However, they each come to agree that anything is possible in the Powell house. Rosie is later caught in the middle of one of Peri and Spence's arguments; Spence has found a pair of men's briefs under his bed that do not belong to him, thus leading him to believe Peri is having an affair. He asks Rosie if she's ever seen the underwear before, and despite having not, she lies for Peri and says she has. However, Rosie confronts her boss about this later on, who goes as far as swearing on the life of her own child that she didn't have an affair, but that she and her costar decided to run lines in the pool and that he must have forgot his underwear when going home; Rosie chooses to believe this. She, and her other friends, are later invited by Carmen to lounge by Alejandro's pool while he's out of town, but as the other women try to relax, she simply can't get over how little Carmen's cleaned out there. After getting back to work, she decides to take Tucker to the stole with her, but when seeing a yellow sports car pull in, she turns around and goes back where she finds Peri and her costar, Cody, having sex. She discusses this with her friends, as she is considering telling Spence, but Marisol believes it may be a bad idea. She chooses to ignore this at first, but after a heartfelt conversation with Spence, she decides it's best she didn't. ("Setting the Table")

Rosie 103
Rosie tries to ward off Mr. Spence. ("Wiping Away the Past")

When checking the fail, Rosie discovers that the lawyer she hired to get Miguel to America needs her to file more papers, which is more than she can afford. She goes to Peri about this, who clearly does not care about her problems, and simply begs for the maid not to ask for a loan before breakfast. Rosie states that she wouldn't if not so desperate, and proceeds to remind her about everything she's done for her boss. Peri lashes out at Rosie for this, exclaiming that she'd get a divorce before giving in to extortion. Having heard yelling, Spence enters the room, wondering what's going on; Rosie ends up dropping the topic and leaving the couple alone. Spence later apologizes to Rosie for Peri's behavior, and as a gift, he hands Rosie a check to help with her legal bills. Rosie is very grateful for this, and goes to hug her boss; however, she is shocked to learn he has an erection. Rosie discusses this with Marisol and Zoila, who believe she needs to make it clear to Spence that he shouldn't be expecting anything in return, so she convinces the gardener, Raul, to pretend to be her boyfriend. She uses him to try to ward off Spence, who is a bit confused as to what is going on. He does confront her later, however, and so she admits that she felt his erection from when they hugged. Spence is embarrassed by this, stating that he never intended for her to know how he felt about her. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Rosie 104
The heart wants what the heart wants. ("Making Your Bed")

Rosie attends the confessional at her church where she meets with Father Acosta; she states she has nothing confess, but that she is there because of her boss, Spence. She reveals to Father Acosta about how he is married to Peri, an 'awful woman'. The Father begins questioning if Rosie is having impure thoughts for her boss, since she appears to be caring for him quite a bit; not knowing exactly how to answer, she states once more that she has nothing to confess, and ends up leaving. That evening, Rosie is left to care for Tucker while Spence and Peri attend the premiere of Peri's movie. Again, Rosie is caught up in the middle of the couple's fighting, and to get the two to stop, she takes away Tucker's pacifier, causing him to cry. She asks Peri if she'd like to hold her son, but already upset enough as she is, she turns down the offer. The following morning, Rosie finds that Spence spent the night on the couch; the two talk about how badly they're each treated by Peri, but Rosie reveals that whenever Peri starts saying anything she doesn't like, she simply tunes her out and goes to her "happy place", which is thinking about Miguel the day he gets to America, and when she can finally hold him in her arms again. Later on, Rosie has lunch with her friends. Peri and Spence throw a charades party with some of their friends that Rosie works, where she sees Peri continually humiliate Spence. The last straw is drawn when Spence overhears Peri talking about her husband to her friend, Lois, and how he's a bad actor. He ends up going to find Rosie, where they go to the laundry room alone, and passionately kiss. The following day, Rosie returns to the confessional, now with something to confess. ("Making Your Bed")

Rosie 105
Rosie covers for Spence. ("Taking Out the Trash")

As Rosie waxes the kitchen floor, Peri enters, only to start slipping. After a few comments back and forth between her and Spence, she leaves, and Spence is left alone with Rosie. He goes to embrace her, but she pushes him away, having been feeling guilty about their kiss, and especially not wanting to do anything in front of Tucker. Spence insists though, and seeing that he isn't backing down, she ends up hitting him over the head with a frying pan. Peri returns, having heard the sound, and Rosie claims that he fell. That evening, Spence suggests to Peri that they have an open marriage, and seeing that this benefits her own ongoing affair, she accepts. However, after telling her lover, Cody, about this, he points out that this must mean Spence is already having an affair of his own. Peri goes to Rosie about this, wondering if there's been any signs, and demanding that if there has been then she must tell. Rosie covers from Spence, and that evening, she warns him about what Peri said, and about her affair. He decides he wants a divorce, but Rosie reminds him about Tucker and how he could lose custody. Spence argues that he needs a reason to wake up in the morning, and asks how he can possibly raise his son to be a man if he's constantly humiliated. He states that he needs a reason to wake up in the morning, something that makes him happy, and Rosie agrees. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Rosie 106
Spence has a heart attack while making love to Rosie. ("Walking the Dog")

With Peri out of the house, Rosie and Spence are left alone to have sex, and having finished up, Spence lets out an "Oh, God." Rosie finds this offensive, as she does not appreciate hearing the Lord's named used in vain, and so she has him say "goodness" instead. The two then talk, and Rosie answers that she is happy with Spence, he comments that she sounds surprised. She admits that since losing her husband and then being separated from her son, she had begun crying every night, and whenever she didn't then she would think she was happy; she had begin to forget what true happiness feels like. Wanting to make her even more happy, Spence decides to continue making love to her, despite the chores she is suppose to do. This comes back into play later on when Rosie fails to pick up the dry cleaning before an interview Peri is suppose to have, resulting in the actress not being able to wear the silk top she wanted. She comments on how little work Rosie has gotten done, and tells her to step it up, indirectly threatening her job as she does so. Rosie tries getting her work done later, but gives in and agrees to make love to Spence. While doing this, however, he ends up having a heart attack, thus leaving Rosie to call for an ambulance. At the hospital, Peri arrives, asking what happened, and Rosie lies, stating he was exercising. She is also refused by a doctor to visit Spence with Peri. That evening, Rosie finds Peri looking through her wedding album; she learns that after Spence's heart attack, Peri has started re-thinking things, and has decided to start attending therapy so she can work on herself and her marriage. Though she acts happy for Peri, Rosie appears deeply saddened by this, now worried that she'll lose Spence. ("Walking the Dog")

Rosie 107
Rosie confronts Professor Suarez about her lies. ("Taking a Message")

Having heard Marisol lost her job working for the Powells, Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila each get together some money to give to her in order to help her out a bit. Rosie later goes to the supermarket where she continuously receives inappropriate text messages from Spence, known as "sexting"; Rosie agrees to play along. She is soon met up by Marisol, but as the women shop, they run into Melissa Morgan, a girl who recognizes Marisol as her college professor. Marisol tries to play this off, but despite this, it has Rosie's suspicious raised, and after a bit of research, Rosie discovers that Marisol was indeed a college professor. She confronts her about this, and Marisol lies at first, but Rosie begs that she tell the truth, because they are friends and she can help. Marisol then reveals her agenda, and Rosie is horrified to learn that she is mother of the boy who allegedly killed Flora. She leaves and, in the rush, she drops her bag and accidentally leaves her cell phone behind. Marisol is scared that Rosie might blow her cover, but she reads a message from Spence that reveals his affair with Rosie, and she then confronts her fellow maid and threatens to reveal the affair to Peri should Rosie tell anyone the truth about her. Carmen and Zoila come over, having been told by Rosie to do so, but, and even though they find the other two maids arguing, Rosie invents that Marisol doesn't want to keep the money they gave her. The other ladies tell them that's nothing to argue over and try to keep things normal, but Rosie isn't willing to. However, after Raul brings her some correspondence from her son and shares sympathy with her, for a mother shouldn't be without her child, Rosie thinks further about Marisol's situation and meets with her to tell her that she will keep her secret, and help her get her son back. She asks how she can help, and Marisol gets an idea... which is how Evelyn Powell gets a new maid. ("Taking a Message")

Rosie 108
Discoveries are made. ("Minding the Baby")

Before being joined by Carmen and Zoila for lunch, Rosie is given instructions by Marisol about what to do once starting her job at the Powells home. She later arrives, bringing Tucker with her, where she meets with Evelyn in one of the living areas, who is less than thrilled to see a baby has been brought into her home. Sometime later in the day, while Evelyn takes a nap, Rosie is able to take a break from her cleaning and start snooping around the home. She follows Marisol's instructions and finds the wall leading into the secret room with Adrian's DVD collection; the sight shocks her. A crying Tucker eventually wakes up Evelyn though, so Rosie is rushed out of the secret room to tend to the Westmore child; however, she finds the baby being cradled by Evelyn, who has apparently taking a liking to the child. The following day, while Rosie works, Evelyn offers to take Tucker out for a walk in his stroller; determined to get back into the secret room to watch the DVDs, Rosie allows this, but once she has finished, and still not found anything suspicious, she realizes Evelyn has been gone with the Tucker for over two hours, and so she begins to worry. After trying to get in touch with Evelyn, and having searched every where, Evelyn finally returns with the child, and Rosie is left enraged. She ends up quitting the job and leaving the home with the child in tow, leaving Evelyn heartbroken. Once Marisol finds out, she becomes extremely frustrated, as she is determined to get her own son out of jail. Rosie returns to Evelyn later on for her final payment, but once going to the safe for money, Rosie notices one extra DVD of Flora inside, and so she agrees to stay and work. When going to Marisol about this, she is told to try the name of Evelyn's deceased son as the password, which it indeed is, thus allowing Rosie into the safe to procure the DVD. ("Minding the Baby")

