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And you're a good man. That's why I love you.
Rosie Falta, "Totally Clean"

Spence Westmore is one of the main characters of Devious Maids. Though he works as a daytime soap opera star, he doesn't quite sport the personality of your average actor. He's a kind man who tries to put his son first, but his life had been derailed by Peri, the woman with which he was trapped in a loveless, Hollywood marriage. As his days spent with her were that of being demeaned and belittled, he ultimately sought comfort in the one thing keeping him going: his maid, Rosie Falta.


Early Life

My folks were divorced, and for years I was roped in a nasty game of tug-of-war.
Spence Westmore, "Setting the Table"
Peri & Spence EL 106
Peri and Spence's wedding photos. ("Walking the Dog")

Born in the year 1967, Spence grows up as a child of divorce, with his parents always going back and forth in the custody battle; he refers to it as a "very nasty game of tug-of-war". Over the course of his life, these events would prove to be traumatizing for him. ("Setting the Table", "Walking the Dog") Whether or not born before or after him, Spence also grows up with a sister who goes on to live in Bel Air. ("The Bad Seed") Spence eventually becomes an actor, doing mostly TV work and starring in one very well-reviewed independent film. He went on to land the role of Dr. Lance Dupree in a soap opera known as Love Affairs and, because of this role, he ends up winning two Soap Opera Digest Awards during his career. ("Pilot", "Making Your Bed", "Much Ado About Buffing")

Spence also ends up marrying fellow actress, Peri, and together they go on to raise a son by the name of Tucker. In reality though, Peri was drugged and sexually abused, and so Tucker is not actually Spence's. Over time, Spence's marriage to Peri starts to deteriorate, especially as Peri comes to realize she believes her husband to be a bad actor, thus meaning she cannot respect him. ("Making Your Bed", "I Saw the Shine") In 2012, Spence met Adrian Powell at a charity dinner for burn victims. They served barbecue, something only Adrian saw the irony of. ("Hanging the Drapes") Eventually, the Westmore couple hire Rosie Falta, a widowed Mexican from Guadalajara, who become their live-in maid. As Peri and Spence go on with their busy lives, Rosie becomes the primary caretaker of Tucker, while also working on getting her own son to America. ("Pilot")

Season 1

If I can admit I'm a raging bitch, you need to admit you're a wuss!
Peri Westmore, "Hanging the Drapes"
Spence 101
Spence mocks his wife. ("Pilot")

Spence Westmore is first introduced one morning, having a silent breakfast with his wife, Peri, when the two are approached by maid Rosie, who requests for a day off so she may see an immigration lawyer, in hopes of bringing Miguel to America. Peri, simply not caring, asks who Miguel even is, to which Spence, who doesn't bother looking up from his newspaper, states that it's Rosie's son back in Guadalajara. Despite this though, Peri refuses to give Rosie the day off, reminding her that she has appointments the whole day, and will be interviewed by Showbiz L.A. Spence questions why she doesn't just move the interview, sarcastically wondering if it's because she's afraid to spend him with their child, Tucker, who sits in a highchair near by. The couple begin to bicker over their careers; Peri gloats about her "featured career" and mocks her husband for simply working as a soap opera star as a "sex symbol for bored housewives". Rosie interrupts the argument, bringing up the fact that it was the only lawyer she could afford, but Peri still refuses to give her the day off. This does change later on though, after Rosie causes Peri to be humiliated during her interview; Spence alerts the maid that Peri is giving her the time off so she can spend time with her own son (hoping to get him to call her "mama".) ("Pilot")

Spence 102
After a discovery, Spence starts to believe Peri is having an affair. ("Setting the Table")

Rosie is caught in the middle of one of Spence's and Peri's arguments; Spence has found a pair of men's briefs under his bed that do not belong to him, thus leading him to believe Peri is having an affair. He asks Rosie if she's ever seen the underwear before, and despite having not, she lies for Peri and says she has. However, Rosie confronts her boss about this later on, who goes as far as swearing on the life of her own child that she didn't have an affair, but that she and her costar decided to run lines in the pool and that he must have forgot his underwear when going home; Rosie chooses to believe this. She later decides to take Tucker to the stole with her, but when seeing a yellow sports car pull in, she turns around and goes back where she finds Peri and her costar, Cody, having sex. She discusses this with her friends, as she is considering telling Spence, but Marisol believes it may be a bad idea. She chooses to ignore this at first, but after a heartfelt conversation with Spence, she decides it's best she didn't. ("Setting the Table")

Spence 103
Boner. ("Wiping Away the Past")

When checking the mail, Rosie discovers that the lawyer she hired to get Miguel to America needs her to file more papers, which is more than she can afford. She goes to Peri about this, who clearly does not care about her problems, and simply begs for the maid not to ask for a loan before breakfast. Rosie states that she wouldn't if not so desperate, and proceeds to remind her about everything she's done for her boss. Peri lashes out at Rosie for this, exclaiming that she'd get a divorce before giving in to extortion. Having heard yelling, Spence enters the room, wondering what's going on; Rosie ends up dropping the topic and leaving the couple alone. Spence later apologizes to Rosie for Peri's behavior, and as a gift, he hands Rosie a check to help with her legal bills. Rosie is very grateful for this, and goes to hug her boss; however, she is shocked to learn he has an erection. In order to make it clear to Spence that he will be getting nothing in return, she convinces the gardener, Raul, to pretend to be her boyfriend, and uses him to try to ward off Spence, who is a bit confused as to what is going on. He does confront her later, however, and so she admits that she felt his erection from when they hugged. Spence is embarrassed by this, stating that he never intended for her to know how he felt about her. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Rosie 104
The heart wants what the heart wants. ("Making Your Bed")

Rosie is left to care for Tucker while Spence and Peri attend the premiere of Peri's movie, and once again, Rosie is caught up in the middle of the couple's fighting. In order to get them to get the two to stop, she takes away Tucker's pacifier, causing him to cry; she asks Peri if she'd like to hold her son, but already upset enough as she is, she turns down the offer. The following morning, Rosie finds that Spence spent the night on the couch; the two talk about how badly they're each treated by Peri, but Rosie reveals that whenever Peri starts saying anything she doesn't like, she simply tunes her out and goes to her "happy place", which is thinking about Miguel the day he gets to America, and when she can finally hold him in her arms again. Peri and Spence throw a charades party with some of their friends that Rosie works, where she sees Peri continually humiliate Spence. The last straw is drawn when Spence overhears Peri talking about her husband to her friend, Lois, and how he's a bad actor. He ends up going to find Rosie, where they go to the laundry room alone, and passionately kiss. ("Making Your Bed")

Spence 105
Untraditional proposals are made. ("Taking Out the Trash")

