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Sam Alexander
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Sam Alexander is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. Alejandro Rubio's personal butler and chauffeur, he works alongside his crush, Carmen Luna. After months of trying to win a date from her, she finally agrees to be his girlfriend, but the relationship is cut short when Carmen can't accept how Sam plans to live his life. After spending some time apart, Sam returns one last time and they are reunited, but just like Carmen always does, she puts her career first and chooses to be Alejandro's pretend wife instead of being with Sam. This leads to the official termination of the romance, and they part ways.


Season 1Edit

Sam warns Carmen to be careful around Alejandro and not to expect to become his new best friend. ("Pilot") Meanwhile, Carmen takes advantage of the house and her co-worker Sam, while Alejandro is away. Carmen reveals to Sam that she refuses to be in a relationship because her last boyfriend wasn't supportive of her dreams. ("Setting the Table")

Carmen finally gets a meeting with a major music producer and needs Sam's help to sell her diva image. ("Wiping Away the Past") Sam is jealous when Carmen's ex returns. ("Taking Out the Trash") Carmen is jealous when Sam starts dating. ("Walking the Dog") As Carmen and Sam agree to be boyfriend and girlfriend, Carmen asks Sam about what he likes about his job. ("Taking a Message")

After a long separation period, Carmen and Sam rekindle their relationship and agree to move in together, but things go down hill when reporters catch Sam and Alejandro hugging, and use it as proof to expose Alejandro's homosexuality. ("Getting Out the Blood")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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