Rosie 109
Busted. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Still working for the Powells, Rosie continues bringing Tucker to work for her, causing Evelyn to become even more attached. Adrian returns home from a trip early, and when seeing the feelings his wife has formed for the Westmore child, he warns Rosie to take Tucker away, and to never bring him back. However, being the man he is, he also makes it clear that Rosie is allowed to stop by whenever she pleases. She ends up quitting, however, and goes back to the Westmore's home to be with Spence, who has recovered from his heart attack. With Peri away, the two start undressing to have sex, but they make the mistake of doing so in front of the window where Evelyn finds them. Later on, Rosie goes to Evelyn about this, who promptly begins to blackmail her into allowing her to spend time with Tucker, or she'll reveal the affair to Peri. Rosie goes to Spence about this, who is perfectly fine with Peri discovering the affair so long as he can be with the woman he really loves. However, Rosie insists he continue trying to make his marriage with Peri work for Tucker's sake. He gives in, and the two go to Adrian with their situation with Evelyn. Adrian is able to convince Evelyn to back off of them all after reminding her of similar situations she's gotten into with younger children in the past, and how she'd mistake them for her own son. Evelyn apologizes to Rosie and Spence, and once alone, Adrian tells Rosie that she now owes him a favor. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Rosie 110
Adrian makes Rosie uncomfortable. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Rosie serves Peri and Spence at dinner, but finds the two incapable of having a proper conversation. The bicker like normal; Peri states she just wants to work on their problems, even admitting herself to be a "raging bitch", and now just wants Spence to admit he's a "wuss". Wanting to lower the tension, Rosie questions the couple if either would like a slice of cake. The following day, Rosie runs into Adrian Powell in the grocery store parking lot, who tries to discretely persuade her to attend of of his parties and work as a prostitute for one of his friends. Rosie goes to Spence about this, who at first laughs it off, but after being compared to her first husband, Ernesto, and seeing how uncomfortable Adrian has made her feel, Spence decides something must be done about this. He eventually goes to Adrian's home where he confronts him, but when going to punch him in the face, he ends up slipping and hitting his head, getting a concussion. That evening, Peri questions what happened, and so he reveals that he was simply trying to defend Rosie, but that it backfired. This impresses Peri, who begins to think their marriage may be okay if he continues acting like this. She kisses him, and after a bit of hesitation, Spence kisses her back. Rosie sees this though, and is heartbroken by the sight she sees. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Rosie 111
Rosie vows to bestow God's punishment on Peri. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

On her way home from work, and on the phone, screaming at her agent, Peri doesn't notice as she runs into a jogger with her car. Instead of seeing if he's okay, she rushes home to find Spence, only to find out he's out of town. She goes to Rosie instead, not knowing what to do now. Rosie agrees to go check on him, but warns her boss she should probably start praying for forgiveness. When finding the jogger, Frank, still on the side of the road. She calls for an ambulance and he is rushed to the hospital. Peri later asks how he is doing, and Rosie tells Peri he is alright, and that she'll be visiting him frequently since he doesn't have any family. Peri appears grateful, but Rosie is enraged at how the entire situation was handled. She goes on about how bad of a person Peri really is, and that she, herself, no longer cares about her feelings anymore. She states that God will punish her for her sins, and he will use Rosie to do it. Once alone, Rosie calls Spence, wanting to be with him, as she no longer cares about what this means for Peri. However, in the meantime, Peri goes to her manager wanting a favor: she wants to go to Mexico to bring Rosie's son, Miguel, to America. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Rosie 112
Rosie is reunited with her son. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Rosie goes out to lunch with her fellow maids where the four are met by Zach Fowler, a paparazzi, who goes for to Carmen for conformation that her boss, Alejandro Rubio, is gay. Not wanting to reveal his secret, Carmen doesn't answer, and the four women leave without replying to Zach. Spence returns home from a trip where he and Rosie reunite, and he promptly proposes, even going as far as giving her a ring. At first, Rosie doesn't believe it's a good enough time, but she finally agrees. Later on, while doing her work, Rosie is met with Peri, who gives her a teddy bear to give to Miguel. Rosie replies, albeit coldly, that she'll send it to him in his next care package. However, Peri uses this as this perfect opportunity to reveal that she is going to go to Mexico and bring Miguel back on her private jet. This shocks Rosie, but she is deeply grateful, going as far as hugging her boss. However, this leads her to feel guilty about accepting Spence's marriage proposal, as she is now having second thoughts about hurting Peri in such a way. She ends up giving Spence back his ring despite his attempts to bring Miguel to America a different way, such as marrying Rosie and adopting him. Spence tries bringing the topic back up later, but Rosie refuses to betray Peri now. Peri soon arrives home with Miguel, and the mother and son are finally able to reunite. During this, Peri comments on how she couldn't believe Spence wanted to wait to get Miguel; hearing this, Rosie becomes deeply angered at him. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Rosie 113
Rosie is arrested by immigration officers. ("Totally Clean")

Rosie is thrilled to have Miguel back in her life, and extremely grateful for everything Peri has done for her lately. However, she is still angry with Spence for trying to convince his wife to wait a bit longer before bringing her son to America; she even goes as far as throwing out his share of the breakfast she made for the Westmore couple the following morning. When alone, Spence goes to Rosie, offering to marry her and adopt Miguel, that way they can be a family and Peri can't hurt them. Rosie refuses though, believing it's not right for them to be together, and Spence admits that her commitment to being a good person is one of the reasons he loves her. The two exchange vows of love for one another while agreeing to end their affair, but with their luck, Miguel arrives to hand Rosie the phone with Peri on the other line, who has just heard the entire conversation between her husband and maid; she hangs up the phone, and is not happy. Marisol soon gathers Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila at the hospital, revealing to them that Taylor Stappord has been shot, and also her actual motives for being there. She reveals the truth about herself to Carmen and Zoila, but they are even more shocked to learn Rosie already knew. Marisol reveals that she believes it to be Philippe Delatour who killed Flora, and that she needs all of their help with getting a confession. The four maids agree to work together at Philippe and Genevieve's engagement party, hosted at the Powell home. While Marisol leads Philippe up to Adrian's bedroom, Rosie hides in the secret room where Adrian would go to watch his friends and prostitutes have sex, and she sets up a video camera to record the confession. Marisol fails, however, as Evelyn finds her and has her removed from the home. Rosie meets back up with the other maids, but Philippe soon ends up dead, after falling from the upstairs and landing in the pool. As the police start questioning the Powells, who were last alone with him, and appear to have no alibis, the maids state they heard Philippe confess before committing suicide, though they all know it was Evelyn and Adrian who were responsible for his death. Marisol's son, Eddie, is finally released from jail, and he attends a picnic with Rosie and the other maids. Their good time is ruined, however, when two immigration officers arrive and take Rosie away. But what none of them notice from a distance is that Peri is seen watching, having gotten revenge against Rosie. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

When I came here, I saw how broken this family was. I thought I could help put it back together.
Rosie Falta, "Proof"
Rosie 201
Rosie is allowed to stay in the country... for now. ("An Ideal Husband")

Three months after being taken away by immigration officers, Rosie is in court to see if she will be deported. Marisol, Zoila, and Carmen head to court to support her. Her case is postponed for six months and she can stay in the U.S. Rosie is reunited with her friends, and Zoila suggests they all go out to dinner that night. Rosie tells them that she wishes she could, but first she needs to see Spence. Later on, Peri is relaxing on the couch drinking a glass of wine and Rosie barges in to reveal that she hasn’t been deported. Peri is shocked, she tells Rosie that she has a new maid and doesn’t need her anymore. That night, Spence arrives at home and is thrilled when Peri reveals to him that Rosie didn’t get deported. Then Peri reveals to him that she is pregnant. Spence is shocked. The next morning, Rosie is cleaning her porch and Spence arrives and surprises her. He gives her son a gift and then Rosie rushes into his arms. Rosie tells Spence she thinks Peri turned her in to immigration. Spencer reassures her she never would have done that because she doesn’t know about them. He breaks the news to Rosie that Peri is pregnant. Rosie begins crying and rushes inside and says they can’t be together. ("An Ideal Husband")