As Rosie waxes the kitchen floor, Peri enters, only to start slipping. After a few comments back and forth between her and Spence, she leaves, and Spence is left alone with Rosie. He goes to embrace her, but she pushes him away, having been feeling guilty about their kiss, and especially not wanting to do anything in front of Tucker. Spence insists though, and seeing that he isn't backing down, she ends up hitting him over the head with a frying pan. Peri returns, having heard the sound, and Rosie claims that he fell. That evening, Spence suggests to Peri that they have an open marriage, and seeing that this benefits her own ongoing affair, she accepts. However, after telling her lover, Cody, about this, he points out that this must mean Spence is already having an affair of his own. Peri goes to Rosie about this, wondering if there's been any signs, and demanding that if there has been then she must tell. Rosie covers from Spence, and that evening, she warns him about what Peri said, and about her affair. He decides he wants a divorce, but Rosie reminds him about Tucker and how he could lose custody. Spence argues that he needs a reason to wake up in the morning, and asks how he can possibly raise his son to be a man if he's constantly humiliated. He states that he needs a reason to wake up in the morning, something that makes him happy, and Rosie agrees. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Rosie 106
Spence has a heart attack while making love to Rosie. ("Walking the Dog")

With Peri out of the house, Spence and Rosie are left alone to have sex, and having finished up, Spence lets out an "Oh, God." Rosie finds this offensive, as she does not appreciate hearing the Lord's named used in vain, and so she has him say "goodness" instead. The two then talk, and Rosie answers that she is happy with Spence, he comments that she sounds surprised. She admits that since losing her husband and then being separated from her son, she had begun crying every night, and whenever she didn't then she would think she was happy; she had begin to forget what true happiness feels like. Wanting to make her even more happy, Spence decides to continue making love to her, despite the chores she is suppose to do. This comes back into play later on though, for Peri begins to notice Rosie's lack of work, and indirectly threatens her job, and so she tries getting her work done later, but gives in and agrees to make love to Spence again. While doing this, however, he ends up having a heart attack, thus leaving Rosie to call for an ambulance. At the hospital, Peri arrives, asking what happened, and Rosie lies, stating he was exercising. She is also refused by a doctor to visit Spence with Peri. That evening, Rosie finds Peri looking through her wedding album; she learns that after Spence's heart attack, Peri has started re-thinking things, and has decided to start attending therapy so she can work on herself and her marriage. Though she acts happy for Peri, Rosie appears deeply saddened by this, now worried that she'll lose Spence. ("Walking the Dog")

Rosie 109
Busted. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Rosie has recently gained a job working for the Powells, and she has begun bringing Tucker to work for her, causing Evelyn to become unhealthily attached. Adrian returns home from a trip early, and when seeing the feelings his wife has formed for the Westmore child, he warns Rosie to take Tucker away, and to never bring him back. However, being the man he is, he also makes it clear that Rosie is allowed to stop by whenever she pleases. She ends up quitting, however, and goes back to the Westmore's home to be with Spence, who has recovered from his heart attack. With Peri away, the two start undressing to have sex, but they make the mistake of doing so in front of the window where Evelyn finds them. Later on, Rosie goes to Evelyn about this, who promptly begins to blackmail her into allowing her to spend time with Tucker, or she'll reveal the affair to Peri. Rosie goes to Spence about this, who is perfectly fine with Peri discovering the affair so long as he can be with the woman he really loves. However, Rosie insists he continue trying to make his marriage with Peri work for Tucker's sake. He gives in, and the two go to Adrian with their situation with Evelyn, who convinces his wife to back off and apologize to the two. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Spence 110
Spence fails. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Rosie serves Peri and Spence at dinner, but finds the two incapable of having a proper conversation. The bicker like normal; Peri states she just wants to work on their problems, even admitting herself to be a "raging bitch", and now just wants Spence to admit he's a "wuss". Wanting to lower the tension, Rosie questions the couple if either would like a slice of cake. The following day, Rosie runs into Adrian Powell in the grocery store parking lot, who tries to discretely persuade her to attend of of his parties and work as a prostitute for one of his friends. Rosie goes to Spence about this, who at first laughs it off, but after being compared to her first husband, Ernesto, and seeing how uncomfortable Adrian has made her feel, Spence decides something must be done about this. He eventually goes to Adrian's home where he confronts him, but when going to punch him in the face, he ends up slipping and hitting his head, getting a concussion. That evening, Peri questions what happened, and so he reveals that he was simply trying to defend Rosie, but that it backfired. This impresses Peri, who begins to think their marriage may be okay if he continues acting like this. She kisses him, and after a bit of hesitation, Spence kisses her back. Rosie sees this though, and is heartbroken by the sight she sees. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Spence 112
Spence proposes to Rosie. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Spence returns home from a trip where he and Rosie reunite, and he promptly proposes, even going as far as giving her a ring. At first, Rosie doesn't believe it's a good enough time, but she finally agrees. Later on, while doing her work, Rosie is met with Peri, who gives her a teddy bear to give to Miguel. Rosie replies, albeit coldly, that she'll send it to him in his next care package. However, Peri uses this as this perfect opportunity to reveal that she is going to go to Mexico and bring Miguel back on her private jet. This shocks Rosie, but she is deeply grateful, going as far as hugging her boss. However, this leads her to feel guilty about accepting Spence's marriage proposal, as she is now having second thoughts about hurting Peri in such a way. She ends up giving Spence back his ring despite his attempts to bring Miguel to America a different way, such as marrying Rosie and adopting him. Spence tries bringing the topic back up later, but Rosie refuses to betray Peri now. Peri soon arrives home with Miguel, and the mother and son are finally able to reunite. During this, Peri comments on how she couldn't believe Spence wanted to wait to get Miguel; hearing this, Rosie becomes deeply angered at him. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Spence 113
Rosie and Spence agree to break things off... a little too late. ("Totally Clean")

Rosie is thrilled to have Miguel back in her life, and extremely grateful for everything Peri has done for her lately. However, she is still angry with Spence for trying to convince his wife to wait a bit longer before bringing her son to America; she even goes as far as throwing out his share of the breakfast she made for the Westmore couple the following morning. When alone, Spence goes to Rosie, offering to marry her and adopt Miguel, that way they can be a family and Peri can't hurt them. Rosie refuses though, believing it's not right for them to be together, and Spence admits that her commitment to being a good person is one of the reasons he loves her. The two exchange vows of love for one another while agreeing to end their affair, but with their luck, Miguel arrives to hand Rosie the phone with Peri on the other line, who has just heard the entire conversation between her husband and maid; she hangs up, and is not happy. Now out for revenge, she reports Rosie to immigration, who send two officers to arrest her. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

To recap, if you see Rosie again, even one more time, I will destroy you. Got it, 'Mr. Spence'?
Peri Westmore, "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs"
Spence 201
Some good news, and some not so good news... ("An Ideal Husband")

