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Sandra is one of Gail's friends who comes to Marisol seeking a maid she hopes will meet her expectations... a male maid. She appears in "The Turning Point".


Season 3

During a charity fund-raiser party, Jesse and Marisol are sharing a moment. Gail and Sandra are also present at the party, and the latter asks Gail who the man with Marisol is. Gail retorts it is her maid, but she is not obviously paying him to clean. Sandra watches the young couple, and seems interested. The nex day, at Marisol's house, Jesse is cleaning when Marisol meets with Sandra. The latter gives a envious look to Jesse... and his butt. Marisol tries to grab her attention, and Sandra reveals Gail told her about her business, and how much Marisol enjoys her maid, so she would like someone to enjoy too. Then, Marisol asks if she has to do all "housework" by herself, which is confirmed by Sandra. Marisol asks her if she wants a "deep cleaning" or a "quick in and out", and Sandra chooses the former option, wanting a strong person who will spend time on her "house". Marisol says she has someone: Phyllis, but Sandra retorts she wants a man, and adds she cans share Jesse with Marisol is she wants to. Marisol is more and more suspicious during the whole discussion, and asks her what she thinks she is selling. Sandra replies with "sex", going on to ask if Marisol is indeed a madam. Marisol is shocked. Eventually, Sandra explains she got the information from Gail, and Marisol decides to confront her. ("The Turning Point")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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