Rosie 202
"I think that means I work for him." ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Rosie is given a job as the new maid for the Miller family. Her lawyer, Reggie is the nephew of her new boss, Kenneth and Didi Miller and cousin of Lucinda. Reggie drops Rosie off, and she thanks him for everything he has done for her. Reggie tells her that it was no problem and prepares to leave. Rosie asks why he isn't going inside, and he tells her that she'll see. The scene changes to Rosie and Miguel sitting on the couch in silence across from Kenneth, Didi, and Lucinda. Kenneth had a stroke and doesn’t speak - he’s in a wheelchair. His wife Didi, who is less than half his age - and an ex stripper - spends the entire meeting bickering with his daughter Lucinda, they clearly despise each other. Later, Rosie meets Lucinda in the kitchen and she begins ranting about Didi. Rosie says that she doesn’t want to take sides, but Lucinda reminds her she is being paid to choose sides her side. Later, Rosie is getting Kenneth ready for his birthday dinner with Reggie, Didi, and Lucinda. Rosie surprises the family by dressing Ken in one of his good suits before she wheels him out to the table. Didi and Lucinda begin arguing over who Rosie works for, Ken musters up all of his strength and punches the table. Rosie smiles and says she doesn’t work for Didi or Lucinda, she works for Kenneth. Later, Rosie is watching television and sees a report and Spence and Peri broke up. She rushes to his house to check on him, he says that he can’t talk and he “can’t see her again.” He informs her that he is losing her family because of her and she has to stay away and then he shuts the door in her face. Peri is standing around the corner listening in and smiling. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Rosie 203
Rosie discovers Didi's affair. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Marisol shows Dahlia's letter she found to Rosie and Zoila. Rosie is shocked and says Marisol should investigates about that letter. Later, Kenneth’s doctor stops by and Rosie thinks he is a fraud. Rosie is sure Ken is making progress and just needs some therapy but the doctor informs her that Ken is showing no change. The doctor leaves and Rosie tells Didi she thinks they need a second opinion. However, the young wife informs her she needs to drop it and do her job-which is clean the house. The next day, Rosie sneaks Kenneth to a different doctor when Didi isn’t home. The new doctor confirms her suspicions that Kenneth needs to be in physical therapy so that he can get better. On the way home she drives past Kenneth’s wife, who is making out with Dr. Sanders in the middle of the street. Rosie reveals to Didi when she comes home that Kenneth is going to therapy three times a week, and if Didi doesn’t let him go she will tell his daughter Lucinda about Didi’s affair. The next day, Rosie is present at Alejandro's funeral. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Rosie 204
Rosie, getting ready for her first date with Reggie. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Kenneth’s therapy has been doing wonders and he is now able to type on a computer to interact with people around him. Reggie is so pleased with his progress since Rosie began caring for him that he asks her out to dinner. Rosie declines. Later, Rosie learns that Carmen is working for Spence and marches over to his mansion and informs her she has to quit. She is scared that Carmen will “tempt” Spence and she is in love with him. Carmen informs her that she has no intention of sleeping with her boss like Rosie did, and she has no intention of quitting because Rosie says so. The next day, Rosie is taking care of Kenneth and filling him in on all the sordid details of her affair with Spence. Kenneth realizes this is why Rosie won’t date his nephew. He manages to type her an inspirational message about moving on to something new, and Rosie is touched and informs him he is a “wise man”. Later, Carmen reveals to Rosie that she is going to quit her job at Spence’s house for her. Rosie tells her that she doesn’t need to quit because she has decided to move on. Then, Reggie arrives for his date which Rosie. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Rosie 205
Discipline. ("The Bad Seed")

Miguel is playing in Kenneth’s house, and Lucinda is annoyed because he is making so much noise with his new toy. She is even more annoyed when she learns that her father brought the toy for Miguel. She tells him to “stop being so nice to people he isn’t related to”. Later, Rosie heads out to the grocery store and leaves Miguel with Lucinda. He gets up out of bed and plays with his remote control car. When Rosie returns Lucinda announces that she spanked Miguel, and Rosie is livid. She tells Lucinda is she wants to beat children she should go have her own. The next day, Rosie accidently knocks the statue that Lucinda has been making down on the floor and breaks it. Lucinda walks in and thinks Miguel broke the statue. She forces Rosie to punish him so she yells at him in Spanish, little does Lucinda know she is actually talking about ice cream in Spanish and not really yelling at him. Later, Lucinda walks in the livingroom and sees Miguel playing with Kenneth, she rushes out obviously upset. Rosie follows her and asks what is wrong. Lucinda confesses that when she was 15 she had a baby and Kenneth made her give the baby up for adoption. She doesn’t understand why her dad wouldn’t let her keep a baby, but he let Rosie move her kid in to the house. She reassures Rosie she doesn’t have a problem with Miguel, she has a problem with her dad. ("The Bad Seed")

Rosie 206
Rosie reunites Lucinda with her daughter. ("Private Lives")

Rosie decides to help Lucinda. The other woman has been nothing but kind to her since she revealed her big secret and was finally able to openly grieve for the daughter she put up for adoption. So to return the kindness, Rosie wants to reunite her new found friend with the daughter she lost. She even interrupted their date to ask Reggie for help. Although he comes off as a tad too excited at the idea. Recently Lucinda has begun to question why her father’s stipend has unexpectedly stopped and Reggie has been putting her off. Rosie ended up finding Lucinda’s daughter, named Natasha Jones, and she united them. Natasha hits her mother upon first meeting her. According to the younger woman, she tried contacting her birth mother four years ago and was told back then that she wasn’t wanted by Kenneth. Lucinda was able to convince her that she never knew about the earlier incident and the two women managed to have the loving reunion they were always supposed to have. But Lucinda was ready to give up her anger at her father. She nearly killed her old man and would have gladly done it in front of Didi if hadn’t been for Rosie. Rosie said the one thing that could calm down her boss’s daughter. She told her if she went to jail then she would have lose out on her new found relationship with her daughter. Later, Reggie used that violent and disturbing scene to his best advantage. He persuaded his uncle into believing that Lucinda no longer had the older man best interest at heart. So Kenneth took back power of attorney away from Lucinda and gave it to his nephew. ("Private Lives")

Rosie 207
Awkward. ("Betrayal")

Rosie is sitting at a restaurant waiting for Reggie, and she runs into Spence. She lies and says that Reggie is her immigration lawyer when he arrives, and Reggie is clearly not happy. When they get home he confronts her and asks where he stands. She confesses that she used to be with Spence, and now he is going through a divorce and she doesn't want to rub in his face that she has a boyfriend. The next day, Rosie and Carmen comfort the former's friend from church, Concepcion. Her boss, Javier - none other than Zoila's new boyfriend - told Concepcion that she has to scrub his entire house spotless because Zoila insulted the cleaning. None of the maids are aware that Zoila is Javier's new girlfriend. Rosie says that she has to leave because Miguel gets out of school early that day. Carmen follows because Rosie is her ride. This leaves Zoila alone with her boyfriend's maid. Later, Spence shows up at Rosie’s and informs her that Peri forced him to break up with her, and that he never stopped loving her. Reggie barges in, and catches them talking. Spence leaves and Reggie says that he is uncomfortable with her seeing Spence. Rosie informs him it is not up to him who she sees. This angers Reggie, so he comes up with a plan to keep Spence out of the picture. He follows Spence to a restaurant. When Spence gets up, Reggie intentionally runs into him. Reggie, attempting to push Spence's buttons, says that they can now bond over how "freaky Rosie is in the sack." Spence is furious and attacks Reggie, telling to to stay away from Rosie. After he leaves, Reggie reveals that he set the entire thing up and had someone record Spence attacking him. Reggie heads home and shows Rosie the video of Spence attacking him. He lies and says that Spence said horrible things about her and when Reggie defended her, Spence attacked him. Rosie is shocked. Later, she calls Spence. He tries to explain everything, but Rosie tells him to never contact her again. Spence is left heartbroken. ("Betrayal")

Rosie 208
Lucinda believes Rosie has betrayed her. ("Night, Mother")

Lucinda storms into the house, furious, and announces to Rosie that Didi is a dead woman. She just found out that her dad removed her as his power of attorney and is convinced Didi is responsible for what happened. Meanwhile, Didi is having a lunch with Reggie, which reveals to the woman Kenneth has taken his power of attorney away from Lucinda. Later, Rosie heads in to Miguel’s school, and learns that Miguel had an incident. Miguel called one of the girls in his class a “gold-digging whore” when she tried to eat his cookie - something he obviously picked up from Didi and Lucinda. Then, Rosie tells Lucinda Miguel got some troubles at school because he said bad words he learned from her. Lucinda tells her it is not a good time for that, because something is going on with Kenneth's bank account and she tries to figure it out. However, Rosie insists and tells her she can't say those things in front of Miguel. At the same time, Didi is watching the scene. Lucinda tells to Rosie she is the employee and she can't tells her how to talk. Rosie replies if she is the employee she could leaves the house if it is not good for her son to be here. A smiling Didi discreetly leaves the room. Lucinda says to Rosie she means a lot for her, and she would never want to see her leave. She adds she'll try to watch her language. Later, Didi and Reggie talk to Kenneth. Didi tells to her husband it was awful the way Lucinda was screaming at Rosie, and she adds the maid said she might have to quit. The old man looks confused and Didi says she knows he loves Rosie and Miguel, and it would be a shame to see them go. Kenneth asks what should he does. Reggie tells him sometimes the best thing we can do for our children is to push them out of the nest. Kenneth nods and Reggie smiles to Didi. Later, Rosie arrives home and finds Lucinda storming out with her suitcase. Lucinda reveals that Kenneth kicked her out of the house because she was “abusive to the help.” Rosie is confused because she never complained to Kenneth. Lucinda tells her she thought she was her friend, and she leaves the house. Rosie barges upstairs to confront Kenneth, but his nephew stops her and explains it was Didi’s doing. ("Night, Mother")

