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Sam Alexander
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I am as ambitious as any man who's ever lived. But my real ambition... is you.
Sam Alexander, "Taking a Message"

Sam Alexander is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. Alejandro Rubio's personal butler and chauffeur, he works alongside his crush, Carmen Luna. After months of trying to win a date from her, she finally agrees to be his girlfriend, but the relationship is cut short when Carmen can't accept how Sam plans to live his life. After spending some time apart, Sam returns one last time and they are reunited, but just like Carmen always does, she puts her career first and chooses to be Alejandro's pretend wife instead of being with Sam. This leads to the official termination of the romance, and they part ways.


Early LifeEdit

At an unknown point in his life, Sam became Alejandro Rubio's butler. ("Pilot")

Season 1Edit

Sam warns Carmen about first meeting Alejandro Rubio. He also continuously flirts with her. ("Pilot") Sam tries to keep Carmen from taking advantage of Alejandro and Odessa being away. ("Setting the Table")

Carmen's career is finally getting launched. She talks Sam into helping her, but he seems done with chasing her when he watches her allow Benny Soro, a hit maker record producer, paw her. Carmen knows what she's doing, and tells Sam, who's besotted with her, that she knows she won't have too many more chances. She tells Soro that she’ll do anything to get into the business. The grubby producer takes that promise to a whole new level and invites her over to his place for sex. Sam is disappointed in her when she agrees to go through with it. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Carmen’s past comes back to haunt her when her husband Oscar shows up at the house looking to talk to her. They had married when she was 17. Oscar wanted a traditional Latin wife with babies; but the babies never came. Her life was empty. The only thing that got her through and gave her joy was singing. She wanted to pursue singing, but he wouldn’t allow it, so she left him. When Carmen refuses to go back with Oscar, he gets violent with her, throwing punches with Sam, crashing into Evita’s birdcage freeing the bird, and even challenges Odessa. It all ends with Odessa saving the day and Oscar leaving in an ambulance stretcher with a neck brace. ("Taking Out the Trash")

When Sam gets involved with the new cook next door, Carmen is incredibly jealous, something she refuses to admit to herself. She appeals to Alejandro to put an end to Sam and the cook’s dalliance, but he is happy that Sam is getting some action. So, Carmen decides to cover Sam's bed with dog hair (the cook is allergic to dogs) and getting her sent to the hospital to be treated for an allergic reaction. Then, she tells Sam how she feels about him and he breaks up with the cook to be with her. ("Walking the Dog")

Sam and Carmen's relationship is becoming an official thing. However, Sam decides to quit his job after Carmen complained that Sam had no ambition and that was a problem. ("Taking a Message")

Sam shows up at Alejandro’s looking fly in an Armani suit, offering Carmen to be his first client - he is in an agent training program. She declines his offer, telling him that she realized that all she wants is him. He asks her to move in with him, and all is wonderful until the next morning. Alejandro interrupts them in the kitchen - both men are clad in only boxer shorts - and blesses their union. When Carmen goes to grab champagne, the two men hug, and the pesky reporter is there to snap their scantily clad embrace. It seems that Alejandro is going to have to out himself, until his PR team gives him an out in the from of a potential beard – a position Alejandro seems to think Carmen would be perfect for. ("Getting Out the Blood")

After Sam and Carmen decide to move in together, Alejandro offers Carmen a deal -- if she agrees to be his wife for two years, he'll make her into a singer. This, however, means she and Sam have to split up. Carmen ends up choosing fame over her love for Sam, terminating the relationship. ("Totally Clean")


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