Three months after Rosie is threatened with being deported, Spence and Peri talk about vacation plans. Peri tells her husband that she found a good deal on a hotel in Paris, but Spence suggests a place in South America. Peri likes the idea up until Spence suggests they could also take a side trip to Guadalajara to visit Rosie. Peri is outraged, stating that Rosie was not part of their family - she was their maid. With that, Peri storms out of the room, leaving Spence alone. Later on, Peri is relaxing on the couch drinking a glass of wine and reading a magazine. As she does so, Rosie arrives, revealing to her former boss that she was not deported. The moment Peri sees the maid, she immediately squeezes the glass with so much force and anger that it shatters. She calls for her new maid, Maria to come and clean up the mess. Peri hugs Rosie, pretending to be happy to see her. Peri tells her that due to the fact that she has a new maid, Rosie's services are no longer needed. Rosie understands, but asks that Peri let Spence know she stopped by. Peri agrees to do so and hurries Rosie out of her home. That night, Spence arrives at home and is thrilled when Peri reveals to him that Rosie didn't get deported. Peri then tells her husband that she has even bigger news - she tells him that she is pregnant. Spence is shocked. The next morning, Rosie is cleaning her porch and Spence arrives and surprises her. He gives Miguel a gift and then Rosie rushes into his arms. Rosie tells Spence she thought he turned her in to immigration when she turned down his marriage proposal. Spencer reassures her he never do that. Rosie then wonders if it was Peri, but Spence tells her that she wouldn't have done that because she doesn't know about them. He breaks the news to Rosie that Peri is pregnant. Rosie begins crying and rushes inside and says they can't be together. Meanwhile, Peri goes to her doctor telling him that she needs to get pregnant fast. ("An Ideal Husband")

Spence 202
Peri provides one final obstacle for Spence and Rosie. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

After returning home from her doctor's appointment, Peri learns the shocking news that Spence wishes for a divorce. He tells her how he had a long-term affair with Rosie and that he is in love with her. Peri nods and exits the room. She then grabs a vase and throws it at Spence's picture hanging on the wall, destroying the glass vase. Later on, Spence goes into the living room where he finds Peri playing with Tucker. He informs his soon-to-be-ex-wife that he has spoke to his lawyer and he is not going to come after her for alimony. Peri turns to Spence and tells him that she is an actress - and people don't leave actresses for the maid. She goes on to tell that if he so much as speaks to Rosie again, she will ruin Spence's career by telling the whole world about his affair. He will become the most hated actor on TV. She also threatens to move her and Tucker to Europe so Spence can never see his son. Last of all, she reveals that she isn't pregnant and that it was all a lie to save her marriage. Spence exclaims that Peri is a monster, but she laughs about how she seems so nice in her movies. Later on, the news reporters find out about the Westmore's divorce, and Rosie watches on the news as Nancy O'Dell announces it. Rosie is shocked, and visits Spence that night, asking if he is alright. She then asks if he'd like to have breakfast the following morning. Spence coldly tells Rosie that his family is ruined because of her, thus meaning he cannot see her. She is heartbroken and he closes the door. Peri watches with a wicked grin on her face. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Spence 204
Carmen manipulates her way through an interview. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Spence ends up moving out of his shared home with Peri, and rents Taylor and Michael Stappord's former house. There, he interviews maids, hoping to find a new one to clean his home. With Carmen jobless and homeless due to Alejandro's sudden death, she applies for the job. It is down to her and another maid, Delmi, who only speaks Spanish. Spence is becoming desperate and interviews Delmi first. He asks if there are any questions before they start, but Delmi does not understand what he is saying. Carmen then offers to translate, but instead, she has other intentions. Spence thanks Carmen for doing this. Later, the interview begins. Spence tells Delmi that her resume is very impressive. Carmen translates by telling her that Spence said Delmi is very beautiful. The maid awkwardly thanks Spence. The actor then asks if Delmi knows how to cook. Carmen translates, but adds on that Spence is very attracted to women who can clean and cook. Delmi is now a bit uncomfortable. Carmen tells Spence that Delmi hates cooking. He's a bit let down, but asks if she can work on weekends. Carmen then asks Delmi if she can walk around naked on the weekends. The Spanish speaking maid is horrified. Carmen tells Spence that she refuses to work weekends. After several more wrongly translated questions, Delmi leaves, thus letting Carmen take the job. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Spence 205
Spence is glad Ty is getting back to normal. ("The Bad Seed")

After Spence's sister leaves for a business trip that will last several weeks, the soap opera actor has his nephew, Ty McKay stay with him. Carmen is upset by this due to the fact that she hates children. Spence tells his maid that his nephew is 17, but that doesn't make Carmen any happier. Spence reveals that Ty has been having some emotional problems and that a couple weeks before, he tried to commit suicide. Carmen is shocked and terrified. Ty arrives and asks where he should put his bags. Carmen and Spence don't respond for a moment. That night, Carmen has prepared dinner for Spence and Ty. Spence tells his nephew that Carmen is a fantastic cook and that while he is there, she will prepare him any meal he would like. Ty thanks the maid. Spence's phone starts wringing, so he leaves his nephew and the maid alone. While Spence is on the phone, Carmen and Ty have a talk and somewhat start to bond. Later on, Carmen tells Ty that he should invite some friends over. Ty tells the maid that his Uncle Spence would never accept that. Carmen tells him that she'll handle Spence. Carmen is later seen returning home from the store where she discovers Ty having a huge party. The police soon arrive and arrest both Ty (for drinking alcohol) and Carmen (for hitting one of the officers). Spence ends up bailing them out. Later on, Spence and Ty are seen cleaning up the kitchen. Ty offers to take out the trash, and Spence thanks him. Before Ty makes it out the door, Spence stops him and says that he knows he was mad about the party, but is just glad that Ty is getting back to normal. Ty says that it is because of Spence and Carmen, and then heads out the door. ("The Bad Seed")

Spence 207
Spence doesn't approve of Rosie's new beau. ("Betrayal")