Rosie 209
Rosie discovers Reggie's treacherous actions. ("The Visit")

Rosie is working on Kenneth's speech therapy with Reggie. Didi marches in and wants to know why Reggie put his bags in Lucinda's old room. He says he is just staying for a few days because his apartment is being painted, Didi says that she knows Althea from his building and she said Reggie moved out. He says her friend is mistaken. At this moment, Didi receives a call from Dr. Sanders; she tells her Kenneth is doing better and they no longer require his services. Rosie asks Didi why he called. Didi says they are going to talk about this later and she goes. That night, Rosie is working with Kenneth on his therapy. She asks him to read some letters but the man prefers to "read" a catalog for women's underwear. At this moment, Didi comes back home and Rosie decides to talk with her. Didi reveals she ended the affair weeks ago but Bill does not stop to call her. She went over there to tell him to leave her the hell alone. She recognizes the affair was a mistake but she says she felt alone after Kenneth's stroke. Rosie agrees to keep the secret if she swears to have nothing to do with that man. The next day, Rosie has lunch with Carmen and Zoila. While at the restaurant, the maids are sat by Marisol's new nurse, Molly. The maids are shocked when they hear Molly gossiping about Marisol. The next night, Reggie is sitting on the couch watching Rosie clean, she asks him when his apartment will be done being painted. The doorbell interrupts, and it is Dr. Sanders, who asked where is Didi. Reggie throws him out and Rosie confesses to him that Didi was having an affair with Dr. Sanders, but reassures him that it is over now. The next day, Rosie brings some letters in order to help Kenneth during his speech therapy. When she did not look the letters, someone put another letter with the others. Then, Rosie chooses one letter - the added one - and gives it to Kenneth. He begins to read it, but soon he is devastated when he realizes the letter is from Dr. Sanders informing him that Didi was cheating on him. That night, Rosie comes home and finds Didi balling her eyes out in the living-room with Reggie and a few lawyers. Reggie goes to see her and he says that Kenneth told him to throw Didi out because she signed a pre-nup claiming she wouldn’t cheat on him. Reggie heads back in the living-room and Rosie finds stationary laying in his brief-case, the same stationary that was used on the letter Kenneth got from Dr. Sanders. She puts two and two together and realizes that Reggie wrote the letter to expose Didi’s affair. Later, Rosie learns that the group of robbers who killed Alejandro have broken into another home - Spence's. Rosie rushes over to see if Carmen was alright. She also asks if Spence was alright. Both are fine and Carmen tells Rosie that Ty is a hero. ("The Visit")

Rosie 210
Rosie vows to save Kenneth. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

At Kenneth's house, Reggie is watching a painting. When Rosie comes in the room, he tells her the painting cost $200,000 and he wants to sell it. Rosie asks if he is allowed to do that and Reggie reveals to her he has the power of attorney of Kenneth so he is supposed to make decisions about this house. Then, he asks Rosie if she does not want to come with him in his room. Rosie refuses because Miguel might see them. Later, Rosie is helping Kenneth into bed, she reveals that his nephew Reggie is planning on selling his painting in the living. Kenneth protests, but Rosie reminds him he gave Reggie power of attorney, so he can do whatever he wants. Rosie adds Kenneth could take his power of attorney back because he is stronger. The next day, Rosie returns home from the grocery store and finds Kenneth’s cane lying on the floor. Reggie says that Kenneth is at the hospital because he fell down the stairs. Rosie tries to rush off to the hospital but Reggie says that only family is allowed to visit him. Later, with the help of Miguel, Rosie pretends to be Kenneth's daughter-in-law and Miguel his grandson. A nurse tells her she is not on the list of the family, and Rosie says it must be a mistake and all she wants is to bring Miguel's drawing to Kenneth. The nurse agrees. Then, Rosie sneaks in to the hospital to see Kenneth and he is knocked out with meds. The orderly reveals that his nephew requested they subdue him because he was arguing with Reggie when the nephew brought him in to the hospital. Rosie is really upset by this revelation. She vows to a sleeping Kenneth that she is going to get him out of here. Later, back at Kenneth's house, Reggie surprises Rosie with an expensive necklace and she tells him she can’t take it and wants to know where he got the money from. He convinces her to just try on the necklace and tells her how beautiful she looks in it. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Rosie 211
"I will be here waiting for you." ("You Can't Take It With You")

At lunch, Rosie shows Marisol and Carmen the necklace that Reggie brought her. Rosie says that Reggie bought her the necklace because she refuses to sleep with him. Carmen and Marisol ask why she refuses, and Rosie tells her that Reggie is embezzling Kenneth's money, and that he manipulated his uncle into kicking Lucinda and Didi out and later put Kenneth in the hospital. Rosie plans to find proof he is stealing the money so that she can turn him in to the cops. Later, at Kenneth's home, Rosie is snooping through Reggie's stuff and she finds a brochure but Reggie interrupts her. He reveals that he has been working on her immigration case, and he almost has a green card secured for her and Miguel. She shows him the brochure she found in his brief case for a place called Maple Park, and he reveals that he is sending Kenneth to an assisted living center in Sacramento. She protests because they could not visit him, but Reggie won't hear it and says Kenneth will be sent there in two weeks. Later, Rosie pays Kenneth a visit at the hospital to tell him that Reggie is sending him to a home. Kenneth says there is "no point" in fighting Reggie, because he lost the people he loves most: Didi and Lucinda. Rosie asks him to be strong, but a guard comes and tells Rosie she has to leave. Later, Rosie returns home and Reggie confronts her about visiting Kenneth. Reggie reveals that Kenneth is well enough to travel and they are sending him to Maple Park on Monday. Rosie tells Reggie that if he sends Kenneth away then she will go to the cops. Then, she reveals to Reggie she knows what he did, because he wants his uncle's money. Reggie tells her that if she goes to the police, he will go to her immigration hearing and have her sent back to Mexico. That night, Rosie is called by Carmen after Spence had some problems with alcohol. Rosie comes to convince Spence to go to rehab. She tells him to go to rehab, and says she will wait for him. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Rosie 212
Rosie and the Millers confront Reggie for his wrongdoings. ("Proof")

The morning after Opal's death, Rosie and Carmen comfort Marisol, especially after Nick reveals to be interested in Opal's apartment. Later on at Kenneth's house, Rosie tells to Miguel she needs to help Kenneth because a bad man wants to steal his treasure. However, this bad man could send them back to Mexico so she asks Miguel's permission to help Kenneth; her son agrees. Later, Carmen calls Rosie, telling her she can't take care of Tucker. Rosie tells her she would love to help her, but she can't because she has an important meeting. Later on, at a diner, Lucinda arrives and finds Rosie. She says she does not know why she came after what Rosie did to her, but the latter tells her she is not the one who had her kicked out of the house. Lucinda asks who did this, and Rosie says she will explain everything when everyone is there. Lucinda wonders who else is coming, and at this moment, Didi arrives. Rosie tells them Kenneth is in trouble. She adds that he is in the hospital thanks to Reggie, and she will explain everything. Lucinda and Didi look surprised by what she said. After her audition, Carmen calls Rosie, who cannot believe what Carmen did to Tucker. Rosie tells Carmen she won't do what she did with her future children. Carmen says she won't ever have children, because she has her dream. Rosie replies she will be happy to have children if her dream does not come true. Carmen is upset by this answer, and says her dream is going to come true. Later, at Kenneth's house, Reggie finds Rosie moving out and meets his new maid, named Esperanza. Reggie asks her if she will talk to someone about what she discovered, and Rosie promises him she won’t tell anyone about his “creative accounting” and what he did to Kenneth, because she does not want to go back to Mexico with Miguel. Then, Reggie tells her to keep the necklace he bought for her. Rosie leaves and goes into a car, with Didi and Lucinda. She says Reggie is so dumb and the three women laugh, while they leave. They go to the hospital where Kenneth is. The three women give Reggie's necklace to the guard, who lets them take back Kenneth. The group go back to Kenneth's house, where Reggie discovered the hospital lost Kenneth. Reggie is shocked to see the whole family back in the house and Rosie tells him Kenneth took back his power of attorney and, thanks to Esperanza, they have proof of what Reggie did so they're gonna call the police. As he is kicked out of the house, Reggie tells Rosie to pack her bags, because he is going to see to it that she is kicked out of the country. ("Proof")

