She Done Him Wrong
Devious Maids 3x06
July 6, 2015
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Flash sideways
1.34 million[1]
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"She Done Him Wrong" is the 32nd episode of Devious Maids.


Carmen unwillingly helps Adrian with his hobby which has dangerous consequences. Marisol worries over her relationship with Jesse. Zoila struggles with her feelings about having a new baby, while dealing with the arrival of her younger sister. Rosie continues to battle with her love for both of her husbands and makes a drastic decision. Evelyn has a new desire for the next chapter of her life.


Adrian 306
Adrian's perversions prove near-fatal.

Carmen is reluctant about the electric shock machine Adrian has introduced to their S&M sessions and, when the latter angers his maid too hard, even going as far as to insult her singing, she ends up revving the machine past full blast and inducing a seizure in her boss. She calls Sebastien so he can help move Mr. Powell's unconscious body elsewhere, and then an ambulance is summoned; Evelyn is thrilled that Carmen saved her husband. While in hospital, the doctor explains that Adrian's injuries are consistent with abuse. Not wanting Evelyn to discover that he's been having their maid beat him to his pleasure, he lies and says his wife beats him, which she quickly scolds him for. He then admits to being into S&M, and the doctor tells him that he can no longer partake in such activities because it could end up being the death of him. Evelyn is absolutely disgusted in her husband. Carmen, meanwhile, goes to Marisol's house and confesses that she continued to act as Adrian's dominatrix and ended up accidentally putting him in the hospital. She expects her friend to be mad, but when Marisol hears that Adrian coerced her into doing it, she expresses nothing but sympathy. Carmen proceeds to wonder what she's going to do about the whole messy situation, but Marisol tells her that she has an idea. The two of them then go to Evelyn and tell her all about the S&M Carmen's been engaging in with her husband. Evelyn decides to speak with Adrian... and fire Carmen. However, Marisol comes to her friend's rescue, pointing out that Carmen has a very good case for a lawsuit against the Powells if they fire her simply for complaining about engaging in acts she was uncomfortable with as a result of blackmail. While Carmen would rather extort the Powells for all they're worth, Evelyn simply gives her her job back, to both her satisfaction and disappointment. She later tells Sebastien how the whole ordeal was hashed out and thanks him for being there for her; he implies that he always will be, but she sees this as unlikely because he has a wife. However, he reveals that he was a plan to get rid of his wife and the damning prenup.

Marisol 306
As one ship sets sail...

Marisol is met by Michael in hospital following Taylor's overdose, assuring him that his wife is alive but that the doctors fear that, with the amount of pills she took, the overdose may have been a suicide attempt. Michael starts to blame himself due to the big fight he and his wife had right before, but Marisol tries calming him down by assuring him that she's fixing him up with a new maid. He requests that she take Katy for a little while and she agrees to do so, in exchange for him putting a stop to whatever it is that made Taylor do this. While tending to Katy, Marisol finds her creepy as always, then receiving a call from Jesse who thinks she may be avoiding him. She then explains the situation to him and he feels like a jerk; as such, to make up for it, he prepares a nice dinner to greet Marisol with when she returns home after her stressful day. The two of them dine together and get a little drunk on wine, with Marisol saying how creepy Katy is and him sharing a story about a guy he knew in the army who everyone thought was creepy too, but it turns out he'd just seen some stuff and was scared. Marisol is now the one who feels like a jerk, but Jesse assures her that she's a good person... and she kisses him, leading him to leave embarrassed. Carmen convinces Marisol that Jesse was merely being a good maid and she took advantage of him and so, the next night, she apologizes for doing so. However, he reveals that the reason he left is because he didn't want to be the one to take advantage of her, seeing as how he wants their first time to be special. The two of them finally admit their feelings for one another and proceed to make love in the kitchen.

Rosie 306
...another tragically sinks.