Rosie is sitting at a restaurant waiting for Reggie, and she runs into Spence. She lies and says that Reggie is her immigration lawyer when he arrives, and Reggie is clearly not happy. When they get home he confronts her and asks where he stands. She confesses that she used to be with Spence, and now he is going through a divorce and she doesn't want to rub in his face that she has a boyfriend. The next day, Spence shows up at Rosie's and informs her that Peri forced him to break up with her or else she'd take Tucker away. He says that he never stopped loving her. He then reveals that it was all pointless because Peri is fighting for full custody of their son. Reggie barges in, and catches them talking. Spence leaves and Reggie says that he is uncomfortable with her seeing Spence. Rosie informs him it is not up to him who she sees. Later, Spence discovers that Ty bought Carmen a jacket that is worth a couple thousand dollars. Spence makes Carmen return it and offer to talk to his nephew about what is appropriate and that he cannot flirt with the maid or anything of th sort. Carmen then reminds Spence of his affair with Rosie, so the actor suggests that Carmen talk to him instead. At a dinner, Reggie bumps into Spence and announces to him that he is dating Rosie. Reggie says that they can bond over how “freaky Rosie is in the sack.” Spence freaks out and attacks Spence and pushes him onto the ground. He tells Reggie to stay away from Rosie and storms out of the restaurant. After he leaves, Reggie reveals that he set the entire thing up and had someone record Spence attacking him. Reggie heads home and shows Rosie the video of Spencer attacking him. He lies and says that Spence said horrible things about her and when Reggie defended her, Spence attacked him. Rosie is shocked and tells Spence to never speak to her again. Carmen comforts Spence, leading Ty to think that he is Carmen's celebrity boyfriend. ("Betrayal")

Spence 208
Ty's visit is cut short. ("Night, Mother")

Spence gives Carmen a note to deliver to Rosie since she isn’t answering his phone calls. His nephew catches them talking and is convinced that Spence is trying to sleep with Carmen. Later, Carmen is preparing dinner. While Carmen is setting the table, Ty slips something in Spence’s meal and sits down to dinner with him and Carmen. While they are eating Spence begins sweating and his stomach starts rumbling. He rushes off to the bathroom and Ty uses the opportunity to point out how old and undistinguished his uncle is. Later, Ty pays Carmen a visit and learns that she took Spence to the hospital the night before. The doctors think that he digested some household cleaners. Carmen puts two and two together and realizes that Ty poisoned his uncle, she asks him why he did it and Ty says that his uncle “doesn’t love her like he does”. Carmen is scared by what he said and she runs away. Later, Spence returns from the hospital and tells Ty that they need to talk. He reveals that Ty’s mother is on her way to pick him up and take him home, Ty protests and says he is just kicking him out so that he can have Carmen all to himself. Spence informs Ty that he is “going to get the help that he needs” and reveals that Carmen will not step foot in his house until Ty is gone. That night, Carmen is planning Spence a 20th anniversary party, since he has been on his soap opera for twenty years. Unbeknownst to her Ty is creeping in the bushes still watching her through the window. ("Night, Mother")

Spence 209
Spence is caught up in a hostage situation. ("The Visit")

Ty continues to stalk Carmen, hoping to win her forgiveness. He soon comes up with a plan to have Ethan and his two other friends break into Spence's home during his party. During that time, Ty will save Carmen, winning her heart. Ethan doesn't like the idea, but goes along with it due to blackmail. At the party, Ty stops by Spence's home. He lies to Carmen saying that he left his chemistry textbook. Once he's alone in his former bedroom, he takes the book from his backpack and puts it in a drawer. After he takes a while, Carmen asks him to hurry up. He grabs the book and Carmen is relieved. Spence yells from out in the living room that he and his guests are ready for cake. Carmen and Ty exit the room and join Spence and the party guests. However, Ethan, Carter, and Jason soon break in. They have everyone get down on the ground. Spence is with Carmen and sees her retrieve her phone. He asks the maid what she is doing and she tells him that she refuses to let "this" happen again, referring to when the robbers broke into Alejandro's home. Ethan grabs Carmen, however. Spence watches as Ty stands up to save the maid. Spence tells him to get down or else he'll get hurt. Spence then watches as Ty runs to tackle Ethan, however, one of the guests trip him. This shocks everyone, so with Ethan distracted, Carmen grabs a knife and stabs him in the gut. She breaks free and Ethan, Carter, and Jason get away. Spence is next seen talking to the detective. He explains what all happened. The detective tells Spence that he should get a gun, but Spence reveals he has one in his bedroom but he was unable to get to it. Later, Rosie stops by. She says she heard what happened and wanted to see if Carmen was alright. Spence confirms that she is - that she saved the day. Rosie is relieved and then asks Spence if he was alright and he confirms this as well. ("The Visit")

Spence 210
Spence is told he has a problem. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Carmen and Spence are rewatching the woman's scenes on the news. At this moment, Spence receives a phone call from his divorce lawyer because he is waiting for the judge to make a ruling on custody, after Peri threatened to move to Europe with Tucker. Spence hangs up and smashes a vase because he is so furious by what his lawyer told him. That night, Carmen finds Spence getting drunk in the kitchen, drinking away his sorrows because his ex-wife got custody of his son. He makes a deal with Carmen and gives her the day off tomorrow if she will get drunk with him. The next morning, Carmen is hung over and lying on the couch. She tells to Spence, who is hung over too, they have to get up and start their day because it is 1:00 in the afternoon. That night, Spence tries to get Carmen to get drunk with him again. At first she refuses, however he bribes her by agreeing to pay $2000 to get the transmission on her car fixed. He tells her he needs to talk to someone and he wants to help Carmen because she is his friend. The next day, Marisol goes to Spence's house in order to discover why Carmen was not present at their breakfeast. She discovers Carmen is hung over again and she is lying on the ground. She helps her to wake up, when Spence enters in the room without his pants. After Carmen answered him, he leaves the room. That night, Carmen refuses to get drunk with Spence again and gives him a speech about getting his act together and drinking every single night. He tells her he is going to change his ways and then pours himself a drink after she leaves the room. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Spence 211
Rosie promises to wait for Spence. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Spence is fuming and reveals to Carmen that his soap opera character is being put in to a coma. Carmen is sorry for him, and Spence adds that they did that in order to give more time screen to the actor who plays Dr. Blake. Carmen tells him they will pay him to sleep so it is not a problem. Spence thinks it is humiliating. He pours himself a scotch, and Carmen lectures him about “coping with alcohol”, but Spence replies she is his maid, not his mom. Later, Carmen receives a phone call from the studio and learns that Spence never went to work. She finds him passed out in the living room, still drunk. She dumps a cup of cold water on him and slaps him, then drags him to the studio. She lies and says that he is practicing being in a coma and refuses to break character. They throw a hospital gown on him and tuck him into bed. They begin shooting the scene, but Spence starts snoring loudly and ruins it. Later that day, a delivery boy brings Spence his script, he is furious when he realizes that they are killing off his character, because he has been on the show for 20 years. Spence asks where is his keys because he is going to the producers house to tell him off. Carmen refuses to give him his car keys because he has been drinking. Spence asks her for his keys more violently, and Carmen refuses, while she begins to run. Spence chases her but Carmen locks herself in the bathroom with the keys. Spence hits the door, asking his keys; Carmen seems afraid. That night, after Spence calms down, he comes in the living room and he says to Carmen he is sorry. Carmen informs him that he has to go to rehab, because she does not think he cans control his drinking problems. Spence refuses but the doorbell rings and Carmen lets in Rosie, she has come to convince Spence to go to rehab. Rosie tells Spence to go to rehab and hugs him and says she will wait for him. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Rosie 213
Rosie and Spence finally tie the knot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Carmen, Zoila, Rosie, and Marisol are heading to lunch. Rosie reveals that next week she could deported because Reggie threw away all of her immigration papers. They arrive at the restaurant, but there is a sign on the door that says “closed for private event.” Inside, the girls find Spence waiting for Rosie in a room decked out in flowers. The girls leave the room while Rosie goes with Spence, asking if the lunch will just be for them. Spence says no, and he calls Miguel who comes in the room. Then, he gives a ring to Spence and a surprised Rosie asks if it is not just to keep her from getting deported. Spence tells her he already lost her once, and he does not want that to happen again. Then, he gets down on one knee and asks Rosie to marry him. She accepts. Later, Rosie arrives in Spence's home, he asks her if she found a wedding dress. Rosie tells him his credit card has been denied, but Spence says he will talk with the bank later. Spence admits to Rosie he is “a little strapped for cash,” and she tells Spence she doesn’t want them to go broke on the wedding. She thinks they should cut back on their spending, and Spence hints at firing Carmen. Finally, Rosie is the one who announce the bad news to Carmen. Later, Spence presents Michael Feinstein to Rosie, saying he will sing at their wedding. First, Rosie thinks it will be free, but Spence reveals they will pay him. Rosie is really worried about the money, and she tries to help Spence realize they need to be careful, because he did not know what it is to grow up without money. The next day, at her wedding, Rosie heads down the aisle and she marries Spence in front of everyone. Then, after the wedding, Rosie and Spence and all of their friends and family follow them out of the church to see them off. Everyone's happiness is cut short, however, as Ty arrives and starts shooting at everyone. Rosie drops her blood covered bouquet, leaving it unknown who was shot. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