Rosie 213
Rosie and Spence finally tie the knot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Carmen, Zoila, Rosie, and Marisol are heading to lunch. Rosie reveals that next week she could deported because Reggie threw away all of her deportation papers. They arrive at the restaurant, and there is a sign on the door that says “closed for private event.” Inside, the girls find Spence waiting for Rosie in a room decked out in flowers. The girls leave the room while Rosie goes with Spence, asking if she wants to marry him. She agrees. Later, Rosie arrives in Spence's home, he asks her if she found a wedding dress. Rosie tells him his credit card has been denied, but Spence says he will talk with the bank later. Spence admits to Rosie he is “a little strapped for cash,” and she tells Spence she doesn’t want them to go broke on the wedding. She thinks they should cut back on their spending, and Spence hints at firing Carmen. Later, Rosie fires Carmen, even if she is annoyed by that. The same day, Spence presents Michael Feinstein to Rosie, saying he will sing at their wedding. First, Rosie thinks it will be free, but Spence reveals they will pay him. The woman is really worried about the money, and she tries to help Spence realize they need to be careful, because he did not know what it is to grow up without money. The next day is Rosie’s big day, and Zoila, Carmen, and Marisol help her get ready. Rosie confesses that she doesn’t know if she should marry Spence, because she doesn’t think she will be as happy with Spence as she was with her first husband Ernesto. However, her friends tell her she should not compare Spence with Ernesto, and her wedding will be happy because Spence loves her so much. Meanwhile, somewhere in Mexico, the police bust a drug cartel where they find out Ernesto is alive. Soon after, Rosie heads down the aisle and she marries Spence in front of everyone, while Michael Feinstein is singing. Then, after the wedding, Rosie and Spence and all of their friends and family follow them out of the church to see them off. Everyone's happiness is cut short, however, as Ty arrives and starts shooting at everyone. Rosie drops her blood covered bouquet, leaving it unknown who was shot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

I never thought I'd say this Ernesto, but I really wish you stayed dead.
Rosie Westmore, "Suspicion"
Rosie 301
Rosie is revealed as one of Ty's victims. ("Awakenings")

Rosie is one of three who are revealed to have been shot during Ty's drive-by shooting, the other being the minister and Pablo Diaz, whose wound was utterly fatal. Rosie enters a coma, only to finally awaken four months later in front of her three nearest and dearest friends, Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila. As the women catch Rosie up, they let her know Spence is on his way, who finally shows up, bringing with him Miguel, and the three reunite. Spence reveals that he was forced to give up his house and move into an apartment with Miguel, but that things are not too bad since he found a new job, starring in a film. She questions his relationship with Tucker, but is told that Peri still doesn't allow the two to visit often. Later on, Rosie learns from her nurse, Jerry, that Spence's acting job was in fact working as a pornstar in a cable movie, and he was naked for the entire film. She confronts him about this, but Spence argues that it was just softcore, and also the only job he could find. At first, Rosie is humiliated by this, even going as far to compare him to Ernesto, who got her and Miguel by with working as a police officer. She soon realizes that was quite harsh though, and apologizes, seeing that all Spence was trying to do was help take care of himself and Miguel while Rosie was in a coma. She does, however, make threats if a sequel is made. Everyone later gathers with Rosie at the hospital for a small celebration, and Marisol, who was originally not going to show up, does indeed after all. ("Awakenings")

Rosie 302
Rosie is called out by Spence for always comparing him to Ernesto. ("From Here to Eternity")

Still in the hospital, Rosie is visited by her friends, and reveals that she will be able to check out soon. As the girls converse, Zoila reveals her pregnancy, thus winning Rosie ten dollars from both Marisol and Carmen, who had made a bet out of it. She later video chats with Spence and Miguel, but when Spence has to take a call from his agent, Miguel is left to give Rosie a tour of her new home. Shocked by how filthy it is, she confronts Spence about this when he visits her in the hospital later on, and so he promises to clean it by the time she gets home. However, when paid a visit by Carmen and Zoila, he uses this as an opportunity to manipulate them into cleaning the apartment for him, pretending to cry about Rosie's coma, and how things have been difficult with him and Miguel. Carmen helps Rosie pack up her belongings at the hospital where Carmen shares her annoyance regarding Marisol not finding her a new job, and Rosie doesn't help much by revealing that their shared friend has already gotten her several interviews. Wanting to test Marisol, Carmen calls for Rosie's nurse, Jerry, and Rosie is forced to watch as Carmen tests Marisol with having Jerry call for a maid to see if she'll recommend Carmen; Marisol fails said test. Rosie finally leaves the hospital and arrives at her new home, and is pleased to see how well it's been cleaned up. This doesn't last for long, however, when Miguel accidentally reveals that it wasn't Spence who did the cleaning. Rosie is annoyed by this, and once again compares him to Ernesto. Spence apologizes, but states that he'll never be her first husband, and that it isn't fair that she keep comparing the two. The couple end up making up, but little do they know that an alive and well Ernesto has arrived to the United States on a bus, now in search of his wife. ("From Here to Eternity")

Rosie 303
A new revelation takes Rosie by surprise. ("The Awful Truth")

Thanks to a newspaper article, Ernesto is able to find his way to the Doheny Medical Center where Rosie stayed during her coma. After meeting with him, Nurse Jerry calls and alerts Spence, who believes it to be some sort of sick joke being played by someone from Rosie's past, and decides to not tell her about it. Rosie and her friends later goes out dress shopping with Zoila, and when speaking with the upcoming bride alone, she comes to piece together that Zoila's baby isn't Javier's, but in fact Pablo's. When she gets home, she finds Spence looking through her memory box, where he finds a picture of Ernesto, and Rosie reminisces about him; however, she also reveals that when she was told he had died, his body was never found. Realizing that it was perhaps Ernesto, Spence goes to Jerry with a picture, who confirms it, and so he gets his phone number and contacts him. The two meet up, and things go along well until Spence suggest Ernesto wait to reveal himself to Rosie. Ernesto does not like this though, and so he follows his wife's new husband when he leaves their meeting. That evening, Rosie attends Zoila's wedding, and she chats with her other friends beforehand. She's soon met by Spence, who arrives late due to an audition, but unbeknownst to them, Ernesto has followed. Rosie, Spence, and everyone else is soon seated for the ceremony, but in the middle of Zoila and Javier's vows, Ernesto makes himself know. Due to the shock, Rosie passes out, and so the wedding is put on hold. Rosie is taken to a bedroom while Ernesto meets with her friends, but when she wakes up, she learns that Spence had already known, and was keeping it from her. She is enraged, stating that she trusted him to be honest, and begins to question how a person can lie to someone they love. As Spence tries to apologize, Zoila overhears the conversation, which leads to her telling Javier the truth, and him leaving her. ("The Awful Truth")

Rosie 304
One big, happy family... ("Since You Went Away")

Rosie meets with Ernesto, who goes into detail about his kidnapping; however, Spence is jealous, worrying about losing his new wife, especially after witnessing a hug between the two. Rosie denies to Spence that Ernesto asked about her going back to him, while Spence also questions when his wife's first husband will be returning to Mexico. Though Rosie says she will ask the following day, she reveals Ernesto wishes to see Miguel, something Spence is not too keen about. Later on, Rosie meets with her friends, who all comfort Zoila after being left at the altar. Jokes are made about Zoila losing two men while Rosie gains two, and word gets out that Blanca has returned to Arizona... or so everyone thinks. A meeting is soon held, and Miguel is explained to by Rosie the complications behind his parentage, with not having two fathers and all. When Spence takes Miguel to get ice cream, Ernesto flirts with his former wife, thought Rosie makes it clear she chooses her current husband. Ernesto agrees to leave; however, he wishes to bring Miguel back to Mexico with him, for he may have lost Rosie, but he cannot lose his son too. Rosie goes to Spence about this, who feels extreme guilt, for she feels bad for the situation Ernesto has ended up in, but she also doesn't want to lose her son. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Miguel has heard this, and so he confronts Spence, who promises to fix things. Rosie and Spence later have Ernesto over for dinner, where they convince him to stay in America and rent an apartment near by, that way Miguel can still see both of his parents, and everyone can benefit. However, what Rosie does not notice is that there is still some disdain between her first and second husbands. ("Since You Went Away")

Rosie 305
Rosie's marriage to Spence is deemed a sin. ("The Talk of the Town")

Rosie and Spence help Ernesto move into his new apartment, bringing in boxes, mostly furniture lent to Ernesto by Spence. However, tensions rise when Ernesto insults the size of Spence's chairs, and when Spence defends Miguel when Ernesto gets upset over him swearing. He also learns that Rosie hasn't been taking Miguel to church lately, and so Ernesto agrees to take him that upcoming Sunday. Privately, Rosie tells Spence that it was inappropriate of him to criticize Ernesto in front of Miguel, and Spence reveals that Ernesto is getting in the way of his bonding time with Miguel since every Sunday since Rosie has been in a coma he has taken Miguel to the park to play basketball. Later on, Rosie stops by Ernesto's apartment and clears things up about church. Ernesto agrees to take him Saturday night instead, and Rosie tries to ignore her conflicting feelings for both husbands. That night, Rosie has a sexual dream about Ernesto where the two make love while Spence takes Miguel to see a movie. She wakes up though, now feeling extremely guilty. The following day, Rosie goes out for coffee with her friends, and she, Carmen, and Zoila suggest that Marisol ask out her new male maid, Jesse. Rosie attends the confessional at her church, fearing that she has been sinning, due to her conflicting feelings for both Spence and Ernesto. She tells Father Al her story, and though he confirms that her dreams about Ernesto are not a sin, her being with Spence is, seeing as how he is only her second husband, which is invalid in the eyes of God. That evening, Spence attempts to make love to Rosie, but fearing what she was told by Father Al, she avoids him, instead going to sleep on the couch, claiming to be sick. ("The Talk of the Town")