Rosie drops off Miguel at Ernesto's apartment, and he proceeds to make her uncomfortable by presenting her with a white flower as a gift for their anniversary, reminding her of their wedding day and how romantic it all was. Rosie, unable to handle the feelings she has for Ernesto that are bubbling back up, wants to give the flower back, but he refuses to allow it on the grounds that it is a gift. When at lunch with Zoila, Rosie reveals that her priest told her that her second marriage to Spence is invalid, and therefore a sin, and ever since finding that out she's been worried that God will strike her down. Zoila tries reassuring her, leading her friend to announce that she chooses Spence, and then she goes home and dresses in something sexy in order to seduce him. When he too arrives him, it is pouring outside and he is soaking wet, though he takes notice of how nice she looks and the two of them start to make love. However, the building is suddenly struck by lightning and, thinking this is an act of God, Rosie refuses to continue, now having the sign that she needs to know that what she's doing is a sin. She tries going to Ernesto and getting him to sign annulment papers that say that their marriage didn't count, but he refuses to on the grounds that that simply isn't true. He reminds her of the way he used to make them feel, and then he kisses her, making her even more confused about her emotions. He asks her what her heart says, but she cannot answer, and later Spence finds his wife crying as she prays. She tells him about God being angry at her and confesses that, ever since Ernesto returned, she has been having feelings for him, and it's not fair for him to have a wife who is torn between two men. As such, she tearfully announces that she's leaving him, and he grows utterly heartbroken as he begs her not to leave... but she does.

Zoila 306
Zoila's realizes she loves and wants her unborn daughter.

Zoila is on the phone with Valentina when someone is suddenly at the door, and Zoila even attempts hiding upon her realization that it's her sister Reina who, when they last met, stole her car. Reina knows that her sister is pregnant and decides to stay to help out, knowing Genevieve won't mind since she's in Greece, and Zoila later makes clear to her friends that she thinks her sister is evil. Zoila tries relaxing later, with Reina having offered to do her chores, but she can't because Reina is constantly asking where everything is, to the point where Zoila ends up having to do it herself anyway. Reina takes the opportunity to offer her condolences for Pablo's death, not having come to the funeral because she thought she was supposed to receive an invite, and proceeds to ask some questions about the baby. Zoila, not even knowing the sex, seems very unenthusiastic about answering them, and Reina points out that her sister doesn't seem very excited about having this baby. Annoyed, Zoila tries asking her to leave, but Reina bursts into tears as she reveals that she and Victor are getting a divorce. Zoila tries going to Victor and convincing him to take her sister back, but he is perfectly happy without her in his life, especially considering how many people she cheated on him with. When Zoila continues to press it, Victor isn't sure she understands, and then he informs her that one of them men Reina had an affair with was Pablo, in the early days of his marriage to Zoila. When Reina returns to the mansion, Zoila is throwing her clothes down the stairs in a distraught attempt to kick her out. Reina tries apologizing for what she did but Zoila doesn't want to hear it, and them fighting over Reina's suitcase means that Zoila ends up falling down the stairs. Reina takes her to Dr. Morris who runs an ultrasound and informs them that the baby is okay, and that it's a girl. Zoila seems overjoyed that Valentina is going to be getting a sister, and she tells Reina that she was right when she said she wasn't excited about the baby; however, when she almost lost her, she realized how much she loves and wants her. The doctor tells her that she needs to be off her injured ankle for a few weeks and asks if there's anyone who can take care of her during that time. Reina offers to do so, to Zoila's horror.

Katy 306
"Are you going to call me Katy forever?"

Katy is told to go to bed by Michael when he returns home from the hospital, only for her to want to stay up and extra five minutes so that she can finish a "get well soon" card for her mother. Michael allows this while he goes and prepares her room for bed time; as he's moving her stuff around, he is shocked to discover the bottle of anti-depressant pills that Taylor overdosed on, and he confronts his daughter with them. She reveals that she put them in Taylor's glass because she was sad and she thought the pills would make her happy again. This causes Michael to yell at her and, the next morning, she runs away, thinking that her father does not want her anymore. She is discovered by Evelyn Powell, who reassures her about her fears that her father doesn't want her anymore and brings her home, telling Michael that, while they may be difficult at times, children are a gift to be cherished because one never knows when they might lose them (she speaks from personal experience, of course). This prompts Evelyn to go back to the hospital to visit Adrian, telling him that she came to the realization that, one day soon, his perversions may actually kill him and then she'll be alone and, well, she refuses to be alone so... from now on, he can get his jollies however he wishes, but he must give her something she wants first: a child. Michael, meanwhile apologizes for how he acted towards Katy, and she ends up asking him if he's going to call her "Katy" forever. He says that he will, because that's her name now. Soon, there is a knock at the door and Michael answers it to Rosie - the Stappords' new maid.



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