Since You Went Away
Devious Maids 3x04
June 22, 2015
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"Since You Went Away" is the 30th episode of Devious Maids.


Rosie juggles having Ernesto back in her life. Genevieve makes a heartfelt offer to Zoila. When Jesse makes an unexpected discovery, he seeks out Marisol to help. Carmen finds a clever way to make Sebastien jealous. Michael becomes suspicious of Taylor.


Taylor 304
Carmen wants her dress back, but Blanca is gone.

Taylor answers her door to Carmen, who wants to see Blanca so that she can give her her dress back, but Taylor reveals to the maid that Blanca quit and moved back to Arizona, apparently having taken the dress with her. Carmen is absolutely distraught. Later, at the Stappord house, Michael attempts calling a man named Louie, but there is no answer, and so he leaves him an angry message saying that he needs to talk to him about Taylor. Wanting to know what happened while he was away on his business trip, he approaches Katy in her room to ask if her mommy had any friends over while he was gone; she confirms that she did, and so he proceeds to ask if that friend was man. Once again, Katy confirms it. Michael goes on to confront Taylor, believing her to be having an affair, she is shocked and insulted that he would use their daughter to spy on him, claiming that the "man" Katy saw was simply the delivery guy who came over when she ordered Thai food. Michael orders that she not pretend like this is all in his head, but she tells her husband that she loves him and that she never has been and never will be unfaithful to him. Later, Taylor is watching the news on TV when Marisol calls to apologize for Blanca leaving her in the lurch, wondering what happened, and Taylor tells her friend that she simply couldn't depend on Blanca the way she could depend on her. She then has to hang up because a certain story comes up on the news...

Rosie 304
One big happy family...

Rosie goes to a restaurant to meet with Ernesto, to Spence's chagrin, and she begins to re-bond with her old husband, with him happy to see that Miguel is turning into a little man already and her simply glad to know that he's alive after spending all those years as a prisoner of the cartel. Spence watches, angry, as the two of them hold hands, and later asks Rosie upon her return to their apartment if she told Ernesto that she has no interest in being with him. She says that she didn't in so many words and Spence starts to freak out, though Rosie assures her current husband that he can relax because she loves him. He wonders when Ernesto is to be going back to Mexico and Rosie says that she will ask him tomorrow when she brings Miguel to meet him, to Spence's unease. Miguel seems happy to have his father back in his life, although he asks very little about the whole situation, and Ernesto goes on to request that, when he returns to Mexico, he take Miguel with him, not wanting to lose any more time with his son. Rosie tells this to Spence who refuses to give up Miguel, as does Rosie, who suggests that they compromise by simply all moving to Mexico and starting over as a family. Spence believes Ernesto is manipulating her into suggesting these things, while she reveals she feels guilty for not having realized he was alive the whole time, and for gaining such a beautiful life with Spence while Ernesto was suffering. She says that all Ernesto has is his son, whom she cannot keep from him, and Miguel overhears the conversation, later feeling sad that everyone's fighting over him. Spence finds him when he's upset and Miguel wonders why all three of his parents can't just share, which his stepfather thinks is a wonderful idea, proceeding to propose a compromise of his own. He and Rosie go to Ernesto and offer to get him an apartment while he extends his VISA, with Rosie believing that all of them can be one big happy family. Her two husbands are clearly less than thrilled about the idea though.

Zoila 304
Zoila is terrified of being alone.

Zoila is comforted by Genevieve following the dissolution of her wedding to Javier, with Genevieve allowing her to live in her house while she's pregnant and assuring her that they'll always be friends through thick and thin (with Zoila being the thick and she being the thin); she then gets a call from her kidney specialist, Dr. Christopher Neff, who summons her to his office, and Zoila, recalling what her employer just said, offers to go with her. Later, Zoila meets with all the girls at Marisol's house, who drink her wedding wine while she's unable to, and they discuss such things as Rosie having two men fighting for her and the fact that Blanca quit and fled town with Carmen's dress. The next day, Zoila accompanies Genevieve to Neff's office, but they are surprised to hear that the doctor didn't call her to discuss her kidneys, but rather, to declare his love for her. Genevieve has Zoila leave while the good doctor woos her, though back at the house Zoila admits that she finds it kind of creepy. Her employer, meanwhile, has already been swept off her feet, believing it all to be romantic and having her maid prepare a feast for she and her new beaux to enjoy later that evening. Zoila tries undercutting the romance shared between Genevieve and Christopher (though they bond over such things as having multiple ex-spouses and having undergone various elective surgeries), so as to ensure that the latter's intentions are honorable, but she takes it too far when she accidentally drops a whole course onto him after hearing Genevieve accept his invitation to go with him to Greece for several months. Genevieve is angry at Zoila for this, but her maid reveals that the reason she reacted so strongly is because if Genevieve goes to Greece then she's going to be all alone, then crying; she's in her 40s and she's pregnant and she's terrified, and she needs her best friend to be around to offer emotional support. Genevieve understands completely, offering to stay home for Zoila's sake, and states that Christopher will have to understand too or else he simply isn't "the one" like she thought. The two women hug.