Rosie 306
Rosie makes her choice. ("She Done Him Wrong")

When dropping off Miguel at Ernesto's for the weekend, Rosie is shocked by the reminder that it is her and Ernesto's wedding anniversary. She later heads out to lunch with Zoila, who needed a good excuse to get away from her sister, Reina. Rosie shares what the priest told her about her marriage to Spence, and how it's a sin, but Zoila believes it she follows her heart then God will be okay with her choice. Rosie considers this, and so she publicly declares she chooses Spence; God does not strike her down, just as Zoila believed. This differs later on, however, when Rosie tries to make love to Spence; lightening strikes the top of the building, and so Rosie kicks Spence out of bed, believing this to be a sign. Rosie decides to try and get her marriage to Ernesto annulled, and so she stops by his apartment with the papers he'd need to sign. He refuses though, ripping up the papers, believing that Rosie doesn't really want this; he kisses her and asks what her heart feels now. Spence later finds Rosie on her knees, in tears, praying to God. Rosie confesses to Spence that God is angry at her, seeing her as still married to Ernesto, but also confesses that she still has feelings for her first husband as well. As much as this hurts the both of them, Rosie ultimately decides to leave Spence and go back to Ernesto, believing it's unfair to Spence to be with a woman who loves another. Rosie later arrives at the Stappords home, having gotten a job as their new maid. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Rosie 307
A familiar gift. ("The Turning Point")

Rosie meets with Ernesto, revealing that she has left Spence, but before going back to him, she wishes to take things slow. Ernesto agrees with this, and so he invites her over for dinner. When working at the Stappords, Rosie meets young Katy, who questions if the new maid is going to leave. Rosie promises she is there to stay, and she teaches the young girl a game she played back in Mexico, but is shocked to see Katy already know how, despite the fact that she is supposedly from Argentina. When questioned about this, Katy panics, and decides she doesn't wish to play anymore. Rosie brings this up with her friends later on, believing that the Stappords may be hiding something; Marisol defends them though, also stating that Rosie is there to work and not create problems. Rosie realizes that the other maids don't believe her though, thinking she's dumb; this bothers her later on, and she confides in Ernesto about it, who believes she is actually very smart. He wonders what the topic of discussion was, but Rosie decides to tell him later, ready to make love instead. Rosie later gives Katy a mango lollipop, a treat the young girl use to love; this, however, is something only found in Mexico, thus raising Rosie's suspicions. The young girl distracts Rosie from this though, giving her a gift of her own: a necklace, but not just any necklace: Blanca's necklace... ("The Turning Point")

Rosie 308
Ernesto is caught guard-dogging. ("Cries and Whispers")

Word gets out about Blanca's supposed suicide, and people have come to believe she is responsible for the murder of Louie Becker; Rosie and the other maids do not believe this though, and all come to the conclusion that she is being framed. After the Stappords are questioned by the police about the recently deceased maid, Taylor goes to lay down, while Rosie shows Michael the necklace Katy gave her. He agrees to go to the police about it, but asks that Rosie be careful around Katy, for had some trying times in Argentina (something Rosie does not believe.) Later on, when out having lunch with Ernesto, Rosie reveals what she has learned about Katy, and how she believes there's more to the story the Stappords have been using. Ernesto jokes that perhaps they are killers, something Rosie doesn't appreciate; she then accidentally drops her spoon, but it's picked up by a man near by, who unbeknownst to Rosie, knows Ernesto and has been keeping tabs on him. Fearing that same man will return, Ernesto keeps a look out, and pleads that Rosie take the day off work to stay with him. She refuses though, proceeding to leave. Ernesto later stalks Rosie at the Stappords home, but when Taylor sees him through the window, she freaks out and sends Michael after him. The Stappords and Rosie realize that it's Ernesto, and the maid apologizes for her husband's intrusion, promising it won't happen again. She sends Ernesto on his way, but the following morning, Rosie learns from Taylor that Michael has left her. ("Cries and Whispers")

Rosie 309
Spence hits Rosie with the inevitable truth. ("Bad Girl")

Rosie meets with Zoila and Carmen, the latter of which tells about her kiss with her lover's wife. When Zoila questions how this kiss was exactly, Carmen agrees to demonstrate on Rosie; the women conclude that Sebastien believed Jacklyn to be cold all this time because she suppressed her sexuality, and they suggest Carmen go to her about what the kiss meant. Rosie later discovers a pornography magazine in Miguel's room, so she goes to Spence about it, for Ernesto is currently back in Mexico; he agrees to talk to him. Zoila shares with Rosie and the other girls about how Genevieve's new boyfriend, Dr. Neff has been doing all her housework, while Marisol shares that her boyfriend Jesse has history with Louie Becker. Rosie announces to Miguel and Katy that she will be making lunch, and Miguel, deciding to take Spence's advice, makes a move on Katy, leaning in to kiss her. She freaks out though, threatening to kill him and dance in his blood; this frightens Rosie, who goes to Taylor about it. She finally gets the truth out of Taylor about Katy's origins, and how Katy witnessed her father's origins and so she and Michael adopted her and sneaked her across the border to safety; Rosie promises to keep the secret. She later goes to Spence, however, confronting him about the advice he gave to Miguel. Though she is upset, he hits her with the fact that she broke his heart, despite everything he gave up to be with her. This hits her hard, and so she leaves, not knowing what to say. ("Bad Girl")

Rosie 310
A moment is shared. ("Whiplash")

Rosie starts to notice Taylor has been going to the gym lately, but her suspicions are risen when her boss supposedly forgot her bag, and wishes to call the gym back for it herself. When meeting with her friends, Rosie shares that she believes Michael was right about Taylor having an affair, and Carmen adds on that Blanca did once say there was something going on in the Stappords home. The women (minus Marisol, who continues to defend Taylor) start to believe that Taylor may not have killed Louie Becker and Blanca, but perhaps her love did. Later on, Rosie speaks to Ernesto on the phone, wondering when he will be home from Mexico; she sees Taylor coming though, so she ends the call early. Taylor announces that she's leaving for the gym, but Rosie sees that she has her hair done and makeup on, and so after she leaves, she gets Miguel, and the two follow her. They end up in a park where Taylor is discovered with none other than Spence; from afar, Rosie sees the two converse, but things escalate quickly when Taylor stands, proceeding to slap Spence across the face and storm off. Rosie confronts Spence about this, believing him to be the mystery man Taylor was seeing; not giving him a chance to explain himself, she slaps him as well, leaving. Taylor clears things up though, revealing to Rosie that after a drug overdose she had a while back, she joined a support group, and Spence began sponsoring her; however, with Rosie now working as her maid, he thought things were getting out of hand, and thought he should quit sponsoring her, explaining the slap. Rosie goes back to Spence's, apologizing, and even kissing him on both cheeks. They share a moment, before Rosie leaves. Later, Rosie meets Marisol at the latter's house and explains to her the situation regarding Taylor and Spence. While Marisol is happy that Taylor isn't having an affair with Rosie's ex, she remains concerned about the fact that Olivia referred to Blanca as specifically having been "murdered". Because of this, she thinks that Olivia played a role in Blanca's death. ("Whiplash")

Rosie 311
Rosie pushes Spence away. ("Terms of Endearment")

Rosie and Spence begin rekindling a friendship while planning Miguel's upcoming birthday together, but this is interrupted when Ernesto returns from his trip to Mexico. Ernesto later expresses his jealousy over Spence to Rosie when having coffee, but she assures he has nothing to worry about... when he most certainly does. Rosie later meets with her friends where Marisol discusses Olivia's current cancer situation, and Zoila talks about Dr. Neff being a gold-digger, using Genevieve for her money. Spence receives a visit from Rosie, who says the two of them must stop spending time with one another. While Rosie does not deny her love for Spence, she also has feelings for Ernesto; Spence doesn't want to give up until Rosie takes him back though, and he refuses to not come to Miguel's birthday party when dis-invited, especially after saying that he would. Rosie later meets Olivia when she and Michael stop by so Michael can pick up some of his belongings, and the ex-Mrs. Stappord goes off on Rosie when seeing that some of her furniture has been changed. Miguel's party later commences, and the tension between Spence and Ernesto remains strong; first they argue over Spence having bought Miguel a PlayStation as a gift. Spence has reservations over the clown Ernesto has hired, but Rosie brushes it off as Spence being jealous. During the lighting of the candles, however, everything is ruined when Spence and the clown break out into a fight. As the party is ruined, Rosie and Spence later speak outside where Spence claims to have seen the clown taking pictures of Katy's room. Rosie ends contact with Spence, despite his still refusal to give up on her. As Rosie and Ernesto later clean up after everyone has left, Rosie removes a couch cover revealing a massive blood stain, which causes an instant rise in Rosie's suspicions. ("Terms of Endearment")

Rosie 312
Ernesto is confronted for his lies and treachery. ("Proof")

