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Sergeant Muniz is the officer who interrogates Valentina in "You Can't Take It With You".


Season 2

After being taken to the police station for having blood on the back seat of her car, Valentina is interrogated by Sergeant Muniz. Zoila and Pablo arrive, interrupting the interrogation to find out what has happened. Valentina promises her parents that she didn't do anything wrong. Sergeant Muniz tells Zoila and Pablo that they are willing to believe her if she tells them who's blood it is and how it got there. Zoila tells her daughter to explain to the sergeant, but Valentina tells her mother that she can't; she asks if they can talk about it at home. "First she has to answer our questions," the sergeant interrupts. "Wait a minute," Pablo realizes, "has she been placed under arrest?" he asks. The sergeant tells him that she hasn't yet. Pablo tells Muniz that he cannot hold her if not. Sergeant Muniz tells Pablo that it would be in Valentina's best interest if she assist in this investigation. "Well I'm her father and I think it's in her best interest she go home," Pablo says as he leads his daughter out of the station. Sergeant Muniz tries to stop them, but Zoila stands in the way, telling the officer that he heard her husband and that they are leaving. She then follows behind them. ("You Can't Take It With You")

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