Listen, I'm not Ernesto. It's not fair that you keep comparing me to a dead man.
Spence Westmore, "From Here to Eternity"
Spence 301
Spence is confronted by Rosie about his latest acting decision. ("Awakenings")

Rosie is one of three who are revealed to have been shot during Ty's drive-by shooting, the other being the minister and Pablo Diaz, whose wound was utterly fatal. Rosie enters a coma, thus resulting in Spence cancelling any plans made for a honeymoon. Throughout the next four months, he and Miguel are forced to move out of the home he had rented, and into an apartment. Spence also took a job working as a pornstar in a cable film. Rosie eventually awakens though, and so Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila all contact Spence, and he soon shows up with Miguel, resulting in happy reunions. Spence catches Rosie up on recent events regarding their living situation and his work status (albeit, not entirely.) She questions if Spence has been able to see Tucker much, but learns that despite everything, Peri still doesn't give the two much time together. Rosie soon hears from her nurse, Jerry, that the film Spence said he did was a pornography. At first, she's enraged by this, even going as far as comparing Spence to her first husband, Ernesto, but she finally calms down upon realizing he was just trying to take care of Miguel, and it was the only job he could get. Thusly, she apologizes, but threatens to make him end up in a coma if a sequel is ever made. ("Awakenings")

Spence 302
Spence manipulates Carmen and Zoila into cleaning his apartment. ("From Here to Eternity")

Spence and Miguel video chat with Rosie in the hospital, who reveals that she will be able to come home soon; however, when receiving a call from his agent, Spence leaves Miguel alone to give his mother a tour of their new apartment. Rosie is disgusted by how filthy it is, and confronts Spence about it when he visits her the next time at the hospital. He promises to clean it up, without hiring a maid, by the time she gets home, but when Carmen and Zoila stop by with food so Rosie doesn't have to cook when she gets home, Spence uses this to his advantage and manipulates the women into cleaning the apartment for him. When Rosie finally comes home, she is pleased to see what a job has been done on the apartment, but when Miguel asks where Zoila put his toys, Spence is caught; it doesn't help when Miguel reveals that Carmen helped clean as well. Rosie becomes upset with Spence, and ends up comparing him to Ernesto once more; she's worried that she can't count on him. Spence assures that she can, but that it's also not fair that he keeps being compared to a dead man. Realizing how this is hurting him, Rosie apologizes, and the two make up. Unbeknownst to either of them, however, an alive and well Ernesto arrives at the United States boarder, ready to reunite with his wife. ("From Here to Eternity")

Spence 303
Spence meets with a man from Rosie's past. ("The Awful Truth")

After Ernesto pays a visit to the Doheny Medical Center in search of Rosie, Nurse Jerry gives Spence a call, warning him that a man stopped by claiming to be said name. Spence believes this to be some sort of sick joke, and tells Jerry to let the man know that he, nor Rosie, wish to see him. Later on though, Spence searches through Rosie's old memory box where he finds a picture of Ernesto. He and Rosie converse about said topic, and Spence soon learns that when Rosie was alerted by the police that Ernesto had died, a body was never found, so she was unable to bury him. With his suspicions rising, Spence goes to the hospital with a picture of Ernesto, and questions Jerry if the man in the picture is the one who stopped by the hospital. Jerry confirms this, leaving Spence in complete and utter shock; he asks for the phone number Ernesto left behind. He later meets with Ernesto, who explains what happened when the drug cartel held him hostage. Things go well between the two at first, but Ernesto doesn't take well to Spence not wanting him to reveal himself to Rosie so soon. Ernesto ends up following Spence out of the bar they met at, and for the remainder of the day up until Zoila's wedding, where Spence meets with Rosie. Zoila and Javier's ceremony is interrupted when Rosie sees Ernesto, and due to the shock, she passes out. The wedding is put on hold, and Spence tends to Rosie in private. As she comes to, she finds it hard to believe Ernesto is truly alive, but once learning Spence knew, she becomes outraged, questioning how one could lie to someone this love... which also leads to Zoila calling off her wedding. ("The Awful Truth")

Spence 304
"I'm. Staying. With. Spence. Four words." ("Since You Went Away")

Spence begins to form jealousy towards Ernesto, worrying about losing Rosie to him, especially after witnessing a hug between the two at a meeting. Rosie denies to Spence that Ernesto asked about her going back to him, while Spence also questions when his wife's first husband will be returning to Mexico. Though Rosie says she will ask the following day, she reveals Ernesto wishes to see Miguel, something Spence is not too keen about. A meeting is soon held, and Miguel is explained to by Rosie the complications behind his parentage, with not having two fathers and all. When Spence takes Miguel to get ice cream, Ernesto flirts with his former wife, thought Rosie makes it clear she chooses her current husband. Ernesto agrees to leave; however, he wishes to bring Miguel back to Mexico with him, for he may have lost Rosie, but he cannot lose his son too. Rosie goes to Spence about this, who feels extreme guilt, for she feels bad for the situation Ernesto has ended up in, but she also doesn't want to lose her son. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Miguel has heard this, and so he confronts Spence, who promises to fix things. Rosie and Spence later have Ernesto over for dinner, where they convince him to stay in America and rent an apartment near by, that way Miguel can still see both of his parents, and everyone can benefit. However, what Rosie does not notice is that there is still some disdain between her first and second husbands. ("Since You Went Away")