Taylor and Katy have returned from their trip, and the night of, Rosie gives Katy a Virgin Mary to help the girl keep away her nightmares. Once Katy is put to bed, the maid then questions her boss about the stain in the sofa. Taylor brushes this off as red wine, despite Rosie believing otherwise. She later shows pictures of this to Marisol so that they can investigate further, and Marisol tells Rosie of this type of chemical that can be used to tell if what is in Taylor couch is really blood or not. The maid goes out to get it, but when returning to the Stappord home she finds that Taylor has replaced all of the furniture, clearly having wanted to prevent Rosie from being able to dig any further. Rosie is now at a dead end, but Marisol thinks she knows who the killer of Louie Becker and Blanca is, so she takes Taylor out for drinks in order to loosen up some. Ernesto, meanwhile, has been meeting with Hector to plan the kidnapping of Katy in order to get her back to the cartel, so he uses the excuse of wanting to stay with Rosie to babysit as a way of getting into the Stappord house. When together, Ernesto discretely unlocks the door so that Hector can in, but when he goes to Katy's room to get her, she hits him over the head with the Virgin Mary Rosie had given her and calls for the maid's help. While Katy is saved, Hector still escapes, but Rosie comes to realize Ernesto's involvement with the whole charade. As he comes clean about everything, how he was going to trade Katy's life for their own and the likes, she is disgusted with him and admits she wish he stayed dead. She is later called to meet up with Marisol, who has been able to retrieve Taylor's sofa; they discover it really was blood-stained. ("Proof")

Rosie 313
Peri's return creates new obstacles for Rosie. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Rosie and the girls meet for lunch where they've come close to cracking the mystery of who killed Louie Becker and Blanca; however, the discussion is briefly put on hold when Carmen announces her engagement to Sebastien Dussault. Rosie is later having trouble getting in touch with Spence, but when she goes to his apartment to check on him she finds it empty. Soon enough, however, she learns that he is in the hospital as the result of some serious beatings... and that he has amnesia. Rosie discuses this with Jerry, and comes to realize Ernesto must have something to do with this; she confronts him for this, but while he assures her he didn't do it, he knows who did and she doesn't have to worry about him coming back. Ernesto then reveals that he is moving back to Mexico to finally settle things once and for all with the drug cartel, ensuring Rosie and Miguel's safety. He also wants Rosie to go back to Spence because he knows that he can make her happy, whereas he himself no longer can. The couple end on goodterms, but Rosie insists he say goodbye to Miguel before going. Later on, back at the Stappords' house, Rosie receives a call from Marisol revealing that Sebastien is the killer and that the whole thing was set up by Olivia. The maids end the conversation so they can go back to tending to what they need to do, but Rosie soon discovers that Taylor and Katy have packed up and fled, now on the run. Katy has left behind the Virgin Mary Rosie gave her, as well as a drawing. The maid is left heartbroken. Matters soon worsen though, for Rosie returns to the hospital to help jog Spence's memory... but he knows exactly who she is - the best maid he and his wife ever hired. Soon enough, the source behind this predicament and a certain someone who has returned makes herself known: Peri Westmore. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

Sometimes we do crazy things for the people we love. But now you know why I have to keep finding out what happened to Peri. I know it's dangerous, but you are my whole life.
Rosie Westmore, "Blood, Sweat and Smears"
Rosie 401
Spence forces Rosie away, too soon. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Six months have passed, and Rosie's marriage to Ernesto has been annulled[1], while at the same time Peri has completely demolished Rosie's relationship with Spence, once again. Not allowed near the man she loves, she is forced to take a job as Genevieve's new live-in maid, the latter of which is not the biggest fan of her new employee. Rosie is disgusted by the lies Peri spreads about her on TV, and wanting her gone now that Zoila has returned from a trip, she gives her the week off to make things right with Spence. Rosie goes to the Westmores' new home, but Jesse intervenes, revealing to now be working as their butler and bodyguard. Rosie goes to her friends about this, and Marisol agrees to speak with him on Rosie's behalf. Jesse starts to notice suspicious activity going on in the Westmore house, however, and so he goes back to Rosie at Genevieve's, exclaiming that Spence does in fact need her help. At Peri's party, Rosie is able to sneak in as one of the caterers, and Jesse lets her know that Spence is alone in the upstairs' bedroom. She goes to find him and expresses that she heard about his plans of remarrying Peri; she insists that he doesn't love her though, and even kisses him to try to make him remember. This fails, though; Spence still sees Rosie as the harlot who wrecked his family and he demands that she get out of his house. Rosie is now in tears, but does as told, one last time calling him "Mr. Spence". It's then that something inside Spence's mind is triggered, and he runs after Rosie, but she's already gone; meanwhile, he slips and falls and hits his head... and his memories all return. Rosie, meanwhile, is back at Genevieve's and cries over the things Spence has said to her. The two women start to bond over possibly losing people they love forever. They decide to get through it together, with Genevieve passing over the feather duster as she declares that Rosie is officially her new maid. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Rosie 402
Rosie goes to great lengths to find Spence an alibi, after Peri was killed. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Rosie wakes Genevieve early to tell her about the messages Spence left her last night about how he remembers everything and wants to get back together, though she's less thrilled when she turns on the TV to discover that Peri Westmore has been brutally murdered and, following a confrontation at the celebrity party Rosie ran out of, Spence is the likely suspect. Jesse later lets her in, then going back to shielding poor Tucker from this whole mess, while Rosie and Spence finally reunite, right after Spence finishes telling the detective that he blacked out after getting drunk and remembers nothing about last night. She sees this as convenient, but Rosie is certain that Spence didn't kill anybody; however, his finger prints are found on the murder weapon and he is taken away in handcuffs, to Rosie's dismay. She brings it up to the girls who point out that everyone hated Peri and therefore anyone who met her is a suspect, meaning Rosie doesn't even know where to start when it comes to proving Spence's innocence. They point out, though, that she doesn't need to find out who really killed Peri - she merely has a to prove that Spence had an alibi. As such, Rosie returns to the new Westmore house and, knowing from the police that Peri died between 1 and 3 A.M., she and Jesse try to figure out what happened. Jesse took Spence's keys, meaning wherever he went he had to have walked, and Rosie bets he was looking for a place to drink. The fact that he was able to get back in the house even though he had no keys means that the killer must have left the door unlocked, so Spence is innocent. Rosie ends up going to a nearby strip bar to ask if Spence was there, and has to pay for a lap dance from a stripper dressed in a skimpy maid outfit named Cinnamon. She reveals that she danced for Spence on the night in question and that he was there until closing time, which was 4 A.M. Rosie is thrilled to have finally found an alibi for her beloved. However, when going to the police, she learns Spence is confessing to Peri's murder. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Rosie 403
Peri's sister, Shannon, hires Rosie as Tucker's nanny. ("War and Grease")

Rosie visits Spence in prison, confused as to why he confessed, and he explains that his friend Ben, who she's never heard of, helped him to see things clearly. He doesn't care about that now though, for he's merely worried about Tucker not having a proper guardian, and so he tells Rosie to get down to his house and take care of him for him since she is someone he knows and trusts. Rosie arrives and is able to calm a screaming Tucker with his lovey, and the maid sits down with Jesse to discuss Ben, who they have deduced must be brainwashing Spence. More trouble strikes though, for Shannon Greene arrives, revealing herself as Peri's sister, and that she is in charge of the not-so-dearly departed's estate. Because of this, she inherits everything until Tucker comes of age, including Tucker himself, but when Spence finds out about this he begs that Rosie fight this because he cannot have his son grow up with Shannon. Rosie argues that she is fighting for him, though; she's the only one who is, and she makes him fight for his innocence as well. She plans to meet with Cinnamon, his alibi, but unbeknownst to them both, Cinnamon is kidnapped by Ben, thus ruining that plan. Tucker is later screaming bloody murder at the Westmore house and Shannon is unable to make him be quiet, so Rosie is called in to help. She sneaks the child his lovey to show Shannon how good she is with him, and is also able to goad Shannon into hiring her as Tucker's nanny, pointing out as she does so that Peri is no longer the one calling the shots. When Rosie later goes to meet with Cinnamon, she learns that she's disappeared. ("War and Grease")

Rosie 404
Rosie's mission to free Spence gets harder to endure. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Rosie speaks with Jesse, having had zero luck in tracking down Cinnamon, but believes the police should be looking towards Ben. Jesse, however, points out that Ben would have nothing to gain from Peri's demise, unlike Shannon, who uses her late sister's money to go on a shopping spree. Later as Rosie is going to the prison to visit Spence, she is stopped by a lonely Genevieve, who desperately wishes to befriend the new maid. Rosie can't this evening, but agrees to the next. Spence is very antsy in prison, believing that one of the inmates, Kill Face, wants to shiv him... or worse. Rosie later has Jesse take Tucker to the park so that she can snoop around the Westmore home, only to wind up under the bed when Shannon comes home earlier than expected. She's not alone though, for Ben is in her company, to Rosie's shock, and the two make love on the bed as Rosie hides underneath. During Shannon and Ben's time on top of Rosie, they mention something known as "The Circle" and hope for Rosie and Spence to still be in the dark. Due to this, Rosie misses her dinner date with Genevieve, to the latter's dismay. When Rosie finally gets home, she attempts to apologize to Genevieve, but the employer no longer wishes to befriend Rosie; she's maid her hairdresser Fabian her new best friend. Rosie later returns to the prison to ask Spence if he knows anything about "The Circle", but he has an odd reaction and ends up collapsing, leaving Rosie to scream out for help. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Rosie 405
Genevieve provides Rosie a new clue to the mystery. ("A Time to Spill")