Adrian 304
Adrian has his maid work out his kinks.

Carmen is moving into the pool house while Sebastien continually attempts to talk to her, wanting to make up for their history by taking her out to dinner. She doesn't want to be around him because he's too tempting, like chocolate, but then he invites her to a very exclusive restaurant, and she only agrees to go on the condition that she's allowed to order the most expensive thing on the menu, there will be no talk of his wife and, at the end of the night, she will not sleep with him. He agrees, to her surprise, and later she is trying to work when Adrian sees her and gets an idea. He screams in agony and lies down on the floor, pretending that his back is in spasm; he then orders Carmen to walk up and down his back with her heels on, claiming that it's good for sorting out his kinks, and Carmen does it, to her great discomfort and his great pleasure. He rewards her later by getting her a nice pair of shoes, hoping he can count on her whenever his back goes out again, but she knows that what she asked him to do is a sex thing, and declares that his kink is not in his back: he's a dirty old man. As such, she thanks him for the shoes but refuses to do it for him again, leading him to offer cold hard cash in exchange for her performing acts of domination. She later prepares herself for her big date with Sebastien, but he has to cancel because his wife invited him to an event, to her disappointment. She then attempts to make him jealous by telling him about what she did for Adrian; they both know it's a sex thing, and she says how he paid her to do it again. He forbids it, but Carmen throws what he earlier sad back at him: that they don't own each other and are free, which he claimed was the beauty of their relationship. Still though, she turns down Adrian's offer, until he figures out that she has a married boyfriend and points out how bad men are and how they deserve to be punish. Very much wanting to abuse someone right now, Carmen orders him to lock the door, and Adrian obeys his new mistress.

Marisol 304
Marisol lends Gail a hand - and that hand belongs to Louie Becker.

Marisol calls Gail in order to ask for a check for Jesse's services, but Gail claims that she already sent her one; Marisol then finds it, with it having gotten lost in her mess of a filing "system", but then Jesse interrupts because he's found something in Gail's bushes that she's going to want to see: a severed hand, belonging to the same body that the severed leg on the Powells' lawn came from. Knowing Evelyn to now be a social pariah and not wanting to same to happen to her, Gail orders Jesse to take the hand and put it on the Powells' lawn, since they already had a scandal. Obviously, Jesse can't break the law in such a manner, and so he goes to Marisol and tells her about the situation and she tells him to leave the hand where it is. The only problem is... he has it with him, and so Marisol brings it to a book club meeting over at Gail's and orders her to put the hand back and call the police. When Jesse returns to Marisol, he is happy to hear that she handled things with Gail and that the hand is now in the cops' possession, but it seems that Gail really hated the way Marisol yelled at her because she fired Jesse for insubordination. He takes note of how messy her office and her files are and suggests that she should hire a maid and so, later, when Gail calls to hire a new one, Marisol refuses; Gail then says that she'll take Jesse back, but Marisol tells her that she's too late because she herself has already hired Jesse as her own maid. She declares that she's done with Gail because she's turned away too many of the people she's sent her, and she scorns her for having let go of Jesse because she's missing out on a wonderful maid. We later see on Taylor's TV screen that the hand has been used to identify the body as being that of Louie Becker, whom Michael is surprised to discover is dead from Louie's tennis pro colleagues at the country club. Gail also knows him and, when Detective Figueroa asks if she knows of any potential enemies Louie might have had, she reveals that a friend of hers had a very tempestuous affair with him that ended badly. He asks her the name of this friend, before proceeding to knock on the door of one Miss Genevieve Delatour, wanting to question her about Beverly Hills' latest murder.


  • Although credited, Rebecca Wisocky (Evelyn Powell) is absent from this episode.
  • Shooting for "The Awful Truth" and "Since You Went Away" began on March 11, 2015 and ended on March 31, 2015.[2][3]
  • Despite multiple claims in the first season that Genevieve has been married a total of six times, this episode and all episodes succeeding this one claim that she's only been married five times. The writers have since recognized this as a continuity error[4], but Curtis Kheel made the effort to rectify it at one point by including a line stating that the redacted sixth husband is now trans and thus Genevieve no longer counts him as a husband. Though the line was cut from the episode it was included in, Kheel confirms the fact to still be part of the series' canon.[5]


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