Spence 305
Tensions rise between Spence and Ernesto. ("The Talk of the Town")

Rosie and Spence help Ernesto move into his new apartment, with Spence having lent his wife's first husband some furniture to use. More resentment is expressed between the two as Ernesto mocks the size of the furniture he's been given, as well as Spence's height. Spence later backfires at Ernesto for the way in which he speaks to Miguel and telling him he'll go to Hell for cursing. Ernesto deciding to take Miguel to church on Sundays interferes with Spence and Miguel's usual plans of going to the park to shoot hoops, and so Rosie agrees to speak to Ernesto about this. He later agrees to step aside for Spence and Miguel, agreeing to take his son to church on Saturday instead; however, Rosie finds herself becoming turned on by Ernesto, which only continues when she has an erotic dream about him. Rosie starts walking on eggshells about this, realizing she is not quite over her first marriage, and when Spence greets her the next evening wanting to have sex she pushes him away. While Spence is left confused, Rosie's guilt only increases, for she does not know what to do. ("The Talk of the Town")

Spence 306
Rosie makes her choice... and it's the wrong one. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Rosie's guilt regarding her feelings for both husbands is taken up at a church; she goes into the confession where she is told that it matters not, for in the eyes of God her marriage with Spence is not real, but that she's only married to Ernesto, given that he never died. This only worsens Rosie's guilt, seeing as how she had chosen to continue her marriage with Spence, but when talking it over with Zoila she's told to just follow her heart. Initially, she chooses Spence, and is relieved to find God has not struck down on her; however, that evening during a thunderstorm, Rosie wishes to initiate sexual intercourse with Spence. The building is then hit by lightning though, and Rosie knocks him out of the bed out of fear that it really is God out to get her for her sins. The next day Spence finds Rosie crying and praying to God, and so she confesses the guilt she has been feeling lately, while also revealing that she still has feelings for Ernesto as well. Spence wonders what it is she plans to do, and ultimately she decides to end her marriage with Spence, despite his pleas for her not to. She thus exits the room, brokenhearted. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Spence 309
Spence continues to play a role in Miguel's life. ("Bad Girl")

Since leaving Spence, Rosie has begun seeing Ernesto again while working as a live-in maid for the Stappords. Ernesto, however, returns to Mexico for a while leaving Rosie alone, thus leaving her with no one to help when she discovers a pornography magazine hidden in Miguel's room. With no one else to go to, Rosie visits Spence where she finds him preparing for an audition as a priest. She's pleased to see that he seems to be doing well, and once sharing the problem current at hand regarding her son, he agrees to help. Spence takes Miguel to the park to discuss things and Miguel shares that a friend lent the magazine to him. Spence agrees to be around whenever the kid needs someone to talk to about "guy stuff" with, thus leading to Miguel revealing that he has a crush on a girl. Spence thinks he should try to talk to her... which is with Miguel thinks Spence should do with Rosie, as well. This advice Spence gives winds up backfiring, for Miguel tries to kiss the girl, Katy, resulting in nothing but trouble. Rosie confronts Spence for this regarding in an argument between the two; Spence is still deeply hurt by Rosie leaving him, for he threw away his entire life for her. Out of guilt, Rosie leaves... and Spence heads to the back room where none other than Taylor Stappord awaits. ("Bad Girl")

Spence 310
Taylor doesn't take too well to what Spence has to say. ("Whiplash")

As Taylor begins acting suspicious around Rosie, often leaving the house under the claims of going to the gym, the maid begins to catch on that her boss is lying. As Taylor goes out one day, Rosie gets Miguel and she follows Taylor where she makes her way to a park. There, Rosie is shocked to find who Taylor is meeting with; it's Spence. Rosie doesn't quite know what it is the two of them are saying to one another, but it appears an argument is breaking out, which results in Taylor slapping Spence across the face and storming off. Rosie believes Spence to have been having an affair with Taylor, and so she confronts him at his apartment. She begins to question if this was perhaps going on while they were still together, while she was in a coma, but Spence denies these accusations. When Rosie doesn't believe him, Taylor later reveals to her that Spence is her sponsor. She had begun going to an addiction support group after the drug overdose she had and that's where she met Spence. She continues that they had already known each other from when Spence once rented her home, and that he really is a good guy. Rosie later feels bad and visits Spence to apologize for her actions. The two of them share a heartfelt moment as Rosie gives him two kisses to say she is sorry. ("Whiplash")

Spence 311
Hector pays Spence an unpleasant visit... ("Terms of Endearment")

Spence and Rosie begin seeing one another again as friends, with Spence helping set up Miguel's upcoming birthday party. As they start to get intimate, however, Ernesto comes home from his trip to Mexico and winds up intervening. Ernesto later expresses jealousy over Spence's lingering presence in Rosie's life, and so Rosie attempts to solve everyone's problems by telling Spence they can no longer see each other. Spence isn't accepting this though, using his promise to attend Miguel's birthday party as an excuse to stick around; he also makes it clear he has every intention of one day winning Rosie back. The party takes place and Spence gives Miguel a PlayStation for a gift, something that doesn't blow over well for Ernesto. Matters worsen when the alleged clown Ernesto hired shows up. In reality, it's a member from Ernesto's drug cartel in disguise, planning to eventually kidnap Katy Stappord. Spence has growing suspicions regarding this "clown" as he monitors its behavior, and he ends up finding him taking pictures in Katy's room. A fight then breaks out as people sing to Miguel, and the whole party winds up ruined. Spence tries to explain what he saw to Rosie, but this doesn't go over well; instead, Spence is pushed away further. That evening though, as Ernesto and Hector fret over nearly being figured out, Hector decides to take matters into his own hands by paying Spence a visit that results in beating him up. ("Terms of Endearment")

Spence 313
Spence has amnesia; enter the return of Peri. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

With Spence not returning her calls, Rosie goes to his apartment only to learn from his neighbor that he's in the hospital. Rosie goes to him, wishing to embrace him after having ended things with Ernesto once and for all, whose involvement with Katy she's come to discover. What Rosie isn't expecting, however, is that Spence now has amnesia. She learns from Nurse Jerry that Spence is more than lucky to even be alive after the hits he took, and it doesn't take long for Rosie to figure out that Ernesto must be affiliated to this in some way. She confronts him, but while he denies his own involvement, he expresses that he knows who did. He assures that they will no longer be a problem, though (he doesn't tell Rosie that he actually killed him not too long earlier.) Rosie and Ernesto officially separate from one another as Ernesto decides to return to Mexico to make sure the cartel stay away from her and Miguel, and Rosie meanwhile goes back to try and help Spence jog his memory. New obstacles are thrown Rosie's way though, for when she arrives at the hospital she finds that Spence does remember who she is... the best maid he and his wife have ever had. Peri Westmore reveals herself, having returned and brainwashed Spence into believing she's still his doting wife. She makes it clear to Rosie that she's not going anywhere; she's right where she belongs. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