Rosie is at Spence's bedside when he wakes up in hospital, apparently suffering from withdrawal, and Rosie thinks that Ben has been slipping him drugs - hidden in coffee - in order to brainwash him into confessing to Peri's murder. She goes to Detective Shaw with this theory, but she refuses to reopen Peri's murder case without the sufficient evidence, and so Rosie returns to her ex-husband with a plan: she wants to have Ben come over and give Spence one of his special coffees so that they can prove he's been drugging him. Spence, who's otherwise enjoying life in the hospital in comparison to his life in prison, doesn't want to have to deal with Ben because he believes him to be dangerous, but Rosie pays Ben a visit nonetheless. She tells him about Spence's condition and tries convincing him to go and visit his sponsor, but Ben refuses; that is, until Rosie mentions that Spence has been saying things about "The Circle". Ben proceeds to turn up with a cup of coffee, to Spence's surprise, and Rosie encourages him to drink it while she films the whole interaction on her phone. When Ben leaves, however, Spence doesn't seem as though he's been drugged, and they come to realize that the coffee Spence just drank was exactly that - just coffee. This leads Rosie to begin worrying that Ben has figured them out. She later stresses this to Genevieve, who has been having her own troubles with her now ex-friend Fabian. However, Rosie becomes intrigued when Genevieve mentions Fabian's own talk about "The Circle", and Genevieve shows Rosie the book her hairdresser had lent her. ("A Time to Spill")

Rosie 406
Rosie realizes she must be close to solving the mystery of Peri's murder. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Rosie summons Fabian to the Westmore house in an attempt to join "The Circle", though he refuses to have her because she isn't rich or famous, telling her that the people who join include the likes of Peri Westmore. Rosie relays this to Spence when he calls to invite she and Tucker to family day at the prison, though he had no idea his ex-wife was in a cult, and she proceeds to have Genevieve try and join them so that she can help her learn the truth behind Peri's murder. Frances worries about the fact that Rosie is going around investigating and requests that Ben stop her, not wanting him to disappoint her again, while later Genevieve tells Fabian that she read his book and wants to join The Circle. He is excited by this, though first he has to film her doing a lie detector test as a part of the initiation, and Genevieve later tells Rosie that the test practically broke her. Rosie realizes that there must be a recording somewhere of Peri doing the same test, meaning her secrets were on video. Rosie tells Spence about the potential Peri video after seeing his play, but he doesn't want to talk about the murder right now, nor does she want her to give Tucker false hope that he'll get out of prison. However, Rosie remains determined to clear his name, and it is because of this determination that, on the way home, Ben rams his car into hers. Jesse proceeds to visit she and Tucker in the hospital, clarifying that they're both okay, and Rosie realizes that the crash was a message from The Circle telling her to stop what she's doing... meaning she must be close to the truth. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Rosie 407
Following Tucker's operation, Rosie figures out Peri's biggest secret. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Rosie decides to continue investigating Peri's murder in spite of the clear message sent to her by The Circle, which Jesse thinks makes her bananas. She is surprised to hear that Ben is ignoring Shannon and Jesse suggests that she follow one of them to find out where The Circle meets, though she hardly has time to discuss this new plan because, suddenly, Tucker collapses. In hospital, it is learned that he's suffering from a heart condition as a result of the car accident and needs a blood transfusion, though his blood type is rare. Rosie suggests that Spence could donate blood, since he's Tucker's father, but Shannon won't allow this to happen. In prison, Spence is angry that Shannon won't let him save his own son, and Rosie wonders if perhaps she's operating on the orders of The Circle, which Spence really wishes she'd stop looking into since it's so dangerous. She later gives Shannon the Joynetics book and pretends it's from Ben, so that Shannon will go to meet him and Rosie will be able to learn where it is the cult bases itself. Rosie follows Shannon and sees her going into the house of Frances, and she meanwhile meets Kyle at Zoila's. Spence gets himself injured so he can wind up back in the hospital to donate blood, but after the operation, Rosie learns the blood was taken from the bank since Spence wasn't a match. She finds out that Spence isn't Tucker's biological father - Peri's biggest secret. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Rosie 408
Rosie and Spence tie the knot... for the second time. ("I Saw the Shine")

Rosie meets with the girls and reveals to them that Spence isn't Tucker's father, and she worries about having to tell him so that she can learn who the real father is: presumably some guy Peri was having an affair with. Rosie later realizes just how well The Circle is connected when she sees the Joynetcis book under the possession of a prison guard and realizes he's been spying on her. Obviously she can't tell Spence about Peri's big secret with him around, and so she proposes so that the two of them may be granted a conjugal visit. They go through with a wedding ceremony, but when they're finally alone, conjugally, Rosie cannot bring herself to tell her husband the truth about Tucker because knowing that he still has his son - along with she and Miguel - are all that's allowing him to hold onto hope. Rosie tells this to Marisol, who points out that Peri wouldn't have told Spence about her affair anyway, and Rosie realizes that maybe she confided in Shannon. As such, she approaches her with all that she's learned and Shannon reveals that Peri was raped by some "big wig" in the film industry, though she declined to reveal the identity of her attacker. Rosie goes to Zoila about this, who is now aware Kyle and Frances are members of The Circle; Zoila believes that Peri's confession tape might be in the attic, and she agrees to snoop around for Rosie. ("I Saw the Shine")

Rosie 409
Rosie promises to start paying more attention to Miguel again. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Rosie remains tied up in her efforts to free Spence while Miguel acts out in school, threatening his teacher by saying that his imprisoned stepfather may kill him, and Rosie proceeds to receive a phone call warning her of her son's behavior. She believes it may be due to Miguel looking up to Spence and therefore thinking it's "cool" to be a criminal and so, during their next conjugal visit, she requests that Spence show Miguel that prison is not cool, and he suggests enrolling the boy in a program designed to scare kids straight. This fails due Miguel actually seeming quite taken with prison upon his visit, with even Kill Face failing to appear threatening when he grows distracted by the child's gummy bears. However, Spence soon learns that Miguel isn't acting out because he thinks criminal life is cool, but rather, because he feels Rosie has been ignoring her due to her ongoing investigation into Peri's murder. Spence feels bad for his stepson and informs Rosie of his feelings, meaning she's able to promise to pay more attention to him in the future. All the while, Rosie has been having Zoila snoop around Frances' attic, but she is dumbfounded to hear from her friend that The Circle sipped town in the middle of the night and took everything with them - including the cabinet which contained the videos of its members' confessions. Rosie relays this to Spence in their next conjugal, and he requests, once and for all, that she simply stop trying to get him out of prison, for it's now reached the point that it's destroying their family. Rosie of course refuses, but Spence has lost all hope. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Rosie 410
Gail Fleming is outed as Peri's real killer, and Detective Rosie is triumphant. ("Grime and Punishment")

Rosie learns from Marisol that Hugh Metzger most likely raped Peri, but word gets out that Spence has broken out of prison and is now on the run. When Hugh tries to rape Danni, Rosie and Carmen arrive where he's then taken hostage. They force him to start talking, and while he admits to raping Peri, he still denies killing her... and then has a heart attack. While the maids untie, call the paramedics and abandon him, Zoila comes into possession of Peri's tape for The Circle, which Rosie watches with Marisol. They find out that Hugh's daughter made a deal with Peri to make her keep quiet, and suspect Hugh's daughter killed her when she was going to break the deal. Upon researching who Hugh's daughter is, they come to the realization that it's none other than Gail Fleming, who Rosie confronts at the Powell mansion. Seeing Rosie as nothing but a "dumb maid", she admits to it, only for the police to arrive and arrest her. While Detective Rosie is triumphant, there's still the matter of Spence's escape from prison, which Zoila has been dealing with. Fellow inmate Kill Face winds up shooting him, and Rosie arrives as he is to be carried away by paramedics. She and Zoila get him off the hook for breaking out by making it out to be he was Kill Face's hostage, and once Rosie and Spence finally reunite back home, Rosie reveals that she's pregnant, to Spence's utter delight. A year then passes and Rosie goes on to have her baby; she and the other maids attend Marisol's wedding to Peter together, but when they find her maid hasn't made it down the aisle, they go to check on her, only to notice a broken window and drips of blood, implying she's been kidnapped. ("Grime and Punishment")

Later Life

Marisol then proceeds to wake up, having dreamed the entire wedding and kidnapping, and goes on to marry Peter for real.[2] Meanwhile, Rosie and Spence's child turns out to be a boy[3]; however, with that happiness comes the resurfacing of a secret Rosie's been keeping from Spence. Word eventually gets out that Tucker is not Spence's biological son but, while this does drive a wedge between the couple for sometime, they ultimately make up.[4]



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