Spence 401
Spence regains his memories; exit Peri. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Over the course of six months, Spence has been brainwashed by Peri into believing that Rosie was just the harlot maid who took advantage of his alcoholism and tricked him into marrying her. The Westmores have since publicly gotten back together, and now take part in an interview in which these matters are discussed. As Peri badmouths Rosie all over television, Spence still thinks back to the missing three years of his life. Later, when Peri refers to Spence as "mister", he begins to remember that "Mr. Spence" was a nickname of his; Peri sees this as a problem and so proceeds to call Ben. Meanwhile, Jesse the butler keeps Rosie from getting close to the house and talking to Spence. Ben then comes over, apparently acting as Spence's sponsor, and convinces Spence to let go of any returning memories because they could cause a slip in his sobriety. When Jesse hears the way Spence talks after his meeting with Ben, no longer interested in digging into the 3 years he missed, he surmises that something weird is going on, and so he goes to fetch Rosie. That night, a party commences in the Westmore house and Jesse helps Rosie sneak in with the caterers. She manages to get Spence alone, even kissing him, but he refuses to believe that she is anything other than the harlot who wrecked his family. That is, until she calls him "Mr. Spence" as she bids him goodbye. This triggers something; he tries going after her, but he slips, and when he hits his head his mind is suddenly refilled with memories of Rosie. Spence tries to confront Peri, but she pushes him away, and so he instead gets drunk. It's then that he makes a scene in front of everyone and threatens to make Peri pay for what she did. He is next seen the following morning... with Peri's corpse lying on the floor next to the bed. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Spence 402
Spence falsely confesses to killing Peri. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Peri's murder is called in to the police and the story quickly makes headlines, alerting Rosie who hurries to meet Spence. He's currently being questioned by detectives though, and it appears he was intoxicated the night before. His visit with Rosie is cut short, however, for he is taken in by the police for having had his fingerprints found on the murder weapon. Spence is taken down to the police station and Ben tries to visit him. However, Detective Shaw tells the man that she cannot authorize that, and so Ben proceeds to drop a call to someone mysterious and tell them that he needs them to do him a favor. When we next see him, Shaw is allowing him into the interrogation room to interact with Spence, for apparently he has friends in high places. Ben brings Spence a cup of coffee which he says must be better than the swill the cops are serving him, and Spence thanks him, then drinking it. Ben makes clear that he doesn't believe Spence killed Peri and wants his friend to help him figure out who really did; Spence feels glad that his friend trusts him, and their long talk continues. Rosie later arrives at the station to tell Shaw that Spence has an alibi, trying to give her the contact details of the stripper Cinnamon, but Shaw rejects this as evidence on the grounds that the stripper could have been paid to say whatever Rosie wanted her to say, and also Spence already confessed. In the back room, Ben is present, seeming to have manipulated the entire situation. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Spence 403
Rosie convinces Spence to fight for his freedom. ("War and Grease")

Rosie visits Spence in prison, confused as to why he confessed, and he explains that his friend Ben, who she's never heard of, helped him to see things clearly. He doesn't care about that now though, for he's merely worried about Tucker not having a proper guardian, and so he tells Rosie to get down to his house and take care of him for him since she is someone he knows and trusts. Rosie agrees to do so, while a corrupt guard proceeds to phone Ben and tell him that Rosie found Spence an alibi in the form of Cinnamon, which Ben is less than pleased with. Rosie later arrives as the Westmore house where she cares for Tucker, and during a chat with Jesse, the two deduce that Ben has been brainwashing Spence. Further investigation of this is put on hold, however, for Peri's sister Shannon Greene arrives on the scene. She's been left in charge of Peri's estate until Tucker comes of age, which also means she is granted sole custody of Tucker himself. Rosie tells Spence about Shannon and he is not happy, revealing that Peri is the nice one of the two sisters, and he tries convincing her to fight for custody of his son. However, Rosie points out that she's the only one fighting in this whole situation, and she convinces him to start fighting for his innocence, assuring that Cinnamon, who she's meeting with tomorrow, is going to save his life... but then Cinnamon is kidnapped by Ben on her way out of the strip club, meaning Spence no longer as an alibi. ("War and Grease")

Spence 404
Spence collapses due to mysterious causes. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

In prison, Spence receives a visit from Rosie, but he's acting pretty antsy because he's worked up about one of his inmates. He thinks he ticked off someone named Kill Face by perhaps walking on their turf, and now he wants to shiv him... or worse. Rosie is confused as to what Spence means until he points out that he may be old, but he is the Meghan Fox of the prison. Kill Face later approaches Spence in the prison yard and terrifies him by creepily complimenting his teeth. Some of the other prison members start to corner Spence, but a guard sends them all away. That evening in his cell, when everyone is supposed to be asleep, Spence is confronted by Kill Face. While initially terrified, he is relieved when Kill Face reaches into his jump suit and pulls out a play. As it turns out, all the prisoners want to put on a place and have Spence star in it as the lead, due to being an actor. Everyone knows of Spence as Dr. Lance Dupree from Love Affairs, and are big fans of his work. He later shares this news to Rosie, relieved. A topic known as "The Circle" has been circulating around Beverly Hills, however, with Rosie having overheard Ben and Shannon (who are apparently in kahoots) talking about it. She asks Spence if he knows anything about it, but he wins up having an odd reaction and collapsing, leaving Rosie to scream for help. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Spence 405
Rosie tries to catch Ben in the act of drugging Spence. ("A Time to Spill")

Rosie is at Spence's bedside when he wakes up in hospital, apparently suffering from withdrawal, and Rosie thinks that Ben has been slipping him drugs - hidden in coffee - in order to brainwash him into confessing to Peri's murder. She goes to Detective Shaw with this theory, but she refuses to reopen Peri's murder case without the sufficient evidence, and so Rosie returns to her ex-husband with a plan: she wants to have Ben come over and give Spence one of his special coffees so that they can prove he's been drugging him. Spence, who's otherwise enjoying life in the hospital in comparison to his life in prison, doesn't want to have to deal with Ben because he believes him to be dangerous, but Rosie pays Ben a visit nonetheless. She tells him about Spence's condition and tries convincing him to go and visit his sponsor, but Ben refuses; that is, until Rosie mentions that Spence has been saying things about "The Circle". Ben proceeds to turn up with a cup of coffee, to Spence's surprise, and Rosie encourages him to drink it while she films the whole interaction on her phone. When Ben leaves, however, Spence doesn't seem as though he's been drugged, and they come to realize that the coffee Spence just drank was exactly that - just coffee. This leads Rosie to begin worrying that Ben has figured them out. As it turns out, however, Kyle, who normally supplies Ben with his drugs, provided a placebo instead; he explains Spence's withdrawal is starting to cause suspicions. ("A Time to Spill")

Spence 406
The Westmores put aside ongoing drama to share a moment of peace. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Rosie is with Spence's thoughts as he returns to prison and is told by Kill Face that he still has to perform the play for family day, with Spence growing happy to discover that he's allowed to invite guests. Rosie, meanwhile, does more digging into what exactly "The Circle" is, and after a meeting with a member named Fabian, Rosie learns that Peri was once part of this cult. She relays this to Spence when he calls to invite she, Tucker and Miguel to family day at the prison. While Miguel has school, Rosie agrees to bring Tucker. Spence does wish for Rosie to stop investigating his ex-wife's murder, deeming it to be dangerous work, but Rosie continues anyway and learns that when becoming apart of The Circle that you have to take a recorded lie detector test. Rosie realizes this means that there must be a video tape somewhere that could potentially contain information as why to Peri had been murdered. At family fun day, after Spence's performance, Rosie and Tucker regroup with Spence in the jailyard for other festivities. Rosie relays even more information she has dug up, but Spence doesn't want to talk about Peri right now; he just wants to enjoy the time he has with the ones he loves: Rosie and Tucker. A nice family moment is shared between the three. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Spence 407
The things people do for those they love... ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Spence is angry that Shannon won't let him save his own son after suffering from injuries due to a car accident, and Rosie wonders if perhaps she's operating on the orders of The Circle, which Spence really wishes she'd stop looking into since it's so dangerous. Spence, later, rages about not being allowed by the warden to go to the hospital, and so Kill Face offers to shiv him to get him back there. Spence isn't so sure about this, but Kill Face catches him by surprise and stabs him in the back. Spence is taken to hospital and Rosie learns that he got stabbed on purpose to come and help Tucker. She understands him doing something crazy for someone he loves, and explains that that's why she has to keep finding out what happened to Peri, because she loves him and needs to save him. Later, after Tucker's operation, Rosie learns that blood was taken from the bank as opposed from Spence, the reason being that Spence's blood type isn't a match for Tucker. This suggests that Spence isn't Tucker's real father, meaning Rosie may have just unveiled Peri's biggest secret. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Rosie 408
Spence and Rosie tie the knot... for the second time. ("I Saw the Shine")

Rosie meets with the girls and reveals to them that Spence isn't Tucker's father, and she worries about having to tell him so that she can learn who the real father is: presumably some guy Peri was having an affair with. Rosie later finds out just how well connected The Circle is when she sees the Joynetcis book under the possession of a prison guard and realizes he's been spying on her. Obviously she can't tell Spence about Peri's big secret with him around, and so she proposes so that the two of them may be granted a conjugal visit. Spence then goes through with his prison wedding to Rosie, and when they're finally alone, conjugally, Rosie cannot bring herself to tell her husband the truth about Tucker because knowing that he still has his son - along with she and Miguel - are all that's allowing him to hold onto hope. Rosie tells this to Marisol, who points out that Peri wouldn't have told Spence about her affair anyway, and Rosie realizes that maybe she confided in Shannon. As such, she approaches her with all that she's learned and Shannon reveals that Peri was raped by some "big wig" in the film industry, though she declined to reveal the identity of her attacker. ("I Saw the Shine")

Spence 409
Kill Face provides Spence a way out of prison. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Rosie remains tied up in her efforts to free Spence while Miguel acts out in school, threatening his teacher by saying that his imprisoned stepfather may kill him, and Rosie proceeds to receive a phone call warning her of her son's behavior. She believes it may be due to Miguel looking up to Spence and therefore thinking it's "cool" to be a criminal and so, during their next conjugal visit, she requests that Spence show Miguel that prison is not cool, and he suggests enrolling the boy in a program designed to scare kids straight. Spence soon learns that Miguel isn't acting out because he thinks criminal life is cool, but rather, because he feels Rosie has been ignoring her due to her ongoing investigation into Peri's murder. Spence feels bad for his stepson and informs Rosie of his feelings, meaning she's able to promise to pay more attention to him in the future. Rosie soon finds out that Kyle and Frances have fled, and relays this to Spence in their next conjugal, and he requests, once and for all, that she simply stop trying to get him out of prison, for it's now reached the point that it's destroying their family. Rosie of course refuses, but Spence has lost all hope. He goes on to approach Kill Face about his script for another play he's putting on, only to learn that Kill Face doesn't care one iota about the script. As it turns out, he's been using the tools meant for the sets to dig an escape out of the prison. He invites Spence to join him. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Spence 410
All becomes well, as Spence is exonerated and Rosie reveals she is pregnant. ("Grime and Punishment")

Spence winds up accepting Kill Face's offer, and soon enough the Westmore house is invaded by police who are out to find them. Rosie tries to tell Detective Shaw that she believes Hugh Metzger is the real killer, but eventually finds out that it's his daughter, Gail Fleming. Spence and Kill Face, meanwhile, hide out in Kyle and Frances' old house where they are soon found by Zoila. She tries to help them out, but her boss Fiona soon realizes that she saw Spence - who is claimed on the news to be Peri's killer - having just thought he was the neighbor. She decides to call the police, which Zoila rushes back to warn Spence and Kill Face about; however, the latter believes Zoila to have snitched on them, and so he prepares to shoot her dead. Spence tries to wrestle gun away from him though, and as the two fight, Spence winds up shot in the gut. This is around the time the police arrive, and so Kill Face flees, leaving Spence to collapse in Zoila's arms. After Rosie gets a recorded confession out of Gail, who is promptly arrested, Rosie rushes to Spence's aid where she and Zoila get him off the hook for breaking out of jail, claiming he was a hostage. He's promptly rushed to the emergency room - but not without his wife - and returns home, exonerated, after recovering. Upon reuniting with his son and stepson, Rosie reveals to him in private that they're going to have a baby, to his delight. A year then goes by, and Spence texts Rosie, who is attending Marisol's wedding, that he and their newborn baby say "hi". The wedding is interrupted though, when Marisol disappears, and it's suggested that foul play was involved. ("Grime and Punishment")

Later Life

Marisol then proceeds to wake up, having dreamed the entire wedding and kidnapping, and goes on to marry Peter for real.[1] Meanwhile, Spence and Rosie's child turns out to be a boy[2]; however, with that happiness comes the resurfacing of a secret Rosie's been keeping from Spence. Word eventually gets out that Tucker is not Spence's biological son but, while this does drive a wedge between the couple for sometime, they ultimately make up.[3]



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